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I Care Because

i had same problem demi was dealing with i cut myself and demi ur not alone i knw me and u have personanly tlked abt this ssiter demi but yah i never forget story abt my life when i was younger i went public school myself people hated me bc of me being fat i had eating disorder it hurts alot tlking abt it and its sad dealing with it i cry abt it for demi and hope bullying stop its not good well thts all for now i g2g 

natashia, 15, texas

there was a forward going around the school about me. one of my frinds was the one who made it up,too. sick of it. kids are killing themselves, they are getting tortured, and no one is doing anything about it! ive actually thought about and tried to commit suicide. im sorry-but people dont need to do this to each other, i wish they wouldnt---and hopefully  it stops. soon. :'(

livv, 13, denver,colorado

I myself have been bullied and it's not a joke when someone get their feelings hurt.

Ryan , 13, California

I care because i know how much bullying can hurt someone. I have never been bullied, and i have not been a bully. But if i see someone in need i help them out. Anyone can come talk to me and cry to me and just vent if they need to. People just need to realize it hurts. I'm really sorry for anybody who has been bullied, picked on, or just put down. It hurts and I'm here for all of you.

Valerie, 14, Wa

What is this world becoming? I hear these stories that just shock me... I strongly dislike bullies... Everyone should pitch in to help your friends realize that bulling is a big problem and we need to do something about it...

Josiah dahlgren, 14, Mankato, MN

i have been bullied about my weight for a long time. not always to my face but behind my back which is sometimes worse because they know what they are doing is wrong. whether its cyber bullying, verbal bullying or physical bullying it always hurts. you may not always want to tell somebody because you dont think they would care but trust me they do. trust in others to help you. you dont deserve to be bullied. nobody does.

jenna, 13, california

My little sister has Tourette's Syndrome. I'm not even sure that she even really knows let alone tells people. And the kids that she goes to school with have been bullying her since the second grade. She's in the seventh grade now! She's such a sweet girl, and only tries to help people, and yet all they can do is bully her whether it's in person, on Facebook, through her phone, and all I can try to do is do what's best and stand up for her and any other victims. And yet she's still nice to them - because she knows how it feels. I'm hoping through websites like this, and organizations, that maybe someday we'll live in a world where kids & anybody can feel safe in their own community. To feel safe in life. So hang in there, whoever you are, wherever you are. You'll only come out stronger in the end. I promise.

Emily, 15, Kansas

it matters

karrah, 14, arkansas

i was bullied a was so bad that they even hit me in the face and...broke my nose..i had to get was so hard for me to keep up and im still getting bullied..i have called the principal and he doesnt believe me..What should i do?

Rhimarlyt, 9, fl

I care because I have been bullied myself for almost a year from my so-called friend. It really hurt me alot and even though it was about 3 years ago it still hurts me a lot. I don't know why some people are so rude or why it is funny to them to bully other people. What I did was, I told my parents everything and they gave me the strength to carry on. I ignored the ones that bullied me and I just made my own way. I have to say that I'm stronger now.
We have to stand up and do something about this! We can't go on this 

Kristina, 13, EU


Connor , 13, Edinburgh

Me alone I believe is being bullied, it's hard because nobody understands. They started out being my friend but then internet abuse started and to make things worse I have no confidence so at school they take everychance they get to break my confidence down futher. They make things up one of them kicked me in the groin and it hurt, it really hurt. When people confronted them about this they said I was lying and I made it up but I didnt they even made me doubt myself about it, doubt it never happened! I hate it I feel horrible, i wish it would just go away. 

Olivia, 12, uk

You shouldn't have to worry about getting hurt or teased at school or anywhere. We are told by administrators and teachers that school is a safe environment, but it sometimes isn't. I've been bullied constantly, which, for a long time, had an effect on my school work. 

Joy, 15, md

i am 14years old, i am 5ft8 and i am the tallest girl in my class, and i think in my entire school and everytime i try to talk to people who are not in my class; i mean who are not my close friends, the first thing they say to me is not hi how are you! No! They say: Why are you this tall? or  OMG you are so tall! and some of them make jokes on me and call me bad names! just because i am taller than them! and at first i act like i didn't care or laugh at their jokes that  they made on me to sound cool but in fact, it hurts! it hurts really bad!! i ground myself to sleep everynight and i am crying most of the time! and i cut myself!! i did it 12 times so far!! just because i am tall and skinny! and i can't talk to anybody because they'll think i am crazy! and becacuse of the cuts i have on my wrists i am always wearing bracelets or long sleeve sweaters even when it's extreamly hot!! 

yasssmine, 14, tunisia

stand up and speak up or you will never make it out. thats what my brother always tells me. i am bullied a lot, even though i was voted most athletic in my freshman year. i will resend my bros message. stand up, speak up, and help others.

Patrick, 15, New York, NY

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