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I Care Because

there are many countless people in the world that have been bullied one way or another , no doubt that i've been bullied before too and still is . People have this thinking that if you're bullied , you must be a loser . But for myself , i've the bestest friends outside of school ,  but in school , they judge . As long as one person from a certain clique does not like you for no reason , the whole clique dosen't . Of course there are those who stand up and make a difference in their clique . It hurts , it kills , it was the worst moments of my life & i care so much because i know how crushed a victim will feel . I feel so passionately to step up and talk about teen bullying , i want to make a difference , i want to create an awareness . Words can't explain , but bullying is serious . However , i grew stronger , not totally healed but i learnt how to handle it better , learnt to stay positive and most importantly love myself . stop bulllyinng 

Celine , 15, Singapore

I have been bulled one time my good firend went against me and I had no one to play with so I made a new firend she was so nice!  I hope her and I will be firends for a  long time.

Ashley, 11, mn

I was bullied all the Primary .. so much for my personality, for my dress .. and it is horrible, we must stop this! we can not let them go to other kids, I unfortunately had no one to help me .. i know it is horrible .. please stop with this! : (

Gabriel, 15, AR

on a daily basis I see 200 students pass through my care.  I want them to know that bullying is not acceptable, and there is support for them.  I was once the victim... and I don't want my children or the children I care for to be the victim.  

Laura, 32, PA

i used to be bullied until i stood up for myself now i feel much better and more safe i hope bullying stops

tanner, 15, michigan

bullying is a sick thing none of use should be bullied  i was bullied for haveing adhd and studering  cant help it its how i am and none of us should have to go throgh all the things i went through i was bullied so bad i got everything from names  to cyberbullying i was even  pushed down a stair case i never had eny friends in school please dont be a bully if you know what it fell likes yo know what more then half the worlds populations of kids fell but if we all stand together we can put an end to bullying please
                              HELP MAKE A DIFFERANCE

tabatha, 13, united states

But what if the bully does'nt know he/she is being mean??? Because one of my classmates are saying to the bully that, "You know, your being mean and that was'nt nice of you." So the bully replied "Im not a bully. I dont bully anyone" I was really shocked that the bully had said that. Because the bully does'nt know that he/she is bullying that person. They even say they hate bullies too. yet they dont even know they are bullying me....:(

Alice Heart, 16, U.S

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