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I Care Because

I've been bullied by my friends, and i know how it feels like
They used my bad memories as their weapon to attack my heart, i'm being down for months, and i feel like i want to die quickly(suicide)
"You're egoist! You talk bad behind me so i don't have friends! Now i'm gonna give you the payback!" that's what he said to me
I am not talking bad about him, it's his own fault, he's giving us porn video, using bad words everytime, and, punching my best friend, and he's calling his mother to scold me
It is very hurt.

Now i try to fight back, and support my junior that being bullied too

Be strong, it's not your fault, they're just wanting you to be a scum, and they're gonna step on your head
You have my full support if you having the same problem like me
You have me on your back ;)

Nana, 14, Medan, Indonesia

I care because I have depression.I know what it feels like to feel so little, and sad, I wouldn't want anyone feeling this way because some bully wanted to decide how much they're worth. Everyone is unique, and brings something different and new to the table. 

mik, 17,

I have been bullied since 2nd grade and it hurts in 6th grade I have been cyberbullied and I have been getting rude messages and calls. The  bully got in trouble but till this day I still get bullied on I never cut and I'm not planning to. I know they always say things get better but it doesn't seem like it but I know it will get better. The people who are in the same space; hopefully you feel better and things will get better. 

D, 13, PA

Being bullyied is not "part of life". It is something that no one should experience. I know, because I've been bullied too. Luckily, the boy next to me stood up for me. If you see someone being bullied, stand up for them, please. It changed my life and now I am best friends with the boy that sat next to me. Stand up and be brave!

Kylie, 17, United States

I want to stand up for those who are like me. Teen mothers who get called names and go through school with their heads hanging low. The things people hear is not who we are. We are mothers and most are proud to be just that.

Lauren, 18, Indiana

i'm being bullied at school and no ones doing anything about it! ive told my mum, my head of year, headmaster and closest friends. i wish someone understood my pain! i've been slapped, kicked, abused even by family! i didnt committ suicide yet but dont know what to do! everyone hates me and no ones there to help me :(

Megan, 13, LONDON

hi my name is chasity and i just read a story in Seventeen magazine about a girl named Phoebe Prince that was born the year i was a killed her self because of peoples rude comments. And so i read on and saw this web site 
and saw that demi lovato was the spokesperson for teens against bullying and im here to say that i absoulutly agree i was in nineth grade last year and i saw how rude comments can bring down someone ego just because some kids have no heart and dont care. i also saw people pick fight because they just wanted to even tho that person didnt do anything to them. im takeing her story i my opion to my school administrator and see if this virbule and pyscial abuse can be stoped. i never knew i could intill i heard that. my love and care goes out to phoebe princes family!! 

chasity, 16, al

I care because I have been bullied for 1/3 of my life. I understand all forms of bullying, and I wish to help those who need to be helped. If someone had been there for me when I was being bullied, things might have been different, so that's why I'm working hard to help out anybody I can. 

Delaney, 14, IA

Simply enough, ive been to six schools. Every single school, ive been bullied...but someone told me a quote one day. Don't give up now, because things will get better. It might be stormy now but it can't rain forever.

Nevaeh , 15, Missouri

I care because i dont think anyone should be bullied for who they really are.

menawara, 14, egypt

I care because...nobody deserves to be bullied, no matter how differnt someone is whether that's race, religion, sexuality, looks, personality, personal beliefs; everyone deserves the chance to express themselves and not be judged. Bullying is so "popular" right now when all it does it hurt people and cause pain. So take a stand by standing up for yourself and others. Who knows, you could save someone's life. 

Micayla, 15, California

I belive that people bully because it makes them feel better about themselves and to try to fit in with the other kids that think its cool. i think its wrong. i have been through bulling and its not fun. i think that who ever is bulling that they should look in the mirror and think to themselves "Y do i make someone elses life hard?"

Pollianna , 15, Sidney, Michigan

I have been bullied since kindergarden and im now in 9th grade ! Istill get bullied. I have been through everything! Hitting, yelled in my face, pushed in locker, and more! Bullies need to stop and think about wht they are doing. And now im off to school where i will get bullied again

Ashley, 15, MD

ive been bullied in year one and it hurts im sick of acting all strong and hide my feelings and fake a smile im really sick of it, if something happens i blame myself why? cuz im used to it. I got into a fight with one of my friends and then she said that im a stone without feelings, i hid every thing until one day in gym class i shouted at  her till i cried then i told a teacher that i really trust but first so nobody can hear i told her that i cant breathe but then when i went to her office and i told her everything and my friend wrote to me that i cried so everyone can hate her. but words really hurt and then another wise teacher told me that you musnt be afraid to show ur feelings so people can see that you are strong but you also have feelings becarful with their words.

Shaika, 12, qatar

I don't like bullying because when I see someone being bullied I feel real bad for them.  When someone is bullied they get hurt real bad.  I was once the bully and after I bullied him he was crying all day.  Thanks for reading

N.F., 9, Pennsylvania

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