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I Care Because

no one should feel worthless. Hearing Jamey Rodemeyer's story really touched me. No one should have to deal with cutting words about their race, gender, sexuality, religion, or appearance. We often don't realize how our words and actions impact others.

A.J., 17, Arizona

I have been made fun of because of my weight for as long as i can remember. People would tell me to gag myself. I would sit alone at the lunch table, as people called me fat. I never felt pretty, i never felt wanted. I wanted to die. I was called every name imaginable. I thought it would go away in high school, but it didnt. these 3 boys in my class called me fat and tortured me by calling me Rose O'donnel. They would laugh and i would pretend i didnt hear, but as soon as id go home i would cry, and think of what it would be like if i commited suicide. but im starting to realize, that im beautiful. suicide hasnt crossed my mind in months. i am beautiful. But im not the only person who goes through this. Bullying needs to be stopped! We need to take a stand against bullying!

Sarah, 14, california

I care because one of my friend who is a girl get bullied all day in school and doesn't do anything. She doesn't talk to her parents, she has no friends besides me, and has nothing else to do besides cutting her self. All i want for her is to be happy with her life, not being judge by the way she looks and the way she dresses. I don't want her life to end right then and there. I want her life to end happily, not ending her life short just from a person calling her ugly or she should go kill her self just for being "Different"

Kody, 15, Park City,UT


allison maio, 10, ma

i d'ont care, i just want to be dead
i cant lif enimore with it

emma, 13, belgium

I was once a victim to bullying and I want to make sure no one goes through all the pain I've been through. I want to help make kids feel safe at their school.

julia, 12, kokomo

I think Bullying is wrong, I am Miss Central Texas PreTeen and my Platform is " Taking A Stand Against Bullying" I am speaking to kids at my school, Churches, and anyone that will listen By taking a stand 
I will tell Teachers, Parents, and Adult when ever i see Someone getting Bullied.I had a friend who was teased daily until her mom took her out and she was Home schooled that is why i care it is a ugly crime, and it needs to stop.

Isis Mitchell, 10, Texas/ Austin

I care because I hate seeing someone receiving hate and being hurt. I know how it feels to be bullied and be hurt and it's tough. No one deserves to be treated that way. There are so many people killing themselves because they've been bullied. Bullying needs to stop! To all the people being bullied, I'm here for you, please hold on.

Danielle Ross, 16, Philippines

I have bullied many times. I have been yelled at, shouted at, even excluded from groups. It feels very very bad. That is why I care. Everybody should care too. If you don't care try caring. 

Rupoyu, 11, Roswell, Georgia

i know how hard it is to be bullied and have to face the same people day after day. I know how hard it is to have to start over completely. But i also care because i know it gets better, however hard that might be to accept at the time.

Aria, 16, Cyprus

I see physical abuse happening to a girl in my class from another girl in my class......AND I GO TO A CATHOLIC SCHOOL!It's really gotten out of hand!We had gym and my gym teacher had a few kids at a time doing pushups while the other kids played basketball and jumped rope.I was talking to a few of my friends then I turn  around to see the girl being pelted with basketballs and the girl bullying her kicking her on the ground.It was so bad that the girl couldn't get up so she tried to roll away.I've tried to tell my principal and teacher about that but some kids made them think that we were talking about rebounds in basketball.The girl who's being bullyed writes on her hand and my friend told me that she draws pretend people on her hand.I'm goig to request her to the school guidence counselor if I see her writng on herself.I feel so bad for this girl.There has to be something I can do before the school year ends and we all go to different schools since mine is closing down.WE HAVE TO PUT AN END TO BULLYING!

Mecca, 12, NY

When I went into middle school there was a boy who everyone just "decided" to pick on. He would always sit alone at lunch and never once had a friend to call his own. But I never said a word. I was too scared to lose my friends... I was too selfish to help someone in need. A few years later I remembered how many times this boy had tried to talk to me... it made me cry thinking of how alone he must of felt like. Never again will I EVER let anyone decide who is " worthy" enough to be happy and have friends. And I want others to learn from my mistake. When you see someone down on the ground, have the courage to be the hand that picks them up.

Angela, 16, Des Moines IA

"I'm constantly being picked on by people because of my past and the people I hang out with. I haven't had the courage to stand up formyself so I'm lucky I have friends to stand up for me. If you know someone who is being bullied, you should help them because it's a scary situation to be in and you don't know what it is like to be bullied."

Kenny, 15, NJ

I have been bullied throughout my life. I also had to watch my twin sister get bullied but as that bully started to make her cry i walked right up to them and told them that what they were doing was not okay and that any pain that they are suffering is not going to go away bu inflicting pain on others. That was 2 years ago, that partictular bully came up to me today after not speaking to me for 2 years and not seeing me for one she came up to me shook my hand and thanked me. She said that thanks to me shec onfronted her problems and stopped bullying others. So to all of the people out there that wittness people being bullied, speak up because you could save someone years of tournament by just sticking up for what you believe in. 

Ruth, 15, Auckland,New Zealand

Ive been bullyed most of my life . I was sad and mad and dident know what to do . I felt Lonely and with no bosy to talk to . 

Luis Bamf izzy , 14, EL paso \ Texas

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