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I Care Because

I was bullied. Bullying nearly caused me to take my own life away from home on a class trip to Washington, DC. No one should ever have to feel alone. I didn't have a voice then but I have a voice now and it WILL be heard and it WILL help to prevent bullying.

Kerbie, 15, TX

I care because i was bullied in my secondary school worst still i am not only bullied by my classmates by the senior and  my teachers.I was the one who was picked in the class the most because i was short and small size. My growth was slower then others by two and a half years.They will all  insult me with bad thing even in front of the teachers but none of them care they even laugh at me. people say stick and stone can break my bones but words never will that's is not real it hurt so much. i have gone through it and no one else should have ever gone though it like me. Do what's right and change what it is not . Bullying is not right and will never be right.

Jerry, 12, Singapore

When I was in junior high school, i was bullied and harassed because of my weight and my looks. My teeth weren't always perfect or white like everyone else's. I was also bullied for liking horses and anything else i liked.  It got so bad that i ended up having my parents come up to the school and my doctor to give me a medication to calm me down because i hated going. I remember one day coming home on the bus and some kid says 'oh there's a dog on the bus' meaning me. that HURT. I cried and called my best friend. the main thing was i had family who cared about me and friends. 

When you bully someone you have NO idea how badly that it hurts them. Why do you do it? To feel better about yourself? To make others feel inferior? either way bullying has to STOP. Its horrible and not right. More people need to get involved in this and end bullying once and for all because this causes real damage to people and it HURTS them. Words really do hurt. i'm 33 now, and let me tell you.  i dont miss those bullies in school. HS was awesome. i loved it and had a lot of friends. If you feel you're being bullied/harassed, tell your parents immediately. if you get depressed, also get help. remember there are people that love you and there's nothing wrong with YOU.

Jennifer, 33, Staten Island, NY

I care because I was bullied all through middle school and high school. I remember how it made me feel. I would not wish that on anyone. Not even the people who bullied me. It hurt me mentally and made me think so bad upon on myself. Still to this day I still look at myself and hear the awful names I was called. I hate the fact that some poor innocent teen is going through that as well and I wanna do something to help them. 

Annie, 20, Mass

All throughout highschool I was bullied for different reasons. It affected my confidence and made me hate who I was. I ended up doing cyber school for my senior year because the bullying was too much, I was afraid to go back. My mom has helped me a lot through this and I just take life day by day now, trying to stay positive about the person I am.

Tori, 17, PA

I've had a friend who was bullied severely and the pain that she felt is something no one should ever have to go through. It almost resulted in suicide and for someone to experience a feeling that strong is cruel and should not be tolerated.

Bekah, 16, Texas

I care because I have been bullied partly because of my height in elementary school.  I feel sorry for those who have been bullied because I can have empathy for them since I've been through bullying.  

Anna, 10, New Hampshire

I am fortunate to have minimal experiences with bullying. Because of that fact, I want to help those who are being bullied. I have been a bystander in the past, and I came into a realization that being a bystander doesn't make me any better than a bully. I care because I have witnessed what bullying can bring in a person's life. Tragic, isolation, and loneliness all sums up due to bullying and portrays worse case scenarios like suicides. I care because I myself is a child, a daughter, an aunt, a sister, a cousin, and a part of this community, and would not tolerate any bullying to those who I care about, or for those who seek justice. Therefore I pledge to take actions whenever I witness any bullying. I pledge to help stop bullying one step at a time. 

Clarisse , 17, Colorado

I feel bullying is very wrong. Everyone has feelings...right? It's sad to think someone would want to hurt human being. IF you are bing bullied...stay strong. Know that people care(: If you are a bully...STOP. 

??????, 11, ???????

I care because I have a 15 year old son that has Aspergers, a form of autism. Aspergers does not define who he is, it is just a part of him. He is a wonderful friend to anyone who takes the time to get to know him. Just this week I had to pick him up from school after he had been bullied and pushed by a fellow student. He was in tears. This boy has been calling him names for a couple of weeks now. Hopefully after intervention from the school, this will stop. I only hope that this website and the message reaches as many teens as possible. There is no excuse for abuse and words hurt just as much as fists. I cant wait to show him this website when he gets home from school. Thank you for spreading the message! A grateful and PROUD mom of a really great kid with Aspergers.

Kelly Helsper, 42, GA

when i was in 4th grade i got bullied.
it was the worst year ever i didnt understand and till this day i dont 
know why they didnt like me i came home crying everyday trying to forget everything theyve said or done and i was to afraid to get a teachers help so this lasted for a while.


carey, 12, laveen az

There was an unpopular girl at my school n she was bullied all the time, so one day i stood up for her and done something about i gave her a friend. You dont have to use violence or even tell someone about it, i just gave her a friend and found out that she is a really nice girl.

George, 15, UK

People so young can be bullied. it's really sad. it all starts when kids steal your lunch box. you think that's bad? wait until your in middle school. I'm cyber schooled. have been forever. so I haven't really been bullied unless it slips out from a friend or at church people can make fun of me. 

I care because people all around the world get bullied and if everyone could stand together as one <333 it would be like a dream. that no one would care that your overweight or have a lot of pimples or is disabled. 

People who think they are ugly are the most beautiful people in the world. 

Samantha, 13, USA

hi demi  I was on this website  and read it ,  I  was bullied  being in junior infants by a girl and I told my parents and teacher anf they tried to solve it, and nothing  change  so I  said to myself  I  don't  have to putting up with  this stuff  I  have my friends,family and teachers. So I stood  up for myself and I wasn't bullied again!!!!!!!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:

p.s  I am a  huge fan of your work!!!!!!

siobhan xxxxxx, 11, uk

in middle school this group girls started bullying three of my friends and they had no reason why. it started getting worse and worse. one of them even hit one of my friends with her jacket! and on  another occasion, i saw them cursing out one of my friends and in class i asked her if she was alright, but she said about another time where they kept toching her hair and she had no choice but to call them off. she started crying, but when class started, she got better. all of them should have went to the teacher, but they decided to stick it out. the next year, a few of them moved away and the bullying stoped. it hurt me seeing my friends being bullyed, but they were so brave that they inspired me to be brave too, to always think of the positive. not of the negative.

Stepanie, 17, CA

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