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I Care Because

My grandson was being bullied and the school never did anything. My daughter moved to another county just to keep my 8 yr old grandson safe. He was being attacked on the school bus also.

Vicky, 47, WI Tomah

I suffer bullying and it is horrible. They cause you to destroy it. Thanks for the initiative. I love you Demi. You are an example of a teenager to me.

allanny, 12, rn

My name is Cheyna, i have been bullied ever since 2nd grade. People always called me fat for over 5 years, then i stopped eating..... And i lost over 73 pounds.... Now im finally at a weight people can stand talking to me, and will actually be my friend. I feel like sometimes i can always go back to not eating because people still pick on my weight. But I just want to feel good about my self, and people still today, my freshman year; they still pick on me, and it hard to feel confertable with myself...

Cheyna, 15, Vermont

I care because I know what it'slike to be bullied. People just have so much hatred built built up inside that they take it out on someone else. I've been bulied my whole life. Some reasons are because I'm "emo",ove wegt,different,and I love to read/write... There's plenty of other reasons,but I'm not going to go on. I feel that no child,person rather should have to go through that  do't ealt see the point in all this bullying,abuse,etc. I've had many thoughts and attempts to suicide,but I realized that this can be dealt with and I'll be hurting and disappointing my family. My arents finally gotme into cunceling after a few years  of begging. I'm also a cutter. I cut and beat myself. My therapist diagnosed me with bipolar depression. I know everyone will make it through. I Demi Lovato can,then I think everyone can. I wanna be known as the girl who started off weak,but ended up strong. Ibeliee in everyone who is going through this and I wish them faith,luck,and hope. Most of all love.. You'll make it. I know you will. <3

Alyssa, 14, Tennessee

Bullying has always been a problem for me ever since 2nd grade till now. At first i used to beleive it and try to chage myself for their benifit. But then i relized that being myself is not a crime.

angela, 13, CA

I am tired of people getting their feeling hurts 
I don't want the same thing that happened to Phoebe Prince & Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover and other kids to happen again.
I want people to feel safe being who they want to be.

Ruth, 16, CA

I too have been bullied in the work place as have others by one single employee.  She continues to get promoted and the rest of us sit in limbo because the top management is afraid of her lies and fabrication of events.  
This made me stop and think of all those who are vulnerable and not able to do anything about Bullying.  
Thank you for highlighting this issue.  It goes to show that bullying comes in to all ages, and in every single walk of life.

Kathy, 65, Minneapolis, MN

I care because, it hurts i know. It isnt just about getting abused or anythings. Words have alot to do with it. If every school had a teen against bullying program many teens wouldnt be afraid to go to school. Everyday at least 17 teenagers take theirs lives trying to cope with bullying. Bullying with words or actions can cause cutting, burning, over eating, depression, insanity, and death. This is a serious cause that needs to be known.  Whether you like or accept it JUDGING IS BULLYING. Yes sounds crazy right? But it is true, and most people do it. I was bullied since i was 5 years old. it feels awful.  It doesnt solve anything. The only reason people do it is because "it makes them feel better about themselves.  Some teens and kids are to afraid to stand up for themselves and that is why i talk to many of them and confront the people that do it. I had no self-confidence or pride until i was 13 years of age. Ive been working on this act against bullying for two years. And the bullying rate has actually gone up! I used to beat myself up telling myself everyone is right;that i was fat and i was ugly, and i wasnt smart enough to do anything. I knew it wasnt true but i told myself "well hey maybe if i told them they were right they would stop doing it". I was wrong it got worse i started burning myself with hot metal trying to feel some sort of feeling,I realize that was wrong.

Peyton, 15, Tennessee

I think bullying is wrong because if you bully someone imagine that person bullying you and you have to also think about your actions bufore you do it and if you need help than get help dont be scared to stand up to them  then you can ignore them or talk to a teacher,parents also dont listen to them just think about something and say that your unique in your own way

Christina, 11, MA

Bullying is not just getting picked on or hurt physicly or emotionaly it is also hurtfull in a different way. for  example I am now in 6th grade and i thought that it was going to be so fun and me and my friend alyssa where going to  talk to each other every chance we get. the first and second day was exactly that. but then this girl came and started talking to her and now she dosn't talk to me at all. so bullying not just getting punched in the face it is also haveing one of your friends or old friends not talking to you. so if  they end up not talking to you then they are not a true friend. and i think that everyone should just stop right then and there.                         Britny, 12, tx

Britny, 12, tx

I care because I have bullied and been bullied. I have a hard time on getting along with my best friend. 

Rachel, 12, Seattle WA

you never really know what is going on in someone else's life & bullying whoever only adds on to whatever situation they're going through. 

Danielle, 16, South Carolina

 If you have been bullied  or curentley getting bullied.  I know how you feel I have bullied for years. I even got shoved once against  the wall.   The worst was in school ninth grade. The rumor went around people wanting to punch me and kill me.  I told the head Of Speaical ED department of the school,the storie. And I said to her, "what are going to do about it? And told her Iam afairad and I cried to her. The head told me back," first of all don't worrie  till they do something to you, and secound I can't do anything till they phyically hurt you". Is that sad a  head teacher told me, a kid getting bullied, don't worrie, and I can't do anything till they hit. When they punch me in the eye and I can't see, i'll be to late.The head never said,"I care and will take  care of it". Oh after I talked to that head, I still worried about being harmed. If your a teacher, or school staff, we need to tell kids who get  bullied not," don't worrie and I can't do anything,but,"I care for you, I'm doing my best to take care of it"! Because as a teacher you need to care about kids if your working in a school. And  you can do something, as Suspension for threating to hert a kid. Not all teachers are mean. In 6th grade I had a teacher named,"Mr. Linnehan. He
 told the class,"if you get bullied talk to me, I'll be your as a brother"  
 Is your school saying  no to bulling? If not U say no


Keke, 16, MN

I am writting a report on bullying and after reading these coments is making me relize that bullying is a HUGE issue..   Help me prevent bullying!!!! STAND AGAINST BULLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lorena, 13, Texas

i was bullied and its not right for kids to have to live through the pain

thomas, 13, new jersey

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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