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I Care Because

I've been bullied, and it hurts. When I was at Washington I went to this new school and the kids started pushing me around, calling me names and running away from me.  I've heard people saying that "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me," They do :(
I was always the last to be picked in teams and nobody wanted to sit next to me or even be in a gruop with me. I had a LOT of bruises that time as my classmates pushed my and hurt me.
I remember I was running to class when a boy tripped me over and my leg twisted, and then I fainted. When I woke up I was at the hospital with a cast on my leg and my mother was there and told me that my leg was broken.
My parents got me homeschooled as they thought that the other kids would damage my leg more.
I got homeschooled for 2 years until I moved to Texas,
I got to a new school and always hid my face as I thought that they would call me names, but then a girl came up to me and asked if I could hang out with her,
I now know that bullying isn't nice at all, it's cruel.
Bullying should stop, it hurts people's feelings.
We should stand up.

I wanna thank Demi Lovato and Teens Against for helping me.
Thank you 

Madison, 16, TX

I get bullied by people at school and it doesnt feel very good It hurts me when people say mean things, Sometimes i just dont want to be at school I want to get away from the bullying and the people that hurt me. 

Iesha, 13, pueblo

No one deserves to be bullied. It is just not right and fair. I had a friend who was bullied and i came to help and stopped it. When you see someone being bullied please tell an adult or try to stop it yourself.     

Bob, 19, North Carolina

It hurts to be bullied I was bullied before a lot I currently am not getting bullied to a level that I can't Handel every once and a while I get called names and I had a friend who was a bully I don't think she knew she was bulling she got in fights called people names and talked behind peoples back I did not stand up for the people she bullied I didn't want to loose my best friend now I am very ashamed that I didn't but now I am 100% agenst any type of bullying and I do stand up for kids even if my best friend is bullying I have talked to her but she doesn't do anything so we aren't as close anymore o really dislike bullying and I'm here to stop it I want to help and I'm ready to help

Layne, 12, Columbus Ohio

i never been bullied, but i want to help stoping with this!  Actually, i saw one time a little boy been bullying with 2 older guys. I didnt do anything, because i was very scared by the situation...

Soraia, 14, CA

While they called me fat, weak, and childish, you called me beautiful and funny. While they called me freak, you called me special. That's all I ever needed. Just for one person to tell me the exact opposite of whatever they said.
After years of verbal, emotional, and sometimes physical abuse, I didn't think I could hold on much longer. No one seemed to care if I told them, so I just gave up. I fought back as much as I could, but because of my sensitivity, I would usually break down crying. 
This is to all of my bullies- thanks for making me stronger.
This is for D- thanks for everything. I love you. <3

Meg, 13, Virginia

When I was in the 1st grade an older girl threatened to kill me on an almost daily basis. No little kid should have to be told they're going to die tomorrow.

Kennedy, 14, Australia

I understand your pain <3

Luciana, 13, TX

I was bullied in middle as well as my mom when she was in middle school. She helped me through that tough situation from her experience. Although I'm a stronger person today, I recently found out that my little brother is being bullied and that it has been going on for a couple of months. My heart broke into pieces when he told me that he and his friend hide in the bathroom because of this bully!! And the teachers don't do anything at all to help them!! You know, a school is supposed to be a place where kids feel safe and obviously his school isn't doing a good job. It hurts to know that he is in constant fear everyday. I've heard stories about kids committing suicide because no one will listen to them. Someone has to speak out about this and end it once and for all!! NO ONE deserves to live in fear of getting hurt day by day!! This has to end NOW before it hurts more kids. I was a victim, but I am not going to let my little brother become a target any more. Enough is ENOUGH!! And a message for people who are victims of bullying and thinking about suicide: That is NOT an option. Trust me, I've been there. Through time it does get better and the reason why they are bullies is because they are nothing but immature kids! Just Stay STRONG and hang in there!! :) 

Nefertary, 16, CA

i don't like bullying it's so sad and I mean why do you do it? I want to stand up for the people who are getting bullied because this is not ok! And this is not a joke! Even a random tease is still bullying!

MayLee, 9, private

I was peviously bullied last year and eventually I had to switch schools. School is hard enough without other kids making it harder to cope. That is why I hate seeing people being bullied and I always stick up for the person in anyway I can because bullies don't bullly anyone if their in group. Demi lovato is an inspiration for me because i'm a musician also and I have one thing left to say I want the bullying in our schools to stop.

Sinead, 14, ID

I hate being bullied. Im a straight A+ honor student and im not even a geek.  I m called Ms perfect. For winning Original song awards and all sorts of stuff.  Im going to fight it and stand stong. 
Words hurt. 

Mia, 16, Maine

bullying is never, EVER acceptable. I came to a point where people would constantly call me fat in school, and even my family at home. I became bulimic and have been for 5 months now. I just want everyone to know that simple words can hurt people and affect their lives drastically. Bullying and teasing has to stop.

alyson, 14, malaysia

Why do people do that???

kristyn, 8, tx

i know what it feels like to be bullied by others, physical and verbal. But i know, someday bullying will stop be cause of those who care like me.

denise anne, 17, caloocan city, philippines

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