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From Being Teased To Spreading Kindness

Posted: 7/18/2014

When I was in preschool I remember getting teased on a regular basis by one specific girl. In her mind there was nothing wrong with pinching me over and over, making my arms red, and yelling at me. It was all fun and games for her and a nightmare for me. All I ever wanted was to make others happy and be friends with everyone. She made it impossible to come to school and not worry about whether I would be pinched or not. I would come home crying trying to figure out what it was that I had done to deserve getting pinched every day. Why did this girl not like me? Was I such a bad kid? What confused me even more was being pinched by someone who on some days would act like my friend, wanting to play together. Did she really think that she would gain a friendship by being mean? Years later since seeing this girl, I ran into her at a day camp and she continued pinching, each time telling an adult that she wasn’t pinching me.

Back in elementary school I got teased more. I wore glasses, usually had my hair in a braid, and was quiet, all of which meant that I was a target for teasing. Certain girls hated me and would tell me how they hated me. I would come home crying, not wanting to have to deal with them again. I wanted to be friends with people not a target for name-calling. I remember coming home after school one day and my mother calling up the parents of the girls who were making me cry and feel hurt. Interestingly, the parents denied their child ever doing anything to me and said that I had made up the whole story to my parents. When my mother got off the phone that night, I recall saying over and over “Mommy they DID tease me, they hurt my feelings!” and my mother would completely understand and know that I wouldn’t make up a story that was so hurtful to me.

As an adult looking back on these experiences, I can’t help but still wonder how people could be so hurtful to others and not see anything wrong with it. What do they really get out of hurting others and making others so upset? Why can’t everyone show kindness towards others? When I was 11 my grandpa passed away and left each of his grandchildren a letter of wisdom. What stuck with me the most, besides hearing the compassion of my grandpa through his words, was his choice to explain how important kindness is to the world: “Be friendly and polite to everybody. Never wait for people to say hello. You say hello to everybody, your friends, relatives, whoever you know.” This is how I have lived my life: with kindness. Treat people how you would like to be treated; don’t wait for others to show you kindness instead show them kindness.

By: Sophie

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All My Life

Posted: 7/15/2014

Most of my life I've been bullied. Mostly for the way that I look, being overweight as a kid is hard. When your little there aren't any boundaries, you just say what's on your mind. As I got older I lost a lot of weight, but I was still on the not so skinny side. People would still make fun of me and it got harder cause the kids that would say things would act as my friends for about 5 minutes then say something insulting. It made me want to just run and cry, but I had to keep strong. I don't know what makes them want to hurt someone, it's enough knowing what they say be hide your back but hearing someone say it directly at you, makes worse to handle it. My middle school experience was the worst, in 6th grade I was bullied during p.e. for just being there at the wrong time. I was bullied by a girl that was bigger then me, she thought since she had girls backing her up and that she knew she was bigger then me, made her feel that she could toss me around. At one point it went to far, they had pulled down my shorts in front of everyone. My friends really didn't back me up, which made me think if I even had any friends. I thought they didn't want to help because they were afraid they would become another victim. But as I progressed it got better for me, I always stand up for people who are bullied even if I don't, know them. I'm about to enter my 2nd year of high school and I feel safe, for once in my life. I don't get judged and I don't let people say nasty things to me, I stand up because I've become a fighter not just for myself but for others.

By: Sophia

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Roar Against Bullying

Posted: 7/15/2014

Roar Against Bullying

By: The students of Sheridan Middle School

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My Story

Posted: 7/2/2014

When i was in 2 grade i used to get bullied because if my height and i couldnt run or do things like PE because i was born with a heart mumer it was sad i was born with a diffrent color wish meant i had a problem i wasnt smart nor dome i was good in all subject i will be laught at but friends ( two friend only ) backed me up then it eneded when the kid left the week befor tlhe last week of school.Then in 3rd grade there used to be this kid who was from cube he bullied half the class i was that half he will make us bring him stuff if not he will hit us and do stuff he will say and laugh at u if u liked someone or sometimes he will just tell u have to date him or someone else one assgiment the teacher gave us was what will u like to do when u grow up i thought that kid was playing that he really didnt write that but he did he wrote WHEN I GROW UP I WILL LIKE TO KILL he put my name it hurt me i told the teacher he got in trouble and send to the office then the last day if school came and he didnt come back he when to another school and 4 th grade was awsome my class was like a family but 5 th grade was bad thsi girl got me in trouble called me fat so did her mom do things to me made me and my best friend fight her qnd her mom were bullies she hot me sent to the principlas office treadnt to call the cops on me and did more almost made my teacher loss her job that was sad but no one liked her eveey on else love me hated her they new what she did we were all friends we were family but sh wasnt part of it.

By: Anonymous

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I'd Rather Be Me

Posted: 6/17/2014

I wish I fit in, I wish I was cool.
I wish those popular girls wouldn’t be so cruel.
I wish I had cute clothes and soft bouncy curls,
But my hair is black, unlike those other girls’.
Why don’t I fit in? Am I not pretty?
Maybe, because they look down at me with pity.
What am I doing? Why do I care?
It doesn’t matter if they have cute clothes or curly hair.
How foolish of me! Who cares? Let them be!
I’d rather be me than what they want to see.

By: Faith, 11

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Little Miss Sunshine

Posted: 5/28/2014

The first single off Caleb’s upcoming album, “Little Miss Sunshine,” is a prophetic anthem addressing bullying in the most soft, sensitive, and profound of ways. Written with thoughts of his 8 year old niece in mind, meaningful lyrics like “You don’t have to be bombshell beauty queen blonde Barbie girls like all the girls you’re looking up to” and “Never try to be somebody you’re not,” merge with addictive melodies and seamlessly pair a powerful message to people of all ages.

“I wanted to write an anti-bullying song specifically for my niece. She is 8 years old and a bit of an odd ball similar to me. I thought about her and others I know when I wrote the song and wanted to stress the fact that it’s important to be yourself no matter what. You might go through some tough stuff as a kid, but I think after facing that kind of adversity, when you're older, it makes you cool.” - Caleb Hawley

By: Caleb Hawley

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Words Hurt

Posted: 5/27/2014

I'm 15, and to say my bullying has let up is a complete lie. See at first I thought it was just kids trying to hear me talk, I was a shy 5 year old at the time so everything they did hurt a lot but I didn't breath a word about it, thinking it would stop. It didn't it got worse and soon I started coming home and locking myself in my room and crying. It's weird how every word and everything they ever said and did to me stays locked in my head. I was soon told I had depression which lead to my social anxiety. I never had a friend until 7th grade it was so lonely I had no idea how to treat a friend. But I actually left school early for a whole month, every day I would leave early and the school didn't think anything about it. So when I came clean to the school, they played it off as it was kids having fun. But how was this fun, they always cornered me and yelled names at me and taunted me. Some of them shoved me into things. It was everyday, every year. It was a cycle that no one tried to break. As for now it still happens and there are very bad side effects to it, but only for me. It's not fair I put up with the pain and mental abuse, while the school does nothing to the bullies. I wake up and afraid to take the first breath, I'm afraid to open my eyes knowing what will happen that day. I trick myself into believing what they say. I cry and scream but no one replies, I'm trapped in this cycle and I want it to stop. But the bad news is it looks like it won't, no one is attempting to stop it. It's funny I find out things about me I didn't even know. The reason I was first bullied was because I talked weird, I was asthmatic, dressed boyish, had to long of hair for girls at the time, I was too smart, I was a nerd, I ate too much, I took up to much space, I was ugly, and I wouldn't be able to accomplish anything. But I did prove them wrong one way, I accomplished one thing, and I prove it everyday by looking them in the eye holding my tears back and breathing. As for the future it will be better I know it will. But I find it funny how words hurt and no one knows then when it happens to them they expect sympathy. As well as the fact they put pressure on us (the bullied) and watch us crumble under it and they wonder why we are so quiet.

By: Kristen

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How a Bully Can Turn Into a Friend

Posted: 5/27/2014

Annoy, Hurt
Angry, Mean, Inconsiderate
Impulsive, Stunned, Ashamed, Remorseful
Kind, Caring, Help
Happy, Give

By: Caitlin

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Love Out Loud

Posted: 5/22/2014

Bullying is unfortunately something I endured for most of my childhood and even my youth. It got in the way of my confidence, happiness, and destroyed a large portion of my life. However, I survived, and so can you. To anyone reading this who is a victim of bullying, know that it isn’t you, it’s them. If someone has a need to make fun of someone else, they are dealing with their own troubles. Find something that you love, in terms of an art form or a hobby and bask in it. I am a Singer/Songwriter and wrote my new record “Love Out Loud” about turning hate into love. It’s my labor of love to victims of bullying, and to anyone having a rough time in their life. It’s hard to deal with people sometimes, but following your dreams, staying true to yourself, and loving yourself will set you free from anything.

By: Warren Nomi

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My Story

Posted: 5/22/2014

This is my story about bullying. It started when I was in 5th grade after my first talent show when I said at the being that I sing this song for my mom who had lost a lot that year. I didn’t think that by saying that it would trigger teasing from a boy I thought was my friend. Non-stop it was ‘ why did you say that’ or ‘ the song you sang was so dumb’. I didn’t know what bullying was than nor did I really care. It wasn’t till the end of my 5th grade year that the whole time I was being bullied by this boy, I was so hurt. When I stared 6th grade I was called names and pushed around in the hall but I never really thought of it as bullying . I always tried to be nice to people because I thought if I was nice they would be nice back, I was wrong. The name calling got worse till the point I didn’t want to go to school. In 7th grade I was still being called names and even my friends were being called names because of me. I didn’t want too bring them into my problems but they didn’t drop me like I wanted them to it made me want to cry. I got dirty looks everyday and was even called names at my bus. I always thought a school was a safe place were a student could be safe and have someone to look to when things got bad. At one point in 7th grade I got a pair of nice boots from my adopted sister Amber. I wore them a lot because I loved them. One day I was walking down the hall-way when a girl stepped on the heel and tore it clean off, I cried so hard for a long time because I didn’t know why she did that, I know she was one of the girls that bullied me but I still don’t know why she would trip me. I walked around school trying to be strong and not cry my eyes out. I had to limp a little to make it look like nothing was wrong but I think everyone saw right through me and my act. After that I wore black and called myself goth,or emo,or even a punk, because I didn’t want to deal with anyone. I got sick a lot and missed a lot of school and that got me picked on more because I was known as the ‘Vampire girl’. I was always keeping myself from people and when I tried to act in a sport I never was able to do it because I didn’t want to be picked on more. If things like this never happened to me I would have never started to care so much about bullying. As my 8th grade year started I waned to do more in my school than the school was doing itself. I was put in a class and was asked to do many things about bullying everyone always played it off as a joke and didn’t really bother with it. I started to talk about bullying more and more and when I did a presentation about it, I was called stupid and was told I was worthless and that no one cared about me. I say bullying everywhere I went and it didn’t matter where I was it was always there. At a park, school, pools, library, ect…. I started wearing black less and less to prove a point that I’m not like everyone else and that if you truly are a friend than you would be with me the whole way as I tried to win my goal. I will say that I have said mean things to people to try and hide my tears and my pain and show that I’m strong but in truth I’m about as strong as a fly is. I just want to help the other people that I have seem be bullied by others.

I want to stop bullying as much as everyone and I will do everything in my power to make sure it stops you can always count on me!

By: Autumn

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