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I Care Because

All my years in elementary, I was bullied because I was a very shy and quiet person. I would never talk to anyone and I always had my head down, thinking when will this end. Around 3rd grade I was depressed and had suicidal thoughts, I had no friends nobody to talk to. Until my mom noticed right away. Because of her, i am not the same kid anymore. When I started middle school I was made fun of but my mother was by my side the whole time. She is the reason why I am here today. Yes, it is hard but you just have to talk to some and realize it will get better :) You are not alone. 

Bianca D., 15,

Bullied target me since 6th grade to now. One same person, that person would never leave me alone, so I know how it felt... I care because I through it. 

Jessie, 17, Oregon

I know what it feels like. You are not alone. Talk to someone. Things will improve. Be strong!

Laura, 15, Rochester MN

I  care because.. I got bullied by my own old best friends and my own cousin.. Because I wasnt up to their standards of perfect really.. They all wanted me to be diffrent, One wanted me to be a tomboy, one wanted me to be girly, one wanted me to be sporty, one wanted me to be a bully, I didnt wanna be any, I tried to get along with them all but they didnt want that, they would all compete.. 'You can stay at mine' .. 'Come swimming with me' 'I dare you to say ^something^ to ^someone^' But that isnt how I wanted to be, Then I found some new people, And because at one dinner break in school I went up to these other people instead of being pushed around and being pressured to do stuff I dont want to they all ganged up on me, turned people against me, Called me names, Shouted stuff at me, Threw stuff at me, Sent me horrible message's over facebook, I missed school because of it.. It hasnt been bad for the past week or two now cos its been the easter holidays but Im dreading going back,and to make it worse, All my new friends that are accepting me for who I am, are leaving school in two weeks, there all older than me.. I dont know what im going to do, Im scared to go back to be honest, And i dont want anyone else to have to go through that, Iknow i cant change the world by clicking my fingers but I know that if you dont start somewhere,it will never change

Natalie, 14, UK

hi my name is chasity and i just read a story in Seventeen magazine about a girl named Phoebe Prince that was born the year i was a killed her self because of peoples rude comments. And so i read on and saw this web site 
and saw that demi lovato was the spokesperson for teens against bullying and im here to say that i absoulutly agree i was in nineth grade last year and i saw how rude comments can bring down someone ego just because some kids have no heart and dont care. i also saw people pick fight because they just wanted to even tho that person didnt do anything to them. im takeing her story i my opion to my school administrator and see if this virbule and pyscial abuse can be stoped. i never knew i could intill i heard that. my love and care goes out to phoebe princes family!! 

chasity, 16, al

there are many countless people in the world that have been bullied one way or another , no doubt that i've been bullied before too and still is . People have this thinking that if you're bullied , you must be a loser . But for myself , i've the bestest friends outside of school ,  but in school , they judge . As long as one person from a certain clique does not like you for no reason , the whole clique dosen't . Of course there are those who stand up and make a difference in their clique . It hurts , it kills , it was the worst moments of my life & i care so much because i know how crushed a victim will feel . I feel so passionately to step up and talk about teen bullying , i want to make a difference , i want to create an awareness . Words can't explain , but bullying is serious . However , i grew stronger , not totally healed but i learnt how to handle it better , learnt to stay positive and most importantly love myself . stop bulllyinng 

Celine , 15, Singapore

i was always bullied about my weight, i let their words get to me, i began to eat more. it just seems like most people do not know when to stop. i was also made fun of because of the clothes i wore. sometimes i didn't want to go to school so i would fake sick. i never had a lot of friends, sometimes i think they were only my friends because they felt sorry for me. i know a lot of kids that commited suicide cause over issues and bullying. i was at a turning point of commiting suicide also tried cutting myself cause i was never happy with the things i had or with the person i was. i turned to my sister she helped me get through it all. and i am very greatful for that. i care because i don't want anyone to feel like they don't belong. 

Elizabeth garcia, 18, tx

Well Im A Junior in high schhol and I've been bullied since Elemtary school. They would tease me about being fat, ugly, and not wareing the cuteist clothes in school. I've never really had alt of of friends but the ones i do have are real, but i have acroosed some friends in my life that wernt really my friend and some that has turned their back towards me. 2 years ago i lost my mom and my little brother is 9 now but 7 when it happened and his so called "FRIEND" would tease him about it when they got into fighs and say " At least I Have A Mom". My little brother was a mommys boy.then my dad got remarried and i didnt feel i dont belong and her kids tease me about being fat and ugly and no one sees that im hurting inside . sometimes i dont what to and i think about... would they be better without me? should i run away? Ive Thought About. but i dont i stay there and just ignore all of it.. 

Isabella, 16, NA

everyone is diffent .. everyone should be loved/liked for who they are .. no one is the same .. so why dig on people for being differnt to you ? or they have less or more than you ? its not fair it gose to far and gets out of controle . every person has there own life , what is wrong with people trying to live it differnt .
a girl i know went though real bad bulling at school for something she dident even do or would ever think of doing . this went on for a number of years befor i knew her . when i got to know her she told me all about the bulling that had been going on , and i helped her all i could and she got though it and the bulling stop . 
^^ that shows that if everyone was to pull together and help we can all put a end to bulling :) 

Jemma , 17, UK

I'm 6'-10" and weigh 300 pounds, but even I was bullied growing up. Older kids picked on me, so I picked on others. Looking back, what hurt the most was BEING a bully. Speak up. Reach Out. Be a friend.

Jim, 51, Tifton, GA

I Care Because, People Should Not Feel Like They  Do Not Belong Here.

Kitana, 15, Bixby, Ok

just las t week i had someone i was close to commit suicide becase a group of people were bullying her on facebook. she was only 13 years old

meek, 16, jersey

at my school if you live in a trailer or if you are over a 1oo pounds then you are bullied. And i am both . i am lucky because i have friends and i get good grades but it would be nice to not have to stand on the side of the hall so i wont get knocked down and it would be nice if people wouldnt call me fat or ugly.. I want bullying to stop because the people who get bullied, are the ones who are always scared and are the ones who get brake downs  i wish they realized how cruel and or idiotic they seem to us.

danielle, 12, tx



I am a School Social Worker and I work with high school students in a Special Education Program.  I see students with different abilities every day and I care about each and every one of them.  I look at my students and see their strengths, but so many others do not do that. My students have been harassed, teased and bullied for being different for virtually their whole lives. It makes me sad and angry that I cannot do more to help prevent it. 

Meghan, 30, Syracuse, NY

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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