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I Care Because

no one deserves to be bullied! It's wrong and hard to deal with gossips and threats on a daily base,to be alone for no reason,to be hated for who you are,to be punched or forced to hurt you because you think it's the only way to stop it.TELL SOMEONE IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW HAS BEEN OR IS BULLIED.Lets put a stop to it.Together.Because you're not alone.Stay strong. xoxo

Ivana, 17, RH

On behalf of Prime Time Palm Beach County, we support kids against bullying!

Katie, 30, Boynton Beach, Florida

I care because, one of my best friends in the hole entire world was bullied so bad, she started cutting herself. I tried to stop it and it stopped because i tried my best. But she could still hear what people said behind her back. Scince she was always alone at the lunch table i had to sit with her. But my friends said if your gonna sit with her you cant sit with us anymore. And i gave up my friends for her. But one of my friends came too. It became so bad she swiched schools. And on top of everything else her father died. So she was totaly heartbroken. She had no one. THE END.

Elissa, 11, NY

i care becuase i had to get homeschooled because of bullying people calling me name's spread the word stop bullying :) 

Jessica, 18, Dillonvale OHio

I've been bullied myself because I.... I guess it's because I'm smart. And that I actually LOVE to read and I have a good singing voice. I used to react, but it just spurred the bullies on. They were getting what they wanted out of me. Now, whenever they tease me out of what's probably jealousy, I either laugh it off or ignore them. I try not to say too much. I stand up for myself though- I just don't go looking for conflict. People don't pick on me as much anymore because they know it doesn't bother me. I wrote a song, and I live by one of the lyrics "What fits my personality is not what others think of me because no one knows me like I know myself." It's so terrible that people can drive other people to suicide- it's not something to laugh at. Bullying hurts, and I help everyone I can because no one deserves it, no matter how "irritating" you find them. We can change the world, and I intend to change it for the better.

Laken, 13, PA

Please don't bully. Bullying can make an impact on a persons life, a really big impact. I was bullied for a while and I actually started getting depressed because of it. I started self-harming like Demi also. But my parents found out. They weren't mad. They understood what I was going through. So I got help, and Im feeling greater than ever. And I never wish to go back to being bullied because it took precious years out of my child-hood. And I dont ever want another person to feel how I felt. Please put an end to bullying. BULLYING ENDS HERE. 

Jewel, 12, Rizhmond, VA

I care because it hurts me when I see people being bullied.  I want to help, but I'm to scared.  I get sad and scared when I see it.  When, I see bullying it reminds me of the Karate Kid.  Where he can't fight back because he is to scared.  

Trinity, 12, Florida

I know how difficult it can be because I've been there. It hurts to be bullied and I wanna stop bullying. I even started an anti bullying club at my school called Be Nice Be You. It has helped so many kids at my school and even me! We are the only school in my district that has an anti bullying club so we are going around the district to other schools to spread the word and educate the public about this issue and also let the victims know they are'not alone. Just remember everyone, Be Nice Be You!!!

Lacie, 14, Kentucky

there was a forward going around the school about me. one of my frinds was the one who made it up,too. sick of it. kids are killing themselves, they are getting tortured, and no one is doing anything about it! ive actually thought about and tried to commit suicide. im sorry-but people dont need to do this to each other, i wish they wouldnt---and hopefully  it stops. soon. :'(

livv, 13, denver,colorado

i didnt have a lot of friends because i have hair on my arms and face..i was pretty hairy and people would come up with names...names that probably dont mean much but it hurt me and i wouldnt tell my mom and i would cry at night..i still dont tell but all i know is that it hurts and i wish it would stop :(

Delylah, 14, south carolina

most of my classmates used to bully classmates are making fun of me since in grade school... they also think thet i wass been so choosy in my friends...they say bad things about me. sometimes they are not real in front of me...they laugh at me....i wanted them to change..but i cant.  thank   you for giving such an opportunity like this.

Clarissa, 15, Philippines

Bullying scars can go , but the me mark they leave on your life is  sad.. We are all equal  no one is better. I mean when you die all you take is your work, if your work is bullying then you have done NOTHING in life. WE ARE ALL ONE. the lunch lady, Demi lavato,  my freind, the King.................. It is not who we are it is what we do. So I am Officiaally against bullying.

Rwayish, 13, Ca

I know what it was like. I had the strength to make it to today but it wasn't easy. The scars don't go away, you'll never get that time back or do a reset.

Really the only choice you have is to make a commitment today to work toward a better tomorrow.

Fabian, 30, CA

I had a chance to stop some bullying last year, but I didn't cuz I was scared. Still feel bad about that.

Stephen, 16, CA

My 14 year old son was bullied at school for over three years.  I took several steps to resolve issues, from discusssing how my son could handle situations, to contacting teachers, administrators and coaches; and finally school district administrators.  

My child was extremly depressed and was suicidal.  I had no choice but to seek medical help and ultimately remove him from the school.  I have enrolled him in private school where I worry about being able to afford the associated costs - the change in environment, the addition of 3 psych drugs and weekly counseling are where we are at today.  I am researching the option of holding the school responsible.  Ultimaely his health is my concern and I will do whatever I have to to ensure that he has a long productive life.

Laura, 0, PA

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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