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I Care Because

I was bullied because of being me I was called ''gay'' one day a girl came up to me and said ''Hi, everyday I see you at this table alone.'' after that we were best friends we did everything together.Then I started getting friends back i was glad we were friends we are still friends to day.

Lillie, 10, South Carolina

this girl that i know was always gets bullyed by her classe at the 1th and 2th and 3th and 4th grade every day and every week and every month and i know that bullying  really hurts inside cause this girl was me when i was little but now i don't get bullyed by anyone cause now i am stronger and i won't let anyone hurt me anymore and i hope for everyone gets bullyed by hes class do like me and he has to be strong to beat bullying

sabrine, 13, ca

Everyone - and everything - deserves compassion.

Jaimee, 48, PA

I've been bullied for many years and my friends have been bullied, I'm still bullied ;I've been called names that have hurt me a lot. I've been able to get through it thanks to my friends sticking up for me and telling me those people were wrong. I've been judged because of my looks and its not right   ,and whats worse is they think my pain is funny. I've been outcasted by a lot of the people in my school, I know what it feels like to be hurt and I hate it when I see it happpening to somebody else and I hate it more when I see somebody I care about geting bullied. Some one found out my phone number and bullied me by prank calls,and fake apologies. I was pushed to far once and almost hurt somebody luckly for "them" I had enough to self control to stop myself. I just want to see it stop, I don't wanna grow up and see my children get bullied like I was.

Rachel, 14, Oklahoma

I have been a victim of bullying myself and at my adult age, the emotional scar is still there. I care because I hate to see young people get hurt physically and emotionally. Nobody deserves to be bullied! Spread love! Stop hurting each other. 

Maria, 45, Las Vegas, NV


Breanna, 14, INDIANA

I've been through very horrible situations that changed me. I was jumped by 4th graders when I was just 8. I was alone, never to be friended by anyone besides teachers and my parents. Bullying got to me so much to the point of breaking, and I nearly choked a kid 2 years older than me to death because I lost my temper. I don't have that problem anymore, but I'm afraid it will happen to my brother. He's only 7, but they pick on my brother sometimes, and he gets himself into trouble by fighting the kids. I really want this to stop, everybody I know is being bullied just because of who they are, and I hate it. Bullying is dangerous. It caused a few people to commit suicide because of this problem.

Anonymous , 14, Orange County

We all have feelings, no matter how hard some people try to hide it.

Alexis, 14, MN

Back in Mid-March My son was acting overly Angry and out of control. Turns out he was being bullied at school. I'm not sure how long before this it was going on but it has made him a very Angry young man. What was done about the bullies? well according to my son they've just moved on to the next victim. The teachers and principle keep an eye out for bullying where my son is concerned but what's being done about the bullies? from the looks Nothing. My child's emotional well being has been damaged and they stroll on to damage someone else. My child who is now angry at the world gets in trouble while they go on to torment another. just does not seem right. his life has been made miserable and "unlivable" as far as i can tell the bullies paid no price what so ever.  and Now i have a child threatening to use kitchen knives to kill himself. (he told the principle this ) he's now in counseling. Bullying hurts and it can KILL. I just hope my child can come back from this terrible experience. 

Shannon, 42, Maine

Bullying is such a common thing and the society isnt recognizing the extremes people will go to! There have been so many suicides from kids that dont even know why they are being bullied. And half the time they are being bullied its not even their fault! It has to do with the bullies. Maybe their life hasnt been perfect or they have abusive parents. Kids these days dont even tell their parents whats going on at school, fearing they will get made fun of for being a "tattle-tale" and then get bullied even more. Society doesnt realize what the extremes are. Like Columbine High School shooting is a very big example. The shooters were victems of bullying one way or another. And that day should have effected the society and showed them that this is what happens when adults, teachers, playground monitors..etc are not aware of what goes on during that "regular school day". I AM A VICTEM OF BULLYING AND IT NEEDS TO STOP. NOW.

Kolbe, 15, Ky

at first, I was bullied for my size. Then I was bullied for my effeminate qualities. Although it was sometimes a hurtful experience, supports were available to help me through the struggle - my family, my teachers, and my lifelong friends. Help is out there. Hesitation is a deadly habit. I will only push forwards and reflect. Work on bettering yourself and work on growing to understand a bully. You have an incredible means of problem solving. You will face various adversities in your life? You are not alone; don't stray from your ambitions. I love you. Work at it and keep strong.

Piotr, 23, Illinois

I cant stand being bullied, I am in Middle school and I dont think I can take much more of this, one girl came up to me and yelled "You know what would make life better for me and you?" And I said "What?" And she yelled "YOU OUT OF IT" I thought long and hard would life be better with out me? Possibly 

Brianna, 12, CA

I care because .... I have been bullied since third grade and over the years it's gotten worse. I have been told to kill myself by a bully. "The end of bullying begins with you!" - Demi Lovato 

Ali , 16, Illinois

I've been bullyed. the bullying  start in 7 th grade.I was scard ,emberest ....
so i didn't wanna go to school. a week later i dicided to be home schooled.
i guess the girls in my school were just jelouse because i was in "popular click " . it still hurts .......  

Monika, 16, europe,slovenia

...I've been cyber-bullied recently. Teenager use to be mean with some people just because they are frustrated or they've been bullied too.  But this is not right! And I think this is what we should to right now: making people understand bullying is not a normal behavior! We just lost too many lives. It must stop!!

Joanne, 16, Romania

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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