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I Care Because

I think I am being bullied people who I once called friends are no longer my friends for months now they are always teasing me stealing my things calling me names glaring at me throwing things at me making jokes about me behind my back and purposley trying to get a reaction off me (they even said that they were to my face) I tried telling them I dont like it and they just laughed and said that they wouldnt care if it was them and that sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Well they hurt me I try to stay away from them but they follow me. However I am so greatful for my best friend because she is being bullied by them to so I know I will always have someone there for me who I know cares

Louise, 13, Wales

I have been bullied before, and it felt like it was never ending. I didn't want to live. But then I met my great friend Sydney. She helped me so much and I don't know what I would do without her. I just want to let everyone know, that someone is out there who cares. Just because you have a bad day doesn't mean you'll have a bad life.

Amellia, 15, South Dakota


Marbeel (:, 12, Gilbert, AZ

bullying  can  make   poeple  feel  so sad  and  make feel  down

dunayla, 10, school

bullying makes me sad

will, 12, illinois

Some people are mean. I used to be Bullied and it really does Hurt!

Brandon, 15, McColl sc

I am happening for this, the terrible thing that is and since it can manage to damage your life. Since a comment of any person can be ruined. Many persons do not realize the mistake on that they comment on having done bullying. I try to be strong but already I cannot.

Fernanda, 14, Ecuador

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