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I Care Because

I was bullied for most of my life. And it has a lasting affect on me I am working with my therapist to help forget some of my memory's of bullying not just from other kids but even some grown ups picked on me. I became a lone wolf and did not make friends until recently because I was afraid of other kids. Now I'm righting a Noval and getting high grades. I hope this stops.:( from h.s 

Haley, 14, Bloomfield hills mi

I gone though it myself. I once dreaded going to school.No one deserves to be treated badly. It is just plain wrong. I would NEVER want anyone to have felt what I felt. Living in fear,feeling helpless,its unbearable..but you can either let it control you OR you can overcome it. I believe love conquers all!-- TOGETHER WE CAN BE THE CHANGE,WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD!!--

Dezi, 16, Texas

I from Germany and my son been bullied alot. Sorry about my english it bad. I want my son happy so that we can have good life!

Mr.Schwartz, 47, California

i was bullied when i was younger since the 1st grade. it stopped when i was in the 8th grade. from the 1st to the 8th grade life was rough. i used to go to school dreading the day ahead because of the hurtful things they would say. there were times when i asked my mom if i could stay home when she said no i shuttered at the thought of how cruel the kids would be the next day or just how cruel they were generally. i would cry myself to sleep or cry randomly during the day thinking of how tough school was for me. there were times when i was a little older (7th/8th grade) when i thought of suicide or cutting myself just to relieve  myself from the pain but i thought that wasnt a good idea because that would show weakness and i didnt want them to think that they could do this somemore i left that school though. now in high school i get a fresh start and try to forget the hurt that was caused by these people. im no longer bullied. but people in my school are. when i see someone bullied i stand up for that person but still afraid that i might get bullied too. i dont get bullied in the end. i try to prevent this when i see it happening but people dont learn. this needs to stop.

Krystyna, 16, MA

No one deserves to be bullied, this is a really big issue in some schools and many people go through it everyday. Sometimes they dont feel strong enough and confident to do anything about it. Thats why i think they need our help. I know that we all get bullied, even when you think your not getting bullied you are. And even when you think your not being a bully you are, you just dont realize it. Everyday, someone gets bullied if its because you dress different, you have an accent,  you may not have the best body shape, maybe you have a diferent style that you like but someone else may not. The truth is we cant stop this kind of bulling, i think that if you wanna help you should start with yourself. Examples: Dont talk about people behind there back, dont laugh at people when they wear something different to school, simple things like that. We should all learn from this and we should use it to make us stronger.

Johanna, 15, TX

A kid in my class is always being bullied. The boys don't listen to me when I say anything, they just try to flirt. I hate watching it happen and I just wish it would stop. I'm sure every bully would hate for what they do to other people to happen to them. We all deserve respect and happiness. 

Jordana, 12, Edison, NJ

I was bullied most of my life. I hated the way i was and at a point wanted to isolate my self from everyone. I was bullied because of my weight, and that hurt me very much. I wanted to change the way i was to have friends. But the same friends i had chosen to be with, helped me through it, and now i dont care that im skinny, im healthy, beautiful, happy, and proud for being me and noone else. I want to help those who have been through the same position as me. Because i know if my life became a living helll through that situation in my life, i dont want anyone to go through what i did.. My own friend is gong through that, and Im proud that I can help her, because I went through that.

Krysten, 14, NY

I care because, when I  was in kindergraten and grade 1 I was bullied all the time. And they did nothing! I mean it was horrible the girl that bullied me called me fat and stuff! And you would go to the teacher with somthing like bullying they sayed" well it'll get better " .But even when she was bullying me i guess i didn't care because i knew it wasn't true. So after when my parents broke up,  I moved. I haven't seen her since but now I  guess there was no point in bullying me cause she got no reaction out of it. now im in the best  middle school  ever, with some of the best freinds i've ever had!!!  

Franny P, 11, Canada, N.B.

i was ridiculed as a child
everyone was mean to me
but now im stronger knowing that there are people out there who are kind and actually care
thank you

bob, 8,

I was bullied by this girl in my school on the internet she hurt me so much that I cried myself to sleep. She apologized but it lasted two months I ended up having to tell my principle because I was afraid to talk to my parents about it never believe what people say about you because it can hurt.

Morgan, 14, Michigan

Bullying can really hurt. There are a group of girls in my school who get me stressed out everyday. I used to think bullying didn't matter but Demi Lovato made me really think about it. shes my role model. I want to stop it in my school and everywhere that i can. Tomarrow im going to school and telling the principle that she needs to do something about it. Bullying can take lives and i dont want one of my friend's to be next. 

Abby, 13, PA

I am six. I am in Kindergarten. This boy won't leave me alone. He is mean and choked me so hard it left rings around my neck. I don't want anyone else to get choked in school.

Joseph- written by his mom, 6, Montana

I care because nobody deserves to suffer from the torture of bullying.  I felt all that pain and survived. To this this day i do all all i can the ensure that everybody treated with the love and respect they deserve. 

TROY Abraham, 25, HI - Hawaii

I've been bullied since I was born pretty much. I've lost everything because of bully's. I've cried so many times and they just never stop. It's been 15 years. And none of them see what they do to me, but it kills me on the inside. But I don't show on the outside.

Heather, 15, Saint Joseph

I was bullied in high school for being smart.  I was lucky - I had a teacher and a guidance counselor looking out for me.  But that doen't make the hallways and bathrooms and stairs any safer.  My life was threatened and my real friends made it a point to walk me from class to class for weeks.  I learned a lot - I wasn't as alone as I thought.  I worked on developing relationships with kids who liked what I liked and we looked out for each other.

Like many adults, 8 or so years after graduation I ran into my old nemesis.  He told me he was now married to the mother of his four kids and they were struggling.  With lttle real education it was hard to make ends meet.  He asked what I did and I told him - I fly satellites and rockets. Then he dropped his head an quietly apologized for his bullying.  He said he couldn't wrap his head around why I was so smart and why I studied.  He thought I was a suck-up.  he said he knew now what I knew then, that being good at something is worth the effort.  Hetold me he should have respected me.

I've had a great time since then.  I learned not to be silent, to take the risk to defend those who are catching it for no reason.  If there were no bystanders, there would be no bullies.

Marie, 54, US/D.C.

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