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Health & Transition

A young person’s health is critical to his or her overall well-being. Good health provides a solid foundation for success at home, work, school, and in the community. As children become adults, families must determine how a young person’s health care expenses will be covered once they are no longer covered on the family policy or by a children’s health care program. Many families also experience the challenge of transitioning from a long trusted pediatrician to a new adult health care provider.

In addition to transition planning focused on helping students achieve their career, post-secondary education and independent living goals, it is therefore helpful for many youth with special health care needs and disabilities to have transition plans that focus on developing skills needed to manage their healthcare as adults. Transition goals could involve learning how to manage the student’s chronic health condition, developing a healthy lifestyle, having the ability to recognize and address issues related to an acute illness, and connecting with new healthcare specialists as well as a new primary physician. Start the transition process early to allow plenty of time for your youth to develop effective skills.

Health Transition Planning & the Individual Educational Program (IEP) >>>

If your teen receives special education services, consider how the development of healthcare skills and connections to health care providers can be incorporated into his or her transition planning goals and the Individual Educational Program (IEP) process.

Transitioning to Health Care Providers Who Serve Adults >>>

If your teen is seen by a pediatrician and pediatric specialists, it is time to talk with your son or daughter and his primary physician about transitioning to health care providers who serve adults.

Building Self-Advocacy and Self-Care Management Skills >>>

Help your teen build the self-advocacy and health care self-management skills they need at home.

Financing Your Young Adult’s Healthcare >>>

Is your son or daughter‘s current health care coverage under your family’s private health insurance or covered by Medicaid? Do you know how long your son or daughter will be covered under this plan as they grow older? What will he or she do if he or she is no longer covered under the family plan? What are the options? These key questions are important to answer.

Health Transition Planning Resources