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I Care Because

I know what it's like. I've been bullied since I was in the 4th grade. It has just recently came to an end when I got in high school. It's not nice to be bullied. You feel alone. People say tell an adult, but most of the time the adults doesn't do anything. But when you don't tell nobody and it goes on for years things gets worse than it began. First it starts off with verbal bullying, next is emotional, then  physical, then cyber-bullying. There is so many types of bullying; and neither one of them is good. Bullying is bullying. It hurt people. It destroys lives, families, and friendships. A little piece of advice the people that bully you are more likely going to be family members or people who you thought was your friends. Don't let bullying destroys your life. Every life is precious. 

Shalynda , 16, Alabama

most of my classmates used to bully classmates are making fun of me since in grade school... they also think thet i wass been so choosy in my friends...they say bad things about me. sometimes they are not real in front of me...they laugh at me....i wanted them to change..but i cant.  thank   you for giving such an opportunity like this.

Clarissa, 15, Philippines

I was bullied when I was younger and it affected me a lot. I'm scared for life. Anyone being bullied should speak up........ anyone who's being bullied should know that WE DO CARE.

Anna, 13, USA

I care because i know what it is like to be torn apart or scared. But you have to know that, that person is just one and as long as you dont let it get to you, you can live a long happy life. You just need to know that that persons opinion doesnt matter. I have also seen kids that take out all of the hurt and anger on others, but dont stoop down to their level. Create your own level above eveyone else.

Kylie, 12, Oregon

no one really understands how it feeks to be bullied until it happens to them, its not fair on the people that have to go through it no matter who they are, it has to stop, we cannot give the bullies the satisfaction of getting to us and bringing us down

Anum, 14, London

Dont give up on bully if... tell someone everyone will care whether big or small.. little or bigg..

Austin, 13, Sc

i used to be bullied but now im a pro baseball player and every body wants money

tj stears, 18, michigan/batllecreek

I'd like to pretend there is always be someone somewhere willing to help me back up, and that until then we'll have to learn for ourselves. Bullying is now a part of our society, and we'll have to deal with it as best we can. I fool myself into thinking I'm fine, I'll live, and to go on pretending social justice, and equity exists.  

Violet, 15, Tartarus

last year in 6th grade a boy in my math class who I sat next to committed suicide. It was such a tragic event it was so upsetting and felt so unreal. I always knew bullying is such a horrible thing and I never want to see anyone be bullied. It is a wrong choice and no one should chose too. I have been bullied as well I and it's such a  bad feeling. I hope that one day there will be a solution to bullying.

Aimee, 13, IL

i have not been bully before but one of my friends did when i saw that i felt bad for and i talk to the kids that was bullying  her to stop and i said to them treat people the you want people to treat you after that my friend now know how to stand up for her self and other people

cece, 12, naples

I care because my sis and i have both bin bullied and i finaly realized you should speak out and not be afraid because you will feel better than egnoring it. So i do believe that you should speak out even if u are afraid  and or tell your best friend and have them do it.SO Speak out even if u don't whant to it will make a diffrence in your life because i know what it feels like because i have bin through it.

dasha, 14, colorado

I was always getting bullied in and out of school my alot if people. I still am bullied. I'm different from most kids my age and I know this, they hated me because of it. I was called rude names. Cussed at. I still am. I know how it feels, what bullying causes. You can get depressed from it, I am. It can lead to suicide and cutting, hurt. Physical and mental hurtness. It doesn't feel ok. No one should have to go through bullying. Bullying I'd wrong, really wrong. It's bad and stupid. People need to stop bullying cause most bullies don't know what they've done by bullying a person until something that shouldn't ever happen happens. SO STOP BULLYING. 

arianna, 11, ohio

I was the short kid with glasses in superficial, look oriented southern California.  I attended a Christian school from kindergarten to my senior year in high school and learned that it doesn't matter what type of school you receive your edcation from, if you are different, kids will target you!  My experiences still haunt me to this day, mostly they arise when I read or hear a story about soemone killing themselves due to relentless, needless bullying.

I will say that it does get better after high school; so, if you are getting bullied right now, there is hope.  Please, don't do anything drastic!  Those bullies really aren't worth hurting yourself over.  They are just as insecure as you are, believe it or not!  If they don't change their behavior, they will end up losing at life....guaranteed!  So, embrace who you are and your differences!  They are something to be proud of!  If you see a classmate or soemone you don't know in school being bullied, please don't ignore them! Just ignoring them, as so often happens, makes them think they deserve it and they don't! They are hurting and could use someone to talk to.  You could make a huge difference in their lives, you may even save a life!  

Chris, 42, Brooklyn, NY

when i was 6 i was always picked on by boys and girls because of how i talked i wouldnt want anyone else to feel the way i did . still to this day im still scared of what people might think of me... and i'm 13 now! so i know what it feels like. this is why i care! 

taylor, 13, ga

Bullying doesn't affect people physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. It affects his/her whole personhood. Bullying HURTS alot. It may lead a person to be mentally weak and total loss of socialism. LET US FACE EVERYONE WHO TRY TO BULLY US. DON'T BE AFRAID OF YOU ARE.

Lara, 16, Philippines

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