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I Care Because

truly i have never been bullied because i am popular but everytime i see someone bulling i got to stop them because well have have to be treated the same way!
and the one who is being bullied should stop it till FOREVER!
and they have to have confidence of what they r able to do so stand and fight 4 it cause EVERYONE should be treated the same no one sopposed to be popular or bullied and the one who is bulling have some problemes... 
but u have to stand 4 it and make everyone respect u in ur special way and the most important thing that u got to have confidence in ur self and don't be afraid and try to stand 4 it but not to FIGHT u got to stand 4 it in a respecteble way and don't be AFRAID belive me that is how alot of teens stopped IT ! 


salma, 13, los angeles

Almost 6 months ago I lost a very dear friend of mine to suicide due to bullying..Now tommorow at 11:00 I get to see her brother get buried beside her. Bullying is not just some harmless act. I have lost two friends in a matter of 6 months...because of this. Its just sad to see a brother and sister think they have no other way out :'(  And what makes me angry is that when shelbie died everyone blamed it on her brother..Soo from that day on he had been taunted and teased, being told "you should have been the one to kill yourself not your sister!" Even though he took it to the Principle he was told to grow up and be the bigger person and since nobody would listen we now have to lay him to rest. I love and miss Shelbie and Tim very will just not be the same without them :(

Amber, 19, Michigan, My Room

I've been bullied and it hurts. No one deserves it. EVER.

Erica, 16, Idaho

i hate bullying so much. We dont really have bullying in our school but we have alot of fighting. I will do anything in my power to stop bullying. someday i hope to change the world.

olivia, 14, east windsor

I have been through so many scenerios and I have seen what some of the stuff I have been put through reflect on other people, and I wonder how much stronger they are because of it. I have been cyberbullied, verbally bullied, physically bullied and pretty much everything else. But it really starts to scare me when I start to believe the things those cruel people say about me. This year has been a major fall through for me and I really am learning from it. Girls are harsh, and I have come to learn that whatever you say, whatever you do, what you wear can make them go after you in a second. I have been depressed, lonely, friendless and I still try to see the bright side of my situation everyday. One time, in math class this year I even wrote a note saying that I didn't want to live anymore, it was so tempting. I saw it as a way to escape all this pain that these people had inflicted on me. And just me. I thank my parents everyday though for helping me every step of the way to a better & healthier life. I know it may seem hard but teens really need to have a trusting relationship with a parent or guardian because they can actually really help your cause. I believe no person should have to experience the true pain known as bullying. Ever.

Kaylyn, 13, Canada

I just read everyone's posts and I want things to get better for not just all of ya but all the other kids and teens that get bullied. I don't remember ever getting bullied, but I did reach a point where I would skip one of my classes because one guy was making it hard for me to be comfortable to express myself. I'm lucky nothing as bad as what I've read has happened to me. Reading these posts, I also remember my senior year one of the freshmen, who I never spoke to but I sort of knew, was all of a sudden angry and red and crying. These two guys were laughing after they had bullied him. I didn't see the whole thing, but thats no excuse to not do something about it. I still feel horrible for not standing up for him, I'm never going to standby and let a kid, teen, or anyone get bullied ever again.

Alberto, 18, TX

I know how it feels. I was once "mentally" bullied by my friends when I was in Middle School back in Indonesia, I just moved to the United States few months ago. I never got physically bullied, but the name calling and knowing that people are gossiping about you and talking bad things about you can really make you get depressed. I know how it felt being alone, without having anyone to support you behind your back, I really struggled to stay strong and keeping my head up high. That is why I care, I was a victim and I want kids and teenagers to be able to go to school peacefully.

Anissa, 17, Washington

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