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We Will Generation™

Student-led movement uniting students to create positive inspired change.

Today’s generation of students is ready to take action and uniquely positioned to prevent and stop bullying. The WE WILL Generation is an exciting new initiative that uses a students-teaching-students model.

Ask Carmen

Carmen is a member of the Kids Against Bullying “Club Crew”, and she knows a lot about how to prevent bullying. She gives great advice about bullying to kids around the country.

Read what Carmen said to other kids, and ask her your own question!

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I Care Because

You don't treat someone like that. Have respect. Don't let people walk all over you. You deserve respect. Not stupid jokes. It's not funny. It's mean. I don't like it. It reflects poorly on them. They are weak to pick on other people. I want to feel happy. Not feel hurt. People don't know what it's like to have people mock them. It's not funny at all. I dislike people who do it. I have no respect for them, they treat people like crap. It is so unfair. I work so hard. It seems no one even notices.

, 14, Cheyenne, wyoming

I've been picked on since I was in 8th grade.  I've been called some really mean names.. I've gotten phone calls through the night telling me to die cause no one liked me.. I want to help people, because I don't want them to go through what I went through.. It was some of the roughest times of my life, and no one deserves it.

Bree, 16, Indiana

I have been bullied all my life. Whether or not some people can see it, I have and I know what it's like to feel like the smallest person in the world. Including my friends who have made me feel this way, I would do bad things such as self-harming myself. I care because I've been there, still am here, and we should all stand together.

Samantha, 15, Ohio

Bullying happens all around the world. At schools, outside of school or even at home. Bullying is horriable and it needs to stop. I myself have never been bullied and I'm glad for that but i have witnessed it. Many of my friends are bullied because their different so i have been able to see the effects of it. The sad thing is most people never even realize to do something about it. People need to rise against bullying and do something about it. People deserve to live a happy life without fear or sorrow. Be proud for who you are and never let anyone else tell you any different.

Elizaveta, 15, Florida

People don't realize how bullying hurts. I was bullied, and I am 17 years old. High school can seem terrible, but with the help of my two sisters and friends I was able to pull through. However, some people do not have that privilege. To each and every person who is suffering hurt and depression I say this: "You matter in the world. Everyone matters." 

Kaitlyn, 17, Arkansas

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In The News

Unleash Your Superpowers: Unite Against Bullying

Posted: Friday, April 24, 2015

Pep Rally at the U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC, on Friday, October 23, 2015
It is amazing what can happen when one person stands up for another. BULLYING STOPS more than half of the time ( 57% ) when peers intervene on behalf of the bullied student! It is for this profound reason, we are making a difference and saving lives by teaching youth how to take action and not be bystanders.

Free quality books with positive messages, promoting self-esteem and character building will be provided. The books feature forwards from celebrities who are top in their fields: Ten-Time Grammy Award Winner Bobby McFerrin, Chart-Topping Hip-Hop Artist Big Sean and NFL's #1 Kicker Justin Tucker.

WPGC 95.5 FM (CBS Radio) will broadcast live from the event. The day will be packed with inspirational music, highly motivational and fun educational activities that participants can bring back to their schools and communities to implement. Students will have opportunities to shine by demonstrating and sharing their superpowers both as a community and individually.

Surprise celebrity guests in entertainment, sports and national leaders will be announced soon. Stay tuned. Learn more>>>

Posted: Thursday, April 23, 2015

On Monday, April 27, 2015, Proud2Bme is launching the 5 Day Photo Challenge, a new and exciting social media campaign. The goal of the 5 Day Photo Challenge is to infuse body positivity into the online community and help make a difference in the way we see ourselves and others. You can participate by taking a photo every day of the challenge and using the hashtag #Proud2Bme5Day:

  • 4/27: No-filter selfie: Let your unfiltered beauty shine through in a selfie.
  • 4/28: Pass it forward: Write “It’s a beautiful day because of you” on a piece of paper, take a photo with the compliment, tag a few friends, and challenge them to pass it along.
  • 4/29: Outfit you feel most confident in: Take a photo wearing the outfit that brings out the very best in you.
  • 4/30: Post your passion: Share a photo of you hiking, dancing, reading, bicycling, in your favorite yoga position, or doing any hobby you’re passionate about!
  • 5/1: Role model: Post a picture with or of someone who inspires you — someone who makes you Proud2Bme!

The Proud2BMe 5 Day Challenge starts next week! Learn more>>>

Registration Now Open for “Violence in the Lives of People with Disabilities: Emerging Issues and Solutions for 2015 and Beyond”

Posted: Monday, March 23, 2015

Attend the free webinar, April 30, 1:30 — 3:30 EST, sponsored by The Arc’s National Center on Criminal Justice and Disability (NCCJD) which will include PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center presenting on the topic of “responding to bullying of students with disabilities.”

This webinar will address other emerging issues in the field with a panel of experts and advocates covering topics like:

  • Using trauma-informed care principles when working with victims with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD)
  • Assisting crime victims with complex communication needs
  • Supporting victims with specific types of disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs)
  • Supporting people with disabilities in speaking out against violence

Webinar participants will be the first to obtain NCCJ’s white paper on the topic of violence, abuse, and bullying which delves even deeper into the issues addressed on the webinar. Join us for this thought-provoking and empowering webinar, and find out how you can reduce violence in the lives of people with disabilities. Learn more and register >>>

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PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center is excited to announce our new partnership with SurveyMonkey Contribute and a new way for anyone to give their support! Sign up and you will receive surveys by e-mail from SurveyMonkey customers who need your opinion. For every survey you take, SurveyMonkey will donate $0.50 to PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center, and you'll get a chance to win $100 in an instant-win game.


All About Bullies . . . Big And Small

A CD for young children, and winner of a Grammy for Best Children’s Album, All About Bullies … Big and Small is a collection of music, poetry and storytelling designed to put an interesting and heartfelt twist on bullying prevention, so that young learners can identify with the topic in an age appropriate manner. The artists all generously contributed their time and talents. 100% of the profit proceeds are donated to PACER’s Kids Against Bullying initiatives.