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I Care Because

Bullying is not right to people because some people have things going on in life.

TKira, 13, Rayville , Louisiana

every day i have to listen to people say things about me and the books i read. I enjoy vampire books, so once i thought they were real, but now i do not anymore. the people keep making fun and wont stop. I AM AGAINST BULLYING1!!! 

Jessica, 14, Canada

I am a social outcast, to say the least. Everything I do is critiqued by my peers. I am dead meat, and they are preying vultures. I have build a very thin shell around myself, but on some days, it's not enough. I don't want anyone else to live life going through what I do. I know bullying can't ever TOTALLY go away, but I want to do all I can to try.

Michelle, 12, CT

I have been bullied. I was bullied all through middle school, and even a bit in high school. I always knew I was different, but I never thought people would make me feel like less of a person for it. It did ruin my self-esteem. It has led me to have trust issues. Some of the people that bullied me were my "friends" at one point, but most of them were people in my classes, or at lunch, or that I had to pass everyday in the halls. It sucks because people make fun of you for things that you cannot help or change about yourself. I can take a joke, but sometimes people take things way too far and it becomes hurtful. I used to feel really good about myself until this started. You have to stand up for yourself. Trust me, it's worth it. Now that I am in the next chapter of my life, I feel a lot better. I am stronger. What I went through made me so much stronger.

Jay, 18, Florida

I did not get all the help i needed when i was being bullied so now my whole life is different than i expected to be.I am only a fourteen year old child and i think things about myself that even professionals cant not understand.I think it is important to make everyone around us feel special and important and worthy of life.Not only will it make them feel better but it would make us all feel better.I never had anyone around to tell me i was beautiful as i was being bullied.I brought upon myself to handle my issues and it turned out changing my life drastically.I can never understand why no one helped so i want to show other kids that they are loved and make them not have to ask themselves that question.I want people to be able to walk home feeling safe.Wake up feeling Beautiful.Go to school to learn and not get picked on for it.I want Bullying to change and i want to help by starting with myself.

Olivia, 14, Hawthorne,Ca

its not  fair that kids has to walk around like victims and i dont understand why that teachers and panrents or principls are not making a big ndeal about this we all need to strand together and make a change because we dont there will be more kids hurting them selves or being sucidal its time to voice are opions

zanora, 14, irving tx

I know what it's like to be bullied. I was bullied growing up because I was never good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, etc.
They say that people who bully others do it because they're insecure and it makes them feel more confident. I don't understand how. They (bullies) know what it's like to feel deeply insecure so how does knowing that you're making other people feel just like you do make you feel better about yourself?

Karla, 16, Alabama

i have been bullied and I know how it feels, it hurts very much. 

Jolie, 13, SD

Just because someone is diffrent doesn't mean there wierd it just means there more special. People just need to understand and take a stand because bulying is a big issue and no one deserves to be treated unfairly

Librada, 15, PA

I've been bullied. Well, I'm still being bullied. It hurts. To hear all the things that they think about you, just for they're amusement. There's nothing I could do. I used to sit there and cry, and hope that it would all stop. It hasn't. I support anyone who's been bullied, or who's being bullied. It's a tragic thing. People kill themselves for that. It hurts to see someone being hurt. It hurts to be hurt, for doing nothing. Innocent people are targets. 
No one likes being bullied. Bullies, do it for fun. They do it for their own amusement. People talk behind my back, pretend to be my friend, make fun of me. There's no one I can talk to, except the guidance couselor. She doesn't help.

Adriana, 11, Ca

My freind Maddy and I were bullied. Maddy was bullied because she went somewhere for extra help and a girl though that she was so dumb that she had to have someone help her work. I was bullied because I wasn't popular. I would want to play a game and they would say that I wasn't popular enough to play. Then the girl that told me I couldn't play would call me names like "Idiot" "dumb head" and she would pick on me. Later the following year she left but her friend were still being mean and bullying me. Last year I started to get better for me but my friends all tranfered schools and I haven't seen any since 5 grade promotion. 

Nina, 11, CA

at school im so hated. im called a lesbian, fat, stupid. it all. im told the world would be a better place without me and that im a slut and whore. that im ugly and useless. i hear people wispering and laughing at me all the time. and people send me death threats. at the lunch table food is thrown at me, and people wisper, "i dare you to poke her." they tell me i have no life and i will get no where.. i barly have any friends. a few friends that i had since i was like 1 years old are now ashamed to talk to me in front of others. i dont even know what to do anymore. im not gonna lie. i started cutting myself. i was finally able to stop after a while. but im really just sick of this....

Gianna, 11, Ohio

My little brother has been bullied ever since he started school he is now in third grabe its hard coming home to him crying. One day he came home saying he was sick me and my mom immientlie knew that something was wrong turned out that his so "friend" had been kicking and picking on him just because of his speach problems so we went to go talk to the principle and the kids parents the parents just kept defending their son and said well my son would never do that and said are you sure your brother is not just trying to get my kid in trouble for nothing and we knew he wasnt, after they said that the principle thought that my brouther was lying so the principle did nothing. My brother is nnow at a new school and doing a lot better.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Victoria, 11, California

I want kids to love going to school. I think bullying is wrong to do and needs to stop. People need to get involved, we all need to put in an effort to end this. We all know it is bad and wrong to do but we do it anyway. Not for long, our world is going to change that!

Nia, 14, pa

I care because NO ONE deserves to be bullied. Imagine you in their spot & how they feel. I have been bullied before people called me fat, it actually hurts a lot. They will never know how it feels because they didn't feel like how i felt. 

Rainna, 14, Canada

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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