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I Care Because

people around the world should never have to endure this type of pain. I have been bullied before and it doesnt feel good. Then i was the bystander. Now I'm going to do my part and help stop it! STOP BULLYING NOW!!!

Min.Laurenz, 12, Muncie, IN

im in 5th grade about to go to middle school and im terrified . this 5th grade year iv'e got bullied and its been HORRIBLE . people have called me inappropriate names that i cant even say . i would come home every day and burst into tears . iv'e watched people get bulled but i didnt really say anything and i regret that so much . next time i see someone get bulled i will stand up for those people . people dont notice what they are doing . this needs to end .

Brianna, 11, lousiana

im losing confidence in myself. Getting pushed around during school hours and as seeing those people never getting caught. Getting bullied about my size,my weight,and my height is painfull. Teachers see you get bullied yet they dont do nothing to stop them. People like me dont know much but we still get hurt.We get this awful pain inside. I'm a 13 year old girl who is losing confidence in herself but still wants to change the world and make a difference and gain that confidence back to become a better yet stronger person in life.

yanette, 13, MA

My little sister cries to the point of making herself sick because she doesn't want to face the kids at school. 

Bree, 22, Belfry, KY

I care because most people that are bullied don't deserve it. Bullying goes in a circle. And the circle is just gonna keep going and going, and there will be really no way to stop it completely. BUT everyone should do everything they can to help put a large majority of it to a stop. Even just the smallest things could make the biggest difference. 

Ashley, 15, Vermont

i care because i think that bullying is really mean.

vikki, 13, school

why do people bully? they are juat making other people feel bad. i get bullied at my school and it hurts. but when im not bullied i feel like a whole new person. i stop the bullys get to me and now im even better then ever :)

Destiny, 11, thunder bay on

We are all human. Noone diserves to be bullyed because they are different, and bullying isnt always about the geek being shoved into lockers. It takes place because of jelousy, race etc. We are all different . So if we are all different in some sort of way then we need to learn to except that and except others, for we are the future. We are tomorrows producers, film artists, journalists, doctors, singers, etc. If we support in now what example are we setting for the next generation.

Janel, 15, Ca

i care becuse when people call me fat are ugly i fell like they hate me and when i come to school i try to stay away beacuse it seems nowon loves me and they whant me to die but when i see are here rumers about me i fell sad and aangry and i cant express myangry or the other kids will laugh aat me i love to sing i have alot of songs but people really dont care and make fun of me beacuse i sing i care beacuse i know how it fells 

kyra, 11, eden northcarolina

Hi,i am being bullied/verbal bullied.The boys in my class told everyone that i am gay.But i am so not a gay,i dont know why and  i didnt event ddone anything wrong to them.But i think they are just jealous that i got way better results for my exam than them.But being called a gay when i am not one hurts my feelings

Jacky, 13, UK

I think one of the worst types of bullying is when it comes from your friends. When they leave you out of things, or comment on something that you are doing, or your appearence in a negative way. they are supposed to be the people that you go to to have fun, when the yare the ones that are hurting you the most, and msot of the time they dont even notice.

Julia, 15, New York

I care because there is no reason for bullying. Everyone should be treated equally.

Emily, 13, West Virginia

because we need to stop because there are many people who love to pick with peolpe and i be pick one becuse of my speech... and i will stand up to bullyings

markist francis, 14, la laffettet

i didnt have a lot of friends because i have hair on my arms and face..i was pretty hairy and people would come up with names...names that probably dont mean much but it hurt me and i wouldnt tell my mom and i would cry at night..i still dont tell but all i know is that it hurts and i wish it would stop :(

Delylah, 14, south carolina

I am bullied nearly everyday at school. I hate it so much. 

Stephanie, 16, PA

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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