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I Care Because

because i was bullyed and i want to help put stop to it!

miranda, 15, Evansville Indiana

I care because I know what it's like to be bullied. Not only that but by all of your best friends. I still don't know what I did but it doesn't really matter becuase it didn't stop them from hurting me everyday. I have to avoid different hallaways because they would yell awful comments. They become friends with people they keow I don't like to hurt me. AND yes it worked! They tell vivacious lies about me and all of my secrets. I walk by myself sometimes because i made them the center of my life and when they all ditched me I turned around and realized I did't have any other friends. It is a struggle everyday and now and then I cry because I never thought this would happen to me. There mean girls. But then i realize I will take a lot of experince from this and promise I will never do this to another person. It has made me stronger and a better person in the end. It sounds like bull but it's be optmistic or kill yourself over things you can't change. Roll with the punches or get beaten to death:) Bad quote but it help me!

Liagh, 15, lorida

Im not from America, Im in Australia. I watched demi lovato's ad for this campaign, so i decided to check the website out. I was bullied all through school and never knew why. I hated school so much but i still went every day anyway. I even cried some morning. begging my mum to not make me go. BULLYING HAS TO STOP !!!! :D

laura, 14, Ca

i know what it feels like to be bullied by others, physical and verbal. But i know, someday bullying will stop be cause of those who care like me.

denise anne, 17, caloocan city, philippines

I care because I've been bullied since 5th grade. I dont want anyone else to go through what I had to go through. The bullying was so bad I wouldn't eat, I lost about 20 pounds because of it. Its not a fun experience at all. No one deserves to be bullied. So many people are killing themselves because of it. And that sickens me. So bad. Because most of them are still teenagers and have their WHOLE life to live. I'm gonna stop bullying one way or another.

Tori, 15, Indiana

some people make fun of me for my weight wich is the same as most girls and how i look on the outside and people say its because their jelous or because their haters so but you cant because their haters so i try to forget about it but i cant because it still hurts your feelings i wish eveyone just knew right from wrong and stop hurting people and dameging there personalities and who they are they deserve ton like their live without people who put them down and get in the way of makind their choices

bryanna, 13, federalway

I was never bullied, but I did witness it a couple times. And, I was the one to step up and say, HEY! That's NOT cool. There are alot of kids out there being taken advantage of, and its NOT cool. We all need to work together and STEP UP to stop this. And thumbs up to Demi for doing that.

Chase, 13, KY

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