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I Care Because

we are trying to stop bullying in our school. We just had an assembly on Bullying.  We are serious about thinking about what might happen before we say or do anything mean to each other.  We plan to keep meeting once a week to learn more about what bullying really is. We also want to check in with each other to see how much bullying is decreasing in our school. It would be great if we could have a small group of students who can talk to someone who is bullying someone else - maybe that could help.  The teachers would support the group, but it would really be Teens talking to Teens to find solutions.The kids who are the bullies could have had something bad happen to them so they're acting out - but really they might need to talk to a peer that cares.

Alaska History Class, 15, Hydaburg, Alaska

I have delt with bullying ever since I started going to school with other students, at first I was in third grade and there were differant groups I was in my own little group of one I was alone all the time I got called names and tried to stay away from people. I went back to homeschooling during 4th, then I went to a public school in 6th grade I was pointed out and picked out by bullies I was verbally and physically bullied I didn't have any friends I was the kid who got along with the teachers only, when I went to 7th I had made a few friends I argued with one of them all the time and I still do then in 8th I dicovered cutting I cut everyday trying to take out my emotions that I kept bottled up everyday then I started becoming annarexic I would barely eat I convinced myself that I wasn't hungry. Then I went to 9th grade and the first few weeks were fine then one of my friends turned on me she eventually turned the whole school against me I was able to convince a few people that everything she had said about me wasnt true I moved schools in the second semester thats where I met my boyfriend who has  helped me through a lot and is still helping me because I still have people bully me My point is I have had every form of bullying happen to me it has slowed down but I still have the scars of cutting and emotional I am still very selfconscious don't bully its not cool stop!

Megan, 15, Virginia, USA

Most people think that when you are bullied it means physically and that it happens mostly at school. This isn't the case. I was bullied for 8 years. 4 years during my high school years and for 4 years over the internet. It was the bullying I endured over the internet that had the biggest impact on my life. This woman was 10 years older than I was, nearly 30. I didn't understand why she bullied me and I still don't know to this day why she chose me as her victim. It took me 3 years to finally go to my parents and talk to them about it but once I did it helped me find the strength I needed to stand up and say "I will no longer let you treat me like this" 

To everyone being bullied out there in the world. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Please talk to someone whether it be your parents, friends or even someone over the internet you are close to. There is always someone who is willing to listen :) Remember you are loved by the people that matter and don't let these people get you down.

Nathalie, 22, LA

My friends have been bullied and I have stud up for them. I want bulling to end at my school. But most people that bully were bullied at young ages and think that everyone needs to to feel that way

Leah, 16, UT

I care because it isn't big to make someone feel small. It's not fair to bully someone. Most importantly I believe bullying at school is just not ok you are taking away the education and time from someone. I care because no one should have their education taken away from them.

Emily, 12, California

I got bullied in 5th and 6th class. When teachers said something everybody sais sorry, but when the teachers was not there everyone was starting bullying me again.
In 7th class we switched the people in the class, because we can choose between 2 languages.
In my new class everything is alright and everyone is nice to me and all the others in class :)
Ps. sorry for my bad english, I'm from germany^^

Julia, 14, DE

in middle school this group girls started bullying three of my friends and they had no reason why. it started getting worse and worse. one of them even hit one of my friends with her jacket! and on  another occasion, i saw them cursing out one of my friends and in class i asked her if she was alright, but she said about another time where they kept toching her hair and she had no choice but to call them off. she started crying, but when class started, she got better. all of them should have went to the teacher, but they decided to stick it out. the next year, a few of them moved away and the bullying stoped. it hurt me seeing my friends being bullyed, but they were so brave that they inspired me to be brave too, to always think of the positive. not of the negative.

Stepanie, 17, CA

people who bully are usally bullied at home.

So if a friend comes to school with bruises don't hesitate to ask what happened and if they say they were bullied to the point of abuse tell someone..

anastazia, 13, New York

I think that it is wrong that people get bullied. During my years in elementry, I was bullied. I was so scared to tell anyone. I remember never being glad to go to school because I knew that I would be bullied. But when I finally told someone, I felt much better because soon after I told them they stopped it for continuing any further. It is my hope that teenagers can work togther to stop bullying forever.

Reanna Wareing, 16, Canada

I care because I was bullied and then became a bully. Im standing up to speak out because what I did was wrong and bullying needs to stop.
We need to be here for each other. No more bulys !

Erica, 17, Ireland

I hate it when people are hurt, it makes me hurt. I well try to stop bullying at my school, its si wrong.

Skylar, 13, Labrador City

I onced was bullied sometimes i still am i stick up for people who are bullied. i was bullied cause of how slow i learn im not the fastest learner but i try, i get made fun of cause i fail almost every test and quiz. But now i try to get better and i still am. No one should be bullied if there getting bullied then the person bullying them is jealous of him or her. I wanna change the world i wanna stop bullying 

Reagan, 13, VA

I care because I was bullied about my weight until 5th grade and then I decided to stop it without violence so I told my teacher and she didn't listen so I asked may I go to the counselor and then she said yes I told the counselor and she gave him in-school suspension and I was never bullied again my message to people that are being bullied is you have to stop him/her from making you feel bad because if you do that makes them feel good and just do it more 

Breanna, 10, Georgia

I have been bullied my whole life. When I was young I never told anyone, family or friends, it sure hurt my self esteem later in life. Due to my bullying I have a hard time socially. Please , if you are being bullied, tell someone, they may not be able to do anything, but at least they will know and can help you get through the pain with love. When I was bullied in elementary school there was a janitor named Mr. Jones who helped me out of some bad bully situations, he could have turned away. If you see someone being bullied, please help them. Thanks.

Warn, 44, Virginia

Being a bully as well as a victim is a horrible thing nobody should go through as I grew older i realized the wrongs I did and I apologize to everyone I had hurt. I would feel alone but I learned to express my emotions through art and writing things down no one deserves to be bullied and you are never truly alone.

Jesus , 22, California

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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