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I Care Because

I know what it is like to be bullied. I am being bullied right now. No one should be hurt the way they are now. There is nothing as bad as being bullied. Never give up hope.

Holly, 12, Victoria

I care because I've experienced bullying first hand, and I know how hard it is to speak up. We need to give other teens the confidence and educate them about how important speaking up is. Now, after being bullied I have the confidence to speak up, however I wish I had it years ago. 

Kat, 15, WA

I care because...... I've been bullies since i was in pre-k and I'm still being bullies it hurts so much. I wish that someone would atleast try and help me but noone does.... =..(

Jade, 11, Tioga,LA

There is never an excuse to bully a disabled student.  They have their own gifts to offer the world and have similar talents as would anyone else.  I had a disability and was often called the "r" word and I'd like to see schools stop using that word and have parents explain to their children that the word is hurtful-period.

anonymous, 30, California

It hurts. I was bullied in 5th grade. A boy I never talked to called me horrible names..beast,and,freak,were the most painful. I don't want anybody to end up with an anxiety disorder like I did. It hurt,it hurts,and,the anxiety is overwhelming me. I want nobody to go through that.

Suzy, 14, Florida

I've been bullied all my life, and I know what it feels like. It feels horrible knowing that people don't aprove who you are, and it feels even worse that people don't let you be yourself. I care because I know that I am not the only one going through this...there are thousands of other people who feel like I do. I care because bullying is like taking someones life and tear it into pieces little by little until it is totally destroyed. I care because I don't want my life, neither anyone else's to be destroyed futurely because of this.

Samantha, 16, Monterrey, Mexico

I care because no one cared about me. I care about changing the lives of others, because I wasn't able to change my own. I care because I know what it's like, to want, to need, someone to care. 

Christina , 16, Minnesota

i care because there are millions in pain and are afraid to stand up. They are abuse but no one seems to care until they are close to death.Thank you for giving me a chance to help stop bullying

sana, 13, tx

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