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I Care Because

i got bullied last year in 3 grade but now the bully and me are bffs but she dont influence me to do bad things like a bully you just have to talk to the person.

tatyanah, 9, fort myers

I used to be a bully. I was horrible to so many kids and I used the excuse of having bad things happening in my life, not realizing that the kids that I bullied could have some bad things happening in their lives as well. I learned about a kid that I bullied life. And it was horrible. It sucks now that I ook back and know that I just added more pain. Once I figured it out, I wrote him a letter telling him how sorry I was. Fortunately to this day he and I are friends. I feel so lucky that he forgave me. Now I am a completely different person and if you ask my peers at school they would say I am the sweetest kid they know. I want to help the bullied and the bullies. I stand up for kids who are picked on and I will leave my lunch table and go sit with someone that is sitting by themselves even though it not what everyone else is doing. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE BULLIED. And for the bullies I ask that you try to put yourself in that kid's shoes adn wonder what they have to deal with at school AND HOME. Hopefully when we all get older we can just tell our kids about how people USED TO BE bullied because they were different or an easy target and say that we are glad that it no longer exists. Hopefully one day this will all be ancient history. For the bullied kids I want you to know that you are loved and cared for and that it will stop. Try your hardest to stay strong. Peace luv rcknroll

Marie, 14, IN

When I was little there was this Kid named *Katlynn and she was always being made fun of becuase of her weight. She finally got so sick of it she just became one of those kids that keep to their selfs.....I tried to be her friend but she just shrugged me off and told me she didnt need friends she had her brother........Bullying is Ruining lives~! 

Amanda , 17, indiana

i care because you should not be afraid of pepole bulliying you because it realy hurts they just want you to get said sometimes pepole bully you because they have benn bullied or things happend at the house dont be frenemies with the bully be friends with the bully take a stand and dont let anyone get in your way.

yesenia b, 11, california,baldwin park

i neaver bullied before and i will nevar  do it

amber, 8, mn

I was bullied. and its not nice. it really hurts. and we have to stop it. Just Believing. I support this cause anf i'll tell all my friends to support it. SPEAK NOW.

Nathalie, 14, ch

People always think that bullying only occurs with younger kids in Elementary School. That's so wrong and I'm proof of that. Even at 16, a JUNIOR in high school, I experience bullying nearly every day.
I won't ever understand why people want others to feel bad about themselves. Maybe it's because they themselves aren't very confident or maybe because they used to be bullied. Whatever the reason, I don't want others to feel the way I do when I'm at school.
Every single person out there who has been bullied has my support! You're amazing, don't let others make you feel bad about yourself!

Amy, 16, United States

At my school everybody looks so happy except me when im getting ready for school i always feel like i might throwup because im so scared and i can't stand the constent bullying it's not cool at all and im sick of it and to be honest the only true friend i have is my sister she is like my BFF i love you sis.

Thanh, 13, GA

I care because... I have been in the situation that many others have been in everyday, I have at one time felt that unimportance, left out, hurt, broken, torn, pushed around, dropped feeling. And I can say it breaks my heart when I see all these comments. Theres millions of stories that have never been told, and there have been tons of stories that will never be told because nobody was able to help a child in need at the time. Bulying is in a case as you can say, mostly out of hand. It can be very dangerous, and can be scary! I was at the point 2 years ago of wanting to die, I tried for days and eventually ended up in the hospital becuase I was called 1 of many words that always gets to a girl... FAT! No girl EVER wants to be called that, I cut myself and I starved myself. After a month of not eating I was in the hospital for 2 weeks. Just to recover. I cut for about 6 months. And I leaned toward drug. Meth, pot, coke. It was no fun because up to a year. I can't remember a thing that went on the past year. I drank everyday, got high everyday. And I can say 1 from many. Don't ever lean your own life against alcohol & drugs. But for the past year has been better. I was in rehab & I got clean and now I know. When I am in need. I GET HELP! 
If you victim of bullying PLEASE get help!

Jade Maree, 16, Ohio, Xenia

I have been bullied my whole life. I live in a small town, and being multi-racial, i was HIGHLY different. I was also HIGHLY bullied. Kids would make fun of me on the bus, at school, everywhere. I have super curly hair, and they would put pencils in it to see how long it would be before I noticed.  They didn't realize how much it hurt. People had told me no one loved me because my father had left when I was super little. As I got older, and prettier, girls started getting jealous. They spread rumors and were just straight up rude. They still are when I win a big pageant. I won the big beauty pageant in my hometown, and there were rumors galore.When I was a freshman, my bullying got to the point that I was physically attacked. I was scared to even go to school by then. I suffered depression, and even resorted to cutting and thought about committing suicide. That is a terrible feeling, and I don't want anyone else to go thru it. Bullying needs to be stopped.

Arianna, 16, Erin, TN

i care because i was a target for bullies. but im learning how to become my own person and stand up for myself. they call me names but i dont listen i know my friends will stand by me no matter what. so i can stand up and be who i want to be and not let bullies pull me to rock bottom. 

breanna ,, 14, IN

bullying is wrong. I know a kid that is bullied every day that kid now cuts her wrist just to release her pain. She has scars everywhere. She is totured day to day and worse yet she is a senior in high school and had to deal with all her life. Bullies everywhere need to be aware of what their bullying causes. They also need to know that they probally have no friends or allies because they torment everyone. So bullies grow up and give the other people a break. Also to the kids bullied I feel for you, I was bullied o. Now my friend goes through it and I help her however I can. So other people help your friends if they are going through bullying. Also if your friend is to scared to stand up for themselves, take up for them it is the best thing you could do. All n all just rememeber that karma comes back and if you bully now you will be bullied before the end.

chelsea, 17, south carolina

i think its important to stand against the bullies because its hurtful to so many people when they get picked on. take it from someone who knows i was teased and taunted for years about my weight and there was one point in my life when i just wanted to end it all but with help from my parents i moved on and now im in highschool and im still getting taunted but the only difference is i know how to STAND up for myself and NOT TAKE THE BULLYING!. so i will help stand against bullying because you never know whos life you might be ruining. 

Anyssa , 17, Elmira Ny

My name is coincidentally Demi as well,  and  I have been bullied by my ex-best friend and the "clique",  a group of girls and boys who make others feel bad by gossiping, spreading rumors, and doing other hurtful things. I never even know why they are bullying me, they just..... do. You'll never know what being bullied feels like until you are. 

Demi , 11, New York

it hurts being bullied I HAVE been bullied before because one time i got my bangs cut and everybody made fun of me words can hurt stop the bulling dont bully it is not nice it hurts peoples feelings

hannah, 8, wilmington oh

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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