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I Care Because

I've been bullied because i'm a so called "emo/scene" kid. It really does suck when people just attack you for your style. This has been going on for years. I was threatened once because of this.

upset, 15, NY

Bullying also exists in college.  I was often teased in college for not being one of the " Popular " "Jocks" and "Gossip."  I was made fun of for just being myself, and it really hurt me badly.  I graduated from college and I have not participated in alumni activities ever since leaving after graduating.  No one in any school level should have to go through the garbage that I went through.  

Anonymous, 29, USA

I actually finished watching a movie and I cried for so long I didn't even know. I couldn't stop and I realized I'm never ever going to let bulling happen while Im around. So many people are bullying and I can't help but cry everytime I see something so sad. 

Jill, 12, Texas

I was a victim of bullying for a long time in highschool. And now it's happening to my best friend's sister in middle school. I remember all of those years, I was called a name I didn't like, and they felt I was easy to pick on because I have aspergers syndrome. But there was this one bully who was my friend at first but then broke my trust, permanantly. She called me names, she lied to me, she flipped the bird at me, she even tried to steal the boyfriends of so many other girls, and even bullied my best friend. On top of that barely anybody did anything about it. So we need to put a stop to bullying so they won't have to suffer through what I went through, or what my best friend's little sister is going through.

Catherine, 19, New York

I care because i've experienced bullying, i was bullied during 3 years of my life, going to school was hell, just imagine hearing those voices whispering (sometimes even shouting) offensive comments, calling me names in the halls, was the worst thing that could ever happen to me, the school bus was a nightmare for me, people throwing me sandwiches, bottles, newspapers, books, notebooks, even shoes. When i got home, i didn't want my parents to worry about me, i didn't want to be another problem for them, so i kept it to myself, i'd cry everyday every night till i fell asleep. It left me problems, lack of confidence, anorexia, low self esteem, antisocial, depressive, suicidal. But i have to say, the moment i left that school, the moment i entered my new school everything got better instantly, i started making new friends, people didn't know my name, so they didn't bully me, it's been almost 3 years and my life has made a 360 degree turn, i'm happy with myself, my self esteem has gotten better, i have friend (not many but true friends for sure) my confidence is back, i can talk to people without feeling judged, i can walk through the halls without being afraid, and i see life in a totally different way, i can see myself with a future. I have hope, YOU JUST HAVE TO STAY STRONG. Those bullies, are NOTHING. It definitely gets better.

Alex, 17, Mexico

Someone has to.

Morgan, 16, OH

  I care about bullying because I was bullied myself in school from Kindergarten to the twelve grade. The bullying started when I first started elementary school and it didn't end until I graduated from high school. I was constantly teased and harassed everyday when I went to school. 
  I was bullied physically, verbally, mentally, and emotionally. I was teased and picked on for everything for the way I looked and how I acted. It wasn't easy to go through what I went through in school. I was called many low down names in school on a daily basics. I was picked on about from my face features to my body features. I was teased for being different from the other students because I was quiet and smart in school. Other students used to put their hands on me and they would hit, slap, and push me around on a constant basics. 
  The name calling, teasing, and physical abuse continued from grade to grade and it got the best of me at times. At first the bullying and teasing did bother me a lot but after a while I got used to it because it became a normal daily thing for me. I went through a lot in school with the bullying, teasing and harassment but I made it because I had people to support me and encourage me through this period of my life.

Daryl, 23, South Carolina

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