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I Care Because

I care because I've been bullied before. I let it go on for weeks before I said something. But once i stood up, the two bullies stopped making fun of me and everyone else. It only takes one person to make a big change.

Keylie, 10, Barrie

A couple years ago at camp my tent mates and I were discussing our bad experiances with bullying when one of my friends started crying. After we calmed her down she told us that in elementry she was very depressed because of something going on in her familly. She was so angry and scared she decided to join a bully group. Her frist subject was some girl she didnt know. She was mean and heartless like smacking a pillow against a wall over and over. She actually felt a little better until it was time to go inside and she saw the girl crying all alone. Insantly all good feelings were gone. She ran over to comfort the girl soon crying more than her. The two are now friends but my friend is tourmented every day for how cruel she was. Though I had a few bullies as well I now feel kid of bad for them what were they going through that made them so mean? And why was I  mean back?

Emma, 14, utah

i've been bullied not really bad though and i've like always had the corage to stand up for myself so evenaully people knew i want afraid they still try but i have a lot of self confidence and im like yep totally and they can never get me to break

kristin, 12, WA

Just because I'm a Senior in High School doesn't mean I don't get bullied. Some people in our society over look that, and think very little of it. However, my community think it's a huge issue, and may I add, being bullied was the worse thing to ever happen to me. I didn't let it take me down though like most people would expect. What did I do to pull through this dark time in my life? I wrote a poem (in my Junior Year), that was later on seen on a local News in my community. Ever since then, I've been my school's Anti-Bullying Spokesperson and I work with my Superintendent. All-in-all just remember, there's people out there who care, and when you feel alone, just write or do a hobby that makes you feel 'on top of the world' and just remember YOU ARE AMAZING and a GOOD PERSON.

Kari, 17, New York

Bullying is a life disrupting event and a very abusive situation for those who suffer.

Sherise, 44, MN

i was bullied for 2 years, but then i stood up to the person. and man to i feel good!!

Dala, 11, ME

i want bullying t stop because i was bullyied and people called me worthless and that i was nothing and that nobody likes me... it hurt...really bad i never want anyone ever to go through what i did

Lydia, 10, seattle,WA

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