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I Care Because

During the second grade I developed a tick disorder similar to Tourette's syndrome.  I was confused and embarrassed by my involuntary blinks and twitches and the ridicule of my classmates made me feel less than worthless.  Because of which,  I began suffering from anxiety attacks that made me wished that I was invisible.  I chose not to participate in class and kept to myself during lunch and recess.  This reclusive behavior only made me seem weirder and gave the bullies another reason to taunt me.   It was only with the help of my parents and two very special teachers that I became more accepting of my condition.  Once they convinced me that I had more to offer in life, I transformed into a totally different person.  Every year when I start a new school grade, I still get teased about my twitches, but I can handle it.  It is no big thing because I refuse to let anyone define me because of something I cannot control.  Through the years I have worked very hard to maintain an A average (and won President Obama's  Academic Excellence  Award), earned a green belt in Tiger Schulman's Karate and I am very active in the Elk's charity events that raise money for disabled children and veterans.  The more interests I developed, the more friends I made who liked me for my  personality .

Riley, 14, NJ

I've never been badly bullied, but I am/have been picked on. I was teased a little by a few people 2 years ago. Now this year, it's gotten worse. I don't say anything, but my friend gets it. He will tell them to stop, and others tell me to ignore it. But it's hard. This week was extremely bad. I got called alot of names, in the class, where everyone could hear. They stuck up for me though, and I care because if people don't have others that will stick up for them, it's really hard. When I was being picked on 2 years ago, nobody stood up for me, it can make people feel so alone. So, that's why I care.

Alex, 11, Birmingham, UK

I care because I'm going through this right now and I think no one deserves this.
Bulling is nevre ok.It hurts people a lot.
I am shy and I don't want to tell to my parents what's going on but I think that here is the right place to write it.
Something needs to be done.

alessia, 13, italy

i have been bullied and i know how much it hurts. My school is horrible about teasing others, its like if you dont fit in then why are you here kind of thing. I am taking a pledge to end bullying

Chela, 17, wv

In high school, it is so vicious; jungle-like at times. Everyone needs someone to talk to when they are being bullied.

Megan, 15, OH

i care becuase i had to get homeschooled because of bullying people calling me name's spread the word stop bullying :) 

Jessica, 18, Dillonvale OHio

Bullying is a serious issue, but everybody is unique. We all have something different our size, shape, race, etc. I was bullied and sometimes it feels better just to keep it inside and you think nobody is there, but the truth is the majority of people have been bullied one way or another. Go to someone trust worthy a parent, teacher, counselor, etc. When you are online or at school think twice before you say/comment something. Think would you want to be that other person. 

Alex, 15, AL

I was bullied nonstop in grade school. Being bullied has affected me so much. I want to speak out against bullying because it can cause a lot of harm to your self-image and it will ruin your self-confidence. Every single person has a right to live their life and be who they are. I am so glad Demi speaks out against bullying. She is one of the biggest role models in my life. Love you Demi!

Dana, 15, NJ

I think bullying is wrong because if you bully someone imagine that person bullying you and you have to also think about your actions bufore you do it and if you need help than get help dont be scared to stand up to them  then you can ignore them or talk to a teacher,parents also dont listen to them just think about something and say that your unique in your own way

Christina, 11, MA

bullying is wrong on every level. i just read the story about Phoebe Prince, and it tore me to pieces. my heart and my pain goes out to her and her family and friends. the years of high school can be so rough and for her to have moved from Ireland to Massachusetts was a great accomplishment. she came to the land of pure hope and oppurtunity. and instead she went through pain and humilitation. it is one thing to humiliate a person for their race or skin color, but to critize them for being who they are, is a whole different level of rudeness. i believe in self love and inner confidence, and no one should have to feel unwanted or beautiful because of bullying. Phoebe will always be on my heart and mind. and i hope i am able to help stop the spreading of bullying! 

elizabeth, 19, IN

I care because I feel like everybody is a beautiful person and nobody should put each other down. I'm not trying to sound like a hippie or anything, its just...I have witnessed so much bullying and it really breaks my heart. I don't understand the point in bullying someone just because they were different. Different could be really good, but nobody wants to give it a chance. I have been bullied before, but I told my mom as soon as it started. And I thought that the whole situation at the time was really stupid because the problem I had could have been solved with a 30-second conversation. I mean, like, really???!!!! The girls who had a problem with me could have come up to me themselves and we all would have understood that it was all a misunderstanding. And that can be the case for many bullying situations. Communication is more important than you think. My only recommendation for any victims is tell someone....please. Please just tell someone, I'm not trying to sound like some cheesy commercial, I'm being real. You need to tell someone. If you have no one to tell, reach out to a guidance counselor at school or a teacher. It could really help you, you don't deserve to live in fear. When you tell someone, you are taking the bullies power away. Anyway....umm....that is why I care.

Guadlupe, 12, A Place

i have been sexually harrassed verbally and it is really hard to tell someone else about that because those bullies can scare you.  I don't understand how bullies live everyday knowing that they are hurting someone else.  I also care because some people don't know how to speak for themselves because of disabilites, but it still hurts them all the same.

Claire, 13, NC

I was bullied and it was a seriosu case to me . I cried and refuse to go to school cause they will make fun of me . I used to bullied people in elementry school , and it didn't felt good . Actually i felt bad . Now that i was being bullied , i realize that how much pain i cause to the people i hurt . This site change me , to a way better person . Demi Lovato' is truly a great role model .

Farra, 14, MA

I care because everyone I know hates me and only a couple real friends know how I really am.

Marina, 12, Georgia

I have experienced it and its unjust to people, I have started an anti-bullying group in my school and we will help stop it!!!

Emilio, 14, Mineral Wells, Texas

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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