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I Care Because

I care because I am currently going through it now. I just got a hair cut and they are bangs. Everyone seems to like them and then two boys seem to bring my day down. No matter how many compliments I get, just two negative things brought me down. I had a wonderful day and they said I looked horrible, bad, etc. In bangs. It really hurt me and now I don't want these bangs and I am trying to hide them. I keep hoping that soon they will grow out enough to hide but, nothing is working. Thoughts have buzzed my mind on how wonderful it would be to be home schooled or gone just some where new. I don't want people to go through what I am going through now. I think kids being bullied at younger ages then this is just unrealistic, no matter what age I think it hurts everyone no matter what.

Kem, 12, Georgia

I care because people bully me they call me fat and it changes your mind to think this:

Fat                               You will never be good enough

                 You need to be skinny

                                                                         Everyone hates you

You will never be pretty or loved or cared for by another human being

         You are disgusting 

                                                               Stop eating fatty 

   No one deserves to feel this way even though I do.  You will probably look at this and say she is 12 what does she know. Guess what? NEWS FLASH age doesn't matter and I care a hole lot 

Jayde, 12, United States

Ever since I started middle school, it has been hard for me socially. I have a type of Autism and occasionally get the "you're so cool (not)"  behavior from girls and boys. Bullying is a serious problem at my school and no one has established a Bullying prevention program. This year I intend to fix this problem with the help and support of the friends I trust and the Teachers I admire.

Emily, 13, OR

Bullying is not just getting picked on or hurt physicly or emotionaly it is also hurtfull in a different way. for  example I am now in 6th grade and i thought that it was going to be so fun and me and my friend alyssa where going to  talk to each other every chance we get. the first and second day was exactly that. but then this girl came and started talking to her and now she dosn't talk to me at all. so bullying not just getting punched in the face it is also haveing one of your friends or old friends not talking to you. so if  they end up not talking to you then they are not a true friend. and i think that everyone should just stop right then and there.                         Britny, 12, tx

Britny, 12, tx

I was severely bullied in eighth grade. I missed countless days of school and would beg my mother not to make me go. I was alienated and ganged up on. One moment I had friends and the next the entire class was against me. Those who wanted to befriend me chose not to for fear of being next. I sat alone at lunch, cried in the bathroom, faked sick and even contemplated suicide. Kids are cruel. It is impossible for a classroom to be supervised every moment of the day. There will always be small moments of freedom and thats all a bully needs. They are smart, they will wait for the perfect moment to attack and not be seen. The more you complain or cry out for help, the harder they will try to destroy you. I know this because I faced it head on. BUT...I survived :) Im older now, and completely humbled by the event. I have had every single person who ever threw stones at me, apologize. I learned to accept the words Im sorry because I deserved them and it was a way to release the anger I had been carrying for too long. I won homecoming queen my senior year and will never forget my mom wispering in my ear, "I hope theyre watching." Guess what, THEY WERE. If you're reading this and you feel like giving up, please dont. Dont let them win. You deserve happiness and it will find you again. <3

Haley, 23, michigan

Bullying should just stop in general . What`s the big fad about making people feel like crap every day? I find it useless . I will admit I have bullied , who hasn't ! But we all learn from our mistakes . But either way, this NEEDS to stop . 

Katie, 14, Ontatio

I didn't think I was a bully but others did. i've done some pretty bad stuff like getting into someones personal email and sending mean emails to all of theri contacts and now i feel TERRIBLE but with the help of my parents i talked to them and i am waiting to hear back from a counsler to see if i qualify. thank you PACER you have helped me become the better person!

alex, 13, AK

I care and want to help because bullying can bring someone to their lowest low, and I don't want anyone to ever feel the way I used to.

Lauren, 15, Baltimore, MD

I have been a victim of bullying and I've been a bystander.  And i don't want to see others go through what i did. It changed my life in horrible ways until i was able to get over everything. And getting over it took time.

, 17, Pennsylvania

I care cause I have been bulied from the tine I was  5 and these girls still wouln't STOP.I told them to and I even spoke to the Principal and they still would NOT stop. It was an on and  off  friendship and whatever those two girls did they rubbed it in my face. I wasn't jelous but I was still being bulied by them, and they said  I'm a jerk for not inviting them to my birthday party (that was just with my family) I just want to stop BULLYING. We even had a police man talk to us about the issue and I just hope they STOP everywhere.Cause it's causing death to other people :(

Nicole, 14, CA

I hate bullying  because it hurts other kids feelings

Kimira, 13, 285 bronx new york

i care because ive seen people and once before have been bullied a bit. im not sure if its counted as bullying because it only happned a few times but it was by the same person. im sick of people around me being bullied and i want it to just end.

annonymusguy97, 15, Illinoise Rockford

I'm almost 11 years old and i have been getting bullied since preschool. I try to stand up for ymself but im too shy. I always get harassed by boys and they make fun of mu looks my name and they call me A-Man-da . It really hurts me and i don't want other kids to go through what i go through. I cry myself to sleep. i fake sick too get outa school, and when im not even in school i hear they talk about me. I just hope other kids won't have too go through what i do. 

Amanda, 10, MA

I don't want another young person to feel alone or ashamed of who they are because of bullying. I spent two years defending myself and being angry because of those who didn't like the way I dressed, how I spoke and the music I listened to. I want kids to know that the things they're teased about now, will probably make them successful adults. I care because I've been there.

Rasheda, 35, Michigan

I hate it when I experience someone picking on my friends. I've experienced everything happen. This happens every day. I'm sick of it. I keep on telling this person to stop, but they keep bullying my friend. 

Dylan, 12, Allenstown,NH

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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