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I Care Because

I onced was bullied sometimes i still am i stick up for people who are bullied. i was bullied cause of how slow i learn im not the fastest learner but i try, i get made fun of cause i fail almost every test and quiz. But now i try to get better and i still am. No one should be bullied if there getting bullied then the person bullying them is jealous of him or her. I wanna change the world i wanna stop bullying 

Reagan, 13, VA

I have been bullied all my life, and i dont want people to feel the way i feel because almost every day i wake up unhappy. I want everyone on here to know that they are beautiful and deserve to start the day happy. Love you all!

Jeanna, 13, USA

I am happening for this, the terrible thing that is and since it can manage to damage your life. Since a comment of any person can be ruined. Many persons do not realize the mistake on that they comment on having done bullying. I try to be strong but already I cannot.

Fernanda, 14, Ecuador

I don?t want other kids to be experiencing bullying and how devastating and hurtful it can be. I have experienced bullying both at school and online. Others students teased me because they thought I was a little kid. They teased me because I loved Disney. People made fun of me because of my glasses. Many students are home schooled because of what bullying has done to them. These students may never enjoy the pleasure of school. Some people cannot take it, so they risk their own life. It only takes one word, one word, to hurt someone?s feelings. The saying ?Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me? is not true. Words can hurt more than anything else in the world. I hope one day, bullying will come to an end. There are already many lives lost. We don?t want to lose another because of a hurtful word.

Jenny , 16, South Pasadena

i had same problem demi was dealing with i cut myself and demi ur not alone i knw me and u have personanly tlked abt this ssiter demi but yah i never forget story abt my life when i was younger i went public school myself people hated me bc of me being fat i had eating disorder it hurts alot tlking abt it and its sad dealing with it i cry abt it for demi and hope bullying stop its not good well thts all for now i g2g 

natashia, 15, texas

I have a wonderful, big hearted grandson who has been bullied almost since he started (public) school in NY. He is now 13 years old and attends (public) school in Minnesota and the bullying continues.  He gets bullied in the school halls constantly.  If you ask him what the kids do to him, he says he just tries to push it out of his head so he doesn?t have to think about it.  I don?t really thinks that?s possible and I know that?s not a good thing to do. How can I get him to open up about it?  He recently was pushed to the ground and suffered multiple cuts and bruises to his face at the hands of a 15 year old boy .  This is not the first time that this boy has bullied him.  Once he tried to instigate a fight so that it could be put on Facebook.  This boy takes the same school bus as my grandson to a complex that his is not supposed to be living in, therefore he should not be on that bus.  My daughter and son-in-law called the police and they didn?t seem to be too helpful.  It seems the principal wasn?t very helpful either.  What are the authorities waiting for, for my grandson to end up in the hospital?  You say to tell an adult, well several adults have been told and they don?t seem to care very much. How is this supposed to make my grandson feel, other than helpless?  Which scares me because then he might never tell anyone what?s going on. My heart is breaking because am in NYC and I feel helpless.  What can I do to help stop this from continuing? Please help us.

Nathia, 51, Belle Harbor, NY

When I was in 3rd grade, I used to get bullied and jumped by a bunch of kids a grade or two under me, there was like 20 of them.I was afraid for a while, but then I decided to get some kids to stick up for me, and I started taking self-defense classes.It still has a drastic effect on me today and my personality has totally changed since it happened. I now care extremely what people think of me. I wish no one ever has to go through this. 

Anouynoumous, 12, ???

Thank Goodness, I'm not bullied, because I'm homeschooled. But I definitely think that everyone should step up and try to fight bullying. It's kind of revolting knowing that so many kids are bullied every day! It's not like they did anything! Together let's make a difference.

Julia , 12, VA

I was always bullied because I was to of the class and won terrific kid 7 years in a row. And then, theres my weight. Not everyone is picture perfect. I have fine self- esteem, except for when I'm  teased. I don't like it; no one does! Ease up on me. I don't starve myself, either.

Jessica, 12, FL

i know what it's like to be bullied, but i over came it. but others never do

destiny, 14, bronx, ny

I started getting bullied in Grade 6. They used to call me names and make fun or how I looked, I used to start hating the way i looked and how I was. I changed a few things about me and I would feel self conscious and I would always wonder in my head "What did I ever do to you?" In Grade 8 this guy actually made me cry at school because he said something really mean about my physical appearance. He later apologized and said that "he didn't mean it" It doesn't matter if you dont mean it! The fact that you said it in the first place is just rude and disrespectful! I am now in Grade 10 and i still get bullied sometimes because im not "cool" or I dont act "normal". But I stopped getting angry and started to accept the fact that I'm not perfect, Nobody is perfect and I wish those kids knew. I care about all those kids who are too scared to stand up for themselves. I care because Bullying is Mean and should be put to an end! <3 Stay strong and Be proud of who you are!

Stevie-Lynne, 15, Canada, Sk

i think that you should stop bullying because it makes people very sad and sometimes scared and angrey......

connie, 11, prenton high

I've always been bullied because I'm a 'good girl'. So, I wear a helmet on my bike to school... So, I've lived in Belgium, France and China, SO WHAT? I know that once I fulfill my dreams of acting, I will do everything in my power to join Demi Lovato in this move to stop bullying. Because this IS a serious issue. No matter what others say. :(

Claire, 15, CA

No one should be bullied. We are all one human race and we should do anything within our power to make this world a nice place to live becuase we only live once. No one should feel dread or be scared of another human being...

anon-e-mouse, 13, NY

bullying doesnt affect ONE person. it has a domino effect. everytime someone is bullied, someone else has to suffer. i myself was bullied all through elementary school and middle school. i was teased because of my height, physical appearance and the fact that i was capable but "slower than a turtle" when learning. i never really had friends i could trust and i faked happiness to my family. pretty soon, i got used to the scars of being bullied. but I HATE the feeling of being so helpless; its unbearable. in high schoo, i met this girl two years older than me. she was a great friend adn so happy all the time. no one knew what was really going on. then, she missed school. first, 3 days. then 5. then 10. then two weeks. i never had her number or address so i just sat and worried. she texted me once and i found out that they followed her. they trashed her HOUSE and battered her. they beat her until she was lifeless. it started a while ago but she never showed her pain. she was strong. but it got so bad she had to cut all connections and move CITIES away ..and i never saw her again. being a victim of verbal abuse and witnessing bullying at its peak made me realize, we have to STOP BULLYING BEFORE IT STOPS US.

mary, 15, california

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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