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Choose Orange

Make a choice to prevent bullying through kindness, compassion and positivity
The Choose Orange campaign features bullying prevention-themed snap wrist bands - which you can use to raise awareness and to raise money for PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center and your school.
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I Care Because

I hate bullying..It sucks...For all you bullies out there, have you ever thought how the person you bully/bullied (victom) feels when you bully them, how many times they have been bullied? They are different people. Everyone is different in their own way. They have just about as many rights as you do, even is they have cerebal palsy. 
Sometime bullying leads to sewaside. No one wants that.
Do you? I've been bullied before and i hated it. It makes people feel veeerrryy upset. I know I did.

Breanne, 13, Belleville

i care because, i have been bullied, its not good what so ever, it makes you feel like you are not wanted, but it's best to speak to someone, because i never, i am a young carer in my family, that's why i didn't have many friends because i never really went out, the girls that bullied me where not nice at all, i have now dropped out of school at the age of 14.. and i do regret it because i can't do much in life, and if your getting bullied you need to believe in your self and ask people for help, because there are so many people out there that will sit down an listen, and they will take action:). i am 1000% against bullying:)

Jess, 14, England

I care because I'm going through it too, like thousands of others are around the United States, and I'm a firm believer in putting an end to it.  People need to get through their heads that bullying and harassing is WRONG.  You can ruin someone's life for absolutely no reason; the sarcasm, the name calling, the hurtful comments, the rumors and lies, they can all lead to drastic consequences, in some cases, some kids who are being bullied will choose suicide, a perminant solution to a temperary problem.  I never realized that I could be so depressed just because of a few mistakes i've made.  People take situations and make them into a bigger deal than they need to be, and half the time they'll add to the story and it won't even be true.  Same with rumors; they'll make up a complete lie about you that isn't even true, or something about you that you never even did, or never even happened. People are cruel nowadays.  I believe we can all get along, and put an end to this huge problem around the country, but it takes everyone's effort, not just a few.  It needs to stop guys, EVERYONE deserves to have a friend, and NO ONE deserves to be bullied. Everyone is beautiful, or handsome in their own way. <3

Jade, 15, Michigan

I care because I was bullied for 4 years and i dont want it to ever happen to anyone again. i understand the pain. Everyone should care!!

Sara, 15, Tennessee

bullying is wrong. I know a kid that is bullied every day that kid now cuts her wrist just to release her pain. She has scars everywhere. She is totured day to day and worse yet she is a senior in high school and had to deal with all her life. Bullies everywhere need to be aware of what their bullying causes. They also need to know that they probally have no friends or allies because they torment everyone. So bullies grow up and give the other people a break. Also to the kids bullied I feel for you, I was bullied o. Now my friend goes through it and I help her however I can. So other people help your friends if they are going through bullying. Also if your friend is to scared to stand up for themselves, take up for them it is the best thing you could do. All n all just rememeber that karma comes back and if you bully now you will be bullied before the end.

chelsea, 17, south carolina

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In The News


Posted: Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Music is a powerful force, and this summer teens and young adults across the country have a unique opportunity to turn their personal experience into a musical rallying cry against bullying. PACER is partnering with Galderma Laboratories, L.P., the makers of Epiduo® Gel, for the “Band Together to Banish Bullying” campaign, which encourages individuals who have been affected by bullying, or who want to speak out against it, to share artwork, photos, videos, or brief stories about their bullying experiences. This inspirational content will be used for an original song that will serve as the bullying prevention anthem, to be written, produced and performed by renowned producer Clinton Sparks and hit recording artists The Mowgli’s and Kylie Morgan. Learn more about how to participate.

NEW! PACER’s We Will Generation: Students Leading the Bullying Prevention Movement

Posted: Monday, June 30, 2014

Nearly 60% of bullying situations end when a peer intervenes. This powerful statistic shows the important influence peers can have. Imagine the power of student-to-student engagement in which students are educated, inspired, and supported to take positive action to help their peers.

PACER’s We Will Generation is designed to educate, support, and empower students to create inclusive communities within their schools. Based on a model of peer-to-peer education, the We Will Generation activates older students to educate younger students about bullying and what they can do to prevent it. With everything from short activities to a multi-lesson curriculum, this program has something to help every student, teacher, group, and community get involved to prevent bullying.

This innovative, engaging program acknowledges the social power students already possess and encourages them to use it to help their peers. The most effective bullying prevention will come from students themselves – and PACER’s We Will Generation will ensure that students are educated, inspired, and supported to take action.

Find out more.

Cyberbullying is real — here’s help

Posted: Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Columnist Joe Nathan recently published the article, “Cyberbullying is real — here’s help.” Julie Hertzog, director of the PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center is quoted in the article with advice for parents.

She suggested that in thinking about cyberbullying, parents think about how they prepare youngsters to go to a mall or shopping center. First of all, have a conversation. Don’t just “send them off, whether it’s to the mall or to the cyber world found on a phone or computer.” Secondly, agree on some rules. For example, if there’s a problem, let the parent know. Don’t just keep problems to yourself. And third, “Have an awareness of what your child is doing in the cyber-world.” PACER has many helpful resources including a booklet, “Cyberbullying: What Parents Can Do,” sponsored by Century Link. The booklet is here.

Read the full article online.

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All About Bullies . . . Big And Small

A CD for young children, and winner of a Grammy for Best Children’s Album, All About Bullies … Big and Small is a collection of music, poetry and storytelling designed to put an interesting and heartfelt twist on bullying prevention, so that young learners can identify with the topic in an age appropriate manner. The artists all generously contributed their time and talents. 100% of the profit proceeds are donated to PACER’s Kids Against Bullying initiatives.