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Get Involved! - “The End of Bullying Begins With You”

Bullying touches so many lives and it often inspires the generous spirit in people who want to make a difference, support the cause, and change something that has happened to too many for too long. Every day students, parents, schools, and community members ask us, “What can I do to help?” Every contribution—whether it’s hosting a community event, standing up for someone, or giving a donation to an organization that addresses bullying—makes a difference and changes lives. In addition to individuals around the world sharing information about PACER resources, we receive heartfelt contributions of as little as five dollars from California to Maine, from Argentina to Norway and all around the globe, from donors ages 5 to 90. There are many opportunities to take action as an individual or at your school or community using these resources from PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center.

You're Not Alone – A campaign that provides education and resources on ways to provide support, hope and help for those who have experienced bullying. Features classroom and event toolkits designed to start conversation and initiate action on ways to “be there” united together against bullying.

The WE WILL Generation – An initiative designed to encourage student to student conversation to educate, inspire and support peers to create kinder and safer schools. Features a free, on-line curriculum with a students-teaching-students model to build leadership in taking positive action to support peers.

Fundraising – Students, organizations, and schools that care about the cause often raise money, making generous contributions with funds raised through coordinating events or activities. Many of these individuals were directly impacted by bullying and were inspired to help others.

The Unity Awards – An annual event to recognize, honor and celebrate a few of the many individuals who have made outstanding contributions to address and prevent bullying. This event is presented by “The Faces of Change-The Youth Advisory Board of PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center.

Peer Ambassadors – PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center is thrilled to partner with outstanding teens that are making a difference with their bullying prevention efforts. Learn more about our Youth Ambassadors and the change they are inspiring!

Partners – Thank you to the incredible supporters whose valuable contributions help achieve the mission of leading social change to build safe and supportive communities, that are united against bullying and united for kindness, inclusion and acceptance.

Supporter Resources – Businesses, organizations, and individuals support the cause with donations that are made through product sales, events and other activities.

Join the Cause

Request this free, colorful, and informative 8 Ĺ x 11 (2-sided) flyer that outlines the creative resources, outreach activities, and opportunities available from PACERís National Bullying Prevention Center. Distribute at your local event, activity, or fundraiser. To order, email; provide your name, organization, address, information on the event/activity/fundraiser where youíll be using them, and the quantity being requested.

Donate — Donating to the cause is a great way to share you care. Your contribution can mean one less student being bullied, one more student speaking out, or one more student knowing that someone cares. 

Sign the Petition — One out of every four students will be bullied this year. This might be happening to someone you know and care about. Unite with others, show that you care, and add your voice to the online petition.

I Care Because . . .” — Share your thoughts about bullying prevention.

StoriesSubmit a video, story, poem, artwork, or audio clip expressing how you feel about bullying, how you think it affects students and schools, what you have done to prevent bullying, or what others can do to prevent bullying. We want to hear from everyone—teens, parents, teachers, and others with great ideas who want to improve the world. Read these inspired fundraising stories.

National Bullying Prevention Month — This month unites communities nationwide to raise awareness of bullying prevention. Held in October, the event has been expanded to include activities, education and awareness building.

Unity Day — Make it orange and make it end! This is a day scheduled every October in which schools and communities can send one orange message that we are together against bullying and united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.

Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying — Raise awareness of bullying prevention in your community with a live event. Find a location, gather sponsors, invite participants and hold the event. Consider planning activities for after the race, such as speakers, drawings and more.

Community Events — Hold a special event to show your school or organization cares about this important issue. The event can include music, giveaways, special speakers, petition signings and more, as people unite to join the movement against bullying.