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I Care Because

I always been bullied since I was a kid.I'm still been bullied even I'm 16,I have no friends...I'm alone..I always hurts physically and emotionally..I hope there were "the international organization" that could bring me to anti bullying meeting
...but at the same time I want (bullying things about me) to be keep as a secret...james not my real name by the way
..I'm not living in uk

james, 16, uk

I care because, it hurts i know. It isnt just about getting abused or anythings. Words have alot to do with it. If every school had a teen against bullying program many teens wouldnt be afraid to go to school. Everyday at least 17 teenagers take theirs lives trying to cope with bullying. Bullying with words or actions can cause cutting, burning, over eating, depression, insanity, and death. This is a serious cause that needs to be known.  Whether you like or accept it JUDGING IS BULLYING. Yes sounds crazy right? But it is true, and most people do it. I was bullied since i was 5 years old. it feels awful.  It doesnt solve anything. The only reason people do it is because "it makes them feel better about themselves.  Some teens and kids are to afraid to stand up for themselves and that is why i talk to many of them and confront the people that do it. I had no self-confidence or pride until i was 13 years of age. Ive been working on this act against bullying for two years. And the bullying rate has actually gone up! I used to beat myself up telling myself everyone is right;that i was fat and i was ugly, and i wasnt smart enough to do anything. I knew it wasnt true but i told myself "well hey maybe if i told them they were right they would stop doing it". I was wrong it got worse i started burning myself with hot metal trying to feel some sort of feeling,I realize that was wrong.

Peyton, 15, Tennessee

I was bullied and it was a seriosu case to me . I cried and refuse to go to school cause they will make fun of me . I used to bullied people in elementry school , and it didn't felt good . Actually i felt bad . Now that i was being bullied , i realize that how much pain i cause to the people i hurt . This site change me , to a way better person . Demi Lovato' is truly a great role model .

Farra, 14, MA

Bullying is a nationwide problem that needs to be stopped!  No one needs to be bullied because they are different.  Everyone is different in their own way.

Dalton, 12, North Georgia

When I was in the 4th grade I used to get bullied, and the reason why I think that Bully's bully other kids is because they used to get bullied themselves and the only way to make them feel better is to bully somebody else. STOP BULLYING!!!!!!!

Skyla, 12, Kipp Dc: Will

I was taken from my real mother when I was about four years old, and placed in DCF cutsody; fostercare. Because of being so young yet still having that attachment to her, I was a very confused child, and often hard to deal with, causing me to move from home to home.  I moved about 24 times between the ages of 5 and 9, and moving so much caused me to always have to start over and make new friends, leading me to be shy and insecure.  Growing up with so many people I adapted different personalities, and though I was a bubbly, innoocent, loving, and gentle spirited girl, I was picked on for being weird, shy, and not acting according to the complexion of my skin.  I was teased and picked on my entire life, leading me to be depressed, and that lead me to hating myself and cutting myself.  With help, I made it through, although there were lots of horrible situations that took place, however, I made it through and am now in college, ready to complete a Persuasive Speech Against Bullying. nI hope to encourage the young adults in my class to also help use this site to take action against bullying.

LaSylvia, 18, Brockton Massachusetts

im sick of beying the one they laugh at all the time they make jokes that arent even funny they are just stupid and people alwse turn me down alwase .

shelby, 14, fl palatka

at my school if you live in a trailer or if you are over a 1oo pounds then you are bullied. And i am both . i am lucky because i have friends and i get good grades but it would be nice to not have to stand on the side of the hall so i wont get knocked down and it would be nice if people wouldnt call me fat or ugly.. I want bullying to stop because the people who get bullied, are the ones who are always scared and are the ones who get brake downs  i wish they realized how cruel and or idiotic they seem to us.

danielle, 12, tx

My sistter who is in 7th got me to write about my age kids billying  me calling names
2.phisical bulling.


COLE , 8, MN

i was bullied for 3 years it was cyber and at school. It was terrible i am still very self concious about myself. I felt so alone because all of my friends turned on me so i was vulnerable. Demi lovato has inspired me to be a better person and to see light after the storm

daisy, 15, ca

It is simply wrong for others to think they are better than the defeneeless and innocent, i believe something should be done to end this cause that is affecting millions of kids/teens. Bullying in schools and Cyber Bullying is wrong. 

Joe, 16, TX

I care because i was been for several years in school nad am struggling to deal with it to this day. I am bullied because  i was born premature and because of that i am blind in my right eye and have vision in my left eye and beacause i like school and i am a nice person. I hate to see other people go through what i am going through. Bullying can hurt people in serveral ways. i feel bullying can end!

tiana, 15, st.louis

 i  think its horrible when people are bullied we need to stand up speak the truth just dont react and ignore them 

katy, 15, birmingham

I am writting a report on bullying and after reading these coments is making me relize that bullying is a HUGE issue..   Help me prevent bullying!!!! STAND AGAINST BULLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lorena, 13, Texas

Bullying is wrong and i want to stop it all around the world i want the world to be happy and joyful cause everyone wants to be safe and happy 

Teahyla Abernathy, 11, ohio

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