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I Care Because

I care because in my gmy class theres a boy and he is a little different but he is real nice to talk to, at first I was afrid to talk to him to be juged when I finally walked up to him it all started to go down hill from there. people would call us names and say mean things about him. one day in class we were having a realay race boys against girls he was last one to cross the finish line when he finally came in some of the other guys called him slow poke and a slug in sand can move faster then you thats when I stepped and stood up for him. people to day are still being bullying him, even though i wasnt bullied still stand up for the people around you that are and remember jusst because your friends are doesnt mean you have to too they will try to make you do it and the choice is yours because bullying can all stop and you could be the person to do that.

kenna, 11, NC

I hate it when I experience someone picking on my friends. I've experienced everything happen. This happens every day. I'm sick of it. I keep on telling this person to stop, but they keep bullying my friend. 

Dylan, 12, Allenstown,NH

During the second grade I developed a tick disorder similar to Tourette's syndrome.  I was confused and embarrassed by my involuntary blinks and twitches and the ridicule of my classmates made me feel less than worthless.  Because of which,  I began suffering from anxiety attacks that made me wished that I was invisible.  I chose not to participate in class and kept to myself during lunch and recess.  This reclusive behavior only made me seem weirder and gave the bullies another reason to taunt me.   It was only with the help of my parents and two very special teachers that I became more accepting of my condition.  Once they convinced me that I had more to offer in life, I transformed into a totally different person.  Every year when I start a new school grade, I still get teased about my twitches, but I can handle it.  It is no big thing because I refuse to let anyone define me because of something I cannot control.  Through the years I have worked very hard to maintain an A average (and won President Obama's  Academic Excellence  Award), earned a green belt in Tiger Schulman's Karate and I am very active in the Elk's charity events that raise money for disabled children and veterans.  The more interests I developed, the more friends I made who liked me for my  personality .

Riley, 14, NJ

I was bullied in school. From the time I started up until now. I always blamed myself for them calling me fat and ugly. I would skip meals sometimes because they were so mean to me. Eventually, the bullying led to depression, self-harm, and even a suicide attempt. Now, everyday I wear a bracelet that says stop bullying on it and another bracelet that says hope. Bullying is not right and should never be tolerated. No one should have to feel upset with themselves because someone else is bullying them. I hope that those skids who are about to take those pills, skip that meal, or skip school know that things will get better. There is hope to stop bullying. We just got to stand up and make it stop. It's not your fault for being who you are. You were specially chosen to be on this earth, and that is something no one should take away. Stop bullying and stay strong.

Jana, 15, Indiana

Bullying is not right to people because some people have things going on in life.

TKira, 13, Rayville , Louisiana

i heard news from different countries and most of the issues are about BULLYING, i know how hard it is to be picked up by people just to make a laugh, i want to stop BULLYING....its the reason why i joined Teens Agsinst Bullying.

leony, 13, phil

im constantly being bullied in school every day. Simply because of being me, i try to keep to myself & basically i'm a loner. People don't understand me so they push my buttons and try to get me to crack. Im down to my boiling point but i know better than that. the best way to handle bullying is to take it up between the person who is bullying you & a guidance counselor. The bully may not be happy with the decision but its best for you. don't avoid serious situations like this because it can leas to worse situations like : suicide,depression,& anxiety. Do whats right !

Jasmine , 15, Hartford CT

I care about ending the World Issue "Bullying" because, I have seen it happen multiple times, and it can be very emotional to watch and not be able to do anything about it... I would like to be able to help others cope with Bullying! <3!

Jillana, 12, NJ

i have been bullyed since kindergarden i didnt want to go to school all the time but i knew i have to , to get a career

Kayla Perron, 13, clifton forge, Va

I've been bullied. Well, I'm still being bullied. It hurts. To hear all the things that they think about you, just for they're amusement. There's nothing I could do. I used to sit there and cry, and hope that it would all stop. It hasn't. I support anyone who's been bullied, or who's being bullied. It's a tragic thing. People kill themselves for that. It hurts to see someone being hurt. It hurts to be hurt, for doing nothing. Innocent people are targets. 
No one likes being bullied. Bullies, do it for fun. They do it for their own amusement. People talk behind my back, pretend to be my friend, make fun of me. There's no one I can talk to, except the guidance couselor. She doesn't help.

Adriana, 11, Ca

We care because
- No one deserves to be bullied - Abbey
- No one should be treated like that - Sam
- Kids shouldn't be committing suicide - Cody
- It makes people upset - Jema
- People can't deal with it and keep it to themselves - Rose
- People shouldn't be treated like that - Bobby
- There is no right for anyone to be bullied - Zander
- They have feelings too, pick on someone your own size - Krystal
- No one should be a bystander! - Stella
- If you can't say anything nice, son't say anything at all - Nathan
- Treat people the way you want to be treated - Flynn
- Lots of people are affected by bullying and they shouldn't be - Ariel
- I get affected by it and I don't want anyone else to feel that way - Liliana
- People shouldn't be treated like that - Lukas
- Never fight back, its making it worse - Zayden
- Nobody should get bullied - Matt
- When we get bullied we tell them to stop, we dont like it, turn and walk away and talk to a teacher or parent - Ashlee
- People aren't supposed to be treated like that - Olivia
- My friend was bullied and I told the teacher right away - Annabelle

4D, 10, Shoal Bay NSW, Australia

I was bullied to the poimt of starvation, I'm never going to be what they want me to be. Eating use to be so simple, not now. It's a fight. Everyone tells me how sickly thin I look, to me I'm not thin. But It's not all about looking thin, its about control. Those people ruined my veiws on life, and I couldn't watch anyone go through the same as me, It'd be too cruel.

Chloe, 13, England

I know how others feel when they are bullied. I was bullied from 1st grade threw 6th grade. I know how it feels to be made fun of, to be called names, to be pushed around by others that are way older then you. I know how it feels, it feels horrible! adults say it is part of growing up but really it isn't. should a kid have to go threw depression, feeling alone, and being betrayed by there best friend? I don't think so. It can be traumatizing for a little kid especially.   

Gelila, 12, Maryland

I care because I know how it feels to be bullied in every way and I don't want people to get hurt like I did. Even if you're a jock, nerd, fashion diva,  even bullies don't deserve to be bullied. Please stop bullying. It can hurt people mentally and physically. It's not right to bully.

Minami, 13, Singapore

I care because I was bullied when I was younger.At the age at 12 my classmates make fun of me ,because I was too thin,the boys beat me after class,they even throw chairs after me.Soon I stopped going to school,because I felt ashamed.There was no one to protect me.
In high school I began to gain weigh and kids began calling me that I am fat.I thought I was ugly,I was bad and no one wants to be my friend because I was fat...
It caused me years of self-convincing that I deserved to be loved and liked.
My teenage years scar me forever.I will always remember people who make fun of me,who insulting me...
But that makes me strong and I manage to overcome this...
To all the bullied kids I want to say-You are beautiful and strong and nobody will hurt you unless you let them!!!Love yourself and never allow other people steal you inner light!!

Superbia, 27, Bulgaria

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