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I Care Because

i wa bullied in my childhood once cause i was different from the others and the way i spoke especially they would call me a nerd cause i was in a spanish school and i knew english so i would always pass english with A+ or A 

Dom?nica, 14, rome, italy

I care because bullying isn't right in any moral way. A long time ago, I was in middle school. Every day I was bullied because I was different. Yes, I read a LOT and yes, I was a nerd. But I didn't let bullying stop me. I was in control of that sitation and only I could stop it. So, I went to my guidance counseler and told her the things that were said to me. To this day, no more bullying has happened to me.

Brandon, 15, Roanoke, Alabama

I live in Brazil ... actually have not seen any similar institution here, bullyng really is horrible. 
I have always been weak and intimidated, the second series so far in six series. 
I found people like me here, there and thank you for the Teens Against Bullyng'''' 
I was very humbled ... last year I was on the court from college and from there everyone started booing me and the grades of all ages was a horror ... I can not say why, I cried a lot and felt escluido but when was close to seeing my father pretended to be happy and not tell anybody, no matter where I am the bullyng with me, I do not mind being different, I now have my best friend who is helping me at all, thank you for everything.

Jonats Nunes, 13, CA

My son is a special needs child and has been bullied at his school since the first grade.  He is currently in the fifth grade and it is continuing. After many heated battles with the school, we are now seeking an attorney.  If we don't stand up for these children, then who will?!!  Please help stop the abuse.  I could write a book on all the things done to my child and all I get are excuses.  As of Friday I was thrown out of the school due to a heated argument with the principal and vice principal.  I will stand up for my child and any others that are in this situation.  I was very willing to go to jail to prove my point.  PLEASE HELP!!

Tonya, 44, Arizona

i think bullying is hurtful! i does nothing but hurt someones feelings and makes a bad statment about you

jacob, 11, virginia

I though i was going to lose my big brother, people can be curl but people can learn too. I want to help stop bullying!

Annie, 15, Australia


anonymous, 11, sarasota

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