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I Care Because

People always look at me like I'm the stupidest kid in school. Sometimes they don't say it directly but the way they act just meant a lot. Actions do speak louder than words.. these bulllying need to be stop! Just threat people the way you want to be threated.

Noorul, 15, Malaysia

i care because i have been bullied to the point where i didn't think highly of myself and i didnt like how i looked

icecys , 18, detroit

i am a football player and people say football players are bullyes and were not were aginst it and thats all.

holleyo, 15, tx

I have NEVER been bullyed. But a couple days ago this kid in my class beat  up a 5th grader( by the way we are forth graders) on the bus FOR NO REASON!!!!  Then he made up a whole diffrent story to tell that the boy started calling him names! Then my best friend was right there watching and she said it was a whole diffrent story. I don't ever want to be bullyed and not anyone else go through it ethier. So I want to help to prevent bullying from happening.

Shelby, 9, KY

at my school if you live in a trailer or if you are over a 1oo pounds then you are bullied. And i am both . i am lucky because i have friends and i get good grades but it would be nice to not have to stand on the side of the hall so i wont get knocked down and it would be nice if people wouldnt call me fat or ugly.. I want bullying to stop because the people who get bullied, are the ones who are always scared and are the ones who get brake downs  i wish they realized how cruel and or idiotic they seem to us.

danielle, 12, tx

Bullying ruined my life. I look I'm okay now, but I will never have my childhood back. At the age of 6, I declared to my classroom I wanted to kill myself. I now realize that wasn't a "normal" thing. No one should go through this. Everyone deserves kindness.

Jonina, 16, Philippines

I have been bullied for a long time and because of that loads of my friends were gone. But it was usually cause I was always getting used cause every year I had a different friend and then they still left me. I told my family but they told me that you don't need friends and i usually got bullied because well i am not sure but my friend told me this that because i smell and i think that i don't and then ontop of that i am going to a new school and me and my family always care about my brother and not me. Even when I want to cry the tears won't come out and i made a promise that i wouldn't cry infront of my parents cause they scold me if i do.

Esha, 11, DE

Until you have walked in every person's shoes on earth then no one should put others down, not even yourself.

Jennifer, 17, Alabama

bullying is wrong on every level. i just read the story about Phoebe Prince, and it tore me to pieces. my heart and my pain goes out to her and her family and friends. the years of high school can be so rough and for her to have moved from Ireland to Massachusetts was a great accomplishment. she came to the land of pure hope and oppurtunity. and instead she went through pain and humilitation. it is one thing to humiliate a person for their race or skin color, but to critize them for being who they are, is a whole different level of rudeness. i believe in self love and inner confidence, and no one should have to feel unwanted or beautiful because of bullying. Phoebe will always be on my heart and mind. and i hope i am able to help stop the spreading of bullying! 

elizabeth, 19, IN

I do get bullied and it's wrong to bully people just because they're different and they're expressing themselves and being themselves. People need to tolerate others better.

Abbey, 14, CT

I'm 6'-10" and weigh 300 pounds, but even I was bullied growing up. Older kids picked on me, so I picked on others. Looking back, what hurt the most was BEING a bully. Speak up. Reach Out. Be a friend.

Jim, 51, Tifton, GA

Don't give up! The awful things people say about you and do to you, you don't deserve any of those things and I'm sorry it is happening to you, but don't give up you are worth so much more. You are beautiful, smart, talented, and ton of other awesome things! :)

Marissa, 19, Arizona

its not good to do that!

alfred, 7, germany

people dont understand how bad bulliying affects people whether if your the target or the bystander watching the bullying. personaly i have been in the postion of getting bullied and yes it does hurt but that doesnt give people a right to make someones life miserable just because they dont like them or they have something that someone else dosent have. no ones life is better than someone elses. stand up against it and do something and if YOUR doing the bullying then stop doing it!!!!

naomi , 14, tx

just tell someone. i promise you will make it through the storm if you can do just that. you are worth it

Laura , 15, MN

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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