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I Care Because

I think more people should care about bullying and trie to stop it from happening.And you never know but if we all come together we can stop bullying all around the world.Making websites with information to help kids in all ages.You pretty much get what i mean though.Just remember to help face bullying instead of watching people face it alone and leaving them to be frightend,and even scared to even go any were alone.Thank you for reading and don't forget to help the people around you that are being bullied.

Nicole, 12, Clarkton Mo

I care about bullying because I've been through it myself. Sure, I know how it feels to say "I wish I didn't have to live through all this anymore." I know how it feels to want to take your life away with a single cut. Trust me, it's not worth it at all. So many people love seeing a smile across your face. Some people can't go a day with out seeing you. To someone in this world, you mean something greater than life it self. One life gone scars dozens more. Please, stay strong, speak out and stay alive. If you feel like no one in life cares.. I do. 

Julie , 12, NY

i care because people should not be treated bad there supposed to be treated right no one should be bullied at all 

Denise, 9, Irving TX

I care because i've been bullied to the point where the names got to me so bad, that i treid to end my own life. So many teens kill themselves due to bullying. If everybody stood up against bullies, we'd have no worries. But we're stuck, hurting, terrifed, and voiceless. This site is giving US teens a voice. A voice to stop the bullying. To stop the hurt. To stop all the pain these people are causing. 

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names can shatter your soul .

Toni, 12, NS

When I went into middle school there was a boy who everyone just "decided" to pick on. He would always sit alone at lunch and never once had a friend to call his own. But I never said a word. I was too scared to lose my friends... I was too selfish to help someone in need. A few years later I remembered how many times this boy had tried to talk to me... it made me cry thinking of how alone he must of felt like. Never again will I EVER let anyone decide who is " worthy" enough to be happy and have friends. And I want others to learn from my mistake. When you see someone down on the ground, have the courage to be the hand that picks them up.

Angela, 16, Des Moines IA

I care because i know what it is like to be torn apart or scared. But you have to know that, that person is just one and as long as you dont let it get to you, you can live a long happy life. You just need to know that that persons opinion doesnt matter. I have also seen kids that take out all of the hurt and anger on others, but dont stoop down to their level. Create your own level above eveyone else.

Kylie, 12, Oregon

i've been bulied for 5 years and still get it. i have told the school and nothing really gets sorted. i think everyone that gets bullied should tell someone as its really inportant.

lucy , 15, UK

I know how it actually feels. when i was in my elementary, my classmates had stepped my personality and never having any support from anybody was the painful part.

ZYRA, 17, Philippines

I want to stop bullying because I got bullied before

Anonymous, 10, Rockwall TX

Not everybody in this world is meant to be perfect. The fact that a bully is making us feel inferior is just absolutely heartbreaking. Nobody deserves to be bullied-so many people suicide because some people don't understand when to stop joking. Everybody in this world should all be loved equally. Do you know how important life is? Don't dwell in your own depression. You have people who care about you. Don't let the bullies dictate your life. You have a whole team surrounding you, why let one person ruin the game? Keep your head up; I promise you it's worth it. I for one am a fighter of bullying. Smile because that's the best weapon to bring a bully down :). 

Linda, 16, Wisconsin

Many people sufffer from bullying daily and there is always a bystander who choses not to say a thing to the teacher or an adult. The victim is hurt more not by the bully but by the bystander. But once in every ten teens there is a bystander that will tell a teacher and save a person from death and bullying. I even suffered from it at a very young age by a classmate and her sister. My brother who is 11 years older than I said nothing to my mom and he saw it everyday. I finally stepped up and told her. Now whenever I see bullying I stop it. I  hope you agree with this last sentence. I WANT TO BE THE ONE IN TEN TEENS TO SAVE MANY PEOPLE FROM BULLYING AND I HOPE YOU DO TO!

Morgan White, 14, NE

I care because i was bullied since kindergarten.  People made fun of me because i was so smart and because i have a tendancy to say um alot.  i dont know why people cant accept the fact that were all different.  I was never a bully but i was friends with a couple bullies and i never joined in with the bullying.   I am 100%against bullying

holly, 14, ny

My son was bullied as a first year middle school student two years ago.  He was sexually assaulted, locked in a supply closet, and attacked by two students with little to no response from his school.  Eventually, his class schedule was changed and his assailants were rendered consequences.  However, the emotional damage was done.  Together, my son and I traveled the path of healing.  I also wrote a book which now supports prevention and healing for children who are bullies, being bullied or bystanders. 

Courtney Brown, 38, Louisiana

"Its true I've always been shy. I've never really been as wacky as I could have when I was younger. Today I am someone who is quiet, shy, someone who is afraid to try and make friends because of the fear of being called names again just because I seem awkward in other people's eyes. Ever since I transferred to another school when I was in prep I've been called names every single day just because I'm quiet. Because of the bullying, because of someone who pretended to be my friend, I am someone who is always alone. People don't want to be around me because of what others say. I've been called bugs bunny, okra, donkey kong, and many more.
I don't want others to be diminished. I don't want others to close the world just because of people who think their better than you. Its time to put a stop to this! SUPPORT THE CAUSE!

Alex, 15, Philippines

elementary to middle school was torture. being over-weight, having bad acne and being a quiet person was "wrong". i had rocks thrown at me. from the age of 12-15 i was suicidal and cutting. why because bullies made me feel like scum, when really they're the ones acting like scum. no one is better than anyone else. i promise though, if you stick it out, it gets better. when you become an adult those petty things don't matter anymore. it's time teens realized that at a young age...before the bullied become the bullies, before someone else dies because they can't take it anymore. it's time to teach these kids compassion and understanding, like i was taught from a young age. i care because our children, nieces and nephews, cousins and friends are hurting...we all have to change and stand up, let everyone know this is wrong.

Christina, 21, Houston, TX

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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