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I Care Because

Ever since I started middle school, it has been hard for me socially. I have a type of Autism and occasionally get the "you're so cool (not)"  behavior from girls and boys. Bullying is a serious problem at my school and no one has established a Bullying prevention program. This year I intend to fix this problem with the help and support of the friends I trust and the Teachers I admire.

Emily, 13, OR

Bullying has been effective in my life, i kept it to myself and that causaed me to be hurt and pain emotional. No one would know, because i kept it inside. Eventually, someone noticed and that ended. You shouldnt hold in your bullying, and keep it to yourself. Stand up if someone is harming you in any emotional or physical way.

Nalynn Boutviseth, 14, South Sioux City, Nebras

I am an educator preparing pre-service teachers for the teaching profession. Other than the moral and ethical reasons for why I care, there is the academic reason too. In short, if a student in our classroom is overwhelmed with anxiety because they are being bullied, there can be little valuable learning taking place for them.  Consequently, their needs are not being met emotionally or academically. Valuable time for the learner is wasted as well as for the student doing the bullying. Attention must be given to each individual situation so that the bully is educated on acceptable behaviors, the bullied is provided with skills to help with standing up for themselves, and the bystanders need support in finding their voice and reporting when a student is a victim of bullying. 

Maria, 59, Pennsylvania

I care because one of my friend who is a girl get bullied all day in school and doesn't do anything. She doesn't talk to her parents, she has no friends besides me, and has nothing else to do besides cutting her self. All i want for her is to be happy with her life, not being judge by the way she looks and the way she dresses. I don't want her life to end right then and there. I want her life to end happily, not ending her life short just from a person calling her ugly or she should go kill her self just for being "Different"

Kody, 15, Park City,UT

My name is coincidentally Demi as well,  and  I have been bullied by my ex-best friend and the "clique",  a group of girls and boys who make others feel bad by gossiping, spreading rumors, and doing other hurtful things. I never even know why they are bullying me, they just..... do. You'll never know what being bullied feels like until you are. 

Demi , 11, New York

I'm from Brazil and I was bullied at 2007, and this is the worst thing that can happen to someone cause you're gonna to remeber for ever about it, and I still remember all the things that people used to do, I WANT THE END OF BULLYNG RIGHT NOW.

Julia, 15, BR

Kids already have low self-esteem as it is, and to have someone constantly telling them they're not good enough is not okay. Every life is precious no matter who they are and we all need to stand up against bullying

Hannah, 18, Louisville, KY

Oh my gosh, there are so many reasons. I wasn't really bullied but I saw it happen way too often. ONCE is too often in my view. Anyway, ever since I was in First Grade bullies have made me angry. Not because they were bullying me, it was just because I saw what they did to other kids and it was just not right to treat another human being that way. I decided I was going to do something different and stand up for the victims of these punks.

I also knew that for me to just be mean to them was not what I wanted to do either. A bunch of these bullies were on the baseball team with me. I decided to write a note explaining how much they were hurting these innocent kids with their words and that just because they were popular kids with lots of friends didn't give them the right to hurt others. I taped a letter to every boy on my team's locker. A bunch of them told me they really didn't realize how much hurt they were causing other kids.

What I'm saying here is don't be a bystander.  I beg you to take action and be a hero to a victim of bullying. If you get that feeling you should do something, please do it! Even if you don't feel safe standing up to a bully, saying something to a victim literally might save their life! Be a friend to a kid who desperately needs one.

Andrew, 30, Ohio/ Southwestern

I have been bullied by a clique of boys and girls who spread rumors and gossip to put people down. It caused many people to avoid me and feel embrassed to be seen hanging out me. Even after switching schools, it has still continued and no one wants to be my friend. They call me a freak, disgusting and other mean things. I never understood why they did this and how the bullies could act like nothing happened after this event. Hopefully justice will be served one day and bullying will be stomped out . No one should ever go through this because it's a horrible event.

Angela , 14, California

Well, when I was in 6th grade people would say I was stupid,ugly,fat,etc....But im only 110 pounds and I AM proud of it because most of it is mussle.AND I have good grades so I think they are just jelouse of me and that is how it is for most or even ALL  girls/boys!I want to see the day when ALL the people getting bullied join toether and show the bullies what GREAT WONDERFUL people they REALLY are!!!!!!!!!!It hurts BUT we CAN stop it, we just have to stand up, they say hurtful words and NOT what is REALLY on their minds!!!!!PEACE!(Y)

Arieal, 12, SC

For a long time in my life bulllies made me hate who I was then i realized that I am so much more than they think I am and that by living my life and living it well I was proving them wrong

connor, 16, Az

People or kids should deserve to have a good school experience not go to school in fear or because someone is going to criticize them because they think they are better then everyone else. I lost a good friend that committed suicide because of harsh comments and excessive physical/mental pushes. No one even him deserved that, why make something that kids and teens should enjoy hard and cruel and strike fear to where someone wants to get home schooled. I am currently enlisted in the marine corps yet i still myself get bullied and could react with violence but yet have the mind strength to not act out. However other people might not have that same ability. We have school shootings and violent crimes and or murders mostly because of bullying because those who get bullied cant take it anymore. I think its unfair and kids and teens or older do not deserve that. Why make the world more difficult then it is we should put individuality behind us and go through the tough world as one. Yes we will have war but that does not mean we cant help each other overcome the opposing side instead of bullying people until they wanna kill someone or themselves. I stand up for others in my school or when it is needed. This is why and how i shall always care for those who get harshly bullied in school..

Darian-, 18, Algobquin IL

on a daily basis I see 200 students pass through my care.  I want them to know that bullying is not acceptable, and there is support for them.  I was once the victim... and I don't want my children or the children I care for to be the victim.  

Laura, 32, PA

I care because sooner rather than later we should grow up and realize all people want is to be happy. Why not make at least one person happy every day and contribute to a better world! 

Jennifer, 24, FL

My son went away to summer camp and was bullied while there.  I was not aware until the camp had ended.  It was distressing to my son who did what he could do to cope. I have tried to help my son by  talking about what happened and what to do in the future should it occur again.

It brought back memories of my own childhood and the few times that I was bullied.  I felt powerless and alone.  I chose not to talk about what had happened to my parents or others.  I know now that it is important to shed light on these dark situations.  With light comes healing.  I hope to continue to help my son to not be quiet and hold these things inside and to better prepare him for adolescence.  

My heart goes out to kids that have been or still being bullied.  I also feel bad for the bullies themselves as they need our support, counsel and strength to help them stop their behavior.  

Chuck, 40, NC

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