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I Care Because

I was bullied all through primary... I had my own hate club..and I felt really bad to have people agianst me! now I'm in high school and this girl is trying to Bully my best friend and I because of our culture and because we're always smiling! I think bullying is happening all over the world and it;s not right we need to stop this!!

Allysa, 15, Bz

Bullying is not right to people because some people have things going on in life.

TKira, 13, Rayville , Louisiana

Kids used to bully me when I was young. They used to say I wasnt pretty or I was to fat. Girls used to make fun of my hair, becuase I have natural curls they said I had a wig. Then I learned they were just jealous because they didnt have what I have. Dont let anyone take away your joy, keep your head up everything gets better.  

Isaliz, 17, Chicago, illnois

I care because NO ONE deserves to be put down by other friend has been bullied so much and he thinks that people dont even want him in this world anymore. Now how cruel is that. I am sick of people treating other people like dirt. He is a wonderful person that i would not like to lose in my life. <3 

Lexei, 13, Missouri

I was bullied threw my high school years I was not very popular I had very few friends and I was shy. I cut and still cut as a result of it and I'm 20..:/ I think this is a great site  just want the bullying to stop in schools. 

Kathryn, 20, MA

i care becuase i had to get homeschooled because of bullying people calling me name's spread the word stop bullying :) 

Jessica, 18, Dillonvale OHio

I belive that people bully because it makes them feel better about themselves and to try to fit in with the other kids that think its cool. i think its wrong. i have been through bulling and its not fun. i think that who ever is bulling that they should look in the mirror and think to themselves "Y do i make someone elses life hard?"

Pollianna , 15, Sidney, Michigan

I have been a victim of bullying since I was a child.  I didn't have friends until I was in about grade 8 because I was the 'smart kid' or the 'outcast' or the 'loser' and no one wanted to associate themselves with me. All I needed for so long was a friend.  Having no friends made me become a better person because now I am kind to everyone and a friend to anyone who looks like they might need one.  I care because I don't want anyone to have to go through the name calling or the bullying I had. Although it was not physical (other than getting food/balls thrown at me)verbal bullying hurts so much.  NEVER feel like you are less of who you are because of someone else's insecurities about themselves.  You are special no matter what you think-and in the end, you're the one they'll be wishing they treated better-because you are SO much better then that! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger-so although bullying is a less than pleasurable experience, take it for what it's worth and be the best person you can be! Dream big and never give up-because someday you'll get there... it'll get better, and as much as that sounds ridiculous sometimes, it always does :)

Emily Brown, 15, Ottawa, Ontario

There was an unpopular girl at my school n she was bullied all the time, so one day i stood up for her and done something about i gave her a friend. You dont have to use violence or even tell someone about it, i just gave her a friend and found out that she is a really nice girl.

George, 15, UK

"I am a high school Vice Principal and I want children to know that we care and will listen and more importantly do everything in our power to protect each and every student. Please communicate with your parents, teachers, counselors and/our administrators. Let us know as soon as you are bullied or if you witness bullying. You are not tattling or ratting. Understand that the school and your parents have resources to help by stopping the bullying and helping you develop confidence and coping skills. We can contract the police if we need to. We can suspend the bully and require counseling for them. If someone threatens or bullies you through social networking. Print them out and give them to your parents and school administrators. If you can't, take a screen shot or keep it and show an adult. Please block these people or better yet, cancel your accounts. Give your parents access to your accounts so they can monitor. We truly care and will do our best to protect you but we need your help. Parents do not accept"boys will be boys". Bullying needs to be rejected by all and has to be seen as abnormal and unacceptable behavior. The people that have the most power to stop bullying are the witnesses and bystanders. "

Don, 45, PA, USA

because i seen alot of people been sad

jonathan, 9, irving,tx

I am bullied and it hurts because your bullie makes you feel bab about youself. I think bulling dosen't just hurt you ,it hurts the bullie as well.
* : D

riley, 10, ga

nobody should get bullied. If one of your friends is a bully tell them to please stop bullying for the sake of our youth.

Hunter, 11, Illinois

Just because I'm a Senior in High School doesn't mean I don't get bullied. Some people in our society over look that, and think very little of it. However, my community think it's a huge issue, and may I add, being bullied was the worse thing to ever happen to me. I didn't let it take me down though like most people would expect. What did I do to pull through this dark time in my life? I wrote a poem (in my Junior Year), that was later on seen on a local News in my community. Ever since then, I've been my school's Anti-Bullying Spokesperson and I work with my Superintendent. All-in-all just remember, there's people out there who care, and when you feel alone, just write or do a hobby that makes you feel 'on top of the world' and just remember YOU ARE AMAZING and a GOOD PERSON.

Kari, 17, New York

i deal with bullying too. i have dyslexia and dyscalculia (dyslexia with numbers) and i studder when i read. im scared to death of reading aloud in class. i know people talk about it behind my back but not everyone knows about my disorders so they dont know what they are making fun of. im supporting pacer because bullying not only hurts me but so many others as well and we are all hurting. bullying needs to stop. if u know someone who is bullied try to help, even if helping means just listening to them or sticking up for them. it helps to have someone there. my love goes to everyone in the world who is bullied. i pray that one day we will be free.

Sarah, 15, Missouri

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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