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I Care Because

i get bullied all the time, i've been called just about every name there is...i know how  all of you are feeling, the bullying hasn't ended yet but i have hope that someday it will. i have an 8 year old brother and a 10 year old stepsister, they already get bullied and i can't stand it, so i'm trying to go into the schools and talk to the students there.  bullying needs to end, not a single person deserves to feel the way i /we do. i hope that everyone that gets bullied can someday look back and know that it only made them stronger...<3

mackenzie, 15, bristol. ct

I Am too a victim for being bullied.... i get picked on everyday because f my body and my characteristics.... being as small as i am is somthing that i take for granted.... in middle school people try to do things that make them look cool =... like bulling  i have been pushed, hit, thrown, and spit on and i have recently gone into magor depression, my mom has done as much as she can to help me and i am on the road to recovery...... for all of you poeple out there afraid of standing up , afraid of everything dont be if you need a helping hand follow me on tumblr at charlOtte-russe.... im here and awlays will be thnks for reading my story and lets stand up to those bullies because they have something in their life thats hurting them and just want to have the feeling of other people hurting with them ... bulling is a thought that fears teens everyday so lets get rid or that fear and when kids go to school to not be afraid to be glad that they are somewhere in a safe and educational enviroment:)<3

Ashley, 14, Florida

I care about bullying because I've been through it myself. Sure, I know how it feels to say "I wish I didn't have to live through all this anymore." I know how it feels to want to take your life away with a single cut. Trust me, it's not worth it at all. So many people love seeing a smile across your face. Some people can't go a day with out seeing you. To someone in this world, you mean something greater than life it self. One life gone scars dozens more. Please, stay strong, speak out and stay alive. If you feel like no one in life cares.. I do. 

Julie , 12, NY

It is simply wrong for others to think they are better than the defeneeless and innocent, i believe something should be done to end this cause that is affecting millions of kids/teens. Bullying in schools and Cyber Bullying is wrong. 

Joe, 16, TX

No one deserves to be bullied, we are meant to be loved and adored.  

Leandra, 16, SA

Help the cause and telll everyone abou the PACER

hannah, 13, ky

When I was 6 years old, everyone made fun of the way I looked. They made sure I knew how ugly and stupid I was every day of my life. At that age, I already wanted to kill myself. When I turned 10, I started cutting myself. And as the world turned colder, suicide was an option I was willing to take.

Luckily, I found people who made me feel important. I'm 15 now and I feel much better. Stronger. And although not everything has been the same, I now feel that it is my responsibility to listen to others who have gone through my experience too. I just want to say that you are not alone and I love you very much.

Jonina , 15, Philippines/ Manila

My friend is being bullied and the fact that they make her feel like trash is just not supposed to be a way of life

Natalie, 14, New Jersey

Bullying needs to stop because it hurts the kids inside and out i have been bullied sense i was 6 i am 16 now every morning i dread going to school in the morning it's so bad now i can't take it anymore i used to love school

Claire , 16, Tennessee

my big sister was bullied and I see a lot
of other innocent kids being bullied.
It's not cool cuz probably the kid
has it hard enough already. I want to
make a difference.

Cristina, 12, Hawthorne, CA

I am bullied. I always have been. I use to want tocommit suicide because it brought my self esteem down so low. I use to cut myself but now I want to help end bullying and show them that there is hope and they can find it just like I did. I show them hope through my music. 

Courtney, 16, Mississippi

I've dealt with bullying for a lot of my life.  I've never fit in, I've always been different, I'm quieter, just an ideal target for someone hungry to  bully someone else....It hurts, like for those who don't understand this really it's just this super deep pain you feel.  I've had several kinds of bullying, verbal and cyber.  I blamed myself for so much of it when it never was my fault.  I've considered several times wanting to switch schools, but I always told myself it would get better.  And it has gotten better.  I've felt so down low I considered things I shouldn't have, and I did harm to myself also.  It wasn't worth it.  It took the pain away temporarily but it never helped much because I always wanted to do it again and again.  I eventually got encouraged by people who started to admire things about me, how there was no fear of being different, and not changing because of others want me to.  It was a rough journey but I think I have made it really far.  People really appreciate you being your true self, so don't let others bully you from it.  Stay strong my friends, and stand up and speak up for those afraid of it.  I never had it, but you can be that person who can help change so much.  You can be the life changer who could save someone from so much pain and misery.  I love all you random people who I don't know!  We stay strong together, united.

Kirsten, 15, Michigan, USA

i don't like bullying it's so sad and I mean why do you do it? I want to stand up for the people who are getting bullied because this is not ok! And this is not a joke! Even a random tease is still bullying!

MayLee, 9, private

Alot of things have happened to me that are going on to others and I'm not happy about it. HELP STAND AGAINST THE BULLIES. STAND FOR THE SMALLER KIDS AND HELP THEM REGAIN CONFIDINCE!!!! NO ONE WANTS IT TO HAPPEN.

Ashlynn, 13, Conroe, Texas

I care because I've been suffering from bullying for a very long time. Because of it, I've begun to self harm, as well as suffer from depression, anorexia and unrequited love. I don't want anyone to suffer the way I did. Nobody deserves to be tortured in this hurtful way.

Matt, 13, Massachusetts

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