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I Care Because

I once was a bully, I will never forgive myself for the things I said and did. The past few years I have become a victim. It's the most horrible thing i have ever experienced.
Seeing people that think they're superior of others because of their size, dress sense, athletic abilities or confidence is just wrong.
It's a shame that I didn't realize the seriousness of bullying until I was faced with It.
But now I want to make a difference, only it's a little hard at my age. The thing i hate most is when others make stupid decisions like bullying and it affects innocent people, so i'm doing the best i can to stop that, i just wish more people would take me seriously.

Brock, 15, Australia

Because I feel so sad, worry to see my daughter cry every day cry after school, she it's only 8 years and every day she doesn't came back to school. 

Ivon m, 27, San Francisco CA

I hate bullying  because it hurts other kids feelings

Kimira, 13, 285 bronx new york

I know the feeling of being cut down by the things you're most self concious of and wishing your teacher wouldn't turn they're head the other way. The feeling of being taunted because your small and easy to intimidate. To have nasty rumors spread causing friends question you. Bullying is relentless and I'm lucky to have had a few friends who knew me and backed me up to helped end my bully's attempts to ruin me. Bullying effects so many people's lives and I'm happy to be a single voice of many against bullying.

Katie, 17, Tx

i hate to be bullied !

desainelle, 15, Philippines

I was bullied even in preschool. My earliest memory is having a bigger, stronger kid pushing my head into a wooden slide. Then from 1st grade all the way to the end of 8th I was bullied for being learning disabled and smaller and weaker than the other boys. Due to bullies and sports, it takes a lot of force just to give me a bruise. My friends knew I could take it so they didn't help me. They were scared. My darkest hour was when I almost brought a knife into school to hurt my tormentor. I didn't and know I am a wary teenager who doesn't trust easy. What I went through isn't even the worst of bullying, and it was still hell for me. Bullying is driving people to suicide, this is murder. It is just like pulling the trigger on someone because they are different. This has to stop. Teachers, parents and the government need to recognize bullying as a national problem and a threat to a persons' life. I was almost choked to death in 6th grade for trying to break up a fight. I have seen good people turn into monsters because they were bulliedso brutally just because they were poorer than the other people. This is inhumane and wrong. IT HAS TO STOP! WE, THE VICTIMS, NEED TO MAKE IT STOP!

Riley, 18, New York

"Sticks and Stones May break my bones......." words can hurt a whole lot more than actions. I heard a story about a guy that was so depressed from bullying and was planning suicide, but someone he hadnt seen or talked to for years stopped by one night and talked to him. He had felt worthless, hated, and just so torn down that he didnt want to be alive. But when that one person came and visited him, he changed his views completely and is alive. This story shows that even the smallest things you do can prevent or even stop bullying. Stand up for others when they need you. Because just by smiling or saying hello when you walk by can save someones life when they are being bullied. Think about how you're hurting someone before you laugh or criticize that "dorky" kid or the "loser" who has no friends. I am against bullying.

Ashley, 14, AL

Im 14 im from Brunei, i have been bullyied by other girls because they a very jelaused about me...Every Monday to Thursday i always go to school and the next day the bullied me they call me a "Grandma" because they so jelaused about my examination..About the month i always get A+ in my examination..... This website "TEENS AGAINTS BULLYING" is very help ful to me...Thank you!!! i hope is worked.... Bullied is hurt  i feel that.... 

I want to be a normal Person,hopefully yes!! No More Bully,Bully is Destroy our Future....I hope so! 

In that day i have bullied but i dont tell my parent because i so scared. And the next day i have to hurry to tell my parents and my parents go to school and ask principal thats my friend dont want to bullied me again... THE END

Billah, 14, Brunei Darussalam

im losing confidence in myself. Getting pushed around during school hours and as seeing those people never getting caught. Getting bullied about my size,my weight,and my height is painfull. Teachers see you get bullied yet they dont do nothing to stop them. People like me dont know much but we still get hurt.We get this awful pain inside. I'm a 13 year old girl who is losing confidence in herself but still wants to change the world and make a difference and gain that confidence back to become a better yet stronger person in life.

yanette, 13, MA

I know how it feels to be bullied, and be the bully. I wanna change the way people feel and I want to help those who have no where else to turn. I want to be the person I wish I would've had when I was down.

Kendall, 16, Tennessee

I care because I was bullied for four years and it made me miserable. The bullying started when I was ten and it has not stopped. It has mostly been from the same girl and her friends. I don't want anyone to have to go through what I went through, and I what to bring an end to bullying. Nobody deserves to be scared, angry, sad or ashamed every day. To anyone out there who is being or has been bullied - even if you feel alone, please never give up hope that things can get better. You deserve to be happy no matter what the bully/bullies say.

Georgina, 14, England

I've delt with bullying for the past ten years, since I moved off a military base. At first I couldn't understand why people alway picked on me, then I found out it was becuase I was "weird". I'm in high school now and am suck with two girls in my homeroom who love to belittle me. No matter how much I hate it and want it to stop, I hope that as long as it goes on that I am the target becuase I can deal and move on eventually. Some people can't and I want to spare them from something that no one should have to go though.

Brooke, 14, VA

I've been bullied before and it has made me do some things that I would not like to say. But, I know how it feels and others shouldn't have to feel such meanness for doing nothing. I stand up to bullying. 

Brianna, 13, Indiana

because a close friend of mine has developed a social phobia from being bullied in school. She rarely leaves her house now because she's so insecure about how she may be perceived by others. I hope people will take bullying seriously and learn how to show compassion, not hate.

William, 18, LA

I know what it feels like. You are not alone. Talk to someone. Things will improve. Be strong!

Laura, 15, Rochester MN

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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