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30 - 60 Minute Lesson Plan: Elementary School, Introduction to the dynamics of bullying

Use the Kids Against Bullying website as a resource tool in your classroom.


Appropriate for students in elementary school. Suggested audience size is 10-25.



The following lesson plan is designed to help adults teach elementary school children about bullying prevention.


Children learn what to do when they see bullying or are bullied.


1. What is Bullying? Reference Link | What is Bullying?

2. Who is Bullied? Why Do Kids Bully? Reference Link | Are You a Target?  | Do You Bully?

3. What Can You Do About Bullying? Reference Link | How You Can Help

4. What Would You Do? Reference Link | Homepage – scroll down to Meet the Crew

5. Summarize

6. Certificate | Reference Link | Take the Pledge

7. Closing

This lesson plan may be reproduced for internal use.