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We Will Generation™

Student-led movement uniting students to create positive inspired change.

Today’s generation of students is ready to take action and uniquely positioned to prevent and stop bullying. The WE WILL Generation is an exciting new initiative that uses a students-teaching-students model.

Ask Carmen

Carmen is a member of the Kids Against Bullying “Club Crew”, and she knows a lot about how to prevent bullying. She gives great advice about bullying to kids around the country.

Read what Carmen said to other kids, and ask her your own question!

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I Care Because

Somw girls in my grade would always tell me they loved me and one time I walked into a conversation about how i was 'absolutely horrific' to put it in their terms... They then started doing it to my face and i almost ate lunch alone every day... a couple guys would sit with me every once in a while but the girls just isolated me. This verbal and lack of attention bullying was and is getting on my nerves and I want it to stop. Not just for me, but for other people who are also going through this... and I definately want it to stop for those in the future so they don't suffer too. I've always wanted to make a change.

Megan, 13, Alabama

the people being bullied are living something awful :'(
this has to stop now, is so sad to see all those things are happening, I used to be bullied & I know how it feels.
Sometimes I just cry myself out thinking what society has done :'( It's just so sad.

BULLYING ENDS WITH ME <3 I'll do anything to change this, Olivia didn't die in vain.

Sharon, 15, Mexico city

I get bullied alot because i have autisum 

amie, 12, beccles

hey i'm from belgium
i don't get it why people bully, the first time that i stepped up for someone was for a girl that i bullied myself and i apoligized to her and now she's one of my good firends and she's an amazing person and i tought by myself I was really a horrible person! and i hated myself for months! now every time that i see someone getting bullied i step up for them i say to the bullies:"leave him/her alone" then they start shouting at me but .... i don't care what they say i just feel good because i helped someone. and i'm about to help alot of persons in my life and i don't care what people say bout me. after that all i was bullied myself that was awfull isn't really a good word for it.. i don't think there is a good word for that. but now.... i believe in me just like demi's song says: not gonna be afraid, i'm gonna wake up feeling beautiful today and know that i'm okay, cause everyone's perfect in unusual ways! you see now I believe in me!!

jolien, 14, /

I care because i feel no one should under go bullying.  I beleive that if we all take a stand against bullying we can make a change. 

L, 12, California

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Updated Handout! What if Your Child IS the One Showing Bullying Behavior?

Posted: Thursday, February 26, 2015

The word “bullying” often conjures up an image of a schoolyard scene, with a big, intimidating student towering over a small, cowering child. That’s just one face of bullying — and of children who bully. Another face of a bully might be … that of your child. Surprised? Many parents are. Often they have no idea that their child is harassing other children. Yet knowing the facts — and acting to change the situation — is vitally important in making the future safer for your child and all children.

The Bystander Effect: Why You Don't Stand Up When You Should

Posted: Monday, February 02, 2015

When you see bullying, do you say something or do you assume that someone else will intervene? In this article, PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center Director Julie Hertzog shares tips to help you take a stand when you see someone being bullied. From reaching out to the victim to talking with school officials about the issue, Hertzog teaches you how to step in without getting caught in the crossfire. Read more>>>

What You Can Do: An amazing new resource to help parents address bullying situations

Posted: Friday, January 16, 2015

If your child is being bullied, has witnessed bullying, or is showing bullying behavior, you may be wondering what you can do to make it stop. PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center has created a new web page called “Helping Your Child” to help you address all types of bullying situations, including those involving students with disabilities. This interactive page offers detailed information, tips, action steps, and online resources to help you develop a strategy for your child’s unique situation. Be sure to note that each section on the page expands for more resources. Learn more>>>

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All About Bullies . . . Big And Small

A CD for young children, and winner of a Grammy for Best Children’s Album, All About Bullies … Big and Small is a collection of music, poetry and storytelling designed to put an interesting and heartfelt twist on bullying prevention, so that young learners can identify with the topic in an age appropriate manner. The artists all generously contributed their time and talents. 100% of the profit proceeds are donated to PACER’s Kids Against Bullying initiatives.