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I Care Because

I've been bullied ever since being in school,and now a JR in high school it's gotten worse because I'm different, although black I act white and tend to do alot of things white people do. So I get picked on..I have self-esteem and self-confidence issues so it doesn't help. I self-harm becuause of..I want it to stop to 

Asia, 16, Saint Louis, MO

I have been bullied since the age of 6 and it still goes on. I know that im not alone in this situation and you shouldnt feel like you are. im here for all you guys xxxx

Brooke , 17, Scotland, UK

I was bullied for 3 years. I was already insecure and down and I had been for a while because my Grandad passed away and my parents divorced all with in a few months of each other. Throughout those 3 years i was teased by many different people. The head of my year recieved frequent visits from me and my mom. She would speek to the bully but in a few days someone else would start. It was mostly verbal but one time i was physicaly abused. About a year ago i decided enougth was enougth and I moved schools. And it stopped for the majority of the year, but then a few months ago this one girl started shouting stuff at me while we were playing rounders. I begain to panic all that i could think was that it was starting again. almost immediatly most of the class jumped to my defence. A lot of them told me that she had done it to them many times, so instead of bottling it up i went to see my schools pastoral manager with not only my experience with this girl but with the other girls aswell. The girl stopped and she hasnt said anything mean or hurtful since.
Bullying is a horrible thing to have to go through and it should never happen. It needs to stop! A lot of schools claim they are anti bullying but then do not take appropriate action when cases are reported. Its so hard to ignore mean comments and they do get to you but things do get better. 

Jade, 15, UK

i love weab sits like this it showes that avery body is stroing.

nara, 17, pg

I was really troubled by the story of Phoebe Prince, she was a normal girl, who only wanted to fit in. But bullies hunted her down everyday. As we all know, she comitted suicide. Her life didn't need to end that way, and neither does anyone else's. I think it's really important that we all raise awarness of bullying. We can't let another victim of bullying go through what Phoebe had too. I really wish I could've been there for her, but now, I'm here for everyone else, and so should you. 

Michelle, 15, MA

I care because...nobody deserves to be bullied, no matter how differnt someone is whether that's race, religion, sexuality, looks, personality, personal beliefs; everyone deserves the chance to express themselves and not be judged. Bullying is so "popular" right now when all it does it hurt people and cause pain. So take a stand by standing up for yourself and others. Who knows, you could save someone's life. 

Micayla, 15, California

I care about bullying becuase i was once bullied. I will tell you, it's not fun. Beautiful kids are put down everyday. Remeber, there are over 4 billion people in this world, and dont let one of them hurt you. 

Erika, 13, Minnestoa

  I care about bullying because I was bullied myself in school from Kindergarten to the twelve grade. The bullying started when I first started elementary school and it didn't end until I graduated from high school. I was constantly teased and harassed everyday when I went to school. 
  I was bullied physically, verbally, mentally, and emotionally. I was teased and picked on for everything for the way I looked and how I acted. It wasn't easy to go through what I went through in school. I was called many low down names in school on a daily basics. I was picked on about from my face features to my body features. I was teased for being different from the other students because I was quiet and smart in school. Other students used to put their hands on me and they would hit, slap, and push me around on a constant basics. 
  The name calling, teasing, and physical abuse continued from grade to grade and it got the best of me at times. At first the bullying and teasing did bother me a lot but after a while I got used to it because it became a normal daily thing for me. I went through a lot in school with the bullying, teasing and harassment but I made it because I had people to support me and encourage me through this period of my life.

Daryl, 23, South Carolina

i care because ive never been bullied and im sorry if ur bullied life must suck but remember stand strong

max, 10, utah

I've been bullied since my 1st day of kindergarten. Whether it was of my looks, ethnicity , or the way I acted. I learned that not everyone is willing to help and some people might not even want to hear you out but I will and I'm here to fight against bullying. I went into a deep depression that just recently ended after a stint in the pscyhiatric hospital and after an attempted suicide and years of abusing myself. I know now that if no-one wants to help then you need to help yourself first, I'm not saying that no-one will help you but try to get help no matter what but if you do not succeed then you have to be the first to stand up and speak out! Not just for yourself but also for the people all around the world that are bullied each and everyday!

Dieudline the Haitian, 16, GA

There's a guy that Iknow that is getting bullied online. I want to help, but whatever I do, this other guy wont stop being mean. I just wish that nobody got bullied. It just feels really sad.

Grace, 12, California

From 1th To 5th Grade I Was Bullied By Class Mates & People I Once Considerd my "Friends".
I Switched Schools And Made New Friends..
But Even With A New Life, Bullying Still Affects Me Today. I Have Depression  From It And Sever Anxeity..

Think BEFORE You Say Something..
Words Hurt More Than Actions.

Sara, 14, ND

i cry every time someone dies because of bullying. it does not just affect the family of the decesed it affects all kids everywhere because it's sending a message to kids and teens around the world that bullying is only getting worst. I believe with the voices of us all that we can make a difference if only if we could be heard as a solution and not as children. The reason why i say this is because the government is only taking action after a disaster happens not before. if only we could be heard and not told to stay in a childs place then will the bullying stop because it's happening to us as the youth not the adults they have been though it maybe maybe not but we have it worst than ever imanged and with all said and done we could change the world with one voice at a time and STOMP OUT BULLYING FOR THE KIDS OF THE FUTURE .

Lakiesha, 14, Arkansas

I have been bullied because i was different. Because I was who I wanted to be. Nobody took the time to know me and so they ridiculed me for what they saw. Everyone says that sticks and stones make break my bones but words will never hurt me. That saying just isnt true. Bones can heal. Bullying leaves a permanant scar on a persons life. It can change them or keep them from doing what they are meant to do. I care simply because I dont want to sit by and watch was was done to me. I want to stop this horrible act. No one should feel that they have to comform, that they dont matter, or that they are an outcast simply because they are amazing in THERE OWN WAY. Bullying has got to be stopped!!! 

Aleah, 18, CA

My best friend was bullied nobody liked them i was the only one to stick by them, and because i stuck by my friend nobody liked me either. I'm not just doing it for me but for my friend.

Sidney, 13, California

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