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I Care Because

From freshman to where I am now, a junior I was bullied for 3 straight years and as always the bullies never once gotten in trouble What's even more sad is that those bullies used to be my friends until I found out that they were all just using me and said so many horrible things behind my back One of them was like my best friend since 6th grade too It was unbelievable, at first I thought I was just having a nightmare but was all true I would cry almost everyday and hide in the bathrooms And when I try to stand up to myself or even confront them They would tell any teacher that I was close to and say "I was bullying them."
And they believed them (bullies)and I was hated and I no longer can see the caring eyes of my teachers...just cold,icy looks Because in their eyes "I was the bully"  when I had done nothing at all And my teachers would forbid anyone from defending me And now I'm just stuck :(

Anonymous, 15, Anonymous

Please don't bully. Bullying can make an impact on a persons life, a really big impact. I was bullied for a while and I actually started getting depressed because of it. I started self-harming like Demi also. But my parents found out. They weren't mad. They understood what I was going through. So I got help, and Im feeling greater than ever. And I never wish to go back to being bullied because it took precious years out of my child-hood. And I dont ever want another person to feel how I felt. Please put an end to bullying. BULLYING ENDS HERE. 

Jewel, 12, Rizhmond, VA

..One of my class get bullied from 3 other guys.. No one helps her. Then I got zo this page, and it opened my eyes. I've got on the side off the bullied one and now they aren't anymore mean because I wouldn't be friends anymore with them... She's so thankful for what I did. And I love this feeling that I helped her! Thanks for this Website... Hope everyone know how terrible that is!-- 

ps. I'm from Switzerland. x

Gabriela <3, 16, be

I care because,every single person is effected by thing problem, we all have been bullied and are the bully even if we don't know it. Saying "I'm not a bully so I'm preventing bulling" is a lie and a easy excuse to avoid the problem. We can stand together to change but we need to be willing to work together because together we are stronger,  

Shannon, 14, Illinois

When I was 9 years of age, I was bullied verbally by my peers. Everyday I would enter class with hopes of a fun day but leave school with that lump in my throat. Being called names everyday is not fun and I definitely don't want anyone to go through it. Bullying is a prevalent issue and it should be tackled ASAP! 

Tika, 17, Singapore

i dont want students to feel sad because their being bulied

yisel, 11, irvingtx

Bulling isnt right and people can really get hurt by bulling.I recently had a incident were i tried to get a boy to come fight my friend because of things he had said.But afterwards i realized that it wazent the correct thing to do because someone could have seriously gotten hurt.I can tell you from my experiecne if this ever happens to you to just stay out of the situation because you can get in trouble or someone can get hurt.

Gavin, 12, cumberland,marlyland

I have been bullied, online and off- it's hard, i know. But what I did is i told a teacher or a parent, and i just pretended like it didn't bother me, because then they would think that they are not bothering you or they do not have power over you. It worked, but only for a short time. I tried it until I couldn't handle it anymore- that's when I told a teacher. People still to this day pass me in the halls or online, saying things that I wish that nobody would ever say to someone, because it is just so hurtful. In our school, we do have Peer Advocates, and I did join, and things have been better lately, but the pain will never go away. It would be terrible to see someone else in the halls or in the lunchroom or somewhere, and they are alone, no one to talk to, so I would go hang out with them, because I know what it is like,  and I don't think that anyone deserves to be bullied.

Mariah, 13, United States

ever since 3rd grade I've been bullied. I've been bullied because I'm different

Kaylee, 16, IN

I was bullied all primary. I'm from Argentina... The reason was for that I was intelligent and they said me "NERD". I think that we have to stop this.

Sabrina, 16, AR

I was bullied and it was a seriosu case to me . I cried and refuse to go to school cause they will make fun of me . I used to bullied people in elementry school , and it didn't felt good . Actually i felt bad . Now that i was being bullied , i realize that how much pain i cause to the people i hurt . This site change me , to a way better person . Demi Lovato' is truly a great role model .

Farra, 14, MA

I care because...... I've been bullies since i was in pre-k and I'm still being bullies it hurts so much. I wish that someone would atleast try and help me but noone does.... =..(

Jade, 11, Tioga,LA

I was the short kid with glasses in superficial, look oriented southern California.  I attended a Christian school from kindergarten to my senior year in high school and learned that it doesn't matter what type of school you receive your edcation from, if you are different, kids will target you!  My experiences still haunt me to this day, mostly they arise when I read or hear a story about soemone killing themselves due to relentless, needless bullying.

I will say that it does get better after high school; so, if you are getting bullied right now, there is hope.  Please, don't do anything drastic!  Those bullies really aren't worth hurting yourself over.  They are just as insecure as you are, believe it or not!  If they don't change their behavior, they will end up losing at life....guaranteed!  So, embrace who you are and your differences!  They are something to be proud of!  If you see a classmate or soemone you don't know in school being bullied, please don't ignore them! Just ignoring them, as so often happens, makes them think they deserve it and they don't! They are hurting and could use someone to talk to.  You could make a huge difference in their lives, you may even save a life!  

Chris, 42, Brooklyn, NY

I have been a victim of bullying myself and at my adult age, the emotional scar is still there. I care because I hate to see young people get hurt physically and emotionally. Nobody deserves to be bullied! Spread love! Stop hurting each other. 

Maria, 45, Las Vegas, NV

everyone needs to be treated the same. No one deserves to be picked on at school or at home. What did they ever do to you? Even if you have a reason, just leave it alone and then you won't get in trouble. 

Emily, 13, Texas

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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