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I Care Because

I care about bullying. I may not know how it feels but I know how it affects people. People judge each other without even getting to know them. I know it hurts alot. I know bullying someone is enough to kill someone. I know bullying can get people to do stuff that they will regret doing soon. No one deserves to be bullied. Everyone deserves to live their lives without being judged and mistreated for it.

Mariah Angela, 13, Western Australia

i have been bullyed since kindergarden i didnt want to go to school all the time but i knew i have to , to get a career

Kayla Perron, 13, clifton forge, Va

I was bullied through school, it was the worst as a senior in high school. My brother (in middle school) was also going through it. No matter who we went to, no one helped us. The school did nothing because they had no proof. My brother and I were alone and picked on every day. I stand against bullying for those who are like us.

Kendra, 19, South Dakota

I care because I have been bully and I think that its unfare to hert people

anrea, 10, Irving Tx

I care because it hurt my feelings and it wasn't fair.

Lilly, 14, Alabama

"My brother is 16 and has a cognitive disability. All my life I've seen people who bully kids who don't know how to fight back or just straight up cant. I go to school and I see kids with cognitive disabilities who have a frown on their face until I tell them hello and give them a hug, because kids these days and even adults look down on children like my brother with faces that say they don't belong. You can't walk anywhere anymore without getting a dirty look from anyone. I love my brother and I care because cognitive disabilities, Gay, Parentless, and even Homeless kids cant stand for themselves."

Neekole, 18, Walnut, MS

My Best Friend was bullied!!!!!!

Casey, 13, LA

i have some people in my class that call me stupid,wierd,ugly,fat,retarted,dumand many more. and they always did i would make excuses to get out of class and i would tell my mom i wuz sick or just something but i got help and thats all you have to do . i got help 

                                        JUST ASK FOR HELP 

                    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!    

mckenzie, 13, tn

No one should be forced to feel like that

Megan, 16, March

I was severely bullied in eighth grade. I missed countless days of school and would beg my mother not to make me go. I was alienated and ganged up on. One moment I had friends and the next the entire class was against me. Those who wanted to befriend me chose not to for fear of being next. I sat alone at lunch, cried in the bathroom, faked sick and even contemplated suicide. Kids are cruel. It is impossible for a classroom to be supervised every moment of the day. There will always be small moments of freedom and thats all a bully needs. They are smart, they will wait for the perfect moment to attack and not be seen. The more you complain or cry out for help, the harder they will try to destroy you. I know this because I faced it head on. BUT...I survived :) Im older now, and completely humbled by the event. I have had every single person who ever threw stones at me, apologize. I learned to accept the words Im sorry because I deserved them and it was a way to release the anger I had been carrying for too long. I won homecoming queen my senior year and will never forget my mom wispering in my ear, "I hope theyre watching." Guess what, THEY WERE. If you're reading this and you feel like giving up, please dont. Dont let them win. You deserve happiness and it will find you again. <3

Haley, 23, michigan

Bullying must be stopped. It hurts everyone effected by bullying and is not right anywhere. Everyone is different and it's a good thing!

Bronte, 13, Nowra, NSW

I have been bullied myself when people called me fat a year ago. I started to have a eating disorder and I was anorexic. The doctor  told me I could get worse so I improved in eating and I was no longer anorexic. Still I wouldn't want to be bullied again so sometimes I skip my lunch even though I'm starving..

Daisy, 12, California

never let yourself be a victim dont be a bystander and definaetly dont be a bully 

isabella, 12, burbank/CA

Bullying is a HUGE issue at my school. Its everywere, and it bothers me alot. I speak up for a lot of kids, but it doesnt help. I want to do a speech or write an online article on our school website on the effects and causes of bullying and why it hurts. Cyber, verbal and physical. Its all wrong, ! 

Tiffany , 14, Indiana

I'm tired of seeing people losing because of people taking it too far. I was a victim of bullying too! But, without knowing it I was a bully for a short period of time because of anger and regret everything from it. That's why I'm praying, asking and begging for a chance to make up for my mistakes by joining the next generation that could be the end of bullying. Now let me say something for you bully fighters out there. Destiny, fate, dreams! These unstoppable ideals are held deep in the heart of man. As long there are people who seek freedom in this life, these things shall not vanish from the Earth. So don't stop fighting for the freedom you seek even after the end of bullying. Thank you for listening!

Michael, 15, Federal Way, WA

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