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I Care Because

I was bullied a lot as younger kid, there was a lot of stress in my life at this time, I was moved away from home during my parents divorce. For years after that until I was 10 years old I never got over the bullying, I had no confidence until winning a pageant. After having many accomplishments I began to realize that those mean and harsh things people said about me WERE NOT TRUE. No matter what your going through always know you are not alone.

Katherine, 17, Russellville, KY

Ive seen bulliyng going on in my school and now that im going to highschool as a freshmen i want to help those that are dealing with bullies or are being bullied ask for help,and make my school a bully free zone

Noemi, 14, U.S.A

I know how it actually feels. when i was in my elementary, my classmates had stepped my personality and never having any support from anybody was the painful part.

ZYRA, 17, Philippines

i am froom brazil,e voc mandou bem fazendo o site,to do seu lado,te adoro.  (English) - I am from Brazil, and you have done very well making this site, I'm on your side, I adore you.

isa, 11, sp

I am never bullied because everybody thinks I am ''popular'', what it's wrong, because you can't tell that someone's popular, you hae to treat everyone the same way. There's one girl on my class that is bullied every single day, and almost everyday she cries, when she cries i go after her and help her, so she doesn't feel like nobody cares about her, and it works and I make her happy. I kinda know how it feels to be bullied, and sometimes i cry because of bullies, I know they neer bully me, but I cry because I know alot of people are suffering from bullying, I hope someday the bullies notice how bad the kids they bully feel,.GOD bless you, never give up your dreams !  bye 

Helena , 12, CA

I was bullied through school, it was the worst as a senior in high school. My brother (in middle school) was also going through it. No matter who we went to, no one helped us. The school did nothing because they had no proof. My brother and I were alone and picked on every day. I stand against bullying for those who are like us.

Kendra, 19, South Dakota

 One of the most important times in a person's life is when they are a teenager. I don't think anyone should have to look back to those years and the only thing they remember are horrible memories of being bullyed. I care because teenagers let alone children shouldn't have to be constatly worrying about what people are going to say or do to them.

Elizabeth, 16, SC

I care because... I have been in the situation that many others have been in everyday, I have at one time felt that unimportance, left out, hurt, broken, torn, pushed around, dropped feeling. And I can say it breaks my heart when I see all these comments. Theres millions of stories that have never been told, and there have been tons of stories that will never be told because nobody was able to help a child in need at the time. Bulying is in a case as you can say, mostly out of hand. It can be very dangerous, and can be scary! I was at the point 2 years ago of wanting to die, I tried for days and eventually ended up in the hospital becuase I was called 1 of many words that always gets to a girl... FAT! No girl EVER wants to be called that, I cut myself and I starved myself. After a month of not eating I was in the hospital for 2 weeks. Just to recover. I cut for about 6 months. And I leaned toward drug. Meth, pot, coke. It was no fun because up to a year. I can't remember a thing that went on the past year. I drank everyday, got high everyday. And I can say 1 from many. Don't ever lean your own life against alcohol & drugs. But for the past year has been better. I was in rehab & I got clean and now I know. When I am in need. I GET HELP! 
If you victim of bullying PLEASE get help!

Jade Maree, 16, Ohio, Xenia

I care because i've read all of these other comments and i've cried my last tear because not only have i got bullied but i've bullied people. Some of the people i have bullied those people did the same thing some of the people in the comments has done but they have cut themselves, or even killed themselves. I care because bullying is not okay, people being bullied breaks my heart and now I will become one of those people who will break this awful chain of disapointment and dispair i'm not just going to be a bystander.        

Shelby, 12, ALABAMA

the smallest words can scarr us for life internally because It's a long and hard process to pick up all the peices of a broken heart, that is why i think hearts should just be full of joy and love x <3

sabrina, 14, London

i have been a victom of bullying all my life until my Junior year in high school when i started dating a football  player and he started standing up for me and now i am doing it on my own and i am standing up now for all the people out there that dont have their voice yet i may not know you but i am your voice and they only bully you because they dont know how amazing you really are

Jasmine, 18, TX

I care becuase i am bullied all the time. I get picked cause of how i dress, the style of music i like, just for being me. People hate emos for some reason , but that is who i am. People don't need to try to change me. I get picked on by my peers and by my family members. I know how it feels. That is why i care

joshua, 13, Pa, USE

I was bullied and I still am. I come home crying every day off the bus because people would call me really bad names and say stuff about me that isn't true. i didn't tell my parents anything and I hid all of my feelings because I was always told that the bullies like it when you show emotion to their actions. I am still scared to even walk down the hall ways because I used to get binder slapped and pushed into lockers and beat up. everyone would text me and tell me everything wrong with myself. that made me very  self concious and feel like I wasn't wanted, I turned to self harm to help. all of this stuff happening to me made me servierly depressed. and I just want everyone to know that hurting yourself doesn't help.  And if YOU feel like you're not wanted think again because you are, and to make you feel even better just think... there are thousands of cells in your body fighting to keep you alive and all that they care about it you. I am here for you.  please remember that you are strong. you are gorgeous and you are perfectly you. 

Autumn , 13,

This is for My daughter She is Sweet kind loving the most beautiful smile She is the best person you can ever have a friend ship with .My daughter has been getting bullied on and off since she was about 7 years old my daughter suffers from seizures The Medicine she was taking at that age was a type of steroid which made her gain weight and she slept alot because of the reaction in the brain when she has seizures. She is 16 now and in high school kids still bully her she always been brave and walked away or ignored whom ever who was bullying her.I always encouraged her and try to stay positive and always try to talk to someone..Kids are very very mean even Adults.Trying to keep her encouraged everyday but its hard when she has to go back to high school everyday. Where kids dont care and even some teachers..

tyra, 16,

Demi lovato you are an inspiration to everyone. You have changed many peoples lives. I only wish you the best in life. You have gotten so far. Your fans & your family are so proud of you. I wish to become like you one day. I wish to face my fears & to speak up to someone about my darkest fears. Obesity is my problem,i am insecure & i am ridiculed everyday. In middle school i was bullied by people who i thought were my friends but really weren't they betrayed me & called me annerexic as if it were some type of joke. They would always make fun of me. I tolerated all of it...& now that i am 19 i still do tolerate rude comments from people. i know i shouldn't have to but i do...being bullied has affected me emotionally. But being insecure about myself also has affected me & the weight on my shoulder of always wanted to be thin. I have never weighed less than 150. i only weighed that much because i went through surgery for my tonsils. back in the past i wanted to go through surgery just so i could loose some weight. just like the fact that i don't eat when i am around my family says i should be aroud them more so i don't eat cuz i eat so much to hide my feelings to make the things in my head go away. I have so many things bottled up in my mind its too much. I only wish i find the confidence to talk to someone about EVERYTHING i go through. obesity/bullying/family/friend

Marie, 19, california

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