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I Care Because

 I am active in my school with a program called the buddy program. the buddy program at my middle school has the eighth graders helping and mentoring the 5/7th graders. the eighth graders are called the big buddies and the littler kids are called the little buddies. I am so excited for the fall so I can get started. working with them and helping to make my school a better place. For most of the little buddies you are one of their only friends so you need to be there for them. once I herd that you could sign up right now me and 2 of my closest friends said that when we got out of class we were going to the office to sign up. 

maddy, 13, maine

Bullying is wrong. If you bully then nobody will be friends with you.
If your being bullied you should never bully back.

Raymond, 10, Ohio

I dont get bullied now but as a young child i had a neighborhood bully. He would always pick on me because i was little. Now im kind of popular at my school and i notice some of my friends bullying some kids. I want to stop it but i fear that'll happen to me. I know how they must feel because i felt the same way. Defenseless, vulnerable, and scared. I speak out now and i try to defend the person getting bullied. Bullying will never happen when im around!!

Deion, 14, Atlanta,Ga

I have been bullyed before its not funny it hurts and it is rong so dont be a bully and if you see someone bullying tell them not cool and be someone that is being bullyed friend

William R, 9, OHIO

  I'm being bullied right now. It's scary, and it hurts and the thought of bullying is always there in your mind. No matter what you do you can't stop thinking about it. I lost most of my "bestfriends" during the time I was being bullied, but now I know who my real friends are. 
     If you see someone being bullied, SPEAK UP. Bullies cannot bully unless you give them the power to do so. TALK to the victim if you see them being bullied. Invite them to sit with you if they're alone. 
    Nobody deserves to live as a victim. You're worth it.  

Penelope, 14, Toronto

Well, being one who has personally experienced bullying, I think this is an outstanding program. I support it 300%! Many kids don't know or begin to comprehend what damage even a word can cause to a person. Words DO hurt, as well as actions, and many teens commit suicide due to bullying and harassment, which breaks my heart. I'm just glad to be a part of something against bullying. I will continue to fight against bullying the best I can.  It hurts to know someone would really do the best they can to tear someone down. I went through people accusing and calling me anorexic because I'm just skinny.....and making fun of me. Words can hurt, and it led me to pain. Just remember to talk to someone that can help and never give up hope to end bullying. And trust me, don't fight back or get "revenge," that will only make things worse.

Jerrica, 14, Tennessee

people shouldnt always get picked on how they looked like

jzzania, 13, houston,texas

this happens in our country..Many teens are being bullied right now and I know we must do something to stop this..This really hurts. My classmates always bully my other classmates and many problems occur in our school just because of BULLYING. So I want to share this to all the teens or parents who are viewing this website so that they will realize that BULLYING is wrong... I want to thank the creator of this website for creating this and I wish that this will end.. 

Kaye, 11, Philippines

It's not okay to make someone believe that no one cares. It's so wrong to call someone fat and ugly and a waste of space. this isnt okay. It got so bad for me that i didnt want to go to school. the dirty looks and the loneliness is distracting me from doing well in school. And no one does anything about it. That is why i care.

Erin , 14, NARNIA

I was made fun of by a boy in my class and he said that I was fat,ugly,stupid, and weird but I think I'm amazing the way I am so I know what it feels like to get bullied so .... DONT BULLY!!!! TRUST ME IT NOT FUN AT ALL!!!!!

Samantha, 9, nj

I am six. I am in Kindergarten. This boy won't leave me alone. He is mean and choked me so hard it left rings around my neck. I don't want anyone else to get choked in school.

Joseph- written by his mom, 6, Montana

Bullying is not supposed to happen. No one is supposed to be inferior to another by any means. No one knows what happens in your daily life, so why would they judge? I'm going to do an assembly at my school about bullying and hopefully be able to spread the news to other schools in the United States. Words hurt. The end.

Kelsey, 17, Maryland

ive been bullied sinci i was little because im...stranger than the "normal" people,who are really just a bunch of jocks,and cutesie girls.

AJ, 13, nc

its not fair

Michelle, 14, Denver,Colorado

I have been bullied since the 2nd grade, and now being a freshman in highschool, I still am. I care because I was constantly threatened and I was scared to go to school. Eventually, it got to a point to where I didn't want to live anymore, because the teachers and sometimes my parents weren't any help, let alone the friends I DID have. It pains me to be picked on because of silly and unneccesary things like skin color and the fact I have aspergers. 

Kobe, 14, Las Vegas NV

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