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I Care Because

i am currently bullied in school i get bullied all the time but when i do  i have some friends that are there for me. But i get called the worse names ever! i have read all of your stories and i read them and i started crying like honestly some of the things that have happened now a days makes people terrible. BUT SUICIDE THOUGHTS AND ACTUALLY DOING IT IS NOT OKAY!! i promise things will get better. stay strong for me and i will stay strong for you!

Alyssa, 14, Wisconsin

Bullying is a very cruel thing. No bully knows what it feels like to be bullied. I am takinng a stand against bullying and putting a stop to it when I see it.

Kelcy, 14, Kansas

I have been bullied throughout junio high school and highschool and just because I was different.But being diferent is not wrong, bullies are.
You can't judge a person unless you really know her well but it is not the case with bullies.I still remember their look while they were laughing at me and making me feel like a monster.I used to go back home crying and I was afraid every single day.I even started to think that life wasn't worth it.But I was wrong.I quickly understood that I had two choices: either let them break me or be over it and become stronger and more confident.I choosed that last option and my life is way better now.I can't say that it doesn't hurt me anymore cause it left some serious wounds but I can handle it now cause I know that it is the best thing to do.And that is why I care so much about all the people who are still bullied at school or anywhere.I am so sensitive to their pain and I want them to know that everything gets better in time but for that you need to speak out and let the bullies know that you are not afraid of them and that you are stronger.

Sara , 18, France

i was bullied in 8th grade and now i have a lot of kids sticking up for me. especially my friends i never told anybody but my friends did and i went to the police.
i will recomend you going to a teacher or councler or teacher.

david scot, 16, new york groton

I've been bullied a lot when I was little because I had ADD and I was always pulled out for tests. I believe that this should stop and people should focus more on this situation. Now I try every day to make people happy and give people the life I can get and could never have.

Tess, 15, USA

So growing up in a small town, I was one of the only people who was bigger, I was not very smart, I was not very popular, and people treated me like I was just a nobody. My whole life I have had those people call me fat, stupid, worthless, I have had them tell me to kill myself, say I would not be missed if I was gone, call me ugly. Honestly there is not a single more harmful thing in this world then bullying. People need to see how much it can hurt someone, and not only that one person but many other people around them, due to those people I grew up with, I will now forever have a part of me feel that what they said was true, and that will forever affect me, and my friends, and my family. it will one day affect my future husband and children, and those people who called me names never willl know who they have affected beyond the person they once knew. well now I am a strong person, I love my family and friends, I have alot of friends, many people find my outgoing personality wonderful and I love making people smile. I have got myself a great career, and I am making a great life for myself. So I proved those people wrong. bullying needs to stop!

Kelsi, 18, AB

I care because most people that are bullied don't deserve it. Bullying goes in a circle. And the circle is just gonna keep going and going, and there will be really no way to stop it completely. BUT everyone should do everything they can to help put a large majority of it to a stop. Even just the smallest things could make the biggest difference. 

Ashley, 15, Vermont

I care about this because!
I have been through alot on my life , and I have being call weird , crazy , stupid .

And you need to be free , dont let no one , to destroy your self -esteem
you are gorgeous , free the way you are.

It's not your fault , But if you have being bullied

we need to be against bullying


Veronica Michelle, 17, Puerto Rico

I was bullied and it was a seriosu case to me . I cried and refuse to go to school cause they will make fun of me . I used to bullied people in elementry school , and it didn't felt good . Actually i felt bad . Now that i was being bullied , i realize that how much pain i cause to the people i hurt . This site change me , to a way better person . Demi Lovato' is truly a great role model .

Farra, 14, MA

I want bullying to stop just because we are unique and different doesnt mean we can be picked on or pushed around!

MaisieBlewitt, 11, StalyBridge

I care because i want to help those kids that are geting hert out there in the world and people dont know about it and im one of those kids that was geting bullied im geting bullied by my family she makes me cry everyday 

haliemilam, 14, westvirgina

Beacause I was once  a bully and I regret doing it. I had to do a powerpoint about bullying then I realized how bad it was so I stoped, beacause i felt really bad.

Izzy Parker, 25, Teaxas

I care about bullying because i know what it feels like all my elementry years i have been bullied and it hurts.Ive been called stupid gross and it hurts. I dont know why they would pick on me and really they shoyuld not pick on anyone!I will admit i have bullied sometimes but not as much as a real person would.I dont know why peopple bully?maybe its because they have been bullied or because they are very unhappy about themselves.I am sort of angry because when someone sees bullying going on they dont really do anything about they just sit there thinking that if i do something maybe they will do something to me.But if people are getting bullied they need to do something about it stan up to that bully and if you need to fight back do it protect your body!These are some common names that bullies call people,Gay Queer stupid ugly those are very hurtful words!Bullying is so strong sometimes that ppeople cause suicide!People should really stop bullying because if it does not stop soon it will be a very bad feeling to the people that are getting bullied. I don't understand why people thionk its funny to make fun of peole.  People bully over facebook myspace twitter and some really bad other things.Cyber bullying is one of the worst place people get bullied.That is why i care about bullying.!!!!:)

Jake, 11, Cincinnati ,Ohio

I Stand against bullying cuz I was someone who bullied some of my classmates and later got to know what I am doing and stood against bullying and got bullied by my friends who use to bully with me and I knew how it felt. I feel ashamed of my self but with all the help of my girlfriend I got hope and forget the past and stood against it and I am proud to say that I STAND AGAINST BULLYING.  

Naushad, 17,

I've dealt with bullying for a lot of my life.  I've never fit in, I've always been different, I'm quieter, just an ideal target for someone hungry to  bully someone else....It hurts, like for those who don't understand this really it's just this super deep pain you feel.  I've had several kinds of bullying, verbal and cyber.  I blamed myself for so much of it when it never was my fault.  I've considered several times wanting to switch schools, but I always told myself it would get better.  And it has gotten better.  I've felt so down low I considered things I shouldn't have, and I did harm to myself also.  It wasn't worth it.  It took the pain away temporarily but it never helped much because I always wanted to do it again and again.  I eventually got encouraged by people who started to admire things about me, how there was no fear of being different, and not changing because of others want me to.  It was a rough journey but I think I have made it really far.  People really appreciate you being your true self, so don't let others bully you from it.  Stay strong my friends, and stand up and speak up for those afraid of it.  I never had it, but you can be that person who can help change so much.  You can be the life changer who could save someone from so much pain and misery.  I love all you random people who I don't know!  We stay strong together, united.

Kirsten, 15, Michigan, USA

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