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I Care Because

I have been bullied myself when people called me fat a year ago. I started to have a eating disorder and I was anorexic. The doctor  told me I could get worse so I improved in eating and I was no longer anorexic. Still I wouldn't want to be bullied again so sometimes I skip my lunch even though I'm starving..

Daisy, 12, California

teens r age r getting hurt to much :(

taylor, 13, cornwalll

I was bullied even in preschool. My earliest memory is having a bigger, stronger kid pushing my head into a wooden slide. Then from 1st grade all the way to the end of 8th I was bullied for being learning disabled and smaller and weaker than the other boys. Due to bullies and sports, it takes a lot of force just to give me a bruise. My friends knew I could take it so they didn't help me. They were scared. My darkest hour was when I almost brought a knife into school to hurt my tormentor. I didn't and know I am a wary teenager who doesn't trust easy. What I went through isn't even the worst of bullying, and it was still hell for me. Bullying is driving people to suicide, this is murder. It is just like pulling the trigger on someone because they are different. This has to stop. Teachers, parents and the government need to recognize bullying as a national problem and a threat to a persons' life. I was almost choked to death in 6th grade for trying to break up a fight. I have seen good people turn into monsters because they were bulliedso brutally just because they were poorer than the other people. This is inhumane and wrong. IT HAS TO STOP! WE, THE VICTIMS, NEED TO MAKE IT STOP!

Riley, 18, New York

i never been bullied and i am not the bully but sometimes the bullies are talking about me behind my back that i am "weird" because i defend the children who are getting bullied. but i am glad that i do it BULLYING IS A PETHATIC THING AND WE MUST STOP IT! the end of bullying starts with US. <3 MUCHLOVE

sarah, 14, Belgium

I was bullied when I was younger because I was quiet, nerdy, a chubby little girl with her nose always in a book. I was made fun of for my mom, I was never picked first for any sports, and I hated P.E. I was a teacher's favorite, I never wore brand name clothing, and I didn't conform to anyone else's standards. I'm still quiet, I graduated fourth in my class, I'm still a short girl with her nose in a book. Nobody makes fun of my mom, I'm still not picked first, and I definitely don't like P.E. I was still a teacher's fave, I have maybe five things that are brand name, and only because they have to be brand name, and I absolutely do not conform. I stopped caring what people thought of me a long time ago, and when I did that, bullies lost their power. I started to stand up to bullies at my school when I was still in middle school. Nobody should be treated like a leper because they are different. I refuse to turn the other cheek like teachers do when I see it happen, and I will not stand for it when I become a teacher. Some things are kids just being kids, but many times kids go too far. If those who are bullied stick together, and stand up for one another, then no bully will stand against them. It's not violence, but a show of unity. No kid should cry himself to sleep ever. 

Jackie, 18, Texas

if your getting bullied tell someone i got bullied cause of braces i got called metal mouth and shook it off cause i knew i would have straight teeth soon and my mom told me that no matter what other people think what u think matters most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

laya, 13, wv

Well, being one who has personally experienced bullying, I think this is an outstanding program. I support it 300%! Many kids don't know or begin to comprehend what damage even a word can cause to a person. Words DO hurt, as well as actions, and many teens commit suicide due to bullying and harassment, which breaks my heart. I'm just glad to be a part of something against bullying. I will continue to fight against bullying the best I can.  It hurts to know someone would really do the best they can to tear someone down. I went through people accusing and calling me anorexic because I'm just skinny.....and making fun of me. Words can hurt, and it led me to pain. Just remember to talk to someone that can help and never give up hope to end bullying. And trust me, don't fight back or get "revenge," that will only make things worse.

Jerrica, 14, Tennessee

Me and my brother both have atisum and bullying has effected us greatly I was picked on so bad I would not make any friends school was like prison were the weak stay weak and the strong get stronger. One time the police were involved because a kid threatened to kill my brother if he did not give him money. Now we both have help and a have a group of amazing friends. But I don't want anyone to go what we had to go threw. I am now writing a fiction Noval called thunder rose and am happy. So please I hope this ends soon. :(

Haley , 14, Detroit Michigan

most of my classmates and the childrens from other classes are bullies.I don't know what can i do ? I hate that

Milena, 15, BG

i care because i use to self harm my self and thanks to freinds and family has help me throu lets end the cyle against bulling stop it now!!

dee, 15, tahlequah

I have been bullied since 2nd grade and it hurts in 6th grade I have been cyberbullied and I have been getting rude messages and calls. The  bully got in trouble but till this day I still get bullied on I never cut and I'm not planning to. I know they always say things get better but it doesn't seem like it but I know it will get better. The people who are in the same space; hopefully you feel better and things will get better. 

D, 13, PA

this needs to stop!STAND UP FOR YOU AND OTHERS!


I am a victim of bullying and have been for almost 10 years now since the third grade.:(  I'm afraid of going back to school after breaks end or summer. 

Ali , 16, Illinois

I have been torimentented sence I can remember. No one! No one! deserves to feel as alone and as scred as I did. I was blamed for being bullied and its not your fault your not alone. Wipe the tears off your face and stand up and make a difference, you could help a kid like I used to be. Someone out there needs your help. And even if no one understands theres a man above who does :)

Makenzie, 13, Bristol,Indiana

I've been going through alot i just wish someone could help me i've been teased picked on and made fun of i've been keeping this a secret for a long time and i still am i tried to commit susicide 2 times but cutting my self but it didn't work i've been really depressed about my self whenever PE starts you got to dress in the locker room whenever i had to dress out they would tease me of how my body look's i just wanted to share my story so here it is i lost hope and courage and have very low self esteem due to the harrasment.

Atil, 14, Florida

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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