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We Will Generation™

Resources designed to encourage student to student conversation.

Designed for schools and other organizations to leverage resources, at no cost and easily accessible on-line, to encourage students to educate, inspire and support each other to address bullying and create kinder and safer schools.

Ask Carmen

Carmen is a member of the Kids Against Bullying “Club Crew”, and she knows a lot about how to prevent bullying. She gives great advice about bullying to kids around the country.

Read what Carmen said to other kids, and ask her your own question!

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I Care Because

Bullying needs to stop now. I've been phisically and mentally bullied since kindergarden and now in high school. It has ended for me and needs to be ended for others.

Sue, 14, FL

It breaks my heart that people get bullied,including me. I don't understand why people think its ok to hurt someone from the inside and out.I never want anyone to have to face bullying. we are all different. Everyone judges someone even if they don't know the person. You should get to know someone before hating on them.Bullying is a very serious thing in this world. If you see someone getting picked on in school or out of school you should take a stand and help them[or even go get help]. I know its not easy doing that but it makes a big difference for the person. also it makes you feel like you have done the right thing and not be the one just watching, doing nothing about it. Make a stand. I have come to realization that i can't keep letting people bully me or others. Its not right. I am taking a Stand!!!!!!DO THE RIGHT THING!!!

Ana, 15, Ga

Most of my class bullies me. Just a few days ago I was called a fat B**** and when someone stood up for me, she got suspended and the bully got a warning. My school doesn't care if you'?are??bullied or not. They say they do but in all honestly, they could care less. I only have a little amount of friends and the people who have bullied me have bullied me since elementary. I try to be friends with everyone, but it never works, Just because I like a particular band, or I'm dressed a certain way they do anything to mess with me. I've been beaten in the bathroom, pushed into the lockers, had food shoved in my shirt, and been called some of the worst things ever. Being a 6th grade then and having to deal already with that stuff was the worst. Hopefully, everything will go well but until then I'm going to be doing online school starting next year. They say you have to face your fears when honestly, I don't think you should have to. People don't know the affect they have until it happens to them, but it won't ever happen to them, they're little perfects... but raise your chin. You're not the only one who is going through this stuff. People out there will know exactly how you feel, and they'll comfort you. Someone cares whether or not you  believe it!

Alyssa, 15, Indiana

I am a part of this world, I live in it and I love it and the people who reside in it. Especially those who are abused in any way shape or form for we all bleed red and we all hurt and we all deserve to feel good about ourselves despite our differences...we all breathe. Our differences are what makes us unique and special. For there is no one like me.

Robin, 53, Michigan

It hurts. I was bullied in 5th grade. A boy I never talked to called me horrible names..beast,and,freak,were the most painful. I don't want anybody to end up with an anxiety disorder like I did. It hurt,it hurts,and,the anxiety is overwhelming me. I want nobody to go through that.

Suzy, 14, Florida

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In The News

Oregon teen channels painful bullying experience into advocacy

Posted: Friday, October 02, 2015

When Taryn was bullied for a short period of time, she didn’t let the painful experience bring her down. Instead, she rose up above the bullying and became an advocate in her school and community. Taryn recently submitted a proclamation to the Governor of Oregon to make October Bullying Prevention Month in the state, and it was signed. Way to go, Taryn!

Doctor Radio shares tips from National Bullying Prevention Center

Posted: Friday, October 02, 2015

PACER’s Julie Hertzog was the featured guest on About Our Kids, a show on Doctor Radio—Sirius/XM110 hosted by child psychologists from the New York University Child Study Center and New York University School of Medicine. During the half-hour segment, Julie shared information about PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center and National Bullying Prevention Month, offered tips for parents to help address bullying, and answered questions from listeners.

National Bullying Prevention Center featured on Bloomington Today

Posted: Thursday, October 01, 2015

PACER’s Jenna Hanson appeared on “Bloomington Today,” a local cable news show run by the City of Bloomington, Minn. In her interview, Jenna discussed the mission of PACER Center and the National Bullying Prevention Center. She also shared details about the Friends of PACER’s 6th Annual Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying event on Saturday, Oct. 3 at Mount Normandale Lake in Bloomington. Watch now>>>

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All About Bullies . . . Big And Small

A CD for young children, and winner of a Grammy for Best Children’s Album, All About Bullies … Big and Small is a collection of music, poetry and storytelling designed to put an interesting and heartfelt twist on bullying prevention, so that young learners can identify with the topic in an age appropriate manner. The artists all generously contributed their time and talents. 100% of the profit proceeds are donated to PACER’s Kids Against Bullying initiatives.