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Unity Day - Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Unity Day Poster

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The 2015 official Unity Day T-shirt will be available for online orders, through our partner CustomInk and its fifth annual “Be Good to Each Other” campaign, starting Tuesday, September 8th. Order your 2015 Unity Day T-Shirt here >>>

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Together against bullying — united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.
Sponsored by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center since 2011

Make it ORANGE and make it end! What are your true colors when it comes to bullying? If you care about safe and supportive schools and communities make your color ORANGE on Unity Day. That’s the day everyone can come together—in schools, communities, and online — and send one large ORANGE message of support, hope, and unity to show that we are united against bullying and united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.

Get Involved


  • Wear ORANGE. It can be an orange T-shirt, tie, hat, wristband, socks, or even shoelaces. Show your support beyond the school—wear ORANGE in the workplace, home and community.
  • Think outside the ORANGE box! In 2013, the iconic Green Giant statue in Blue Earth, MN wore an ORANGE toga and lit up the night sky with an ORANGE glow. Other ways to go orange include tying orange ribbons to a fence or around a tree, “orange out” at a sporting event, or sell orange treats at lunch.


  • Sign an ORANGE banner. “Together Against Bullying, United for Kindness, Acceptance and Inclusion.” banners are a great way for students at your school to make a powerful visual statement of support on Unity Day. Hang the banner in a prominent place where kids can sign it and show that they care.
  • Hand out ORANGE “unity ribbons.” To create your own ribbons, use 8 ½ x 11-inch orange construction paper. Cut into strips 2 inches wide by 11 inches long. Write UNITE on each strip
  • Create a visual UNITY statement! In Project Connect, students can write a message on an ORANGE strip of paper. The paper links are then connected to create one long chain which visually represents uniting for a common cause.
  • Hold a classroom UNITY discussion. Define the word "Unity". One idea is to reflect on the statement, “when we stand together, no one stands alone.” For more ideas, download the 4-page booklet, “UNITY DAY: A guide to celebrating Unity Day with young students” and supplemental worksheet. Printed copies of the guide are available, request through the email Please provide your name and mailing address.
  • Dance, unite — and make a statement against bullying — by holding a Unity Dance.

Display the ORANGE

  • Go Big with a Unity Day Banner: “Together Against Bullying — United for Kindness, Acceptance, and Inclusion” banners are a great way for students at your school or event to make a powerful visual statement of support on Unity Day.

Share the ORANGE

  • Make ORANGE go viral. Let your friends know why you’re “going orange” by posting about Unity Day on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with #UnityDay2015.
  • “Attend” and “Share” the UNITY DAY Facebook Event with family and friends.

Send Your ORANGE

  • Post your UNITY Pictures to:
  • Share your talents! Are you a writer? Tell a story that illustrates UNITY. Do you like to draw? Create a picture showing UNITY. Are you into photography? Take a picture that is symbolic of UNITY. Send to

Wear Your ORANGE

  • Special thanks to CustomInk for its 2015 “Be Good To Each Other” t-shirt campaign in support of PACER! The 2015 official Unity Day t-shirt will be available for online orders starting Tuesday, September 8th. Order by Thursday, October 8th for guaranteed delivery in time for Unity Day.

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