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I Care Because

I've been bullied way to much at my school and I'm tired of it. My piers are scared they will get bullied to! It is to annoying to wake up in the morning and feel like not wanting to go to school or hoping the bully isn't there that day!! I'm done with the bullying.

Alex, 13, FL

I've been bullied because i'm a so called "emo/scene" kid. It really does suck when people just attack you for your style. This has been going on for years. I was threatened once because of this.

upset, 15, NY

When I was bullied, everything was dark and I was lonley and afraid. But, then I realized that whoever tried to bring me down was already below me. And I stood up against bullying.

Sebastian , 14, Mexico

Bullying has always been a problem for me ever since 2nd grade till now. At first i used to beleive it and try to chage myself for their benifit. But then i relized that being myself is not a crime.

angela, 13, CA

My little sister has a learning disability she is bullied on a daily basis. I hurt for her everyday because children with special needs struggle with everyday life and school should be an escape for them. Instead these children are made to feel like crap everyday just because they are a little different than eveyone else, but at the end of the day no matter what we are ALL human beings. Since she has became a high school student I take this bullying issue very seriously and sadly the public schools in Chicago don't. Hopefully some time soon bullying will be something very serious all around the world.

Ashley, 21, Chicago, Illinois

I get bulled because I have ADHD and I will go crazy in class. People will push me and hit me and call me a mean names. I'm depress and I cut myself hoping pain will help but it makes it worse because people will call me Emo and they will hit me more 

Timothy, 13, Council bluffs, IA

I know what it's like to feel low after someone has put you down. Everything has been nearly perfect in my life until this year bullies at school. From this message forward, I'm telling you to not care, and don't buy into the pressure. The bullies that got away, will get karma. Lucklily my bullies play mind games, give me looks, call me names, etc. I'm just telling you that the key is to not care, keep moving forward.

Anonymous, 14, MN

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