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I Care Because

I was once bullied till I figured out how to prevent it from happening again. I feel like no one should be bullied i will do whatever it takes to make sure no one has to go through what I went through. If anyone need someone to talk too im willing to be all ears because we all been through it and I'll help you resolve this problem thanks for your time.

Jose, 20, California,Los Angeles

I've been bullied before and it has made me do some things that I would not like to say. But, I know how it feels and others shouldn't have to feel such meanness for doing nothing. I stand up to bullying. 

Brianna, 13, Indiana

In high school, it is so vicious; jungle-like at times. Everyone needs someone to talk to when they are being bullied.

Megan, 15, OH

Ive been bullyed most of my life . I was sad and mad and dident know what to do . I felt Lonely and with no bosy to talk to . 

Luis Bamf izzy , 14, EL paso \ Texas

i care because i was suffer to a bullying in school, i almost cry and i dont want to go school anymore when i was in elementary. now i hear that demi lovato suffered to in this thing i should stand for and be strong like her.
before i feel so different to other's because they left me, teasing, and laughing to me all the times. it make's me feel so BAD ! sometimes i think- why they make me feel so other's , ! they push me , they push my chair that's why i felt down in the floor ! , no friends around me ! they say i steal a thing -eventhough i dont get anything to them ! they put me in trap that i dont do !  i know that im not alone in my situation ! 
now i decide to join here to stop bullying. ! YOU, ME AND PACER CENTER'S. WILL STOP THE BULLYING !
thank you demi , for being my inspiration !

-let's stop the bullying ! with you guys !
i know because this act, you will help a million teens
i knjow if we will work together it would stop and change everything !

louisa, 15, philippines

I was severely bullied for 5 years and it was so bad that I had to switch schools. I was at the lowest point in my life and I was about to attempt suicide however a concerned classmate told her mom she thought I was going to do something bad to myself that day. Her mom called the police and right before I attempted to commit suicide a officer rang my doorbell and called my parents. Before that point (about 4 years into the bullying) my parents didn't really think much of what was going on at school. I didn't vocalize my depression and problems at school because I was terrified that my parents would make the situation worse. After they were notified everything changed. My parents did everything they could from writing letters to the principal (who didn't do anything) to going to the school board demanding that I be removed from that school. What I'm trying to say is that I understand what its like to feel so desperate to get rid of the pain and the hurt yet too terrified to tell anyone or ask for help. But I made it through and now I am living an amazing life. I know each and every one of the kids being bullied can make it through and a strong enough to push through this. Bullying HAS to be stopped! It is traumatizing and terrorizing! There NEEDS to be a law in Texas!

Whitney, 20, Texas

I have been bullied several times in different ways throughout my life. Just a few days ago i received an anonymous hate letter in my letterbox. Bullying is plain wrong and i know how hard it is to stay positive.But i hope that if you ever have the opportunity to prevent bullying, do so!and also dont be afraid to tell others about it, you cant go through it alone.

megan, 17, wa

Bullying of all forms is not right. Whether it's with abilities, gender, race, beliefs, hobbies, or looks. Everyone has something alike. We are all humans, and we have feelings

Veronica, 12, Illinois

I care because it absolutely breaks my heart to read these stories. It is so important to understand that you are more than words that cruel people speak. Every person on earth is meant to be here and deserves to be treated with love and respect. Unfortunately that's not always the case. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I urge all of you young women and men to reach out and get help. Stop hurting yourselves STOP starving yourselves Stop believing the hurtful things people say. Somebody does love you and somebody does think your beautiful and somebody DOES CARE. Look inside yourself and love yourself. Don't let anybody make you feel like your not worth being loved. Because you are. I wish I could take all the negativity out of this world but that's impossible. Middle school and high school is just the very beginning of your life and a very short part of it. Love yourself and be kind to yourself. Don't let anyone take away your spirit, don't let anyone make you feel bad for who you are. And most importantly remember YOU ARE LOVED YOU ARE IMPORTANT AND YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.


jeorgette, 24, whittier, Ca

I care. No, I was never bullied, but I have witnessed a lot of bullying. At first, I just didn't want to get involved until more and more people ganged up on her. Then, it started getting bad. She was bullies everyday and started to disconnect from her friends. She grew more and more depressed. She would never talk to me. I referred her to a guidance counselor, but she refused to go. I then later talked to the guidance counselor about what I should do to help her. The counselor called her to her office and she finally opened up about what she was feeling and how long this had been going on. I thought she was okay until she texted me saying she was going to do it. She was going to try to take her own life. I immediately got in contact with the guidance counselor about the situation and she was able to help her. The school got rid of the bullies, and she was finally able to live her life again. My advice is to tell someone, and tell them fast before its to late.

Anonymous, 15, Anonymous

If this is happening "all the time," then you should report it.  A one-time incident can be ignored, but if your friend is constantly harrassed, this is bullying and it is wrong!

Buttercup, 72, Virginia

I was bullied by mean girls in junior high/high school nearly a decade ago. They spread nasty rumours, tortured me at school and even went so far as to bully my little sister just because she was my sister. They were relentless and made every day of going to school a terrifying and incredibly depressing experience for me. I felt like there was no end, that I was worthless, and that life would never get better. For a long time, I let them win. 
I care because I am now 27 years old. I graduated high school, moved away to go to university and discovered a life where girls like that didn't matter. I am finishing my final degree, I am engaged to be married, and I have a wide circle of friends and family that love me. 
To this day, I have still encountered bullies. They are always around. But what I have learned with age and experience is that BULLIES are the ones that don't belong. Bullying has no place in our society, and hopefully with time and reflection we can all learn to stand up and ignore it for the toxic and useless activity that it is.

Kate, 27, Canada

I've been through alot in regards to being bullied. Alot that people don't know. It can take a great tole on your self-esteem and the way you interact with others. Nothing will ever hit as hard as life but I was willing to get hit and rise above it rather then let myself fall. I thought I didn't need help but most us do. That one helping hand can help turn your life around. You have to learn to accept who you are and adore that person you see in the mirror. The things people say about you are mere opinions that are nothing compared to the way in which you see yourself. :) You can be strong like I was and take the scars you were left with and use them as motivation towards a better life, helping others along the way. Think of everything you went through as a mere obstacle in the way of someone who is capable of doing anything they set their heart to do.

Angie, 17, California

it hurts people

Cornholio, 6, Wyoming

I am doing a article about bullying prevention month for my school newspaper. The reason why I picked this assignment because my little sister was picked and bullied on in school. I remember her coming home crying because a boy called her names and I could do anything about it because I went to a different school. I told her to tell our mother but she would not tell and I promise her that I wouldn't either. Well two months passed and she was going to kill herself because of what they were writing about her on Facebook. I finally had to tell mom and we got her into to a group of students who have the same problem as her. We went to the school board because it was a serious matter. Now we convinced them to make it a rule in all the schools that if you bullied you were kicked out of school. This is the reason why I picked this story to write about because it is a personal matter to me and my family. After that day we are now closer than ever.

katie , 17, Florida

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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