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I Care Because

people shouldnt be treated like that just beacuse of their age race sex or whatever else  its sad because some people get treated like that for no reason  and they have no control over it and they are scared and shy  TELL SOMEONE!!!!!!! we all have the right to be safe in school and in life. pray for an end to bullying

phillip martin, 12, N/A

I'm bullied because I'm dyslexic and learn at a slow pace.I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was in 5th grade,I couldn't tie my shoes until 6th,I'm still losing baby teeth,ect.I don't understand why I have to get bullied.Other things I learned faster and my face started to break out in 3rd gade so I was made fun of for that.Thay make fun of my hair and clothes even though we wear uniforms.BULLYING NEEDS TO STOP NOW!!!!

Gabby, 12, IN

I have been bullied since I started at school. People make fun of me because I'm a little "bigger" than others. And because I don't have the same style as the others in my class. I always think how my life would be if I was skinnier or had the same style as the others. Would people like me better? Would people show me respect? Bullying needs to stop.. NOW!!!

Isabel, 13, NO

I have been bullied my whole life and I hate it! People would trip me and pour there food on me I came home crying and covered in what was on the lunch menu you think this stuff is just on Tv but its not now I'm homeschooled but its almost worse because I get cyberbullied now I can't even go on the computer.

Faith, 11, CA

I care, because I lost a friend to bullying. Nobody deserves it. I want to help make a difference to end bullying!

Cindy, 15, Texas

i care becuase i had to get homeschooled because of bullying people calling me name's spread the word stop bullying :) 

Jessica, 18, Dillonvale OHio

i was bullied for 3 years it was cyber and at school. It was terrible i am still very self concious about myself. I felt so alone because all of my friends turned on me so i was vulnerable. Demi lovato has inspired me to be a better person and to see light after the storm

daisy, 15, ca

i know how it feels. everybody should look around themselves. you might e bullying people and not even know it. there is no downside to helping

Courtny, 14, ny

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