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I Care Because

"I have been bullied about my weight for as far back as i can remember. The only times i ever feel pretty is when im alone and there is no one there to tell me im not. being bullied is nothing to joke about. People say words can't hurt you but they can, and i have known that my whole life. Everyday on my way to school i wonder who is going to call me fat and ugly today. I want everyone to know that bullying isn't right no matter what the reason is. "

Brittany, 13, Illinois

everyday for three years i was bullied 
and now when i see little kids being 
bullied it pisses me off. i was mainly
 bullied because i was fat short and 
sensitive. but now when i see an other 
person getting bullied i speak up. because 
i dont want to see another person get hurt 
like i did so thats why i support the anti-bullying

john, 19, Sinton, Tx

I get bullied at school, and I don't like it so why should anyone else.

Ally, 12, Pennsylvania, Lancaster

One of my best friends was scared out of his school because he was threatened. A football player looked at him and threatened to kill him because he was gay. It scard my friend so much that he wouldn't give up his name. He just transfered schools. He used to be so proud of who he is. He's not proud anymore. And he should be. 
I've always been against bullying, and tried to fight against it, but this situation with my friend has really opened up my eyes to how BIG of a problem is it. He is why I'm standing up. Because no one, whether straight, gay, overweight, underweight, mentally handicapped, black, white, no matter who they are, NO ONE deserves to be bullied. That's why I care. And that's why I'm fighting for them.~

Tori, 17, FL

Bullying is a nationwide problem that needs to be stopped!  No one needs to be bullied because they are different.  Everyone is different in their own way.

Dalton, 12, North Georgia

Ijust got in middle school and i get bullyed on the bus all the time and nobody does anything . >:

Levi, 11, ?

I had a best friend who was bullied. She was embaressed by it. She'd deleat text messages without showing them to anyone, and pretend to even me that the things people would say to her walking down the hallway never bothered her. I noticed and asked it about her one night when she was over at my house. She got very emotional and started telling me all thease horrible things i never knew people were caipable of saying. She made me promise not to tell anyone and so i didnt. Things started to go down hill for her when i left last summer for a two month vacation with my family. She had no where to turn to because she was to proud to tell her family and i was her best firend. I told her to call me whenever she needed to talk but that wasnet enough. She went into a deep depression and started to physically abuse and cut herself and i had no idea it was that bad. I never new teenagers could be so mean. I didnt know my firend, the girl who could shake of anything, could be made to feal so bad. I told someone after that and my friend got help. It was hard to do. She hated me when she found out i told, but later she thanked me. No one should go thorough what she had to. Thats why i care. 

Racheal, 15, IA

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