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Jetset Getset - Stronger (Than You Seem)

“Stronger” is a song written for the group Jetset Getset to help young people who are feeling discouraged. The writer, Jennifer Eliason, shares, "The teenage years are a time when self-esteem can take a beating. We wanted to write a song about how you can rise above the challenges and the experience can make you stronger."

From the album "Saturday Night" by Jetset Getset. Courtesy of Playback Records
Words and music by Jennifer Eliason & Trent Eliason
Song produced by Jack Gale & Jim Pierce. Video by Barking Fish Entertainment
Copyright 2013. Lovey Music (BMI) All right reserved.

Jetset Getset

Jetset Getset is a country music group from Dearborn County, Indiana, made up of mostly teenagers: singers Tori Little and Avery Eliason, and musicians Jason Owens (lead guitar), Justen Jette (rhythm guitar), Paul Kelley (bass), Gillian Bowman (drums) and Terry Ranck (keyboard), the only adult who performs with the group on a regular basis. Jetset Getset began in 2011, when a former school teacher named Kelli Jette decided to form a singing group to perform at local fairs and festivals, for fun. At first, the group consisted of just singers who performed to pre-recorded tracks. As their popularity grew, Kelli and the singers decided they wanted to begin doing original songs, so they started looking for musicians to form a band and go on tour. Jetset Getset has performed throughout the South, the Midwest and in Southern California. Information about Jetset Getset is available at .


“Stronger” was written by singer Avery Eliason's mother, Jennifer Eliason, and her college-aged brother, Trent, to help people who are feeling discouraged. 

"The girls in Jetset Getset were in junior high school at the time," says Jennifer. "Your self-esteem can take a beating at that age. We wanted to write a song about how those kinds of challenges don't have to bring you down; you can rise above them and the experience can make you a stronger person."


Tori Little (singer)

Tori was the first singer to join Jetset Getset, when her former music teacher asked if she would like to be part of a new singing group. Born in Montgomery, Ohio, she has been singing almost since she was able to talk. “I have always wanted to be a singer, even when I was little,” she says. “I remember watching my family sing in church, and I would go up and sing with them.” Tori also studied piano and taught herself to play the guitar. A huge country music fan, her influences include Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton and Miranda Lambert. “The best part of Jetset Getset is performing and getting to travel with my friends,” she says.


Avery Eliason (singer)

Avery was born into a musical family. Her father plays classical piano and her mother and older brothers are songwriters. In fact, her mother and one of her brothers wrote “Stronger” to inspire people who are feeling discouraged. Avery was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and now lives in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. She has been singing since she was old enough to talk, and started taking voice lessons in the 4th grade. She has studied piano since kindergarten and recently started taking guitar lessons, but she still enjoys singing most of all, having been in several choirs and musical productions. Her musical influences include Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce and Taylor Swift. She is involved in many church-related activities and she enjoys reading (sometimes as many as five books at a time). But her favorite thing to do is perform with Jetset Getset. “I like meeting new people and traveling around with my best friends,” she says.


Jason Owens (lead guitar)

Jason became seriously interested in music at the age of 10, when he heard country star Brad Paisley's “The World” on the radio. Jason learns a lot about stage presence and different guitar techniques from watching other musicians, but he credits two guitar teachers, Aaron Mahoney and Rick Kinman, for teaching him the fundamentals. His musical influences include Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and John Mayer. Jason was invited to join Jetset Getset through a connection at a music store where he was taking lessons. “I like playing on big stages and feeding off the excitement of the audience,” he says. “There are so many wonderful and talented people in the band.” Jason resides in Union, Kentucky.


Justen Jette (rhythm guitar)

With his mom being the founder and manager of Jetset Getset, you might think Justen was one of the first members of the group. But it was not until lead guitarist Jason Owens joined Jetset Getset that Justen decided to get involved. Impressed with Jason's guitar playing, Justen decided that he, too, wanted to learn how to play the guitar, and he started taking lessons. Justen likes pop, hip-hop, rock and country music, and considers Toby Keith, Bob Seger and Wiz Khalifa among his biggest influences. He lives in Dearborn County, Indiana.


Paul Kelley (bass guitar)

Paul comes from a heavy metal background, but became interested in country music after his friend, Jason Owens, introduced him to Jetset Getset. “It’s a lot of fun, being part of Jetset Getset, he says. I love the social aspect of the band, meeting so many great musicians and playing live gigs.” Paul lives in Grant County, Kentucky.


Gillian Bowman (drummer)

Gillian Bowman (her friends call her “Gily”) has been studying music since she was 3 years old, under the direction of her parents, both of whom are music teachers and owners of Bowman Music & Creative Outlet in Burlington, Kentucky. In addition to drumming, she is also a talented singer, piano player, guitar player, dancer (tap, ballet and jazz), and even studied acrobatics for five years. She also writes songs and enjoys singing at her church. Gily's musical influences include The Beatles, TobyMac and even the classic rock group Rush. “I love being a part of Jetset Getset because it has given me amazing opportunities that not many people get,” she says. “I am so blessed to be a part of this band with such great people.”


Terry Ranck (keyboard, saxophone)

Terry Ranck is the only adult who performs with Jetset Getset on a regular basis. He is the father of the group's manager and founder, Kelli Jette, and grandfather of rhythm guitar player Justen Jette. He majored in music performance and education at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. After playing with some local rock bands in the early 1970s, he was a music teacher for 35 years. His musical influences include a lot of 60s and 70s pop and rock artists, especially Roy Orbison and horn bands like Blood, Sweat & Tears. In addition to playing keyboard and saxophone, Terry is also the group's equipment manager, head roadie, lunch-getter and advice-giver. “Working with Jetset Getset makes me feel young,” he laughs. Terry lives in Dearborn County, Indiana.



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