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I Care Because

My 11 year old sister has been bullied and made fun of because of her weight since she was 8. There are very very mean people in her school that make fun of her because of her weight, and she's not even big. They don't take the time to see her natural beauty, discover her beautiful attitude, or to get to know her before they judge her. Underneath all the tears, there is a girl with a beautiful heart of gold. Bullying needs to stop for little girls like my sister. 

Megan, 14, PA

bullying doesnt affect ONE person. it has a domino effect. everytime someone is bullied, someone else has to suffer. i myself was bullied all through elementary school and middle school. i was teased because of my height, physical appearance and the fact that i was capable but "slower than a turtle" when learning. i never really had friends i could trust and i faked happiness to my family. pretty soon, i got used to the scars of being bullied. but I HATE the feeling of being so helpless; its unbearable. in high schoo, i met this girl two years older than me. she was a great friend adn so happy all the time. no one knew what was really going on. then, she missed school. first, 3 days. then 5. then 10. then two weeks. i never had her number or address so i just sat and worried. she texted me once and i found out that they followed her. they trashed her HOUSE and battered her. they beat her until she was lifeless. it started a while ago but she never showed her pain. she was strong. but it got so bad she had to cut all connections and move CITIES away ..and i never saw her again. being a victim of verbal abuse and witnessing bullying at its peak made me realize, we have to STOP BULLYING BEFORE IT STOPS US.

mary, 15, california

I care because I'm bullied. Everyday. Just because I'm different. They make fun of what I wear, what pets I have,  what music I listen to, what boys I  like,  etc...  and I didnt realize it was considered bullying until i read this site... and now... I know it hurts and i dont want ANYONE to feel this way... so.. thats why i care.. <3 

Melinda, 14, Rhode Island, U.S.A

reading these stories has really tugged at my heart, knowing that regular people like you and I go through bullying everyday is heartbreaking. I remember back in fourth and fifth grade I would get bullied because I was breakable and I didn't know how to respond to hurtful words or mean girls. I take a look back and see how much things have changed for me and how I rarely let things get to me. Don't let small meaningless words get to you, don't let words like that define who you are. You must define yourself, you are your own person. Most importantly you cannot let people treat you lower than you are. They are insecure of themselves and bringing other down builds up their self-esteem. One day you will overcome this, maybe not now but you will. You are on this planet for a reason, you can't let others put you down, its unhealthy. Remember actions speak louder than words. Good luck!

Hannah , 15, PA, United States

A few years ago I was bullied and i know how it feels. NO one should be bullied. if you are bullied don't let it hurt you and go tell an adult like your teacher or your parents and remeber they know you aare the better person


i care because i dont like bullies they should know how to protect them selves from bullies when they are being bullied

michael , 20, new jersy

I care because a lot of people don't even know the half of whats happening and this issue really needs to be brought up more than it is because, the bullying that happens causes over 4,000 deaths a year. I know this is old but the story about the girl who got punched in the face because she didn't like a group called ICP (Insane Clown Posse) and its not like it was another girl either, it was a 15 boy who was on the wrestling team.

Megan, 15, Florida

After reading about Phoebe Prince in Seventeen , I felt so disgusted with people . It seriously made me cry to hear something awful such as this . And the worst part is I can relate to Phoebe . I'm currently pregnant , going into my senior year and I am now judged and bullied by so many people . I go on this site , formspring and people comment and harrass me annonymously and tell me horrible things every single day . I used to cry myself to sleep and I even started cutting and hurting myself . But I have learned to stop all of that thanks to my amazing friends and supportive family . I wish Phoebe was told the things I have been told . I wish I knew her so I could give her a huge hug and tell her everything will be alright , and that their opinions don't matter . My mom tells me all the time that people only do those things simply because they are jealous and I will continue to believe so because it makes me feel so much better . At times I still cry , especially when I am alone . But knowing that I have the support I need gives me enough strength not to do anything stupid or horrible . All my love goes out to Phoebe and her family . I hope they stay strong . -Carleigh , 17 , WA

Carleigh, 17, WA

Im 14 im from Brunei, i have been bullyied by other girls because they a very jelaused about me...Every Monday to Thursday i always go to school and the next day the bullied me they call me a "Grandma" because they so jelaused about my examination..About the month i always get A+ in my examination..... This website "TEENS AGAINTS BULLYING" is very help ful to me...Thank you!!! i hope is worked.... Bullied is hurt  i feel that.... 

I want to be a normal Person,hopefully yes!! No More Bully,Bully is Destroy our Future....I hope so! 

In that day i have bullied but i dont tell my parent because i so scared. And the next day i have to hurry to tell my parents and my parents go to school and ask principal thats my friend dont want to bullied me again... THE END

Billah, 14, Brunei Darussalam

Bullying isn't a aprt of growing up, I hate when people say that because i's not true, I know it may seem like it's the end of the world but it's not! I'm here telling you all that it isnt. I'm living proof telling you that it gets better just stay strong.

Selena, 17, Ohio

this girl that i know always get bullyed by her class and other 6th grade classes (shes in 6th grade) because shes different and every year shes tease and when she gets in middle school i think its going to get worse and my other friend said that there's a girl she knows too that gets bulled and she heard on the news that this girl killed herself because of bulling and i don't want that to happen to those two girls i just want it to stop i told the principal but they still do it i just hate seing her like this the people that are bulling other kids don't realize how hurtful and mean there being so this really gotta stop

chante, 11, il

i have been bullied and called things and there should be people out there to help...

Janet, 13, california

i have always been bullied in school, but i have decided this year, it is going to stop. 

Lia, 15, IR

I was bullied a lot before highschool, by someone who I thought was my friend. I didnt have anyone to stand by me while being teased, I didnt have a friend to comfort me. I use to cut, and I contemplated suicide, and attempted it, twice. After I got out of middle school, I left my bully "friend" behind. I realized how much I would've missed if I committed suicide. I would have never of met my real friends and I would have devestated my parents. I have been through so much teasing, and it hurts me so much to see other people being bullied, especially to the point of feeling theres no way out except to take your own life. That is why I care

Allison, 16, NY

I'm in my second year of middle school, and my life is hard. Yeah my life may not be as bad as some other teenagers out there, but mine is pretty bad. I go to school get laughed at,tortured,and emotionally abused. I come home to my laptop with all hate comments and videos towards me. Then once in a while i'll get prank calls telling me to die. That i'm worthless. But i'm starting to realize i am worth it. I have friends & family that actually care and would miss me if i was gone. I just want to help all you kids who are being bullied and going through the same thing i am. I can help you. Just remember if you were gone someone in this world would miss you. Even if it seems like there is no other choice but to stop living, there is another choice, talk to someone, get help. Bullying hurts, i know i'm really sensitive and words really get to me but ill always know someone in this world will miss me no matter who it is someone will miss me and thats all that matters. Please, remember that there's alot more to live for in life, so don't end yours now 

jess, 13,

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