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I Care Because

I was bullied in elementary and it made my life very different than how it could have been but I`m changing how I feel about myself and forgetting how they made me feel. 

My baby sister is in jr high and she is bullied and she has done things because of it that hurt her. I can`t stand to see her hurt like that.

Natassja, 16, Idaho

I've never been badly bullied, but I am/have been picked on. I was teased a little by a few people 2 years ago. Now this year, it's gotten worse. I don't say anything, but my friend gets it. He will tell them to stop, and others tell me to ignore it. But it's hard. This week was extremely bad. I got called alot of names, in the class, where everyone could hear. They stuck up for me though, and I care because if people don't have others that will stick up for them, it's really hard. When I was being picked on 2 years ago, nobody stood up for me, it can make people feel so alone. So, that's why I care.

Alex, 11, Birmingham, UK

 well at first hand how it feels for people to say that at times i tryed to brush it off but you cant talk to some body about what our going threw when i went threw that i told nobody  i was very fortunate to have friend  that had my back i was also lucky to have a mom who saw that something was diffrent in he way i talk or the way i act i was also luck to have an aunt that i could talk to about any thing. but now i  learn how to deal with it and the best thing for you is  to talk to any one that you need to talk to so you can get out of that situation.

destinee, 13, south carlonia

I get bullied at school just because im from a different country and i cant speak english propely and im too scared to tell the teacher because im probably gonna get even more bullied :(

Agnes, 13, Uk

well i being kindof not so popular in school got made fun of and My BEST friend would hang out with those girls! They used to call me really bad sware words that I shouldnt mension and one day it was a special day for me because it was my favorite celebritys bday and so I was in Girl Scouts and the troop leader put me in a group with my best friend and she said she wanted to be in a group with the girls that were mean to me! so then on the way home I overheard them talking to me and I went home and started crying! and now i have OCD an anxiety desorder that was caused by me not having enough confidence in myself! So help STOP BULLING!!!!!!!! 

Rebecca, 11, Ny

Im a victim of bullying too.Its no fun and no joke.Getting teased, getting your stuff taken, and other people ganging up on you just to hurt you hurts, deeply. You feel like you cant do anything you look down on yourself.You feel alone and scared. But dont look down on yourself look up. Things will start to get better, yes it hurts to be made fun of and yes it hurts to be ignored or tortured, but you only have to deal with them through school. Once your outta school the bullying will be over and you can enjoy your life! And if the bullying gets beyond control tell an adult or smoeone and get help. Hope this helps someone! Love you all!!!

Chase, 15, OH

I care because being bullied isn't funny. See I was bullied when I was younger because all the girls at school were skinny and I wasn't. It didn't really bother me till 6th grade year I gained a lot of weight I weighed 145 and was 4'11 they use to make fun of me and call me hippo and stuff and I remember just going home and crying. In 7th grade I built up confidence and was still overweight but I grew 7 inches. I fit into the popular crowd now but am still overweight and feel insecure. Everytime one of my friends make a joke about being fat to other people I step in and remind them that you wouldn't like it to be done to you and your not that skinny after all. You can't stop the, all but at least starting a little bit helps. No one deserves to be bullied by anyone just like I said to my friend who bullied a overweight girl. I said what if she went home and committed suicide because of what you said to her you would have to live with that. My friend is now against bullying so I care because it's not right. Be you no matter what no one can bring you down don't let them be stronger.

Nicole, 13, Arizona

My lil brother gets bullied. he is only 11 years old. weve had to get extra help with him because it got so bad. the lord didnt plan for us to treat each other with such harsh actions. My lil brother ended up having suicide letters in this journal i found in his room. 11 years old and he is already thinking bout that. that means bullying needs to come to a stop cuz its messing with LIFES. One day we will overcome bullying and live harmony with one another. My little brother means the world to me so lets all stand up for the rest of the kids that get picked on. if you witness bullying take action and do something before our youth crumbles before our eyes because as i see in the eyes of these kids that get bullied aroung i can see the hurt and pain beneath their skin all because of a few words that someone said to them. it sick and its wrong so lets do something about it.

Ryan, 17, AR

I am tired of having no friends, or having friends who dont care. It hurts, it hurts when you are stomped on and mistreated. Having no one to have your back. NEVER EVER hurt somene because it makes you feel good or you want to impress someone, it is not and never going to be worth all the pain you cause to a person.

Grace, 13, Alaska

I care about this because!
I have been through alot on my life , and I have being call weird , crazy , stupid .

And you need to be free , dont let no one , to destroy your self -esteem
you are gorgeous , free the way you are.

It's not your fault , But if you have being bullied

we need to be against bullying


Veronica Michelle, 17, Puerto Rico

I have been bullied, I was bullied most of my childhood. From 1st to 7th grade. Even though I'm older now I still feel the scars from all those years of torture. I used to come home everyday from school crying to my mom because of a new name the kids figured out to call me. Most importantly my little brother is now going through bullying. He has thought about killing him self because of it, needless to say I am very adimit about this Teens Against Bullying, and want bullying to be stopped..

Kelsie, 18, WA

i got bullied for 2 years i never did anything or had anyone by my side i was alone. but i do now how it feels to be bullied its a feeling that a person may or wouldnt can affect a person so much that it can get to a piont were there just done.and its very important to speak up, stand up ,or tell an adult.if you see a person getting bullied its best to do something tell someone to make them stop  before its to can be hard but its the best thing to do. 

Molly, 15, California, Riverside

I was once bullied till I figured out how to prevent it from happening again. I feel like no one should be bullied i will do whatever it takes to make sure no one has to go through what I went through. If anyone need someone to talk too im willing to be all ears because we all been through it and I'll help you resolve this problem thanks for your time.

Jose, 20, California,Los Angeles

it just really hurts that you can't be who you wanna be simply because of the fear of getting bullied and left alone.

Patrick, 18, Philippines

I was bullied in middle as well as my mom when she was in middle school. She helped me through that tough situation from her experience. Although I'm a stronger person today, I recently found out that my little brother is being bullied and that it has been going on for a couple of months. My heart broke into pieces when he told me that he and his friend hide in the bathroom because of this bully!! And the teachers don't do anything at all to help them!! You know, a school is supposed to be a place where kids feel safe and obviously his school isn't doing a good job. It hurts to know that he is in constant fear everyday. I've heard stories about kids committing suicide because no one will listen to them. Someone has to speak out about this and end it once and for all!! NO ONE deserves to live in fear of getting hurt day by day!! This has to end NOW before it hurts more kids. I was a victim, but I am not going to let my little brother become a target any more. Enough is ENOUGH!! And a message for people who are victims of bullying and thinking about suicide: That is NOT an option. Trust me, I've been there. Through time it does get better and the reason why they are bullies is because they are nothing but immature kids! Just Stay STRONG and hang in there!! :) 

Nefertary, 16, CA

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