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I Care Because

I care because...... I've been bullies since i was in pre-k and I'm still being bullies it hurts so much. I wish that someone would atleast try and help me but noone does.... =..(

Jade, 11, Tioga,LA

I've been bullied and have friends who get bullied. I stick up for anyone getting bully, even if I don't really like them that much. Bullying is just wrong on all levels. No one deserves to be so scared and hurt. Bullies almost never know how much the bullied person hurts from their mean words, social exclusion, gossiping, cyberbulling, or their physical bullying. No one, and I mean absolutely no one, deserves to be bullied. No matter how much you dislike them. Bullies need to realize we are real people, just like them, and we have feelings that DO get HURT by their bullying.

Alicia, 15, Seward, Alaska

I care because I was bullied when I was little but I don't anymore and I just don't like to see others bullied. The people that stand up to bullies of their own or help out other kids by standing up to their bullies are my kind of people. I want to thank a few people that helped me in elementary school when I was being bullied. If I knew them still I would probably be pretty good friends with them. 

Kyle, 15, Michigan

No one should have to feel that they are not worth it or they are not pretty or handsome, they should be able to be themselves without people judging them or making fun of them. When people make jokes they're just like ?oh, it was just a joke, I didn?t really mean it? rightttt NO, we have feelings too? Me, I?m a very serious person, I can?t take a joke, but it HURTS me why can?t they understand that? I feel bad for people who have been cyberbullied or bullied because people just don?t seem to understand that EVERYONE has feelings, just as every other human being in the world. 

Cece, 11, Connecticut

I was bullied from sixth grade to ninth grade until I finally started homeschooling. I never understood why it was me kids liked to pick on. I don't like seeing other people treated the same way. I care because I was once in that position. It's horrible to wake up each day and have to go to school and be around people that laugh at you. It's horrible to think that you have something wrong with you just because kids at school hate you. Some people are just so brutal. It's really messed up how some kids get joy over making others cry. 

Dana, 16, SC

Bullying creates a sense of shame, lack of confidence, and insecurity that never fully goes away. There's no justification, period. One of the major reasons why bullying isn't taken seriously by bullies themselves when being told not to do it is because they play it off as "just joking". Ignoring it doesn't make it go away, it makes it far worse - it helps the real ramifications of bullying fully materialize. Bullying includes cyber bullying, it includes condescension (something teachers do without realizing it), and it especially includes peer pressure. I had friends that were there for me, but that didn't make the pain of being bullied hurt any less. Kids are brutal, they are incapable of fully empathizing and understanding what they are actually doing. This is an issue that is far too overlooked, and assertive action needs to be taken by every parent and every teacher in America.

Noah, 20, New York

I've been bullied when i was 8, people called me " fat ". Words can hurt so bad!  Make a change, stop bullying.

Yousra, 13, Morocco

When I was in elementary school I was bullied, it bothers me how people can get away with hurting someone.Words do hurt and it's time people understand that. No one has the right to tell you your Imperfect and that you need to change. You're perfect just the way you are...Don't let anyone tell you, you need to cahnge to fit in.    

Carolina, 13, FL

 If you have been bullied  or curentley getting bullied.  I know how you feel I have bullied for years. I even got shoved once against  the wall.   The worst was in school ninth grade. The rumor went around people wanting to punch me and kill me.  I told the head Of Speaical ED department of the school,the storie. And I said to her, "what are going to do about it? And told her Iam afairad and I cried to her. The head told me back," first of all don't worrie  till they do something to you, and secound I can't do anything till they phyically hurt you". Is that sad a  head teacher told me, a kid getting bullied, don't worrie, and I can't do anything till they hit. When they punch me in the eye and I can't see, i'll be to late.The head never said,"I care and will take  care of it". Oh after I talked to that head, I still worried about being harmed. If your a teacher, or school staff, we need to tell kids who get  bullied not," don't worrie and I can't do anything,but,"I care for you, I'm doing my best to take care of it"! Because as a teacher you need to care about kids if your working in a school. And  you can do something, as Suspension for threating to hert a kid. Not all teachers are mean. In 6th grade I had a teacher named,"Mr. Linnehan. He
 told the class,"if you get bullied talk to me, I'll be your as a brother"  
 Is your school saying  no to bulling? If not U say no


Keke, 16, MN

I was a bullying victims. Most of people will say that, right? I used to be one when I was in high school. But, now it's the time to not trapped in that ugly phase of life. Let's be and help those who are not just stand, stare and feel that someone deserve to bullied because they deserve it. Let's be one of those who ask "Are You Okay" or "Can I help You?" to another who is potentially being bullied. Just simply asking that, I believe, it's gonna make the others feel more secure because at last someone is care to them. I care because nobody deserve to be bullied because nobody deserves bad things happen in their life. And please don't be those people who wants to be powerful and seems big by making others feel small and inferior

Fadilah, 20, Indonesia

 I'm usually one to get kicked out of crouds, because people think I'm crazy for having fun. It doesn't feel good and even someone close to me always says that he has more friends than me and that I have 3. It hurts. I want to help. I think a petition against bullying, and if the bullies don't stop you know that you have thousands of people supporting you including almost your entire school.

Anina, 11, ON

Many of my friends killed themselves because of the bullying. I am not the same now. That is why I am against this.

Charlie, 13, IL

I stand up to bullies now because when i was younger i was bullied a lot. I got choked and called names. I dont want people to go through the same things as i did.

Sarah, 16, washington

I've been bullied before and it does hurt. My friend thinks she's ugly when she's one of the most beautiful people in the world. Adults have made this stereotype that just because kids are young, they are happy. But, the truth is, kids can feel like they don't belong anywhere. Teachers and principals think that school is a safe place for everyone when it isn't. If you are being bullied, wear that beautiful smile of yours and let everyone know that you're stronger than everyone thinks. You're beautiful and loved by someone. Stay strong and DON'T give up.

Victoria, 11, California

We shouldn't need a reason to care. We all should just out of the kindness of who we are. 

To anyone that has been bullied...
Never give in you're not alone.
In the darkest times there are always people that care no matter what.

Nobody is worthless, 
Keep your head held high,
Stay strong,
And most importantly

Mark Thorne, 19, Plymouth, United Kingdom

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