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I Care Because

i get cyber bullied sometimes and i know how it feels to be treated like that and i don't want it to keep going!

Emily, 11, V

Bullying scars can go , but the me mark they leave on your life is  sad.. We are all equal  no one is better. I mean when you die all you take is your work, if your work is bullying then you have done NOTHING in life. WE ARE ALL ONE. the lunch lady, Demi lavato,  my freind, the King.................. It is not who we are it is what we do. So I am Officiaally against bullying.

Rwayish, 13, Ca

I care because it absolutely breaks my heart to read these stories. It is so important to understand that you are more than words that cruel people speak. Every person on earth is meant to be here and deserves to be treated with love and respect. Unfortunately that's not always the case. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I urge all of you young women and men to reach out and get help. Stop hurting yourselves STOP starving yourselves Stop believing the hurtful things people say. Somebody does love you and somebody does think your beautiful and somebody DOES CARE. Look inside yourself and love yourself. Don't let anybody make you feel like your not worth being loved. Because you are. I wish I could take all the negativity out of this world but that's impossible. Middle school and high school is just the very beginning of your life and a very short part of it. Love yourself and be kind to yourself. Don't let anyone take away your spirit, don't let anyone make you feel bad for who you are. And most importantly remember YOU ARE LOVED YOU ARE IMPORTANT AND YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.


jeorgette, 24, whittier, Ca

i am 14years old, i am 5ft8 and i am the tallest girl in my class, and i think in my entire school and everytime i try to talk to people who are not in my class; i mean who are not my close friends, the first thing they say to me is not hi how are you! No! They say: Why are you this tall? or  OMG you are so tall! and some of them make jokes on me and call me bad names! just because i am taller than them! and at first i act like i didn't care or laugh at their jokes that  they made on me to sound cool but in fact, it hurts! it hurts really bad!! i ground myself to sleep everynight and i am crying most of the time! and i cut myself!! i did it 12 times so far!! just because i am tall and skinny! and i can't talk to anybody because they'll think i am crazy! and becacuse of the cuts i have on my wrists i am always wearing bracelets or long sleeve sweaters even when it's extreamly hot!! 

yasssmine, 14, tunisia

I've been bullied before. People don't realize how much words hurt. I have a learning disability. I take a while to process information and I don't read that well. People make fun of me and call me stupid. I also have been harassed on the internet. People don't take the time to realize how badly things can hurt.They take it too far. It takes some people such a long time to realize how much words can actually hurt more than actions.  I really wish bullying would stop.  Sometimes, i'll just start breaking out crying out of no where because of how rude some people can be. Bullying is so wrong and it should really stop. I'm so thankful for my best friends that have stuck by me, as well as my family. 

Katie, 14, NJ

I think bullying needs to stop millions of kids are suffering from this terrible thing. Bullies are just kids who want to overpower others they want to make others feel bad about themselves. But don't let them bully you stand up for your rights and your friends. You are a human being and don't deserve to be treated like this. You are strong and everyone belives in you!!

Alyssa, 12,

End Bullying now..... Bullying is world-wide and should be ended now

Kate, 12, South Australia

Up since middle school & now i am still bullied. but more back in middle school. it mostl likely stopped when i got to high school. but i was still ridiculed & haunted by what people called me. I can never put away what they have haunted within me. I only wish to be able to talk to some one. But i have no confidence in myself. I have always been afraid to speak up. I hurt people because of what i have been through in my past & what i am still going through now. I only wish that  someday i can be a better person. I know that, that can only happen if i start making some good new changes in my life. But it is so hard. 

Marie , 19, california

I have been  bully in the past.But when i was bullied i hated that feeling.Ever since then i have made an effort to stop bullying.I care because no one should be treated diiferent.We are all human.End bullying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mayra, 13, USA,Texas

BULLYS ask your self this WHY do i bully? it makes no sence to do. Your saying that since someone thing happend to you doest mean you havet to do it to someone else. consequences of your actions can be good and bad... you choose.

shawn, 13, South carolina

No one should be made fun of for just being them selves that's just not right I was bullied and it isn't fun. I have a friend who was and still is being bullied and he's being bullied because he's gay. People don't just get picked on because of the way they look its also the color of there skin what gender they like and Many other reasons. Bullying is no just a part of life you can stop it

Asia, 13, PA

I bully people and i have been bullied a little but it is not right and it doesn't make you feel good  no matter what. It hurts many people and it could hurt you and I want it to stop because nobody is better or more powerful then anyone else so we need to all just stick together and be friends and STOP BULLYING! you wouldn't like it if it was your best friend, cousin, brother, sister, or even YOU committing suicide because of the immature people who think they are all that. It needs to end and people who bully need to get help and stop all this drama and picking on  people!

Veronica, 13, NC

I was bullied. and its not nice. it really hurts. and we have to stop it. Just Believing. I support this cause anf i'll tell all my friends to support it. SPEAK NOW.

Nathalie, 14, ch

I was bullied all through middle school, because of my race, because of my hair, because of any little thing people could find that they didnt like about me. Due to a hormonal imbalance my face was plagued with severe acne which left horrible black marks on my skin, thankfully now it is all cleared up. Kids can be so mean, so heartless, and without a care in the world they WILL hurt someone just to make sure that they remain in the 'inner circle' i am sad to say that since i've moved schools the bullying is picking up again, i've always been a shy person so i guess that makes me an easy target? but i will let everyone know this. I WILL overcome this, i WILL never runaway from it it's something that i will have to face in adolescense and adulthood. It's okay to be different we all reserve that right what is not okay is to judge people's differences. If enough schools speak about the emotional turmoil of bullying i believe that our worl could improve we are all beautiful and it breaks my heart when someone thinks they reserve the right to tell someone otherwise. just be you. :)

Lauren , 15, Texas

i have a younger sister  that  is the most loveable person you could ever meet.. but you know you always have that group of people that makes you not want to go to school either because your close isn't the latest fashion  or your just not "COOL"  she calls me everyday crying because she get's bullied at school... so i just hope and pray that we can come together as a team and abolish bullying bc someone can really get hurt

tanya, 18, nc

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