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I Care Because

I care because I am being bullied and I know it hurts. Honestly, it's really hard to go to school because I'm so scared that I'm going to get bullied again. I want to make my school a bully-proofed school, and soon. My family and I are going to start working on getting a celeb who was bullied as a kid to help me get a petition out and signed, and the entire student body into the auditorium for a presentation (with a celeb) about bullying and preventing it. I CARE BECAUSE I HURTS, AND BECAUSE IT IS HARD, REALLY, REALLY HARD TO FIGHT BULLYING, AND IT NEEDS TO STOP! Keep fighting this horrible thing called bullying, and stand up for yourself and your friends. Be a bullying warrior, and get the word out there that bullying needs to be stopped. Thank you!

Maya, 10, Decatur, GA

When I was little there was this Kid named *Katlynn and she was always being made fun of becuase of her weight. She finally got so sick of it she just became one of those kids that keep to their selfs.....I tried to be her friend but she just shrugged me off and told me she didnt need friends she had her brother........Bullying is Ruining lives~! 

Amanda , 17, indiana

i was bullied my whole school life and it until 6 mnths ago affected my life. i got into abusive relationships , eating disorders, drugs ,alcohol  but now i have been healthy for 6 mnths and i dnt worry what ppl say bout me as i am me and im awesum :) 

jodie , 21, nsw

This is for My daughter She is Sweet kind loving the most beautiful smile She is the best person you can ever have a friend ship with .My daughter has been getting bullied on and off since she was about 7 years old my daughter suffers from seizures The Medicine she was taking at that age was a type of steroid which made her gain weight and she slept alot because of the reaction in the brain when she has seizures. She is 16 now and in high school kids still bully her she always been brave and walked away or ignored whom ever who was bullying her.I always encouraged her and try to stay positive and always try to talk to someone..Kids are very very mean even Adults.Trying to keep her encouraged everyday but its hard when she has to go back to high school everyday. Where kids dont care and even some teachers..

tyra, 16,

Thank Goodness, I'm not bullied, because I'm homeschooled. But I definitely think that everyone should step up and try to fight bullying. It's kind of revolting knowing that so many kids are bullied every day! It's not like they did anything! Together let's make a difference.

Julia , 12, VA

Bullied target me since 6th grade to now. One same person, that person would never leave me alone, so I know how it felt... I care because I through it. 

Jessie, 17, Oregon

I've had a friend who was bullied severely and the pain that she felt is something no one should ever have to go through. It almost resulted in suicide and for someone to experience a feeling that strong is cruel and should not be tolerated.

Bekah, 16, Texas

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