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I Care Because

i know what it feels like to be bullied by others, physical and verbal. But i know, someday bullying will stop be cause of those who care like me.

denise anne, 17, caloocan city, philippines

i care because i dont like bullies they should know how to protect them selves from bullies when they are being bullied

michael , 20, new jersy

I hate when people bully because, it's sad to see it happen! I sometimes imagine if I were in that position, I know that I would'nt like it at all. My friend got bullied for being different!! You are you, and only you, being the same is boring! Don't copy someone because you like their clothes! And most importantly DON'T LET ANYBODY CHANGE WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!!!! If you are getting bullied, tell a teacher or parent right away, stand up for people!

Anna , 12, San Antonio, Texas

whe i was on the bus with my mate the way to school i was playing with my friend but i went to far i had hear head phones  and give them to the bys who wear bullying her but i didnt realise i was doing it as well untill i was waching vidoes that is why i care about bullying 

jasmine, 12, england

My son was bullied for years until he had given up all hope, and was thinking of harming himself or others. This is unacceptable, our children should not have to endure this pain! 

Jennifer, 36, Arkansas

Many of my friends killed themselves because of the bullying. I am not the same now. That is why I am against this.

Charlie, 13, IL

I was bullied once before too, and I know how it felt. It really hurts my  feelings., emotionally. Those bullies said bad things about me. They made rumours about me. :( I'm really SAD cause I thought they were really my real friends but they turn out to be fake, fake "friends" I really prefer to have no friends to having fake ones. 
don't suffer in silence, speak UP for Yourselves. 

Gladwin, 13, SG

my bff's life was thretend once she was soooooo scared she didn't talk for days affter that i don't want that to happen to anyone else ever

ashleigh, 12, Colorado

I care because I was bullied a lot when I was younger. I was physically and verbally abused everyday and even when I changed schools because of it, I still was bullied at the new school. When I was twelve, I started cutting because of the past and I still do... but I don't want anyone to have to endure bullying. There is hope. I hope everyone knows that.

Steff, 14, CA

I went through bullying for years and had a very tough time. I don't want others to go through what I, and other victims like me, went through. I never want that same suffering to happen to others, regardless if i know them or not. Nobody deserves to be bullied.

Edward, 16, TX

i get made fun of alot because im short. everyone trys to take advantage of me being small. i think im perfect the way i am and no one can change that.

Catheryn, 11, NY

i have gotten bullied sence my first day of first grade. the thing is though i try my best to keep going because if i can make it so can others. ya it's hard and you get knocked down but you've got to keep going


My so-called friend posted fake pictures of me and some nasty guy on her Facebook page, and my boyfriend saw it and dumped me. That's messed up.

Kerry, 15, NJ

I care because many people have commited sucide over things like this and I just want them to know it gets better. I was bullied, and it was really hard for me to deal with that. Even now it's STILL hard for me I don't get as harsh comments infact I barely get them at all but I still have that same pain with me. And im only 12. I was called fat, ugly, worthless, and I was even pushed around and getting into fights. But, that didn't change the fact that I still had hope. My family was not very supportive in these situations because I kept quiet about it. Don't keep quiet, let them know. Espeacially if it starts to get really serious! Don't be scared to better your future you have a chance! So take it. And hold on to it for as long as you live.

Gillette, 12, FL

I was bullied because of being me I was called ''gay'' one day a girl came up to me and said ''Hi, everyday I see you at this table alone.'' after that we were best friends we did everything together.Then I started getting friends back i was glad we were friends we are still friends to day.

Lillie, 10, South Carolina

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