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I Care Because

March 3, 2013 my best friend committed suicide due to past bullying. I've been bullied since kindergarten. All of my friends have been bullied at some point in their lives and we have made it a mission to stand up for anyone that's being bullied. Anytime and anywhere... I know how it feels to feel alone and worthless , so to anyone that feels that way, or even if they don't , I'm just here as a friend to anyone and everyone.

Skylar, 15, Georgia

i care becuese my best friend was bullied and she told me to help her get though the pain was for her to cut herselef she came to school with scraches on her rist it was veary sad but i helped her though told her to ignore them and she did now she is in new york i miss her

lisa, 15, los angeles ca

Until you have walked in every person's shoes on earth then no one should put others down, not even yourself.

Jennifer, 17, Alabama

I care because bullying is REAL and the pain that comes along with it is REAL.  You would want someone to help/stand up if it were you.  Right?
    Stop bullying and stop the violence/pain!

Chantal, 18, CA

I care because I have been bullied like so many and no one deserves to be treated the way they are. I have been bullied all my life for simply being me and that is not what I want to continue to happen. Speak out because everyone has a voice, you just need to find yours and speak out loud about what you think about what people are doing to you. I know you can do it! 

Taylor, 13, Lewiston, New York

My friends used to isolate me for not doing what they were doing(i knew we would get in trouble),or stereotyped that I wasn't cool enough for their group, so I stopped being friends with them.As much as I didn't want to be their friends,they started to bully me even more.They try to act cool so that they can get more people to be in their group.I noticed that the reason why they do this is so that the more of them can bully me, and so that I can't get people to help me with their bully problems.  I've reported them to our guidance counselor three times already, and have had several conferences, and I've told my parents, but they still do it.But this time around,they do it when nobody's looking, so they don't get as much in trouble as they usually would.Please help me with my bullying problems, because they're affecting my grades and now I don't even want to go to school anymore because of them.Please, I don't want a bad year!Stop bullying,because this is national bullying prevention month anyways. 

Ethan, 11, Florida

I'm still being bullyed and I jest icnor it so walk away if they still do it get a mom or dad or a adult or any teacher step up stop bullying.

Michael, 11, Minnesota

I have been bullied throughout junio high school and highschool and just because I was different.But being diferent is not wrong, bullies are.
You can't judge a person unless you really know her well but it is not the case with bullies.I still remember their look while they were laughing at me and making me feel like a monster.I used to go back home crying and I was afraid every single day.I even started to think that life wasn't worth it.But I was wrong.I quickly understood that I had two choices: either let them break me or be over it and become stronger and more confident.I choosed that last option and my life is way better now.I can't say that it doesn't hurt me anymore cause it left some serious wounds but I can handle it now cause I know that it is the best thing to do.And that is why I care so much about all the people who are still bullied at school or anywhere.I am so sensitive to their pain and I want them to know that everything gets better in time but for that you need to speak out and let the bullies know that you are not afraid of them and that you are stronger.

Sara , 18, France

i think people needs to quit bullying,it can hurt other  people, and them because  they will look back one day and when they are being bullied they will rember that happing to them so please stop bullying by:Kristyn

Kristyn , 11, KY

Cyber bullying is one of the most mean and cowardly thing one can do. It should be stopped, but this will require a lot of effort, co-operation from many and also alot of COURAGE. To the victims of this epidemic, stand up against them bullies! start speaking up!  don't let them be, report them. Not just for youself, but also for the sake of others. Imagine if you don't report them, they might stop harrassing you after a while, but they'll probably move on to another victim. Why should we let them do this to us? They are the ones at fault, remember, BE BRAVE BECAUSE YOU'RE TRUE.  to the victims: #staystong  lotsa love, xoxo

Tammy, 15, Malaysia

I have been cyberbullyed. It was AWFUL! For the first time in my life I was scared to go by a computer. I thought that was thw worst time of my life. If I thought that was bad, I wonder what it's like being physically hurt. That's why I care.

Madeline, 9, ny

Bullying can ruin someone else.One person can impact on someone else positive or negative.I want to try to make that impact positive. One smile, one compliment, one kind word can make someone's day.

Taya, 16, CT

I have been bullied my entire life. It started out small with words like weird and retarted and not exactly threatening but as I got older it got worse I was getting pushed around and called worse names that I wont mention. But with the help of my two best friends I was able to get through it and now it doesnt bother me at all. I would just like to tell everyone , stay positive and help out if you see someone being bullied.

Robert, 13, ?

I care because kids all around the world are getting bullied and no one wants to help out.

Alexia, 15, New Jersey

When I was in second grade, I was bullied so much I never wanted to go to school. Whenever the bell rang for recess, I would beg my teacher to stay inside and make up an excuse so I could. But now I'm in 7th grade and all my problems are over. But there are still mant people who still get bullied everyday. My brother was bullied by his best friends during the winter. They threw ice balls at him, kicked him, and beat him 'til he cried. It was happening for at least a month until I went over to his house and told him to stop. But the next day he did it, so I went over to him and punched him in the face. I know I shouldn't have done that, but I just couldn't take it any more. He's doing fine now and they are still best friends. But bullying is not a cool thing and it should be stopped. Love you FJH <3

Annie, 12, Farmington, Utah

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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