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I Care Because

I am bulled myself, and no one knows. no one notices. 
it is mostly emotoinal and mental, but that is worse that physical. with the emotoinal pain. every day, i dread going to school cause i starts all over again. the pain is awful, and no one notices. the worst part is that my parents abuse me as well.  i am all alone, 

Regggie, 13, USA

i hate to be bullied !

desainelle, 15, Philippines

I was bullied a few times by one of my so called friend and didn't like it one bit.  So I am joining the movement  and going against bulling!  YOU SHOULD JOIN TO!  YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dana , 11, Wi

the smallest words can scarr us for life internally because It's a long and hard process to pick up all the peices of a broken heart, that is why i think hearts should just be full of joy and love x <3

sabrina, 14, London

I was severely bullied in eighth grade. I missed countless days of school and would beg my mother not to make me go. I was alienated and ganged up on. One moment I had friends and the next the entire class was against me. Those who wanted to befriend me chose not to for fear of being next. I sat alone at lunch, cried in the bathroom, faked sick and even contemplated suicide. Kids are cruel. It is impossible for a classroom to be supervised every moment of the day. There will always be small moments of freedom and thats all a bully needs. They are smart, they will wait for the perfect moment to attack and not be seen. The more you complain or cry out for help, the harder they will try to destroy you. I know this because I faced it head on. BUT...I survived :) Im older now, and completely humbled by the event. I have had every single person who ever threw stones at me, apologize. I learned to accept the words Im sorry because I deserved them and it was a way to release the anger I had been carrying for too long. I won homecoming queen my senior year and will never forget my mom wispering in my ear, "I hope theyre watching." Guess what, THEY WERE. If you're reading this and you feel like giving up, please dont. Dont let them win. You deserve happiness and it will find you again. <3

Haley, 23, michigan


Anna, 13, California

"I have been bullied about my weight for as far back as i can remember. The only times i ever feel pretty is when im alone and there is no one there to tell me im not. being bullied is nothing to joke about. People say words can't hurt you but they can, and i have known that my whole life. Everyday on my way to school i wonder who is going to call me fat and ugly today. I want everyone to know that bullying isn't right no matter what the reason is. "

Brittany, 13, Illinois

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