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I Care Because

Alot of things have happened to me that are going on to others and I'm not happy about it. HELP STAND AGAINST THE BULLIES. STAND FOR THE SMALLER KIDS AND HELP THEM REGAIN CONFIDINCE!!!! NO ONE WANTS IT TO HAPPEN.

Ashlynn, 13, Conroe, Texas

When I was in 8th grade I was bullied, picked on, made fun of, and excluded from intramural sports all because I was not as tall as most of the boys in my grade. Each time the bullying happened my feelings were hurt and my self esteem began to go down. I now have a life threatening disorder and I have to receive counseling and medical treatment in another state, away from my family. I am also not able to go to high school like the other kids my age until I can regain my  ability to control my thoughts and my sense of self worth. Bullying goes a lot further than just the day and time the negative actions occur. Please don't bully. Tell your friends to not bully people,and for that matter, tell any stranger not to bully. Putting people down can go a lot further than you know. Being bullied can be life altering. LIFE ALTERING. Please don't bully!

Sawyer, 16, California

I've been bullied since I was 8 or 9. At first it was just a minor problem, one boy calling me names. Then over 3 years it turned into most of my class hating me and calling me names. They would always tell me they liked me when none of their friends were around and that the only reason they were pretending to hate me was because they wanted to fit in. I finally told my teacher and we had a class discussion. Mostly it stopped. Now we're in high school and most of the bullies went to my school. The only thing going on now is the occasional comment and one or two accusations of something. I wouldn't want to be a part of their group anyway because they act irresponsibly and older than their age. I wish bullying never existed. I know it won't go away unless we join forces and take action!

Vanessa, 12, AU

I do not like seeing others hurting. I care because any type of pain for a child or teen is wrong and needs to be stopped.

Kateena, 39, texas

I was Bullied and my whole life change.Bullying is disgusting and it is wrong and should stop here and now.

Olivia, 14, Hawthorne,Ca

I have been bullied ever since I started Kindergarten and all the way up to my senior year. I care because I know what it can do to a person, I know the struggles and the pain. It hurts, It hurts alot and to know that it's happening everywhere scrares me. I used to cut and I wanted to kill myself because people wee always telling me how stupid, ugly, and fat I was. I went a whole shool year only eating one meal a day to try and lose weight. I tried sitting with different people to try and make new friends. Nobody would accept me. I sat by myself a lot and when I started my new school in Junior year it got worse. I hada mental breakdown every week and I cried myself to sleep hoping the next day would be better. I dpmt want anybody going through what I went through and I want to end bullying for good. I want to break the cycle! I love you all and I want to just tell you to STAY STRONG!! <3

Ashleigh, 18, Minnesota, U.S.

I was bullied.
It is still going on and I hate to see people go through any of that.
I kept it a secret for years and I started to get really depressed.
This has been going on for three years now and I stay strong and not let it get in my way.
I have started a club at my school called, "The Next-Level-Up Club".
This club has helped me so much and I am now back to normal.

If your being bullied please say something, don't keep it a secret.
Trust me on this.
Tell some one you trust.

Allison, 14, WI, West Allis

I care because i have seen bulling and i know the pain. Demi Lovato is my role model because she is amazing and stands up for what is right. If we stand up to bullying millions of young people across the world will live happier child/teenage lives. I care because i want to help make people's lives that little bit easier, school is hard enough without it. we can stand together to stop bullying, starting now. <3 

Emily, 15, UK

some people make fun of me for my weight wich is the same as most girls and how i look on the outside and people say its because their jelous or because their haters so but you cant because their haters so i try to forget about it but i cant because it still hurts your feelings i wish eveyone just knew right from wrong and stop hurting people and dameging there personalities and who they are they deserve ton like their live without people who put them down and get in the way of makind their choices

bryanna, 13, federalway

most of my classmates and the childrens from other classes are bullies.I don't know what can i do ? I hate that

Milena, 15, BG

I care because bullying happens everywhere, and im sick of seeing it. People in my very own school get bullied everyday and i want to help. I will make a commitment to try to stop bullying. I will do anything. I've never been physically bullied but i have been called names, and it hurts. I have seen strories about how kids have commited suicide because of bullying and it breaks my heart. Im ready to make a difference in my community and i will succeed! 

Sakiah, 14, MD

I've been there, and after these years, I have never forgotten what I went through as a kid! 
Going to and from school was miserable in itself, and just
always having had to be aware of my surroundings, and who was around, and constantly having to watch over my shoulder, as I walked.
In the classroom, lunch room, etc, I had to be careful as well! 
The teacher was not at all a help, as was none of the other students!
My dad went to the bullys houses and had words, but that only made matters worse!
It got to
the point that I played hookey one day, and went and hung out at the neighbors house! The school called and asked where I
was! Mom thought I'd gone to school! 
I knew she would have forced me to go, if she knew where I was! 
I came home at the regular time, and got in a lot of trouble, but to me, it was well worth it!  She never figured it out! 
I'd love to meet my bullies again, and ask em "why"?
I'm thankful to see something is FINALLY getting done with this! No kid should have to put up with this crap, and shame on those who stand back, watch, laugh, and egg em on!!
To all you kids that are getting bullied, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Remember, it won't last forever!!
Please, ask a trusted adult for help, cause you don't have to
take it!! 
I'm a survivor! : )

Brian, 45, Tenino Washington

Nobody should judged anyone else because no one is perfect <3

Karen, 15, Canada

people deserve to know they are beautiful it's hard enough for people to get by not knowing who they are but when people try to tell them they aren't good enough they believe it WHICH IS NOT TRUE! 
I care because as a teenager I know what it's like to be on all sides of bullying it's not cool and it hurts.
I care because if I didn't I won't have the heart to stand up for myself and everyone else who is being mosguided into thinking they aren't extraordinary. Beauty and Worth isn't measured but skin, looks, money, it's about who you are inside and as much as people think it's corny the sappy deep stuff people tell you is true you are beautiful. Your beautiful not because of the things you have but because of the thing you do and the things you say. I care because no one should have to fear being them selves in their life you are meant for greatness, you, you, you not a copy and original. You are priceless you are a truly unique you. :)

Jasmine Brown, 16, Cananda/ Ontario

I care because I'm bullied. Everyday. Just because I'm different. They make fun of what I wear, what pets I have,  what music I listen to, what boys I  like,  etc...  and I didnt realize it was considered bullying until i read this site... and now... I know it hurts and i dont want ANYONE to feel this way... so.. thats why i care.. <3 

Melinda, 14, Rhode Island, U.S.A

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