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I Care Because

Alot of things have happened to me that are going on to others and I'm not happy about it. HELP STAND AGAINST THE BULLIES. STAND FOR THE SMALLER KIDS AND HELP THEM REGAIN CONFIDINCE!!!! NO ONE WANTS IT TO HAPPEN.

Ashlynn, 13, Conroe, Texas

I care because I'm bullied. Everyday. Just because I'm different. They make fun of what I wear, what pets I have,  what music I listen to, what boys I  like,  etc...  and I didnt realize it was considered bullying until i read this site... and now... I know it hurts and i dont want ANYONE to feel this way... so.. thats why i care.. <3 

Melinda, 14, Rhode Island, U.S.A

people that bully don`t help the world,they make it worse. 

Mackenzie, 9, MA

When I was little there was this Kid named *Katlynn and she was always being made fun of becuase of her weight. She finally got so sick of it she just became one of those kids that keep to their selfs.....I tried to be her friend but she just shrugged me off and told me she didnt need friends she had her brother........Bullying is Ruining lives~! 

Amanda , 17, indiana

I hear the pain and despair from students, and know adults that still hurt from things people did or said in school.  I'm a teacher, and every teacher at every school can make a difference in a student's life by standing up to the bullies.  We have to say no to bullying EVERY TIME, EVERY DAY.  Kids who are bullied can't think about Math or Science.  We want students to THRIVE, not just survive one more day.

Marcie, 52, California

I have been bullied and I still am, I want to help this team so I signed the petition. My friends say they care about me and then they go and tell the bully about my private life and secrets. They are obviously  no longer my friends but it hurts me to lose them one by one.. When I saw Demi Lovato's video on facebook I came straight on the website. When I get called names like fat ugly and much, much more I cry all time but when I listen to peoples comment I realize that I ain't alone, so people who reading this sign the petition. The worst moment for me was when I was walking home alone The bully would step on the back off my shoes and make me fall to the ground and when I fell to the ground they would laugh but then when I got up the called me a bisexual. Please help people like me cuz everywhere in the world their is a person crying for help but no one is listening so LISTEN!!!! Please help because I can't take it anymore.

Rebecca, 11, England/Crewkerne

I'm not gonna lie, I've done it once before. But when i got to highschool, it's come to the point where the popular girls make vomiting noises near me and the boys ask me out as a joke or a dare.

Caitlin, 13, San Francisco, California

I was bullied by someone who use to be my bestfriend. I know what it feels like. And now i dont want ANYONE to feel what i did. It had to end.

Itzel, 15, Texas

I have been bullied since about 1st grade but now I am going to take a stand so, who ever is with me like a facebook page called speak up to bullying

rachel, 13,

I've been bullied myself because I.... I guess it's because I'm smart. And that I actually LOVE to read and I have a good singing voice. I used to react, but it just spurred the bullies on. They were getting what they wanted out of me. Now, whenever they tease me out of what's probably jealousy, I either laugh it off or ignore them. I try not to say too much. I stand up for myself though- I just don't go looking for conflict. People don't pick on me as much anymore because they know it doesn't bother me. I wrote a song, and I live by one of the lyrics "What fits my personality is not what others think of me because no one knows me like I know myself." It's so terrible that people can drive other people to suicide- it's not something to laugh at. Bullying hurts, and I help everyone I can because no one deserves it, no matter how "irritating" you find them. We can change the world, and I intend to change it for the better.

Laken, 13, PA

I was a cheerleader in high school. It was my best friend who bullied me. She turned all of my friends along with everyone else against me. I would walk down the hallway with them shouting things at me. They made up lies. I wanted to die. I hated life. I couldn't see tomorrow. I eventually told my mom. She got me a counselor. It helped, a little. I now am here six months after the bullying started because I was strong and I had my mom by my side the whole time. I started high school being popular with tons of friends. I ended the school year with one friend. I am strong and no one should have that power over me.

Katie, 15, Illinois

I was bullied in school and no one did anything to stop it. 

Nicole, 38, MI

hi my name is mitchell in school  pople will tell me i my fat . and fat  all day  i cam aeromexico  i got  sad  very day  popie make fmmy of me because i had add  . but demilouto and me went threw the same thing  2 yers i  was happy

mitchell, 10, patutugai

I always been bullied since I was a kid.I'm still been bullied even I'm 16,I have no friends...I'm alone..I always hurts physically and emotionally..I hope there were "the international organization" that could bring me to anti bullying meeting
...but at the same time I want (bullying things about me) to be keep as a secret...james not my real name by the way
..I'm not living in uk

james, 16, uk

"I have been bullied about my weight for as far back as i can remember. The only times i ever feel pretty is when im alone and there is no one there to tell me im not. being bullied is nothing to joke about. People say words can't hurt you but they can, and i have known that my whole life. Everyday on my way to school i wonder who is going to call me fat and ugly today. I want everyone to know that bullying isn't right no matter what the reason is. "

Brittany, 13, Illinois

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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