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I Care Because

Alot of people who have been bullied or are being bullied now in my school. I hate when I see someone crying because they have been bullied.

Brooke , 13, Pennsylvania

I have delt with bullying ever since I started going to school with other students, at first I was in third grade and there were differant groups I was in my own little group of one I was alone all the time I got called names and tried to stay away from people. I went back to homeschooling during 4th, then I went to a public school in 6th grade I was pointed out and picked out by bullies I was verbally and physically bullied I didn't have any friends I was the kid who got along with the teachers only, when I went to 7th I had made a few friends I argued with one of them all the time and I still do then in 8th I dicovered cutting I cut everyday trying to take out my emotions that I kept bottled up everyday then I started becoming annarexic I would barely eat I convinced myself that I wasn't hungry. Then I went to 9th grade and the first few weeks were fine then one of my friends turned on me she eventually turned the whole school against me I was able to convince a few people that everything she had said about me wasnt true I moved schools in the second semester thats where I met my boyfriend who has  helped me through a lot and is still helping me because I still have people bully me My point is I have had every form of bullying happen to me it has slowed down but I still have the scars of cutting and emotional I am still very selfconscious don't bully its not cool stop!

Megan, 15, Virginia, USA

i was bullying at school
so many times
,everybody is diffrent
and everybody not deserves

michelle, 16, The Netherlands

Ive seen bulliyng going on in my school and now that im going to highschool as a freshmen i want to help those that are dealing with bullies or are being bullied ask for help,and make my school a bully free zone

Noemi, 14, U.S.A

I've been bullied and I know how it feels; I don't want others getting hurt from being bullied. 

Via Mae, 14, Hawaii

Bullying doesn't affect people physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. It affects his/her whole personhood. Bullying HURTS alot. It may lead a person to be mentally weak and total loss of socialism. LET US FACE EVERYONE WHO TRY TO BULLY US. DON'T BE AFRAID OF YOU ARE.

Lara, 16, Philippines

I have been bullied, I was bullied most of my childhood. From 1st to 7th grade. Even though I'm older now I still feel the scars from all those years of torture. I used to come home everyday from school crying to my mom because of a new name the kids figured out to call me. Most importantly my little brother is now going through bullying. He has thought about killing him self because of it, needless to say I am very adimit about this Teens Against Bullying, and want bullying to be stopped..

Kelsie, 18, WA

i care because i know what it's like to feel lost, lonely, and like the feelings of sadness and pain would never go away. i felt like there was nobody in this world that could understand my thoughts or view the world through eyes like mine. i needed support but was too afraid to let anybody into my world. i wasn't as lucky as youth are now with websites and hotlines available with truly caring mentors eager to listen and support. i urge anybody thats struggling to speak out. whether it be through a parent, sibling, email, phone call.. let your voice be heard. you are NOT alone. there IS hope. trust me, it gets so much better.

Stephanie, 20, Texas

The same thing happened to me the last year... Some very mean and dumb boys started picking on me and told me every single day that I'm gay and threw away my bag, etc. But one day, I stood up for myself and told them my true opinion about them: how insecure and worthless they are for trying to bring me down. Then all my classmates took my side, and those jerks never said a single word to me ever again. I've made many new friends and now I'm actually very popular ;) don't give up dude!

tom, 16, Ca

Bullying scars can go , but the me mark they leave on your life is  sad.. We are all equal  no one is better. I mean when you die all you take is your work, if your work is bullying then you have done NOTHING in life. WE ARE ALL ONE. the lunch lady, Demi lavato,  my freind, the King.................. It is not who we are it is what we do. So I am Officiaally against bullying.

Rwayish, 13, Ca

I go to a small school. They only have 15 9th graders. So of course every class or school needs a queen bee right? They didn't call me names, but they isolate me...slowly. And it get's worse each day. They made me feel like a total loser. One of the guys even dare to write "DIE" on my desk. My parents knew and they're doing their best to help me. Sometimes it makes me think that i deserve it. And there was one point that i was too afraid to even say anything to anyone, because i was afraid that I would say something wrong. They didn't only isolate me, but they also did cyber bullying. I had suicidal thoughts. I cried every sunday night because i didnt want to go to school the next morning. School used to be a second home to me, but now i don't feel safe there. I have a hard time trusting people because of that. A girl who i thought was my bff, back stabbed me, though she used to come to my house and eat dinner there. But i never showed how i feel at school. My parents knew about this and their trying their best to help. I am going to move school in January. So please, END BULLYING!!! We are all special in our own ways... :)

Angelina, 14, ID

you is kind
you is smart
you is important

, 14,

My Bestfriend has been bulied her whole life. No one likes her because she's different but I love her for the reason of her being different. Everyone would act like she didn't exist and just scream at her and push her punch her and all. I put a stop to it I threatened everyone by telling them i'd go to the prinicipal.They all stopped and let her be the way she is. I find her an amazing friend no matter what! 

Keilin, 13, NJ

I hate people bullying me because I'm always the quiet one and they think I will do what they want me to cause I'm weak and when I get mad I try to bully them back but I know I cant because I'm not that kind of person.

Intan, 11, KL

I care because I was bullied when I was in 3rd class. It stopped when I was in 5th class though. I'm a muslim and proud to be! Stop bullying me!

Alaa, 11, Ireland

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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