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I Care Because

As someone who has been bullied for years in school, I feel that no one deserves to be bullied. However, bullying is already a tradition in my current high school- Grade 11 tends to bully the new underclassmen via extracurricular activities, in which they claimed this bullying method as the preparation for uni life, while actually it makes the grade 10 feel pressured. Me and my friends has started an anti-bullying campaign anonymously and we're now ready to spread the message schoolwide.

Seth, 16, Indonesia

alot of my friends have been bullied and never told any one.i ended up telling someone and changed there life .they were thankful but i think that you should tell someone.

dallas, 13, florida

I was bullyed hurts and hurts more...its makes an inpact which never goes away..and makes me wanna give up my life.....i'll  support this cause with all my heart 'cause i cant see anyone else suffer or rather end thier life for this...
i want this to be over once and for all...watever it might take...lets join together and show that we care too..

Niharika , 13, Ka

i have a friend of mine being bullyed and the person that is bullying her is my friend 

stephanie, 11, SN

I want kids to love going to school. I think bullying is wrong to do and needs to stop. People need to get involved, we all need to put in an effort to end this. We all know it is bad and wrong to do but we do it anyway. Not for long, our world is going to change that!

Nia, 14, pa

I care because I spent my whole life in the shadows. Being physically and verbally abused... I just want to know that I can be me 

Samantha, 18, Clifton Park NY

I care because I have been bullied myself for almost a year from my so-called friend. It really hurt me alot and even though it was about 3 years ago it still hurts me a lot. I don't know why some people are so rude or why it is funny to them to bully other people. What I did was, I told my parents everything and they gave me the strength to carry on. I ignored the ones that bullied me and I just made my own way. I have to say that I'm stronger now.
We have to stand up and do something about this! We can't go on this 

Kristina, 13, EU

My lil brother gets bullied. he is only 11 years old. weve had to get extra help with him because it got so bad. the lord didnt plan for us to treat each other with such harsh actions. My lil brother ended up having suicide letters in this journal i found in his room. 11 years old and he is already thinking bout that. that means bullying needs to come to a stop cuz its messing with LIFES. One day we will overcome bullying and live harmony with one another. My little brother means the world to me so lets all stand up for the rest of the kids that get picked on. if you witness bullying take action and do something before our youth crumbles before our eyes because as i see in the eyes of these kids that get bullied aroung i can see the hurt and pain beneath their skin all because of a few words that someone said to them. it sick and its wrong so lets do something about it.

Ryan, 17, AR

Bullying hurts, in school I would get bullied and no one would do any thing! Now when I see my friends getting bullied or even some one I dont know I'll do what think is right and I'll stick up for them even is it means I'll get bullied to. Because I've been in the position and I know how it feels when one one is there!!!!!!!!!!!

moniqua , 13, MT

It's really hard for me to talk about my feelings but I'll try because I used to be there. I've been bullied for six years. I've done things because of that and now I'm trying to change. I started to cutting, hitting, killing my emotions, and suddenly things began to lose meaning then I've tried to kill myself three times. I was so close to death, and I didn't care because I was died inside. People said me I was fat, obese, stupid, useless and sometimes they tried even to punch me. I was so scared to go to school, I feared my classmates and their words. I used to be afraid. Now I'm stronger, even because I'm thinner and older but it's hard to be like the other ones, it changed my life so much and nobody cared. Nobody seems understand. Now I'm trying to be a better person, I'm pretty hard worker at school... I wanna make my future. Remember, no matter what you've been or what you feel inside, bullying isn't the way. Bullying won't make you stronger or coolest, bullying is for losers. Never forget, you can made a life.

Sorry for my bad English,
I've just tried to share my experience. I actually care. 

Valentina, 17, Italy

Bullying. It's the most talked about problem nowadays. Everyone talks about how they want to stop it, yet they stand there and watch it happen. Most people don't help stop bullying, they just talk about wanting it to end. That won't help anything obviously. So that is why we all need to step up and actually do something. 

Kelsey, 15, Indiana

Bullying is one of the worst things one Earth.  I want to stop it.  I was bullied and it hurt.  I have been depressed and worried.  My dad has cancer and bullying makes it worse,  I am righitng a persuasive essay right now just to stop it.  I am almost doen and can't wait to see everybody's reactio. 

Alex, 12, Missouri

I care because I lived with bullying 3 years. Those 3 years was very painful and hard for me, everybody have right to live like a normal person. I hate bullies, all my class and the other kids in school were bullying me, so it was very difficult time for me. I told my mum that, my stomach ache, my head ache. I had so many excuses not to go to school. Teachers didn't do anything. I still don't know the reason why they did it. So my message is all of whom have been bullied or who are bullied now, we are one team, we support those who have to live through it right now and everyday.  

Aive , 15, Estonia, EST

I want my daughter to NEVER experience bullying.  I hope I can help her to be strong, confident and compassionate to everyone especially the ones who need someone to be strong for them.  It is wonderful to be different; have a variety of friends with different interests.  I sometimes think how boring it would be to hang out with a bunch of "me's"! :) I know it seems great to be "popular" but it is more important to be a leader - make the popular ones follow u!!  

Lisa, 36, Detr oit, MI

When I first started being bullied it ruined my freshman year. I have always been apart of the popular crowd and I had never been bullied in my life. But it got so bad I wanted to switch out of a school that I love. I never want anyone to have to go through what I went through. I care because NOBODY deserves to be treated poorly. I wish I knew how to figure out how to help the cyber bullying cause. 

Courtney, 15, Montana

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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