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I Care Because

I definatly know what it is like to be bullied. It is awful, and words cannot describe it. Everyone has suddently turned on you, and you feel worthless, and sometimes people go to the limit and commit suicide. Just yesterday I was cyber bullied on Instagram. Some random kid I don't even know made an account that said, "Kill yourself Drew". At first I was shocked, and I didn't want the same thing to happen to me again. But then all of my freinds stood up for me and told the person to stop. The person kept on insisting that I was fat, ugly, and should just go drink bleach. The person kept on saying that a lot, and I eventually gave into it. I felt worthless, fat, ugly, and just plain awful. That is how I felt in second grade when the boys would call me fat and a piece of junk. Then they would beat me up. No one stood up for me then! Even in second grade I felt like commiting sucicide. My mom was the only person who actually cared since my dad isn't here anymore. She tried to tell the principle and even HE didn't do anythiing about it!! My mom and I were shocked so I eventually changed schools. Since then no one has beat me or called me fat or ugly till yesterday. BUT I am not going to let it get to me. That person can say all of that stuff, but it is just going to make me stronger. always remember that

Drew, 12, California

I care because no body should be bullyed

Rogelio, 10, irving TX

My freshman year of highschool i was bullied. And the sad thing was it was by my so called "friends". I never figured out why to this day they decided to turn on me all of a sudden,but the girl who lead it all was my best friend since we were little. They began ditching me,taking my seat at the lunch table so i had to sit alone,and talking badly about me to people who would then tell me. So i would ask them and they'd deny it and act fake to me. then homecoming night came, and we had a huge sleepover after with the girls and they all ganged up on me when i went to sleep throwing pillows at me and making fun of me until i finally ran upstairs crying and called my brother to come get me. Some of them came upstairs and started whispering about me cause i was crying. But once i left,i left for good. I didn't hangout with them again. It was really hard since i had to make all new friends and barely had any at school. but i overcame it and now im stronger then all of them and trust me,karma did hit them

Ashley, 17, va

I don't like seeing people bullying someone, it makes them shy and insecure with themselves, and as they grow older, they prefer to be alone rather than making new friends.

Andrea, 20, PH

no one should have to hate going to school.

Ciara, 21, Pittsburgh Pa

I get bullied. It's painful to know that other students at school are only focusing on my flaws. Sometimes I even end up hating going to school because I start thinking something terrible is going to happen to me.

jenna, 13, IL

I care because, nobody deserves to have their life ruined in front of their eyes and the more they are bullied the more they lose themselves and those standing beside them miss the person they were before. I've read a lot about bullying and it's awful and sometimes I want to scream or cry for the person in the book. Those whom are bullied don't forget, you can always stop bullying, you don't always have to be pushed around. Just start by telling somebody and saying "Stop, enough is enough."

E, 12, Canada

I've been going through alot i just wish someone could help me i've been teased picked on and made fun of i've been keeping this a secret for a long time and i still am i tried to commit susicide 2 times but cutting my self but it didn't work i've been really depressed about my self whenever PE starts you got to dress in the locker room whenever i had to dress out they would tease me of how my body look's i just wanted to share my story so here it is i lost hope and courage and have very low self esteem due to the harrasment.

Atil, 14, Florida

A few years ago I was bullied and i know how it feels. NO one should be bullied. if you are bullied don't let it hurt you and go tell an adult like your teacher or your parents and remeber they know you aare the better person


No one deserves to be bullied. It is just not right and fair. I had a friend who was bullied and i came to help and stopped it. When you see someone being bullied please tell an adult or try to stop it yourself.     

Bob, 19, North Carolina

I care because when my son was battered on the school bus the school didn't do anything about it till I stood up.   I care because some times the people who should, don't.

Anne, 47, Cascade, ID

I never really goten cyberbullied, but i've gotten bullied. I want to help prevent bullying and cyber bullying because i know that it hurts a lot of people and some people even commit suicide because of that. Some even start to hurt themselves. At school, we're making a project and you have to choose something you want to prevent and i chose this. I'm making a powerpoint and i will present it later this week. I'm also making a poem about it and many other stuff. I want to help stop it. 

Julieta, 12, TX

I have not all ways been bullyed but when I was I felt so alone that I coudn't do anything to stop it. They wouldn't stop no matter what I did so I care about bulling because people need to know how we feel about being bullyed. Being bullyed is a serious thing you shouldn't be pushed around by people just Because they are bigger or because they think they are supeier. Sometimes adults may not take us seriously our not get us don't let that take you down you are worth it. the bullys at my school are bent on making my life as miserable as they possibley can it seems. I just want to punch them until they know half the pain I know. But I resrain myself and relax I act as if nothing had happend it has been happening ever since the first day of school. these bullys got me suspended for somthing I said yes it hurts to be bullyed but tell a trusted adult who will actually take action in Michigan they do have anti bullying measures but they are not heavily enforced. 

Mason, 13, Michigan

I was bullied in Elementary, Junior and High School. I am in college now and it still happens. If we don't stop it with the younger generations it will keep happening. I've been blessed with a great mother to help me through it and keep my esteem up but a lot of people don't have that. 

Eli, 22, Wa

I am bullied in school and because of it, I got Depression.  Every time that I feel left out or people talking behind my backs I feel alone.  I think that I am the only one who is going through with it.  But I figured out that I am not the only one.  But I am making the best of everyday that I can.  If I can help someone else, it would be one less person to a safer schools.

Kayla, 17, Pennsylvania

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