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I Care Because


Madison, 13, IN

I have been there. I care because I have seen my friends there. I care because I have seen strangers there. It is not a place that I want to be. No one should be there. No one deserves that. 

Jessie, 18, NJ

nobody should get bullied. If one of your friends is a bully tell them to please stop bullying for the sake of our youth.

Hunter, 11, Illinois

I was bullied all through middle school, because of my race, because of my hair, because of any little thing people could find that they didnt like about me. Due to a hormonal imbalance my face was plagued with severe acne which left horrible black marks on my skin, thankfully now it is all cleared up. Kids can be so mean, so heartless, and without a care in the world they WILL hurt someone just to make sure that they remain in the 'inner circle' i am sad to say that since i've moved schools the bullying is picking up again, i've always been a shy person so i guess that makes me an easy target? but i will let everyone know this. I WILL overcome this, i WILL never runaway from it it's something that i will have to face in adolescense and adulthood. It's okay to be different we all reserve that right what is not okay is to judge people's differences. If enough schools speak about the emotional turmoil of bullying i believe that our worl could improve we are all beautiful and it breaks my heart when someone thinks they reserve the right to tell someone otherwise. just be you. :)

Lauren , 15, Texas

bullying is wrong. period. no matter what form it is, it is still wrong. i have been bullied in the past and it does not feel good. if you are a bully put yourself in your victims place. how would you feel? not so good, huh? point: bullying hurts.

allyssa, 14, Tennessee

I have been bullied since 2nd grade and i still do. i had a friend who committed suicide because of bullying. I have been looking out for others since then so they don't have to go through what my friend and i had to go through. Every one gets bullied, but we can all stop it make a difference

Ethan, 16, orem, ut

In seventh grade I thought that life was great and that the world was fine but that slowly changed. At first the year was great and I had tons of friends and was even considered one of the "popular" girls. Then one day everything changed. Out of no where all of my "friends stopped talking to me and I didn't know what I did wrong so I kept hanging out with them. One day we were all sitting at lunch and they started picking on me, insulting my clothing and how i looked, so I got up and left. I thought my "best" friend would follow me but she just sat there and laughed with the rest of them. I felt really alone but pretended that it didn't effect me. I stopped going to lunch and would just sit in the library at that time, then I stopped eating all together. One day my "best" friend walked up to me and asked what was wrong and when i told her that I didn't want to talk to her anymore she said she and her friends were going to jump me after school. I had to call my mom during class and ask her to come pick me up because i was so scared. They didn't jump me but everyday they would push me in the hall and slam me into lockers, even knocking my books down the stairs. My mom went to the principle and stuff but they didn't do anything so my mom pulled me out and i now go to school online

Hallee, 15, Unknown

I've been bullied since 1st grade. They call me fish girl because I have eczema on my wrists that look like fish scales. Bullying really hurts and it needs to stop.

Aileen, 12, MO

Nobody deserves to be treated like they're nothing. Everyone has a purpose in this life. Everyone on this site inspires me so much, you are all so strong. Don't give up now, prove you are more than them. 

Victoria, 16, Illinois

I care because i was been for several years in school nad am struggling to deal with it to this day. I am bullied because  i was born premature and because of that i am blind in my right eye and have vision in my left eye and beacause i like school and i am a nice person. I hate to see other people go through what i am going through. Bullying can hurt people in serveral ways. i feel bullying can end!

tiana, 15, st.louis

I can relate. I've moved around a lot in my life, and I find people are very, shall we say unaccepting, towards stranger. I've had friends hurt me, strangers shove me, and people just randomly shove my stuff on the ground. 

Always remember that just because no one fully understands exactly what you've gone through, doesn't mean they can't help or just be there for you. Just because bullying happens everywhere, doesn't make it right. Find someone who will help you get out of the sadness-pit you fall into every time you think of the hurt. Cause the least they could do, is just sit in there with you. 

L. Flint , 15, United states

I care because I am a human being who believes that other human beings, no matter the age, race, height, weight, gender, sexual orientation, economic level, or religious affiliation, should be disrespected, but instead should be appreciated for the uniqueness they bring to this world. Most people are bullied because, for some reason, their taunters think they "stand out" and are not part of the norm or status quo. Well what a sad little world we would live in if we WERE all the same! It would be uninspiring and mundane. Cruelty on any level is absolutely inappropriate in ANY situation, but to exact such on a daily basis to another to push them to the point of contemplating suicide is a social disease for which we have the responsibility of finding a cure. How dare someone mentally or physically bully another whom they consider different, or who has possibly caused an unintended offense against them. It is very easy for a person who has yet to find a strong sense of individuality 
(which include most children and teens) find their spirits crushed when they aren't treated with due respect and kindness. Whether you have never been a victim or perpetrator of bullying, we as humans must band together to bring healing and resolution to all parties in this catastrophic situation.  

Michelle, 45, California

I was once too a victim for not being born with full vision and always having to wear glasses. My condolences reaches out to anyone who is/was also a victim. Bullying whether it be physical or verbal changes the person. Society depicts perfection is obtainable. That is probably the biggest deception there is in life. Always be yourself and never try to mimic someone else. I met my BestFriend in 3rd grade. She's been there for me since then and I hope she will forever. Although I am young, I specialize in computer technical and by comments of teachers and friends, I "am highly successful". Bullying should not be tolerated anywhere. If you see a victim of bullying, anyone who commented before along with me would most likely strongly urge you to report it to the nearest administrator of your school. Sometimes all one person needs is a friend to stop them from making the biggest mistake of their lives.  

Daniel James Ocean, 16, California

I was bulled all through my primary school years and just as I thought I was free from all the emotional trauma I experienced bullying all over again. In year 4 of my primary school years I joined a new school and that is where all the bullying began. this all affected my schoolwork and my behavior. I started failing all my classes except for English because I believed English was my escape, I loved reading books and that was the only thing the learners in the school could not take from me. I feared going to school, I would cry every morning thinking about all the things the learners where going to say and do to me. I got through bullying through books, a bit of therapy and support from my mum.

Morgan, 17, South Africa

i have been sexually harrassed verbally and it is really hard to tell someone else about that because those bullies can scare you.  I don't understand how bullies live everyday knowing that they are hurting someone else.  I also care because some people don't know how to speak for themselves because of disabilites, but it still hurts them all the same.

Claire, 13, NC

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