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I Care Because

I'm supporting anti-bullying because i was bullied when i was 14 so this has to end

Cedrick, 16, Peoria, Illinois

i dont enjoy walking down my hallway & seeing people being bullied, it can lead to some very, very dangerous things, such as.., deppresion, fighting, and even sometimes if it gets too out of control, or if worse comes to worse, suicide.  && i think that no-one should have to be afraid to go to school only because they are getting bullied...EVERYDAY.! just recently me and a group of my friends started a group at our school, called "Teen 2 Teen" where anyone can come & talk to any of us and tell us anything and everything, about them being bullied..and we do our best to help them and to put a stop to it.!!

Savanna , 13, Ohio

bullieling is not so cool i have always bein scared of being bullied, seen it been done with others it is very scary and i know with this it can help us all.

benedicte, 15, il

my son was bullied from elementary school to the present (9th grade). He is now in an alternative school at night and hates it. He justs wants to be like every other kid. He hates it so much, he wants to go back to the high school where he was being bullied, even though he knows it will continue. I feel helpless to stop this nightmare. I too was bullied in school and fought back against my attackers, both verbally and physically, for years and it wasn't till I left that school, that it all stopped.
I wish I could help my son to stop the abuse, but he says I would just make matters worse for him.

Bonnie, 42, New York

I have been bullied before, and it felt like it was never ending. I didn't want to live. But then I met my great friend Sydney. She helped me so much and I don't know what I would do without her. I just want to let everyone know, that someone is out there who cares. Just because you have a bad day doesn't mean you'll have a bad life.

Amellia, 15, South Dakota

Bullying needs to stop. it will never stop compleatly there will always be people out there who are negative. Stand for the silent is a program that has just begun to start at my school. Bulling is mean an crule. cant people just get along! 

Holly, 13, Duncan Oklahoma

"Everyone is unique in their own special way. Everyone should feel cared for and loved. Don`t judge others unless you know their exact situation, and if you do judge, be positive. Say good coments. Just helping some one when they fall, or saying "Cute T-Shirt!" can make a HUGE difference. Some poeple say somthing nice but then start laughing , beacaise they`re faking it. Don`t fake kindness. Show real kindness. We can all make a difference. Even if you don`t say somthing mean, say somthing nice. Don`t ignore someone. That is just as bad as bullying. Defend someone when they are being bullyed . Don`t be a bystander. Don`t hate bullies, learn what they are really like. Most of the time, bullies have somthing bad in their lives. Like a bad home life, or mean parents or older siblings. Be friends with bullies, be friends with those who are bullied. Be nice and kund to everyone. If you are bullied, it gets better. Tell an adult or a friend. Confront the bullie publicly. Others will act too. You are not alone.

Alexandra, 12, Alabama

I think I can make a difference. If more people cared, maybe it would change.

Ashley, 14, PA

I care because I know that it hurts and that it isnt okay. I have not personally expierienced it but I have stopped it before and will continue doing it forever.

Avery, 15, Florida

I was bullied once and I hated the feeling. I dont get it. I say that I bet the bullies wouldnt like it if they were BEING bullied. It isnt fair. I must admit I did bully once and I will NEVER do it again, as after I had done it and left the 'Gang' they bullied me for leaving and sticking up for my real friends. The best thing to do is ignor them and get on with your life as normal. Teen bullying is quite common, so I am going to help ANYONE I can!

CoolGirl, 10, UK

I was being bullying for about 6 years. Alot of people know about it but they never did something. I care alot about other people being bullyed because I dont want then to go through the same things I had to deal with every day. So when my sister came home from school and told me that people where being mean to her, my heart droped. For 2 weeks ago I got the opportunity of a lifetime. I got to write a musical for our church choir. I know immidently what I was going to write about. Bullying! This so that people will open their eyes and start to see what a few things can do to help a person that's being bullying. I was bullying for the face that I was different. Now I have some off the most amazing fiends just because I'm different. I would never traid my life for someone else but I will do everything that is in my power to provide a safe place for the kids that lives in the world of bullying today. We all can stop this if we work together. 

Maria, 19, sw

i used to be bullied until i stood up for myself now i feel much better and more safe i hope bullying stops

tanner, 15, michigan


Madison, 13, IN

I moved countrys and I was the most popular girl in my new school.After a while the girls I called frieends started telling everyone im a whore, slut and many things.After thta I started cutting and my mom found out.I had never seen my mom cry so it amde me stop.I amde new friends,but after a while one of them publishes a nude video she tapped of my while I was takign a bath.She then told the whole school that I posted on of her on youtube with was a lie.Everyone hated me and now im changing school.Bullying hurts, a lot and if you havent gone through it, you will at some point.Because the slightest remark can cause a lifetime impact.Be careful and treat people well because who knows maybe someday youll be on thir place, and dont you wish you ahd someone who helped you?

Fernand, 12, ca

I was bullied in 8th & 9th grade. I was taken out of school for it to stop. Teachers, principals, deans, ect. Did not help me when I needed it. I wasn't able to finish High school because of this growing problem. I got my GED, & now some of my siblings are faceing this ordeal. We need to band together & put a stop to this once & for all!!!! I tweeted to help spread the awareness.

Sheila, 21, Nv

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Schedule Erin Barlow to speak in your community

Barlow, a Theater major at UCLA, is available to speak to middle and high school students around the United States. Erin shares her powerful story to encourage all to seek support, to talk with someone and to know that PACER is here for them. It is Barlow’s mission to let all know they are not alone.

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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A complete event toolkit provides resources and giveaways to initiate conversation and action on ways to “be there” for those who experience bullying, providing kindness, hope, and support. The toolkit can be used in coordination with a bullying prevention event in the school or community, such as a Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying, school open house, or parent-teacher conferences.

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Buckle Believes in Bullying Prevention

The Buckle believes that good business starts with good people doing good and giving back. It’s a passion and a genuine willingness to make an impact. And so together, Buckle chooses to take a stance against bullying with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center by contributing 10% of the purchase price from select Buckle Believes styles to support bullying prevention.

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