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I Care Because

I was bullied in 8th & 9th grade. I was taken out of school for it to stop. Teachers, principals, deans, ect. Did not help me when I needed it. I wasn't able to finish High school because of this growing problem. I got my GED, & now some of my siblings are faceing this ordeal. We need to band together & put a stop to this once & for all!!!! I tweeted to help spread the awareness.

Sheila, 21, Nv

i used to bully but now i feel sorry for everyone i picked on and hope they forgive me.

april, 12, LA

i think its mean it makes kids feel like they can knock down their dream

Amy, 12, ireland

I care because I'm going through it too, like thousands of others are around the United States, and I'm a firm believer in putting an end to it.  People need to get through their heads that bullying and harassing is WRONG.  You can ruin someone's life for absolutely no reason; the sarcasm, the name calling, the hurtful comments, the rumors and lies, they can all lead to drastic consequences, in some cases, some kids who are being bullied will choose suicide, a perminant solution to a temperary problem.  I never realized that I could be so depressed just because of a few mistakes i've made.  People take situations and make them into a bigger deal than they need to be, and half the time they'll add to the story and it won't even be true.  Same with rumors; they'll make up a complete lie about you that isn't even true, or something about you that you never even did, or never even happened. People are cruel nowadays.  I believe we can all get along, and put an end to this huge problem around the country, but it takes everyone's effort, not just a few.  It needs to stop guys, EVERYONE deserves to have a friend, and NO ONE deserves to be bullied. Everyone is beautiful, or handsome in their own way. <3

Jade, 15, Michigan

I've been bullied for many years and my friends have been bullied, I'm still bullied ;I've been called names that have hurt me a lot. I've been able to get through it thanks to my friends sticking up for me and telling me those people were wrong. I've been judged because of my looks and its not right   ,and whats worse is they think my pain is funny. I've been outcasted by a lot of the people in my school, I know what it feels like to be hurt and I hate it when I see it happpening to somebody else and I hate it more when I see somebody I care about geting bullied. Some one found out my phone number and bullied me by prank calls,and fake apologies. I was pushed to far once and almost hurt somebody luckly for "them" I had enough to self control to stop myself. I just want to see it stop, I don't wanna grow up and see my children get bullied like I was.

Rachel, 14, Oklahoma

I want to stand up for those who are like me. Teen mothers who get called names and go through school with their heads hanging low. The things people hear is not who we are. We are mothers and most are proud to be just that.

Lauren, 18, Indiana

I have younger brothers and sisters and I want them to be happy when they go to school and confident about themselves. I have not personally not been too harshly bullied. When I was, I was strong enough to stand up for myself, though it did really hurt on the inside. My brother has a social issue and he has a hard time communicating with people. He has been bullied and it has hurt me so much to know that. I want people to know the effects of bullying and how it can really hurt someone. 

Marie, 14, America

I care about bullying becuase i was once bullied. I will tell you, it's not fun. Beautiful kids are put down everyday. Remeber, there are over 4 billion people in this world, and dont let one of them hurt you. 

Erika, 13, Minnestoa

I'm still being bullyed and I jest icnor it so walk away if they still do it get a mom or dad or a adult or any teacher step up stop bullying.

Michael, 11, Minnesota

i know how this feels to be bullied in class it hurts!!!
and words hurt as well and it's never OK.
i also started cutting myself but then i realized that cutting doesn't  sove the problem so don't cut yourself!!
and now i wan't to help the others and i really want to put an end to it 
and for the ones who bully thats not cool!!!!!!!!

crush-40, 13, luxembourg

"I was bullied from the first to the sixth grade, then I moved schools. It really hurts when the bullys tell you mean stuff. It made me want to kill myself. I cut myself all the time because i can still hear what theyre saying. Sometimes I'll have flashbaks of them slapping me to the point where I got frustrated and cried. I know how it feels to be bullied. I still cut myself but I'm trying to get help,i just dont know how to ask. I have suicidal thoughts too. I hide my body by wearing long clothes,even in the heat. Please stop bullying,in a way it saves lifes if you dont bully."

Marie, 14, ca

I have seen many people be bullied, I have never been bullied, but I try to stand up for the kids who have. Ive fought kids just to get them to stop bullying other kids. I feel bad for the kids that get bullied. i guess im kinda in a group of friends, but i still ahng out and be friends with everybody. If run in to me youll probably see me in a kinda country/rebel crowd, but im friends with any one who would be friends with me.

jojo, 13, North Georgia

I have been bullied before. It's definatly not something that you can get over easily, and not many people understand that. For my elementary school carrer, I went to a public school in my town. I was bullied a lot there, but I didnt tell my parents because I didnt think they would have understood. In sixth grade, I started going to a private school. I was so happy because i thought there would be a lot less bullying, but I was wrong. One day I found a  very mean-spirited note in my locker. I had to spend my whole day in the dean of student's office... I wasnt allowed to talk to any of my friends. I dont want anyone to get hurt anymore, it doesnt make any sense to me of why anyone would even think about doing anything like this, knowing thst bullying takes away peoples lives. Its time for us to make a difference in our community. We need to start now.

Kelly, 11, ME

I care because, I've seen students being bullied. The students balling up inside and having no one to turn to, its a terrible thing. When I were to see someone being bullied I'd help the one becoming bullied. It's not right, nobody deserves to become bullied. If we don't help the ones who are being bullied then were just as bad as the one who is doing the bullying. STOP BULLYING!

Cassandra, 19, Indiana

I care because I witnessed my best friend being bullied and it ended up involving the cops because these bullies tried to beat up my friend and I 
was the one who stepped in, I tried to stop this from happening to more innocent kids because I care. THIS HAS TO STOP!!!
Good luck out there guys, I hope this ends before it goes too far.

Tyler, 13, MN

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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