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I Care Because

Bullying is not nice it is something that needs to be stopped! It is not nice

Justin, 14, Arizona

I just wanted to say that some parents do care!  My son was bullied in elementary school, so we switched to a small charter school.  This charter school has no tolerance for bullies, they have assemblies about bullying, and yet he is still bullied.  There are just a few mean kids, wherever you go.  So, I've asked my son to tell me every time he is being bullied.  And every time, I go to the school principal in charge of discipline.  And every time, she takes action.  The situation is slowly getting better for my son.  Please don't give up.  Kept telling as many people as you can that you are being bullied.  

Pamela, 44, Arizona

We care because
- No one deserves to be bullied - Abbey
- No one should be treated like that - Sam
- Kids shouldn't be committing suicide - Cody
- It makes people upset - Jema
- People can't deal with it and keep it to themselves - Rose
- People shouldn't be treated like that - Bobby
- There is no right for anyone to be bullied - Zander
- They have feelings too, pick on someone your own size - Krystal
- No one should be a bystander! - Stella
- If you can't say anything nice, son't say anything at all - Nathan
- Treat people the way you want to be treated - Flynn
- Lots of people are affected by bullying and they shouldn't be - Ariel
- I get affected by it and I don't want anyone else to feel that way - Liliana
- People shouldn't be treated like that - Lukas
- Never fight back, its making it worse - Zayden
- Nobody should get bullied - Matt
- When we get bullied we tell them to stop, we dont like it, turn and walk away and talk to a teacher or parent - Ashlee
- People aren't supposed to be treated like that - Olivia
- My friend was bullied and I told the teacher right away - Annabelle

4D, 10, Shoal Bay NSW, Australia

I care because no body should be bullyed

Rogelio, 10, irving TX

I get bullied for being fat! it hurts alot. I always become so insecure of my self that i almost cry every night. it hurts alot, i can't say that i am enjoying it! i get very embaressed. Almost every day i ask my sister or my mother if i am fat or not! now a days i don't eat that much anymore i actually would get happy if i eat less! i know that i have this whole life in front of me that i really want to move on! and sometimes i bully someone without knowing it, i really don't realise it because of what i've bein thorugh it just feels like im not born to be somebody it feels like im not a person they want me to be i am so sad that i just wanna disapear from this world and jut wnaa cry all day! IT HURTS! and i really want to stop bullying!

Cristine, 11, Philippines and Norway

I care because, it hurts i know. It isnt just about getting abused or anythings. Words have alot to do with it. If every school had a teen against bullying program many teens wouldnt be afraid to go to school. Everyday at least 17 teenagers take theirs lives trying to cope with bullying. Bullying with words or actions can cause cutting, burning, over eating, depression, insanity, and death. This is a serious cause that needs to be known.  Whether you like or accept it JUDGING IS BULLYING. Yes sounds crazy right? But it is true, and most people do it. I was bullied since i was 5 years old. it feels awful.  It doesnt solve anything. The only reason people do it is because "it makes them feel better about themselves.  Some teens and kids are to afraid to stand up for themselves and that is why i talk to many of them and confront the people that do it. I had no self-confidence or pride until i was 13 years of age. Ive been working on this act against bullying for two years. And the bullying rate has actually gone up! I used to beat myself up telling myself everyone is right;that i was fat and i was ugly, and i wasnt smart enough to do anything. I knew it wasnt true but i told myself "well hey maybe if i told them they were right they would stop doing it". I was wrong it got worse i started burning myself with hot metal trying to feel some sort of feeling,I realize that was wrong.

Peyton, 15, Tennessee

I hate people bullying me because I'm always the quiet one and they think I will do what they want me to cause I'm weak and when I get mad I try to bully them back but I know I cant because I'm not that kind of person.

Intan, 11, KL

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