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I Care Because

I care about bullying and cyber bullying because it hurts so many young people. It can lead to several mental and psychological problems that can last for the rest of their lives. The years of torture and harassment may end but the emotional scars from it remains.

Daryl, 23, Columbia, South Carolina

I have been a victom of bulling and i was the bully i learnd that two rongs do not make a right. I knoew how much it hurts yet i did it because i tought getting back at them was right. I have been called fat ugly loser retarted and i have thought about doing things i was put on medication for a long lime to get my depression undercontrol i still some times struggle with it i want to help I know how it feels to be on both sides of the deal and it hurts to know i was that person. But i can make a difference with what i do i am proud of the way i am and i want people that are going through what i went through and are sitill going throught some times to know they are mnot alone. i want the world to change and i takes nore that just one person to change the world :) so join because we care.

Karah , 15, Cheboygan MI

I was personally incessantly bullied throughout my formative years. We were poor so I oftened had to dress in hand me downs I am also missing my left forearm. It was mainly other girls who bullied me by means of "gossip and social ostracization". I also experienced some very agressive sexual harassment by young men who viewed me as "easy prey". In so many ways I owe a debt of gratitude to my former tormentors because it was their lack of compassion towards me that shaped my present identity, Bullying is not a "victimless crime" and normalizing this type of behavior is the worst way to address the problem. creative solutions must be found but this is not possible without widespread community cooperation.

Candace Casey, 36, Merced, California

i've been badly bullied in school before when i'm at the age of 12. That is the time when singapore have national exams for us to graduate to secondary schools. I'm a small size girl and i'm not even reaching the average height i should be and girls in my school start laughing and start spreading rumors which is not true. I was hurt from time to time. The girls who bullied me ask me if i want to join them in playing catching so i agreed and play along with them till lne girl ran to me hit me so hard that my hand at the elbow got dislocated. So yep i'm physically abused too... So i'm here all the way from SINGAPORE to support the cause against bullying :) i'm sure you guys can do it too!!! :)) 

always remember that everybody like your family, friends whoever they are there for you all the time. As you can see now, i'm perfectly fine!!! as i've ignored all those rumors and the hurt i've been recieving and now i'm okay!!! hope you guys can do it too!!! 
love, Cheryl Lim Hui Xian

Cheryl, 14, Singapore

I care because, I've seen students being bullied. The students balling up inside and having no one to turn to, its a terrible thing. When I were to see someone being bullied I'd help the one becoming bullied. It's not right, nobody deserves to become bullied. If we don't help the ones who are being bullied then were just as bad as the one who is doing the bullying. STOP BULLYING!

Cassandra, 19, Indiana

Bullying is wrong. And sometimes one person isn't enough to stop them. So let us unite and show that we care! STOP BULLYING!

Riley, 11, PA

i deal with bullying too. i have dyslexia and dyscalculia (dyslexia with numbers) and i studder when i read. im scared to death of reading aloud in class. i know people talk about it behind my back but not everyone knows about my disorders so they dont know what they are making fun of. im supporting pacer because bullying not only hurts me but so many others as well and we are all hurting. bullying needs to stop. if u know someone who is bullied try to help, even if helping means just listening to them or sticking up for them. it helps to have someone there. my love goes to everyone in the world who is bullied. i pray that one day we will be free.

Sarah, 15, Missouri

hi iv been bullyed before and i did not like it so i think you guess and girls should just move on and don't look back and i like how Demi lovato and all of those other good peolpe are helping.Im a girl in my school horizon science academy who is trying to stop bullies im even makeing a play and every teacher think that is a great idea to stop bullying and im doing every think i can to stop bullying. Im like the best studen in the school who tryes to stop bullying and i love who my prisipol likes all of my ideas and im like a teahcer in my school and class i hope you kids out there like what im doing form my school and you just like i sayed never look down and keep moveing.

Esmeralda Ramos, 13, ohio/lorain

I have been bullied myself when people called me fat a year ago. I started to have a eating disorder and I was anorexic. The doctor  told me I could get worse so I improved in eating and I was no longer anorexic. Still I wouldn't want to be bullied again so sometimes I skip my lunch even though I'm starving..

Daisy, 12, California

I care because sometimes I get bullied.

, 23,

I have been bullied throughout the entire time I've been in school. I was picked on for being weird and different then others. I was teased for always caring about others and family. I was hurt with words and those words caused me to do things I did to myself. I was tossed around the locker room and hit by my so called "friends". I had friends that called me names and it hurt me. I hurt my self and others because I thought it would make me feel better but it didn't. I have been talking to my family about it but they also caused some of those hurtful things mostly my sisters. Now my sisters are helping me and i have a family that love me for me. I don't need friends all I need is animals and family. 

Raylee , 14, WY

i was bullied before and not just was i still am getting bullied because i am a girl in the 6th grade and people pick on me because of 2 things and that is my face and my shoes its not my fault if i cant afford name brand shoes my face is that i am breaking out with lite spots but it is blending in with my my my color sometimes i cry but then when i stop and think about everything i tell myself that they are only hurting themselves and i also say i am going to put a stop to this and i did cause now i am the school president in till i leave for high shcool and know the kids that bullied me are jealous

Audrianna, 11, nc aulander

Bullying can make people want to hurt themselves and make people mad. 

Alex, 12, north georgia

I have been bullied for a long time and because of that loads of my friends were gone. But it was usually cause I was always getting used cause every year I had a different friend and then they still left me. I told my family but they told me that you don't need friends and i usually got bullied because well i am not sure but my friend told me this that because i smell and i think that i don't and then ontop of that i am going to a new school and me and my family always care about my brother and not me. Even when I want to cry the tears won't come out and i made a promise that i wouldn't cry infront of my parents cause they scold me if i do.

Esha, 11, DE

bullying causes a lot of physical and mental harm

mat, 16, illinois

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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