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I Care Because

I was in fifth grade and had about four girls I called my best friends. We called ourselves a "group" and no one else was allowed in. I was a bigger child. Well about two weeks for the summer, these girls starting telling me I was fat, calling me a pig and oinking at me, and they told me I wasn't part of the group anymore. I cried and cried, but I never told anyone about it.

The start of my freshman year of high school I became anorexic because of my fear of not having friends because I was fat. I was 105 at 5'6. I was hurting my body because of something someone said. Then people started saying I looked sick and I was too skinny. 

No matter what people are going to be mean. You've got to love yourself for who you are. Be who you want to be, and don't let anyone tell you can't. It's easier said than done, though. 

If you're being bullied, PLEASE let someone know. You arent the only one, and it can be stopped! Check out what your school can do for bullying. There are websites, phonelines, counselors, organizations, and people who will listen. YOU DONT HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS ALONE. 

Much Love,

Amanda, 21, Alabama

No one in this world ever deserves to be bullied and brought down by people. And no one deserves to hold in all those situations that have happened to them. If you are being bullied open up and talk about it.I know it is hard to do but you are not alone. Others get bullied and know how you feel. People love you and will listen to you and be there for you. Stand up against bullying today.  

Jessica, 19, MIchigan


Marbeel (:, 12, Gilbert, AZ

I know how it feels to get bullied. I have been bullied for 8 years now and I am still getting bullied. And it isn't fun at all. I also have some friends that are getting bullied too and it sucks just to know that someone you care about is getting picked on and also it sucks just to see them going to pain also. I get bullied at school and online they call me fat, ugly, weird, and other hurtful names. And the pain that I am going through right now, nobody should ever go through but I know that there are some people that are going through maybe even worse that I am going through. And to know that some lives get lost due to bullying I just think that that takes bullying too far. And when I see people getting bullied I step in and say something because I can't just stand there and do noting. I'm just too nice to stand by and watch. That is why I care.

Kaitlin , 15, NE

bullying is never, EVER acceptable. I came to a point where people would constantly call me fat in school, and even my family at home. I became bulimic and have been for 5 months now. I just want everyone to know that simple words can hurt people and affect their lives drastically. Bullying and teasing has to stop.

alyson, 14, malaysia

I don't be bullied but my best friend is and she start cutting because of it... I cut myself too but for another reasen... I've helped my friend stop cutting herself by talking with the bully and the bully stopped with bullying and I'm so happy that I could help my friend and I really want to help you too so please let me help you! TOGETHER WE CAN STOP BULLYING! when you need help: twitter >    StrongLovatic_
LET ME HELP YOU LIKE I HELPED MY FRIEND #teensagainstbullying <3

sarah, 13, Belgium

i am froom brazil,e voc mandou bem fazendo o site,to do seu lado,te adoro.  (English) - I am from Brazil, and you have done very well making this site, I'm on your side, I adore you.

isa, 11, sp

I am tired of having no friends, or having friends who dont care. It hurts, it hurts when you are stomped on and mistreated. Having no one to have your back. NEVER EVER hurt somene because it makes you feel good or you want to impress someone, it is not and never going to be worth all the pain you cause to a person.

Grace, 13, Alaska

I was and still am bullied

Alex, 15, United States

I have NEVER been bullyed. But a couple days ago this kid in my class beat  up a 5th grader( by the way we are forth graders) on the bus FOR NO REASON!!!!  Then he made up a whole diffrent story to tell that the boy started calling him names! Then my best friend was right there watching and she said it was a whole diffrent story. I don't ever want to be bullyed and not anyone else go through it ethier. So I want to help to prevent bullying from happening.

Shelby, 9, KY

I want to stop bullying because I got bullied before

Anonymous, 10, Rockwall TX

Simply enough, ive been to six schools. Every single school, ive been bullied...but someone told me a quote one day. Don't give up now, because things will get better. It might be stormy now but it can't rain forever.

Nevaeh , 15, Missouri

I used to get bullied and its really horrible and i don't like to see other people get hurt or bullied

Sev, 12, england

I have been bullied throughout junio high school and highschool and just because I was different.But being diferent is not wrong, bullies are.
You can't judge a person unless you really know her well but it is not the case with bullies.I still remember their look while they were laughing at me and making me feel like a monster.I used to go back home crying and I was afraid every single day.I even started to think that life wasn't worth it.But I was wrong.I quickly understood that I had two choices: either let them break me or be over it and become stronger and more confident.I choosed that last option and my life is way better now.I can't say that it doesn't hurt me anymore cause it left some serious wounds but I can handle it now cause I know that it is the best thing to do.And that is why I care so much about all the people who are still bullied at school or anywhere.I am so sensitive to their pain and I want them to know that everything gets better in time but for that you need to speak out and let the bullies know that you are not afraid of them and that you are stronger.

Sara , 18, France

Nobody deserves to be treated like they're nothing. Everyone has a purpose in this life. Everyone on this site inspires me so much, you are all so strong. Don't give up now, prove you are more than them. 

Victoria, 16, Illinois

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