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Classroom Toolkits and Activities

All In — Year long Toolkit for Classrooms

Free, easy to implement online resources designed to create environments in which every student is included, involved, and invested in preventing and addressing bullying through education, engagement, and peer interaction.

Elementary School

Free educational activities and resources designed for younger students. The goal is to start conversation and creatively engage students to build their understanding and develop the skills on how to address and prevent bullying.

Middle and High

Free, on-line creative resources developed for middle and high school classrooms to engage in bullying prevention education. Toolkits include planning an event, opportunities for student involvement and lesson plans.

All Ages - School Wide

Ideas and resources designed for educators to use to introduce, support and sustain a safe and supportive school environment. Toolkits feature methods to incorporate art, discussion and information into bullying prevention education.


Innovative ideas for interested individuals to reach out locally in their communities with creative ideas to inspire and involve others to take action to address and prevent bullying. Toolkits include steps for holding a rally, organizing a run, or creating an advocacy program.