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Why Unity Day

Unity Day, started by PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center as the signature event of National Bullying Prevention Month continues to grow every year as a tangible representation of the universal message that our society wants to promote kindness, acceptance and inclusion to prevent bullying.

On the third Wednesday of October, plan to support the event by participating in the simple call to action—wear and share the color orange.

Why unity? For years, bullying was justified with expressions such as, “Bullying is a natural part of childhood,” “Bullying makes kids tougher,” or “Bullying is a rite of passage.” The goal of Unity Day is to bring together youth, parents, educators, businesses, and community members across the nation to emphasize the message that bullying is not acceptable, and that all students deserve to be safe in school, online, and in the community

Why the color orange? Unity Day is celebrated in October, and orange is a color commonly identified with the month and the autumn season. It is also a color that is associated with safety and visibility. It is a color described as warm and inviting, and its vibrancy makes an impactful statement.

Why just a day? The event provides a catalyst for everyone to come together with a visual statement that our actions matter not only on one day, but every day.

One young student shared that he wished Unity Day could be every day. When asked why he replied: “So that every day everyone would be nicer to me and to each other.”

Start planning now

  • Mark your calendar for the third Wednesday of October
  • Download the free Unity Day Guide featuring large scale ideas to individual action
  • Watch the Unity Day animated video , which describes the event from student perspective, created in 2020 by Medha, a teenager with the YouTube channel LifeWithRainbows
  • Order the free Unity Day poster
  • Visit the idea library to explore activities and events designed to fit various ages and audiences,
  • Purchase the exclusive, custom-designed orange T-shirt to wear during October and beyond.

Unity Day is an excellent event for schools, youth organizations and businesses. In addition to groups, every individual’s involvement is important! This event goes beyond schools  and into the community and online environments. Everyone is invited to wear orange and share an image with an online post.

For too long, the response to bullying has been silence and those who were bullied felt that no one cared. The simple act of wearing orange shows that youth experiencing bullying are not alone. The goal of wearing and sharing orange is to empower those who are bullied, and everyone around them, to speak up and reach out with kindness, acceptance and inclusion.

For more information about Unity Day and bullying prevention, visit PACER’s innovative websites for parents and professionals, middle and high school students , and elementary students .
To interview someone involved in this important campaign, please call 952-838-9000 or email [email protected].