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I Care Because

I have been always bullied.  Everybody in the shool laugh about me and my friend. They make me a lot of jokes about my face or gestures. I can't resist anymore, now  I'm always depressed, I don't feel secure with my face and body, so I never wear skirts or dresses cause I'm afraid about other people, I think they will laugh about my aperance. Now I don't have friends, nobody talk to me, they just laugh. I 'm always alone and the teachers look at me and they believe that I'm werd. I CAN'T RESIST ANYMORE!!! I don't know what to do, I have been thinking on cut mysel but I resist!!! I need help!!!

Tania, 15, CA

My 13 year old brother has Autism and is an easy target for bullies.  He is the most kind and gentle person I've ever met.  I can see that the bullying affects his ability to concentrate in class, and it affects his moodiness and attitude at home.  He was bullied very badly in 5th grade, but his school was not doing anything about it.  My parents then homeschooled him.  He's now in seventh grade and enrolled in public school again at the local junior high.  He still has problems with bullies, especially when he's in gym class.  My speech and media class is researching different causes and advocating for them.  I chose bullying awareness for my brother.  Though bullying is an issue that most people would like to overlook and ignore, we can't just stand by anymore.  There are too many people hurting and suffering from it.  Too many lives are being lost.  Now is the time to speak up for those who are victims of bullies.  Not tomorrow or the next day, now! 

Haley, 15, Indiana

i have had things stolen from me and said about me. things that are unforgetable. you can replace stolen objects but it takes a while to build up your self esteem. i look up to Demi Lovato mostly because she stayed strong through the bullying. and hearing about her story helped me stay strong.  i hope one day a girl who is being bullied can look at me and think "she made it through. so can i'

Macey, 13, CA

I think I am being bullied people who I once called friends are no longer my friends for months now they are always teasing me stealing my things calling me names glaring at me throwing things at me making jokes about me behind my back and purposley trying to get a reaction off me (they even said that they were to my face) I tried telling them I dont like it and they just laughed and said that they wouldnt care if it was them and that sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Well they hurt me I try to stay away from them but they follow me. However I am so greatful for my best friend because she is being bullied by them to so I know I will always have someone there for me who I know cares

Louise, 13, Wales

When someone bullies someone else- they probably have a reason... but that's no excuse. Either way, you should treat  everyone- including bullies well, because you don't want to turn out to be the bully in the situation.

Anna, 12, MI

I care because everyone is entitled to their own opinions, decisions, and lifestyle choices, no matter how different they might be. The world is filled with explorers, artists, and people who are willing to step outside of the "in crowd". They should not be punished for doing what they want or what they believe in. I'm not saying you have to like it or even agree with whatever they're doing, but you should at least have the courtesy to respect them. Stop the bullying. Spend your time trying to better important things in the world, things that will matter and make our lives better. Don't waste it on trying to fix perfectly good people or trying to make someone feel like garbage because of who they are. They have enough pressures of their own. Please, help make the world a brighter place to live in and stop bullying. <3

Terryana, 15, Illinois

On this day March 29, 2012 my friend commited suicide at 5:00 am. He has done so because of the bullying that went on in school and online. People from ou school are so curl that they went to his house and wrote all over it. Im done after loosing my friend to this nothing will stop me from ending bullying in all.

Ellie, 16, PA

I dont want to see people hurt by other people. Especially at this young age, I dont think kids have to endure this from OTHER kids. We should all try to work together to stop bullying and make us all one. 

Jina , 13, South Korea

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