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I Care Because

i have been through alot in my life and i know alot of people who have been bullied , me being one of them from a young age , i lost all my friends in school and i felt so alone , i didnt have a proper friend and i didnt know what it was like to have someone there who really did care untill i met my best friend caseyjade  she is amazing she went through exactly what i went through in fact even worse and she knew exactly what it was like , i dont know what i would do without her , she made me the strong person i am today. When im feeling down or im starting to overthink i think about demi lovato and what she has over come and how she is such an inspiration ! i put on her music and i feel so much better hearing her voice and reading her quotes is what helps alot of people today that dont know where to turn to and find help and i want to thank you demi you are an idol ! x

julie, 15, northern ireland

I have been bullied before, and it felt like it was never ending. I didn't want to live. But then I met my great friend Sydney. She helped me so much and I don't know what I would do without her. I just want to let everyone know, that someone is out there who cares. Just because you have a bad day doesn't mean you'll have a bad life.

Amellia, 15, South Dakota

i once was bullied i dont want no one to feel hopeless like i did i want to help the victims and others.. We all have a story and it needs to be heard. It is not fair to the parents who lost a child because of bullying its not fair to no one we need to stop bullying before its to late for others and our loved ones

brianna , 17, Holden Mo

I have Asbergers Syndrome. When i was in Public School I was bullied by a lot of different people. One day i sat down to pick some dandilions for my teacher in third grade. A girl said move or else, I didnt and she kept threatening me. I walked over to my teacher and told her what happened. Another time i made a friend and she made us do everything she said, if we didnt she would tell all our secrets to the whole school. During the end of the year she joined the cool crowd. So she called me and my friend things like blubber face, losers, and other things. I had the option to be homeschooled. I am now, and will be until next year when i attend high school. I heard she is still a major bully and gossip problem.

No more bullying, 15, GA

I don`t like watching people sad , I wish I can help
and I became happy if I was the reason of someone to be happy and
I never want to be that mean girl
I just love helping people 

lana, 14, syria

i have gotten bullied sence my first day of first grade. the thing is though i try my best to keep going because if i can make it so can others. ya it's hard and you get knocked down but you've got to keep going


people don't deserve to feel like this! 

Sarah, 11, Ohio

my only child, a daughter, was bullied throughout school beginning in 5th grade.  I remember this because of a comment made by her teacher at the time who had taught  this grade for several years and had two older daughters of her own.  She said, "With girls, this is when begins."  I highly respect her, I only wish she could've told me when it ends.  Together, my daughter and I fought "city hall".  I met with teachers, principals, district superintendents, legislaters and ,quite often, state police.  I emailed the PA Dept of Education along with excerpts of threats from IM  More often than not, I was told I was making a "big deal" out of nothing.  That this is JUST part of growing up.  The district super told me  that barging into a staff meeting was 'terribly out of line' when he had repeatedly ignored my requests for a meeting.

To all kids and parents, the safety of our children is a right as a human being.  And when this safety is threatened, it's much more than a 'big deal'.  I'm an expert because I lived it through my daughter.  I felt the fear, had the nightmares and cried every, single day.

Thanks for recognizing bullying as the 'big deal' that it is.

Elizabeth, 54, WV

My 13 year old brother has Autism and is marked as a target for bullies because he's different.  School life for him is miserable, and he doesn't have friends.  I believe the bullying affects other parts of his life like school work.

Haley, 15, The United States

no one should have to go through that. i wish people would just get along without all of this drama.bullying is never YOUR fault. and never become the bully. it is not a way of life and should never happen so don't believe that lie. word cant hurt you physically, but they can hurt you internally and you may never forget it. don't let them put you down and don't be a bystander, help them. tell an adult.we have lost enough people to suicide because of bullying, we shouldn't lose anymore, so stand up and speak out!

Jasmyn, 14, meredosia, illinois

First grade through fourth grade I was bullied and everyday I came home crying my eyes out. My mom and the school didn't believe me, but one day my mom saw it happen. She tried to get the school involved but they wouldn't so she pulled me out of private school and put me in public school. I'm still bullied sometimes but it's not as bad as it was. I have a lot of friends now. No one believed me at first and it was horrible. I feel for everyone whose being or been bullied. Every time you see someone being bullied, Help. Even if you don't like the person, you need to stand up. Would you want to be bullied every day of your life and no one stand up or help you? Think about it.

Maggie, 16, Arkansas

My self-esteem was crushed my classmates and even teachers because of how I look and the way I act. They made fun of me pointed out every flaw there was in me and practically made me a loner. Everyday at school was torture. Everyone in class made fun of me, toyed with my emotions, laughed at my face, and tell me that they'd rather die than be with me. That was 3 years ago. Now that I'm in college, I've realized the kind of torment they inflicted on me and I don't want that to happen to others. Together we are better than them. 

Johannah, 18, Tacloban City, Philippines

Help the cause and telll everyone abou the PACER

hannah, 13, ky

I am bullied at school because I have ADHD. I  just told one of my friends that I thought I could trust, but she spread it around, so now almost every student knows. Turns out, the only reason why that girl PRETENDED to be my friend because I was the new girl at school, but about two weeks after I moved, she turned into one of my bullies. Now I have only four friends in my new class that I really, really trust, and I feel as if them anything, but I'm going to keep my secrets from anybody else. People always spread embarrassing rumors about my ADHD, most of them which aren't true, "Vanessa got a C on her science test because of her ADHD," not true, I love science and I'm an A student in it. I'm forgetful, but people change that into being dumb. But people with ADHD can still be very smart. I heard Albert Einstein had ADHD.

Vanessa, 12, Manhattan, NY

i heard news from different countries and most of the issues are about BULLYING, i know how hard it is to be picked up by people just to make a laugh, i want to stop BULLYING....its the reason why i joined Teens Agsinst Bullying.

leony, 13, phil

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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