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I Care Because

Bullying is such a common thing and the society isnt recognizing the extremes people will go to! There have been so many suicides from kids that dont even know why they are being bullied. And half the time they are being bullied its not even their fault! It has to do with the bullies. Maybe their life hasnt been perfect or they have abusive parents. Kids these days dont even tell their parents whats going on at school, fearing they will get made fun of for being a "tattle-tale" and then get bullied even more. Society doesnt realize what the extremes are. Like Columbine High School shooting is a very big example. The shooters were victems of bullying one way or another. And that day should have effected the society and showed them that this is what happens when adults, teachers, playground monitors..etc are not aware of what goes on during that "regular school day". I AM A VICTEM OF BULLYING AND IT NEEDS TO STOP. NOW.

Kolbe, 15, Ky

My parents think bullying isnt verbal but it is.....everyday I get called faggit, gay, or some other mean think.....yeah I'm a little bit feminine.....yeah im a little bit over wait....but to call me fat or gay just to hurt me is parents tell me to ignore but i cant....sometimes the things i wanna do to myself r things no 16 year old should b thinking about....bullying does a victim.....someone needs to stop this bullying once and for all

Chase W, 16, Ohio

i am so glad this website was made it has helped so many people i would like to thank the makers of the website

Ebony, 16, wa

bullying  hurts

dave, 9, ca

when i was little a group of girls and boys would make fun of me calling me fat and ugly but i was like a toothpick but i still felt fat so i started eating and eating alot, then when i got older a grop of girls  would chase me if i would stand up to them and just bullied me for year and it afetted me alot so i dont want anybody to have to go through that thats why i care.

lesley chambers, 16, NY

I was bullied for 7 years and it damaged me emotionally and I probably always carry the emotional damage they inflicted. No one deserves to feel like they are lesser or as if they don't matter. Everyone matters.

Alaniz, 18, Arizona

I've been bullied before. People don't realize how much words hurt. I have a learning disability. I take a while to process information and I don't read that well. People make fun of me and call me stupid. I also have been harassed on the internet. People don't take the time to realize how badly things can hurt.They take it too far. It takes some people such a long time to realize how much words can actually hurt more than actions.  I really wish bullying would stop.  Sometimes, i'll just start breaking out crying out of no where because of how rude some people can be. Bullying is so wrong and it should really stop. I'm so thankful for my best friends that have stuck by me, as well as my family. 

Katie, 14, NJ

i have been bullyed since kindergarden i didnt want to go to school all the time but i knew i have to , to get a career

Kayla Perron, 13, clifton forge, Va

I was bullied all through primary... I had my own hate club..and I felt really bad to have people agianst me! now I'm in high school and this girl is trying to Bully my best friend and I because of our culture and because we're always smiling! I think bullying is happening all over the world and it;s not right we need to stop this!!

Allysa, 15, Bz

Bullying is wrong. Bullying puts people down. It keeps them from being able to show there full potential. Not only the victim but the bully as well. I wanted to take a stand bu=eczuse I know that it is not okay. I thaught if I took a stand it might make someone else take a stand. Than someone else, and so on. Until finally everyone knows and bullying may begin to stop. Stay strong!

Madison, 12, IL

I used to cut myself- a lot. I had always been told I was ugly or fat in school. I never told anyone- not to this day. About the bullying, I mean. I still cut occasionally. It's a bad habit. My parents did find out about my cutting, but my mom doesn't want me to get help. Honestly, I do want help, even if it means talking to a shrink or whatever. For some reason, though, my mom doesn't want that. I don't know why. I thought maybe she didn't care, but I'm not sure. She acts like she cares. It just confuses me. She doesn't know I still cut. I hide it well. Kids are mean. I wish they weren't. I'm homeschooled now, but I don't like it. I don't have any friends. I practically teach myself, and it's hard. I HATE it. It's just awful. I shouldn't have to do this. I just want a sense of normalcy again, but I doubt I'll ever get that.

Jessica, 14, South Carolina

I've seen kids in my class being Bullied.It feels very bad
I'm doing the best to help them!

Sonia, 9, Pafos,Cyprus

I have been bullied in the past by many people who underminded me and said that i would never acheive anything. However the bullying i received has not ended my dreams and the bullying only got one thing from me and that was not to give up but try even harder so i could prove them wrong.
I gained my confidence by being involved in a charity called Roots and Shoots. The Roots and Shoots Programme was created by Dr Jane Goodall  to help the youth of today understand how to help the enviroment and the wildlife as well as ideas on how to help your local community. I beleive that bullying as a whole should be stopped. So be inspired and get involved. 
Lets all put a stop to bullying.                           

John, 14, Inverness in Scotland

i used to bully but now i feel sorry for everyone i picked on and hope they forgive me.

april, 12, LA

Bullying hurts. I want it to stop. 

Jack, 13, WA

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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