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Promoting Kindness, Acceptance and inclusion

Looking for activities to creatively engage students to learn behaviors that will help prevent bullying before it happens?

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WONDER, first a New York Times bestseller, now a major motion picture, shares the inspiring take-away message to always CHOOSE  KIND. Every shirt sold benefits PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. How can you help? Easy! Just wear kind, do kind, and most of all, choose kind.

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Unity Awards

This spring we are excited to host the 4th Annual Unity Awards on Wednesday, May 30th, 2018, at PACER Center in Bloomington, Minnesota. The Unity Awards ceremony is an evening of celebration to gather and recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to help create a world without bullying.

See previous year’s recipients

Video: This I Believe

Five high school students read an adaptation of an essay written by a 14-year-old, who shares what it is like to experience bullying and to be misunderstood as he tries to figure life out. We are grateful to this young author, who asked to remain anonymous, for courageously providing a glimpse into his world and for reminding each of us to be more kind to each other.


Take the Pledge Take the pledge

Take the Pledge

1 out of 5 students is bullied.
5 out of 5 can help prevent that.

Kids Against Bullying website Kids against bullying

Kids Against Bullying

Innovative, educational website for elementary school students to learn, engage in activities, and be inspired to advocate for self and others.

Teens Against Bullying website Teens against bullying

Teens Against Bullying

A website created by and for middle and high school students, with ideas to address bullying, be heard, and lead change in an important social cause.

Questions Answered Questions answered

Questions Answered

You asked, we answered! Response options include images, 60-second snapshot, longer articles, video and poll.

Event Kit Register for Transition: Pathway to the Future- Using the IEP to Develop Transition Services

Event Kit

Order the “You're Not Alone, We're Here for You” toolkit. Activities, information, and giveaways for holding a public event at school or in the community.

All-In All-in toolkit


Free online, year round toolkit with a new classroom lesson each week! Create environments in which each student is INcluded, INvested and INvolved.

I Care Because

in school i always get bullied and mae fun of. im a really shy person soits hard for me to make friends. i would say more than half the people in my grade don't even know my name. i sit alone all the time and i always hate it when we have to get partners in school because i always end up wothout a partner. i always get picked on and at lunch i sit in the bathroom and cry. bullying is not acceptable, i know how it feels

anonymous, 13, NY

I was bullied sence  the  1 first grade. My mom was a single mom and the parents hated her. And me too. They Thought I didn't diserve to be friends witht there children and such. I got bullied it went so far that a parent went up to me and started yelling at me. The daughter was saying I was doing stuff to her daughter when I did nothing , the next day she started laughing at me. Now Im still getting bullied in the Sixth grade. Bullying hurts . And everytime someone keeps telling me somehting it pushes me and everybody else to the edge . Its time to stop . Bullying . No one should go threw what I went threw , no one disevers it . I can't still remember everything they said to me. Words hurt. And some can't go away.

Kiara, 11, NJ

Hey well right me and my best mate were walking in the playground when my best mate needed to get something from her bag, so we went to get it but then a group of boys started teasing and pushing us around we tried to get away but one pushed me so hard i fell to the ground i stared crying then i got called nasty names a teacher came by and fixed it all but if she wasn't there then we may have got really hurt 

Mia , 10, Channel islands

i have been bullyed all my life and i would crawl on my hands and knees across onehundred miles of broken glass to keep the pain of bullying out of kids lives 

tyler , 16, south carolina

I think everyone is awesome and one is a vitim except for the bully themselvs...we should help those who are bullied by not fighting but by telling someone its happening...if you leave it quiet,,, you problems only gonna get worse. I love you all as friends and hope that you will rise against bullying without fists and weapons but with that of the kindness of your own soul to speak up against it...i was bullied almost my entire life,,,a kid even beat me and i didnt keep it quiet,,,when i did, it got worse every day,,,i always got beat until i said something about it. so stand with me in the fight against bullying.

Leonard, 15, Cuba


PACERTalks about Bullying - Season 1

We are so excited to be launching our brand new series, PACERTalks About Bullying, where each week we will be talking about all things bullying. In our first episode, we’ll share more about PACER Center and what we do.

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Notifying the School About Bullying — Using a Template Letter

PACER Center has created template letters that parents may use as a guide for writing a letter to their child’s school. These letters contain standard language and “fill in the blank” spaces so the letter can be customized for your child’s situation.
(Word Doc | Pdf)
Version for a Student with a 504 Plan (Word Doc | Pdf)
Version for a Student with an IEP Plan (Word Doc | Pdf )

Student Action Plan Against Bullying

Are you an educator working with a student being bullied, a parent looking for ways to help your child change their behavior, or a student who wants to take action against bullying, but isn’t sure what to do? Develop a plan that works for you, download the Student Action Plan.

Also available in Spanish: Handout and Personal Plan

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Support Kindness, Acceptance and Inclusion for All Students

Buckle Believes in Bullying Prevention

The Buckle believes that good business starts with good people doing good and giving back. It’s a passion and a genuine willingness to make an impact. And so together, Buckle chooses to take a stance against bullying with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center by contributing 10% of the purchase price from select Buckle Believes styles to support bullying prevention.

Read how Buckle is giving back

Survey Monkey Contributes to NBPC

Sign up and you will receive surveys by e-mail from SurveyMonkey customers who need your opinion. For every survey you take, SurveyMonkey will donate 50 cents to PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center, plus you'll get a chance to win $100 in an instant win game.

Join Survey Monkey in supporting PACER’s NBPC