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We Will Generation™

Resources designed to encourage student to student conversation.

Designed for schools and other organizations to leverage resources, at no cost and easily accessible on-line, to encourage students to educate, inspire and support each other to address bullying and create kinder and safer schools.

Ask Carmen

Carmen is a member of the Kids Against Bullying “Club Crew”, and she knows a lot about how to prevent bullying. She gives great advice about bullying to kids around the country.

Read what Carmen said to other kids, and ask her your own question!

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I Care Because

It has happenened to a friend because of a boy. There was the girl everyone wanted to be friends with , that meant more popularity yet more hate yet at the same  time more envy. My friend got into the clique and there after totally ignored me and our friends till one tragic day. A new guy arrived and the cool girl liked him, but instead he liked my friend. The girl found out and started tormenting my friend making her do bad stuff , like polishing her shoes or giving her, her pocket money or lunch box in the name of being a friend. things got out of hand and got out of the group after that people would cal her all sorts of names from whore to ugly to the  most stupid person in school. It really tormented her having that happening everyday for one full term. She almost killed herself over this thats why i care . More and more teens are going to kill themselves over this, and yet the bully does not even think its affecting them at all.

Vanessa, 14, Jo

I have been a constant bullying victim due to my views on gays. My older brother is gay and I proudly sport my rainbow bracelets and have my anti discrimination stickers. I hope to one day shed my title as a victim and become a leader against bullying so please if you see bullying dont just let it happen do something!

Ciera, 17, Port Orford, Oregon

I was bullied with words and I can say it hurts so bad,I think words hurts more than physical violence. Bullism is wrong,bullism is not funny,bullism is something that you will never forget in your life. Bullism hurts so bad. People pick you just because you're different,they start saying you're ugly,you're gay (for guys),you're retarded and other bad things. It's absolutely wrong and stupid.I wish it could stop forever.

Laura, 12, IT

I care because, it hurts i know. It isnt just about getting abused or anythings. Words have alot to do with it. If every school had a teen against bullying program many teens wouldnt be afraid to go to school. Everyday at least 17 teenagers take theirs lives trying to cope with bullying. Bullying with words or actions can cause cutting, burning, over eating, depression, insanity, and death. This is a serious cause that needs to be known.  Whether you like or accept it JUDGING IS BULLYING. Yes sounds crazy right? But it is true, and most people do it. I was bullied since i was 5 years old. it feels awful.  It doesnt solve anything. The only reason people do it is because "it makes them feel better about themselves.  Some teens and kids are to afraid to stand up for themselves and that is why i talk to many of them and confront the people that do it. I had no self-confidence or pride until i was 13 years of age. Ive been working on this act against bullying for two years. And the bullying rate has actually gone up! I used to beat myself up telling myself everyone is right;that i was fat and i was ugly, and i wasnt smart enough to do anything. I knew it wasnt true but i told myself "well hey maybe if i told them they were right they would stop doing it". I was wrong it got worse i started burning myself with hot metal trying to feel some sort of feeling,I realize that was wrong.

Peyton, 15, Tennessee

I was bullyed more than once because of my weight, and I never knew why but as I got older I was getting hurassed and I was so upset that I could go to lunch because I was so scared of the concequences of the boy saying rude things to me and being desturbing.  I was so glad that my friends went to an adult and talked to them about what the person was doing to me.  I never knew that people could be like that.  But my friends were their for me to help me go through it and I didn't have to go through it by myself and I  had a great support system that helped me every step of the way.  I was so scared that I would have to go through it alone but my friends helped me and gave me a shoulder to cry on.  I never new that I could be a target for people to pick on but now I know that bullying is a big thing that is going on in the world.

Melinda, 15, OH

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PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center joins Andrew WK, Moby, and Pharrell to Celebrate ‘Dancing Man’ in Los Angeles

Posted: Wednesday, May 27, 2015

On Saturday, May 23, hundreds of bullying prevention supporters came out to Hollywood’s Avalon nightclub to celebrate Sean O’Brien, an Englishman who became an overnight media sensation and unlikely hero after he was cyberbullied on 4chan for dancing in public.

Bailey Lindgren of PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center joined the likes of Monica Lewinski, Moby, and Pharell in sending messages of support and hope to the audience. The new all-positive social media app Güdly presented a $30,000 check to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center and other nonprofit organizations. Learn more>>>

Posted: Wednesday, May 27, 2015

By Kelly Wallace, CNN
According to the U.S. Department of Education, bullying among students ages 12-18 is at a record low, down from 28 percent to 22 percent. But CNN reporter Kelly Wallace would like to see bullying banished completely.

In this article on, Wallace interviews Susan Swearer and Shelley Hymel, co-authors of the comprehensive review of bullying research (PDF), which was published in a special issue of American Psychologist, the official journal of the American Psychological Association. Swearer and Hymel share 10 interesting facts about bullying that they’ve learned after 40 years of researching the topic. They also share their ideas for reducing bullying among kids. Learn more>>>

Posted: Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New data indicate the first significant decrease in school-based bullying since the federal government began collecting that data in 2005, suggesting that efforts at the federal, state and local levels to prevent bullying may be paying off. According to new data from the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the reported prevalence of bullying among students ages 12 to 18 dropped to 22 percent after remaining stubbornly around 28 percent for the past decade.

"As schools become safer, students are better able to thrive academically and socially," U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said. "The Department, along with our federal partners and others, has been deeply involved in the fight against bullying in our nation's schools. Even though we've come a long way over the past few years in educating the public about the health and educational impacts that bullying can have on students, we still have more work to do to ensure the safety of our nation's children." Learn more>>>

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A CD for young children, and winner of a Grammy for Best Children’s Album, All About Bullies … Big and Small is a collection of music, poetry and storytelling designed to put an interesting and heartfelt twist on bullying prevention, so that young learners can identify with the topic in an age appropriate manner. The artists all generously contributed their time and talents. 100% of the profit proceeds are donated to PACER’s Kids Against Bullying initiatives.