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I Care Because

i have been bullied by an old friend , wich has caused me more drama , and she made fun of me because of that i have a pink highlight , i am tall , i wear short skirts and because of my last name (wich isn't even weird ) . i kind of solved 50% of my problem , but i hate seeing my friens get bullied

nouran, 12, egypt

I know what it's like. I've been bullied since I was in the 4th grade. It has just recently came to an end when I got in high school. It's not nice to be bullied. You feel alone. People say tell an adult, but most of the time the adults doesn't do anything. But when you don't tell nobody and it goes on for years things gets worse than it began. First it starts off with verbal bullying, next is emotional, then  physical, then cyber-bullying. There is so many types of bullying; and neither one of them is good. Bullying is bullying. It hurt people. It destroys lives, families, and friendships. A little piece of advice the people that bully you are more likely going to be family members or people who you thought was your friends. Don't let bullying destroys your life. Every life is precious. 

Shalynda , 16, Alabama

Many of my friends killed themselves because of the bullying. I am not the same now. That is why I am against this.

Charlie, 13, IL

I get bullied at school, and I don't like it so why should anyone else.

Ally, 12, Pennsylvania, Lancaster

i care because i have been bullied to the point where i didn't think highly of myself and i didnt like how i looked

icecys , 18, detroit

so many people are bullied acroos the world, its so frustrating when you dont feel you can say something to anyone or the bulling will just get worse.  Im a red head so ive been through almost every name a person  can get, ranger, ginger nigjar, period head, they're are just a spot of what us read heads have to put up with.  i used to get treased so much that i would come home in tears every night, but i never felt i could tell my family because if the teachers wont listen or do anything what would they do.  I died my hair a couple of months after i started  at a new school.  My point not only being towards read heads but to everyone,  the things bullies say mite only last 30 seconds a time they say it but it stays in your heart forever!.  I think the worse part is now that i have over come the being bullyed stage is watching people who have just started school getting the same treatment that i have just got rid of.  Ive been talking to them to let them no that someone is always listning and that your never alone, theres always someone who has been through what you have.  we all have blood, we all are people, and we all have feelings.

Danyall, 16, WA

I was bullied as a child and an adult... Be that person that reaches out to someone who is alone.. You see a kid sitting alone at lunch--go talk to them.. It only takes one kind word to make someone feel like they matter :)

Shari, 43, Oregon

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