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I Care Because

i know how the teens feel who are being bullied because i was bullied all threw elementary and somewhat middle school. Its not a good feeling at all i came to a point where I tried to change who i was because i had become so insecure about myself. So I would do anything to help stop the bullying because too many teens are committing suicide they need to know that someone is on their side. I really don't cae who you are if you're being bullied trust me I have your back. So whatever I can do to help I will. Everyone is in my praers and God Bless you all

Dyamond, 18, CA

I  care because I care.....Its important....

Armando, 13, Texas

i think the best advice to give someone is to be careful who you tell it too but always tell someone. people always say tell your parents or a teacher/ but most would never tell them...t i think it is better to tell somone in your family.... cause they will alway be there for you.... your family isnt just your parents... i know i wouldnt tell mine...  but people dont usually say it but if you have an older brother or sister, tell them.  theyl  understand more than parents .... or if you dont have an older brother or sister tell a cousin... for me i tolld my older brother, hes 19.  even doe we fight i know he loves me and is always right by my side when i need him... thanks ian :)

samantha, 15, carlow

Hey! I'm from Spain and i was bullied when i was seven in school and at this sumer since one month ago...
Two of this persons was my ''best friends'' and hurted so much, maybe still hurting me even i know that i have to be strong.
indirects on twitter, leaving me alone, talking wrong to other abot me, callings...
Until  i say STOP, now i know i'm strong even i have to be alone, i know i can't, even hurts me. And i hope that the people who had or have bullying try to be strong :)

ivanelly, 16, Spain/Europe

I care cause i get bullied at school everyday. And i know how it feels. So i don't like to see people get bullied cause getting bullied is not cool and not fun. So if any of you guys see anybody body getting bullied please help them. And if you are a bully think twice before you bully anybody body else. What if you were getting bullied ? Would you like it? No you would not. So please do not bully anyboby. Cause if you don't help some one when they are getting bullied you don't know what they will do. What i did when i was in 9th grade. I was cutting and i was trying to kill myself. So please help out as much as you can. 

Kaitlyn, 16, NY

i was bullyed. i was called dumbo just cause i had bigger ears than most people. and cause i was different. i had acne and stuuff whih didnt make it any better i came home crying everyday. it hurt me so much. 

Victoria, 13, CA

I have been and still am being bullied. Bullying is a serious thing and people need to take it seriously. Bullying hurts people even if the people doing it doesn't know that it hurts. It needs to stop and stop now! And that's why I care. 

Angela , 13, Alabama

I've been bullied myself because I.... I guess it's because I'm smart. And that I actually LOVE to read and I have a good singing voice. I used to react, but it just spurred the bullies on. They were getting what they wanted out of me. Now, whenever they tease me out of what's probably jealousy, I either laugh it off or ignore them. I try not to say too much. I stand up for myself though- I just don't go looking for conflict. People don't pick on me as much anymore because they know it doesn't bother me. I wrote a song, and I live by one of the lyrics "What fits my personality is not what others think of me because no one knows me like I know myself." It's so terrible that people can drive other people to suicide- it's not something to laugh at. Bullying hurts, and I help everyone I can because no one deserves it, no matter how "irritating" you find them. We can change the world, and I intend to change it for the better.

Laken, 13, PA

I was bullied terribly for 5 years, and I know what it's like and it's awful. To fall into depression, and self - harm. Stay Strong <3

, 13,

Bullying also exists in college.  I was often teased in college for not being one of the " Popular " "Jocks" and "Gossip."  I was made fun of for just being myself, and it really hurt me badly.  I graduated from college and I have not participated in alumni activities ever since leaving after graduating.  No one in any school level should have to go through the garbage that I went through.  

Anonymous, 29, USA

I care because I was bullied a lot when I was younger. I was physically and verbally abused everyday and even when I changed schools because of it, I still was bullied at the new school. When I was twelve, I started cutting because of the past and I still do... but I don't want anyone to have to endure bullying. There is hope. I hope everyone knows that.

Steff, 14, CA

I am bullied because i am diffrent. i have something called trisomy 8 mosaic(kinda like a cousin of trisomy 21) i also have a problem drooling(all though i am getting better at remembering to wipe it off my face) and i also have a speech problem but most people can understand me. i have problems with my muscles and such to. i have a wee bit of autisum. im am very smart though. i love reading(i aced my reading taks test this year like always)i love learning news things. im consentlly on the computer looking stuff up. people tease me because im diffrent and abnormal i am called names and everything else! i want every kid who sees this to know your not alone! keep fighting the good fight im with you no matter what!

margaret, 16, rockdale, texas

my friend was 12 and just committed suicide on feburary 12.. 
Bullying is a HUGE issue that does need to stop. i'm going Anti-Bully.. for you payton!(:

Kimberly, 15, Wisconsin

i am bullyed alot and have been through so much. and i know i what it feels like and to the kids that are reading this that is bullying speak out im starting to and im going tot try to do everything  i can to watch out for other kids. And one thing you dont relize is you dont know how bad it hurts until its you

sammi , 14, wakemen ohio

i cant stand seeing people get hurt it breaks my heart. hurting someone else wont make you makes you the causes way worse than tears it costs people their lifes...stop it people!!your hurting more than yourself! its not right! peace...

Kyiana, 13, gilbert/az

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