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I Care Because

I was bullied through middle school. I was constantly moving from group to group because everyone thought I was annoying. I never had any realy friends. Now I have friends. My friends that I've made in the past 4 years are so much better than the "friends" I had for 9 years through elementary and middle school. I now feel like I belong somewhere and I've never felt as close to people as I do now. 
People should support the cause to stop bullying. It's not right, No body should feel like they are worthless. Everyone is here and everyone is here for a reason! Are you the one who will make a change? I am.

Rachel, 17, VA

I am bullied because i am diffrent. i have something called trisomy 8 mosaic(kinda like a cousin of trisomy 21) i also have a problem drooling(all though i am getting better at remembering to wipe it off my face) and i also have a speech problem but most people can understand me. i have problems with my muscles and such to. i have a wee bit of autisum. im am very smart though. i love reading(i aced my reading taks test this year like always)i love learning news things. im consentlly on the computer looking stuff up. people tease me because im diffrent and abnormal i am called names and everything else! i want every kid who sees this to know your not alone! keep fighting the good fight im with you no matter what!

margaret, 16, rockdale, texas

I was a victim for 3 years in elementary school by a group of girls and I witnessed bullying now in my middle school years. I'm in 7th grade by the way and there's this boy who gets picked on and he's tired of it and he told me he wanted to commit suicide and that's not his first time trying. How many suicides is it going to take for people to notice words hurt ? 

Wendy , 13, Geogia

My sister and i have both been bullied , im tired of it the kids make fun of my sister cause shes different . I have been bullied because people think im ugly or they talk about me . Im tired of it , Im sick of seeing people being bullied . I speak out against bullying because the people who are bullies have no life and think they can bully somebod for no reason what so ever.

Gabby , 13, Columbus O

We shouldn't need a reason to care. We all should just out of the kindness of who we are. 

To anyone that has been bullied...
Never give in you're not alone.
In the darkest times there are always people that care no matter what.

Nobody is worthless, 
Keep your head held high,
Stay strong,
And most importantly

Mark Thorne, 19, Plymouth, United Kingdom

When I was 9 years old, my mother brought my siblings & I to America. So basically I started school as a 4th grader & everything was no one had a problem with me of not speaking english. Until I went to 5th grade, where I was jumped by the 2 of my classmates. Everyone in my class hated me more than anything, they treated me poorly the whole class! Until one day, it was lunch period & I was sitting alone, suddenly my classmate slapped me behind my head! Everyone laughed & cheered. Everday after school this guy would hit me! So basically I cried everyday at school & I never told mom not once! Now I'm in the 7th grade & everyone still treates me like crap! but I keep my head up high because I know that I will something someday! & Yeah I was left back a grade that year & I still struglle with everything! But I think about suicide now, because of my mother & just family in general. I'm leaving with pain & everyday I pretend nothing is wrong with me! When inside, I honestly dont want to live anymore. My mother knows I'm in pain but I guess she just doesnt care! its all about her! & what she's been through. I dont have any friends to talk to & never had. We're very poor, I hardly get clothes. SO EVERYONE OUT THERE WHO DOESNT WANT TO LIVE, I WANT YOU TO GO TO A QUIET PLACE & THINK ABOUT YOUR FUTURE & WHAT U WANT! Especially the kids who have supportive families, YOU'RE VERY LUCKY!

Roughuiyatou, 14, Staten Island

I've been bullied all my life. It's feels devastating knowing that people, not even my own parents, approve of who I am. The only place where i can feel same is my room, NOT my house. Music is the only thing that kept me alive right now. 

Alyssa Rose Ediza, 14, Dipolog City

I know people who suffered bullying, i have a friend, she was bullied way back in elementary years so she and her mother decided to homeschool her but now, she's famous in showbiz industry she's now 15 a dancer, model and a fashion designer. the show Glee somewhat shows how bullying affects people's lives esp when Kurt was transferred in a private school eventhough his parents can't afford the tuition fee just because they don't want Kurt to be bullied. Let us be strong, like the Lemonade Mouth Disney movie says, BE HEARD BE STRONG BE PROUD.

Lara, 16, Philippines

...I've been cyber-bullied recently. Teenager use to be mean with some people just because they are frustrated or they've been bullied too.  But this is not right! And I think this is what we should to right now: making people understand bullying is not a normal behavior! We just lost too many lives. It must stop!!

Joanne, 16, Romania

I've delt with bullying for the past ten years, since I moved off a military base. At first I couldn't understand why people alway picked on me, then I found out it was becuase I was "weird". I'm in high school now and am suck with two girls in my homeroom who love to belittle me. No matter how much I hate it and want it to stop, I hope that as long as it goes on that I am the target becuase I can deal and move on eventually. Some people can't and I want to spare them from something that no one should have to go though.

Brooke, 14, VA

I care because i was bullied in my secondary school worst still i am not only bullied by my classmates by the senior and  my teachers.I was the one who was picked in the class the most because i was short and small size. My growth was slower then others by two and a half years.They will all  insult me with bad thing even in front of the teachers but none of them care they even laugh at me. people say stick and stone can break my bones but words never will that's is not real it hurt so much. i have gone through it and no one else should have ever gone though it like me. Do what's right and change what it is not . Bullying is not right and will never be right.

Jerry, 12, Singapore

alot pf people get hurt very easily....78% of kids are getting bullyied and most of the others are the bullies and if some people are not getting bullied and isnt the bullier than they are the stupid kids waiting and watching other people getting hurt well dont wait STAND UP CARE FOR OTHER PEOPLE FELLINGS CAUSE U WOULDNT WANT THE SAME THING TO HAPPEN TO U!!!!!!!

sandra, 15, california

I was bullied when i was little and to this day still suffer from the effects. I have self harmed and been anerexic since i was 13. People always say that sticks and stones may break your bones but names can never hurt you. It is so untrue... names and things people say hurt way more than hits. Trust me i've dealt with both. Bullying is in no way cool and i hope with ever fiber in my body that if enough people stand up that it can be stopped once and for all. BULLYING HURTS! 

Jessica, 19, Canada, BC

people that bully don`t help the world,they make it worse. 

Mackenzie, 9, MA

No one deserves to be bullied, we are meant to be loved and adored.  

Leandra, 16, SA

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