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I Care Because

I have been a bully. I bullied a girl on the school bus after school every day in 6th grade because that was my way of dealing with problems at home, and just a few weeks ago, i saw her facebook status, saying how she wanted to kill herself. and i felt awful knowing that i was one of the causes of her considering suicide. if she actually went through with it, i don't think i could've lived with myself. i felt disgusted that i didn't have the respect to not put her down and tease her all the time. so i messaged her and apologized for everything i've done. we're now friends. she didn't commit suicide and i am so thankful for that. but it's sad how someone killing themselves is what it takes to open the bully's eyes on how serious this can be. if you're being bullied, there is hope. you're perfect just the way you are and there's no excuse for anyone to bully you in any way.

Tabitha, 15, Ohio

everyday for three years i was bullied 
and now when i see little kids being 
bullied it pisses me off. i was mainly
 bullied because i was fat short and 
sensitive. but now when i see an other 
person getting bullied i speak up. because 
i dont want to see another person get hurt 
like i did so thats why i support the anti-bullying

john, 19, Sinton, Tx

My little sister is being tormented by boys and girls the same as her and older(!). We're doing everything we can to make it stop, but they keep bullying her. It's been happening for years. Now she's scared to go to school and to youth clubs. I'm scared incase she wants to commit suicide. I don't want to lose her. She hardly had any friends, and she comes home crying every night. I need to know how to help her. I'm scared for her.

Abi, 15, UK

I'm 15 years old and I get bullied on a dairly basses. It sucks. Every time I come home I cry my eyes out. And my school is not doing any thing to help. I have told them so many times. And i'm starting to stand up and my family and I will be making a website about bulling and cyberbulling. 

Kayla, 15, Ohio

when i was in 4th grade i got bullied.
it was the worst year ever i didnt understand and till this day i dont 
know why they didnt like me i came home crying everyday trying to forget everything theyve said or done and i was to afraid to get a teachers help so this lasted for a while.


carey, 12, laveen az

stand up to the person show ur true colors tand tell how u feel.

dezmond , 14, rochetster

I care becuase i am bullied all the time. I get picked cause of how i dress, the style of music i like, just for being me. People hate emos for some reason , but that is who i am. People don't need to try to change me. I get picked on by my peers and by my family members. I know how it feels. That is why i care

joshua, 13, Pa, USE

I care because I've been hurt, and I know what it feels like to be hurt - not good. I absolutely abhor mistreating people and it frustrates me when people crush each other's morale without remorse. How could you? People forget that it's not about who's the prettiest or who's the funniest because being pretty and funny doesn't change the world for the better. Being considerate of others does. Understand that if you don't build the others around you up, how could you expect to climb any higher yourself? I care because I understand that no one should ask me to. I care because I want us ALL to grow as people, as a nation, and as neighbors on this Earth, for the better.

Kanisha, 16, AL

I've been bullied my whole life and at this age I'm just coming into loving how and who I am .i just have hope for everyday and do any little thing that makes me smile.your all beautiful and amazing don't let anyone tell you different.

Drea, 23, Wellington Florida

I was peviously bullied last year and eventually I had to switch schools. School is hard enough without other kids making it harder to cope. That is why I hate seeing people being bullied and I always stick up for the person in anyway I can because bullies don't bullly anyone if their in group. Demi lovato is an inspiration for me because i'm a musician also and I have one thing left to say I want the bullying in our schools to stop.

Sinead, 14, ID

I was bullied in school and no one did anything to stop it. 

Nicole, 38, MI

i feel hopeless 
the sneers
the glares 
keep strong i say
i go to my friends 
they turn away i ask why
they turn back 
only to say 
go away 
i sit down
only to be tourmented
they laugh at me
nothing works 
all  hope is lost

*******, 12, london

we are trying to stop bullying in our school. We just had an assembly on Bullying.  We are serious about thinking about what might happen before we say or do anything mean to each other.  We plan to keep meeting once a week to learn more about what bullying really is. We also want to check in with each other to see how much bullying is decreasing in our school. It would be great if we could have a small group of students who can talk to someone who is bullying someone else - maybe that could help.  The teachers would support the group, but it would really be Teens talking to Teens to find solutions.The kids who are the bullies could have had something bad happen to them so they're acting out - but really they might need to talk to a peer that cares.

Alaska History Class, 15, Hydaburg, Alaska

Well, being one who has personally experienced bullying, I think this is an outstanding program. I support it 300%! Many kids don't know or begin to comprehend what damage even a word can cause to a person. Words DO hurt, as well as actions, and many teens commit suicide due to bullying and harassment, which breaks my heart. I'm just glad to be a part of something against bullying. I will continue to fight against bullying the best I can.  It hurts to know someone would really do the best they can to tear someone down. I went through people accusing and calling me anorexic because I'm just skinny.....and making fun of me. Words can hurt, and it led me to pain. Just remember to talk to someone that can help and never give up hope to end bullying. And trust me, don't fight back or get "revenge," that will only make things worse.

Jerrica, 14, Tennessee

My son and Daughter were involved in a bullying situation at school last week. My kids are fine and the school handled it very well and I'm happy that the school has handled it in the way that they have. My daughter was grabbed and pushed to the ground while sticking up for another little girl and my son, while standing up for his sister and the other girl was grabbed from behind and his front tooth (luckily a baby tooth) was punched out after he tried to walk away from the confrontation. I'm so very proud of both of my children for standing up for the other girl and for each other, I'm also proud of my son for trying to walk away instead of using his Karate to fight. They both handled it very well and I'm a proud mother for it. Proudest moment of it all, was the night it all happen, my son said a prayer for the other  boy during dinner asking to help for the boy and make him stop bullying people and to help him not be an angry boy anymore. (I almost cried, I was so proud). 

NA, 40, NA

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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