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Become a Champion Against Bullying

Throughout the community, there are nonprofits, schools, and community groups that directly collaborate with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center using resources – such as classroom toolkits, free bookmarks, awareness raising ideas, petition signing - to directly inspire, educate and involve students.

These organizations are eligible to submit the names of their nonprofits, schools, or community group, which will be posted to PACER’s bullying prevention website, along with links to their sites and an overview of their bullying prevention efforts. They also have access to PACER’s bullying prevention resources, including exciting new activities, information, and contests that will engage youth, educators, and parents in creating a safer world for children with and without disabilities.

Champions are invited to distribute information about bullying prevention through their print and electronic newsletters. Become a champion with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center and join this expanded effort to reach schools and organizations nationwide.  We appreciate their community leadership and dedication to helping all children.

Become a champion! To include your organization, please fill out this form.

2017 Champions—Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

AL SirGENTZ INC SirGENTZ Inc. will promote bullying prevention to schools to participate for the cause and encourage the community to pledge to take a Stand. We will participate in UNITY DAY and distribute Bookmarks. We will let everyone know about National Bullying Prevention Month by notifying local media, sharing information on Facebook and Twitter, and influence key decision makers, such as school administrators and lawmakers. We will also do a BE THERE campaign photoshoot. Our Gentlemen Academy will implement the WE WILL Generation Curriculum.
AR Bully Free Starts With Me Educating students on what bullying is and how to prevent it. Working as a voice with our state senators, representatives, and governor to bring updates and changes to school curriculums to include information about bullying prevention. Telling my story in hopes that I reach as many people as I can to foster love to ultimately end bullying.
AZ Spray 'Em Away Bullies & Mean Girls Starting this school year, my company has donated Spray 'Em Away Bullies & Spray 'Em Away Mean Girls aromatherapy linen & room sprays to 40 teachers (grades 2-5) Teachers use my sprays to start a discussion about bullying when they've witnessed it happening. The lavender, sunflower and honey extracts provide a calming smell to the classroom where students can talk & be heard. A portion of the sale of Spray 'Em Away is donated to and is proudly displayed on the back of every bottle. I've been supporting the anti-bullying campaign since I launched my sprays in 2014.
AZ Amrak Self-Esteem building; Self-Awareness for bullying; Bullying prevention School Presentations; Postive Behavior Intervention; Sarasota Parade; Orlando Utility Company Marathon; IMDB Credit to support the Arts and Theatre Program.
AZ Ignite Yoga Studios Ignite Yoga Studios is a certified and awarded "No Place for Hate Studio" through the ADL. We partner with local entities and the military to bring de-stressing and anti-bullying principles and techniques to kiddos in the local school districts while infusing yoga and mindfulness meditation and breathing plus our specialized 20 Hour Kids yoga teacher training that focuses on anti-bullying and child development.
AZ Greenway Middle School -No Place For Hate Program We have a school wide program called No Place For Hate that is embedded in our culture. We have a student group called the Greenway Guardians that defend and protect our school as well as our NP4H micro- groups. We combat bullying, bias, bigotry, and harassment.
AZ Shadow Ridge High School/ Rachel's Challenge Club Rachel's Challenge Club
CA Sunny Brae Middle School Planning activities.
CA La Mesa Junior High School La Mesa has spread the word about standing up to bullying now for 13 years. Teen Truth comes to our school 1 time per year and the students truly believe that the culture of the school is one of acceptance and tolerance. We will be starting soon a one time per month activity called Make A Difference Day. We have a banner hanging out on the quad that says “The end of bullying begins with me.”
CA TEAM Charter Schools Performing small skits about bullying.
CA Sequoia School This is Sequoia School's third year participating in Unity Day. We will be donning our orange and hosting a school-wide speaker presentation to promote tolerance and respect of individual differences. We will also be hosting school-wide activities to celebrate diversity and promote multicultural awareness.
CA San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center, Inc. The Caring for Kids - Bullying Advocacy program provides a regional hotline support, resources, and in-person advocacy for children under 18 who are experiencing school bullying. The program also provides resources, support, and education for parents, educators and community agencies regarding appropriate interventions for bullying and student rights.
CA Boo2Bullying Boo2Bullying is a collection of artists and visionaries who are dedicated to helping transform this generation into one of strength and empowerment. Boo2Bullying was founded in 2011 in response to the challenges faced by our youth today around the issues of bullying and intolerance. We are located in Palm Springs, California, serving that community, as well as Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County and Los Angeles. Boo2Bullying creates an initiative between schools, parents and communities to help eliminate bullying.
CA BuzzingBOTS BuzzingBOTS teaches children to be original together.
CA DH White Elementary Assembly for Bullying/Positive Behavior.
CA Home Gardens Academy Wear Orange Day; Unity Day Walk Against Bullying protesting activity in the community; pledge centers and positive candy grams.
CA USC Hybrid High School Lessons during advisory about bullying (i.e. forms of bullying, signs of someone in need of an advocate, and ways to be a buddy).
CA Speak Out Against Bullying Inc Speak Out Against Bullying, Inc. advocates for social and civic changes to inspire a call to action against bullying and cyber bullying through public awareness and education, providing resources to the community at large. Speak Out Against Bullying, Inc is a program on Bullying Prevention and Awareness. We present at school assemblies, parent and teacher workshops, educator training, resource fairs, conferences, seminars, guest speaking and much more. Speak Out Against Bullying Inc has the largest Unity Day event in Los Angeles.
CA Winton School District We will be celebrating Unity Day for the second year. All schools in the district participate in fun activities during lunch, promoting teamwork, problem-solving, and solidarity.
CO Envision Martial Arts We have developed a program based on traditional Taekwondo for kids called Karate Kids. The Karate Kids system is based on a lifetime learning concept. In addition to technical skills, students are exposed to a variety of self-defense skills, weapons training and physical skills that help kids stay focused on school and be more confident as a whole. The building blocks for our system are monthly themes such as Goals, Friendship, Perseverance, Self-Control, Confidence, Self-Improvement, Courtesy, Self-Awareness, Respect, Integrity, Self-Esteem, and Dedication.
CO TrueSport As an organization, TrueSport teaches a lesson in Bullying Prevention in youth sports year-round. We highlight this lesson during the month of October. We know that preventing bullying begins with the environment parents and coaches create for their youth athletes. Along with our lesson, we share expert articles and videos that teach how to create a zero-tolerance zone for bullying that youth athletes will thrive in.
CT BALL HEADZ I run a summer program one of our weeks is dedicated to bullying prevention.
DC School Without Walls at Francis Stevens We will celebrate the entire month with morning announcements, wear orange on Oct. 25th and do some of the activities provided by Pacer throughout the entire school.
DC Center City Public Charter School, Trinidad Campus We will have classroom lessons, hold school wide initiatives on bullying prevention, and participate in Unity Day.
DC Access Youth Inc We will be providing awareness and education to high school students at Ballou, Eastern, and Anacostia High Schools in Washington D.C. We will also dedicate National Bullying Prevention Day to having students sign pledges against bullying and have activities and giveaways to promote safer schools and communities.
DE Concord High School Wear Orange Day; signing a Pledge Against Bullying; signing a 6 foot banner to hang in school to support bullying prevention efforts in our school; orange paper chains connecting our classrooms; Open Mic Night; Happy Halloween Festival for Elementary level to interact w/high school team members; more to be added!!
FL Scott Lake Elementary School We started an anti-bullying club last school term. We titled it the ABC club (anti-bullying club). Students were given lessons on bullying prevention.
FL Cimino Elementary Students in my fifth grade class are working on school-wide activities to convey an anti-bullying message on our campus such as, pledge, office mix presented on the morning show, posters, banners, "no bully zone" cups in fences, themed lunch menu, etc.
FL Turner Tech High School We do a week of bullying Prevention at our school with the local Miami-Dade Police.
FL Miss Miami Dade Outstanding Teen/ Miss America Organization I will be attending different schools, churches, events, and charities talking about bullying prevention.
FL Emerson Elementary We will be giving out orange bands for students to wea, as well as requesting that they wear orange shirts to stand against bullying.
FL Be the Change Movement Self-esteem; Academic Achievement; Community Connection; Positive Behavior Oucomes; Lives Changed & Saved. Challenge Day activities: Lisa Ling on Oprah's High School Challenge; If You Really Knew Me (MTV); The Teen Files (Emmy award-winning documentary); Characters Unite Special: Tom Brokaw Presents Bridging the Divide (USA Network/NBC News) with Orange County Public Schools 'Winter Park-Be the Change Movement'. Hope Walk (Orlando): Community support and funding with partnering health foundations and organizations.
FL The Parker Foundation for Autism and Child Development We provide fully funded education, art and sports programs year round for children with autism and related disabilities and their siblings. Through the use of volunteer peer buddies, we are working to break down stigmas and encourage diversity and acceptance from an early age. Every October during Bullying Prevention month, we have a free family fun community event embracing kindness, and what it means to "Be a Buddy" incorporating PACER's resources and projects.
FL Fellsmere Elementary In music class all students learn anti-bullying songs and do activities to bring awareness of different forms of bullying. Our school Behavior Specialist also does a seminar with videos and activities.
FL Davis Performing Arts We are holding a workshop “There Is No I In Peer Pressure or Bully” Saturday, September 9, 2017 in Daytona Beach, Florida.
FL BABS'LAB During the month of October BABS'LAB will offer an arts-integrated bullying prevention program for the community. The heart of this program will be "Chalk", a play written by award-winning writer and radio host Al Letson. Through "Chalk", we will engage young adult performers, youth audiences, artists, and the wider community in examining how verbal abuse and bullying can be addressed and transformed. Three main components comprise the bullying prevention program: 1. YOUTH PERFORMANCE. 2. ART EXHIBIT -The show will feature new work by local visual artists that explores the topic of bullying in dialogue with Al Letson's poetry. 3. COMMUNITY STORY SHARE We will work with a diverse group of community members to share their experiences of bullying.
GA "Think Twice" (Anti-Bullying Program) Unite Against Bullying Tailgate; Unity Day; 5th Annual Ride Against Bullying.
GA Jared's Heart of Success Youth/Teen Awareness Summit- Rallying Against Bullying, by showing good character every day. Treat others the way I want to be treated. Always report bullying to an adult at school or at home. Never bully others or laugh with a bully. Do my best to help anyone who is bullied.
GA GEMS "Girls Empowering Major Success" Getting the word out in our community for the youth to inform an adult if they are being bullied. Forming community events to aid in bullying prevention among teens and adolescents.
GA Richard G. Wilson Elementary We will complete guidance lessons throughout the month of October on Bully prevention. Activities for Red Ribbon Week include: students signing the pledge "to be bully free", receiving bullying prevention prizes each day to serve as a reminder, wear the red ribbon all week pledging to be drug free, Sock it to Drugs Day” – students wear crazy socks or mismatched socks to show their commitment to being drug- and bully-free. Team Up Against Drugs” students and staff wear Team Jerseys in unity against drugs and bullying.
GA Morris R McBride Elem. Students and staff will wear orange as a stand in unity against bullying.
GA North Columbus Boys and Girls Club Monthly Stop Bullying lessons, Care Club, and Unity Day activities.
HI Waiau Elementary School Creating and promoting anti-bullying activities, classroom lessons and guidance awareness for children.
IA Stand Against Bullying: Niceness Is Priceless Stand Against Bullying: Niceness Is Priceless is a campaign located in Iowa. The goal of this group is to stand against bullying, educate adults and children on how to prevent bullying, and more! In this group, we hold talks at schools, dance marathons, walks, and more! Please message for more info on how to get involved!
IA Storm Lake Elementary School At SLES, we will be talking about respect and incorporating bullying awareness activities into our Guidance lessons. On Oct. 25th, we will wear orange, pass out orange ribbons and create an orange paper chain, stating: "We Are Stronger Together!"
ID Another Choice Virtual Charter We will show videos, share the pledge, use orange links, offer an online survey, and decorate and wear orange.
IL H.E.R.O. Helping Everyone Respect Others Ongoing Education and Awareness through Community Outreach.
IL Eldorado Elementary School We will participate in bullying prevention by wearing orange.
IL Jerri Hoffmann Child and Family Center We will offer a session on bullying prevention to our preschoolers and kindergarteners, as well as parents. Bullying prevention not only starts at school, but at home as well.
IL Retired Military Personel To provide support through Girl Scout groups and women's veteran support groups.
IL Stuffed Love Speaking and interacting with multiple organizations on what bullying is and how to prevent it.
IL Belleville East High School Throughout October we will be hosting awareness activites, celebrating Unity Day, and have a student group trained to provide support and follow-up to targets of bullying.
IN Central Indiana Law Enforcement Training Network We are conduct bullying prevention campaigns in the local schools.
KS Douglass Elementary School Unity Day Celebration
LA Wings of Eagles Behavioral Health Our behavioral health practice held the first Louisiana Conference on Bullying and Teen Suicide on February 19, 2017. A second conference is being organized for January 2018. The focus of the first conference was bullying intervention and prevention along with Teen Suicide. The conference was attended by educators throughout Louisiana.
LA Big Dreamers Youth Foundation We are hosting an Anti-Bullying event called Be A Super Hero Against Bullying. October 21, 2017.
LA Youree Drive Middle AP Magnet We have a poster contest.
MA Acushnet Elementary School We have Unity Week, where we celebrate with spirit days to bring together the community. We cap off the week with an all school assembly to talk about ways to report bullying and strategies to overcome bullying behavior.
MA Valley opportunity council We will teach about different types of bulling and prevention. What to do when you get bullied and what to say to someone who is bullying. Be a buddy not a bully!
MA Georgetown Middle High School Honor National Bullying Prevention Month with our own orange t-shirt.
MD Waldon Woods ES Bullying prevention poster contest, awareness assembly for students and parents, and other events throughout the year.
MD We Lead By Example, Inc./Tae Kwon Do Ramblers Self-Defense Systems Grandmaster Dr. Clifford Thomas teaches bullying prevention and self-defense in his martial arts classes throughout the year. Our organization is a leader in dealing with bullying behavior that affects people of all ages. It hosts community workshops and seminars that directly address bullying and crosscutting issues. In October 2016, to mark our second annual Bullying Prevention Walk and Rally, Maryland Congressman Steny Hoyer highlighted in a video the importance of addressing issues of bullying and honored Dr. Thomas for his many years of work in developing and teaching bullying prevention and safety and self-defense. On October 7, 2017, our organization will join PACER and host its third annual community walk and rally against bullying.
MI Bay City Central Anti-Bullying Pledge Club The BCC ABPC believes that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE! Who We Are... Actually, we are not that different from you! We come from all walks of life but we have one very important belief in common. What WE Believe 1. It is TIME to stand up to bullying 2. We can CHOOSE to avoid posting online or participating in anything anywhere that is meant to harm someone's reputation or self-esteem 3. It is essential to COMMIT to "think before you tweet" and "ponder before you post" The Bay City Central Anti-Bullying Pledge Club not only looks for ways to prevent bullying in our school, we also hold assembly at our area schools. This year’s school show is called "We Are Hopeful." It is an honor to become a 2016 PACER Unified School/Club.
MN The Arc of Freeborn County We will display posters and share information on our Facebook along with sharing information with our members and participants.
MN South View Middle School Unity Day - Orange Out In Our School (All students/staff wear orange and bracelets are given out to all students) All students participate in small group presentations to learn the importance of kindness and the value in embracing our differences. Mix It Up at Lunch Day - Students sit at different lunch tables than they normally would to meet and talk with their peers. Student Leaders lead discussions at tables to help with this. Unity Chain - We create an orange paper change with all students. On their link of the paper chain, each student shares one thing they are committing to do to help others and to make a difference in our school by spreading kindness.
MN Maple Lake High School-Friends of Rachel Group Friends of Rachel Group, Unity Day, Posters with facts regarding bullying. Promoting kindness.
MN Chelsea Heights Elementary School Classroom lessons, Second Step bullying prevention.
MN St. Michael/Albertville High School We put up posters in School. Bullying prevention as part of Health 9 curriculum.
MN Crest View Elementary, Brooklyn Park MN Character education lessons and assemblies.
MO Bois D'Arc Elementary School Participated in HOPE Week, Lessons during counseling about bullying (i.e. forms of bullying, signs of someone in need of an advocate, and ways to be a buddy), Wear Orange Day, Assembly, Chain of Unity, Discussions of Unity in classroms.
MO CrisisGo, Inc. CrisisGo provides a free Bully & Tip reporting tool for all K-12 schools in the United States. We will also be sharing bullying prevention information, including cyber bullying, through our safety awareness system to all users. We will equip districts with information to help prepare students and prevent bullying in schools.
MS New Hope High School Unity Day Assembly on October 25, 2017.
MS ACHS Class of 2018 We will promote Bullying Prevention Month by having a poster contest, a bullying prevention rally, and have guest speakers to speak to the kids.
NC Oakhurst STEAM Academy Unity Day lessons.
NC Kannapolis City Schools This is the second year our school district is celebrating Unity Day across grades PK-12. In addition to wearing orange, we launch a social media campaign, students create posters/banners, we create kindness chains, conduct Mix-It-Up lunches, sign pledges, hold classroom discussions, etc.
NC Shady Brook Elementary School School Wide Unity Activities
NC Impact Teens Goldsboro Bullying Prevention Rally; Bullying Prevention Run; Bullying Prevention Orange Out Day.
NC Kannapolis Middle School Our school will be celebrating Unity Day with classroom guidance lessons on empathy and bullying prevention initiatives throughout the month of October. Students will be designing orange wristbands with words of kindness to celebrate Unity Day.
NJ Kindergarten Success Academy We will have guidance lessons focusing on bullying awareness and prevention. Students and staff will take a stand against bullying by participating in Unity Day. Students and staff will wear orange and participate in a Walk for Peace followed by an anti-bullying assembly. Daily morning announcements will focus on bullying prevention.
NJ Al-Ghazaly Jr./ Sr. High School We are providing our students with group discussions about bullying and their perspective. We have also committed to participating in an entire week devoted to bullying. Our school is in the process of painting a mural for anti-bullying everyday.
NJ G.A.B.S Girls against bullying squad We have monthly forums and workshops about bullying.
NJ Spartan Mixed Martial Arts We hold a Bullying Prevention workshop for all kids for the incoming 2017-2018 school year.
NJ West Milford Public Schools We host an annual event which targets and teaches Digital Citizenship to our students and families. This event received Congressional Recognition last year and helps to bring attention to responsible social media and internet use as well as highlight our implementation of the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Curriculum. Many of our district's schools have been recognized as State or National Schools of Character.
NM All local public and BIE schools We are holding a Fun Run and holding presentations at all local events and outings.
NV Results Martial Arts We do two bullying prevention seminars a year; one at the beginning of the new school year and one in October for Bullying Prevention Month.
NV Te-Moak Crime Prevention Bullying Presentation and Bullying Prevention Rally for Te-Moak Communities.
NV NVPEP Run, Walk & Roll, on Sept 30, 2017.
NY Dolls & Macs Inc We will be hosting a Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying in our community on October 1, 2017.
NY CJ Hooker Middle School National Bullying Prevention Month activities.
NY G.L. Cooke Elementary School Our school will be putting up flyers and news about anti-bullying. We also teach about bullying prevention in our classes K-5. We will ask students and staff to wear orange for Unity Day.
NY Broadalbin-Perth Middle School Assemblies, Mix It Up Day, Graffiti Wall, Kindness Activities, Unity Day, Contests.
NY Carle Place Middle/High School Throughout the week of Unity Day we have provided morning announcements regarding bullying prevention. On Unity Day, during each change of period, a positive, unity quote will be read over the loud speaker by our Diversity Club students. The Diversity Club will also hand out orange ribbons to both faculty and students. All faculty, staff and students have been asked to wear orange on October 25th. During Advisory our 7th and 8th grade students will be completing a follow up activity during Advisory.
NY St. Patrick School Weekly elementary and middle school lesson plans.
NY Port Jefferson Middle School We will be wearing ORANGE and showing a power point and video clips to increase awareness.
NY School for Language and Communication Development High School We will be holding our annual Unity Day assembly.
NY Connecting Cliques I have a Princess Pen Pal Program that I am very proud of. Working to prevent food allergy bullying.
NY Bully Away We help talk to kids that go through bullying and feel nothing is getting done for them. They have no voice. They recently held a peaceful protest that was on the news and newspapers.
NY Evergreen Health To help those who are bullied.
NY Encouragement and Enrichment Motivational Services for Children Bullying prevention weekly; Bullying and drug prevention talent show.
NY Glen Cove High School The students and the PTSA will participate in the Bullyproof Project 3rd Annual Walk. Hit The Trails Against Bullying to be held Sunday, October 15 from 10-12; The Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center of Nassau County, Glen Cove, NY. Together we can help raise awareness against Bullying!
NY Bullyproof Project We are providing bullying prevention resources at our event, as well as speaking on this important subject. We attended National Night Out in August with the police department and handed out our flyer, children took the pledge and also gave them important resources about bullying and what to do. We are taking part in any local bullying prevention events advocating for this cause. Together we can help raise awareness against Bullying. We will be hosting our 3rd Annual Walk to raise awareness against bullying to be held at The Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center of Nassau County Sunday, October 15, 2017. PLEASE JOIN US TO SPREAD AWARENESS AGAINST BULLYING. TOGETHER WE STAND AS ONE!
NY Girl Scouts Troop 136 Girl Scouts Troop 136 will help others feel confident and believe in themselves. We will assist youth with learning how to understand and express their emotions properly. We understand that positive self-esteem is an important responsibility for all children. We will teach youth that positive self-esteem enables them to grow up, be happy, responsible, and not let what others think affect how they feel. Our Mission is to build girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place. We will also be participating with the Bullyproof Project 3rd Annual Walk to raise awareness against bullying.
NY The Project for Girls I make merch based on my song "Forgive and Forget" and give it out during my speeches on bullying prevention.
OH Harvey Rice Wrap Around Bullying prevention pep rally.
OH Cleveland Play House Cleveland Play House has been providing in-school bullying prevention programs for the past five years. The production is call Kicked, based around soccer and the relationships between two middle school friends. It is geared for grades 4-8. The actors interact with the students throughout the 45 minute performance, followed by a 15 minute Q&A. It served 17,521 students and 547 teachers. In today's unsettled world, Kicked is not only timely but communicates a positive message through fun, entertaining, yet educational programming.
OH Kung Fu University Kung Fu University's mission is to engage the community in a unified effort to educate, inform, and help eradicate bullying. We want to help children of all ages overcome the negative impact of bullying. Students will learn: Awareness – How to identify predator behavior Avoidance – Realistic ways to avoid being a target of bullying. Assertiveness – How to stop bullying behavior Assurance - Self-defense using Kung Fu
OH A&S Youth Productions and I.H.U.-I Hear You! WAIF88.3FM Cincinnati Our program is directed toward our youth, young adults, and older adults to motivate and encourage them to use their Voice thru the Arts, by acting, singing, and dancing it out instead of arguing or fighting it out. Everyone has a voice and deserves to be heard!
OH Case N.O.W. prgram We have a district wide bullying prevention program called N.O.W - Not on Our Watch program.
OH Imagine Academy at Sullivant On Oct. 25, 2017 students and staff will wear orange for #UNITYDAY2017.
OR Gabriels Army Against Bullying We have efforts to unite with other organizations and lift the bullied child or teen up and stand with them as a united front. We meet the needs of each child differently based on case .We have ongoing efforts to raise awareness to schools everywhere throughout Oregon.
OR Sandstone Middle School Every class, every period will receive an anti-bullying/inclusion lesson on this day. In addition, we are printing our school shirts in orange for purchase and wear in honor of the day. The day will culminate with pledges and every student creating an orange link for a chain that will be hung and left up in the cafeteria for the remainder of the year as a visual reminder of the lessons learned that day.
PA Cabrini University SPSEA SPSEA Club observes Oct 25 Unity Day. I instruct a 1 credit Bullying in Education elective course at the university
PA Cheer Factory All-Stars As child educators, we are educating our staff on Bullying prevention, implementing a curriculum about awareness, and providing a safe environment for all our students and athletes.
PA School of Rock Doylestown No Bully Run - June 11th @ Central Park, Doylestown PA 198901
PA Cabrini University/PSEA Club Sign the petition day.
PA Maritime Academy Charter School Bullying Prevention art.
PA C. G. Johnson Elementary School October will be Bullying Prevention Month.
PA Leedom Elementary Bullying Prevention Unit in Health Classes 1-5.
PA Oaks Elementary School Each morning, during the month of October, a student will read a statement about Bullying Prevention.
RI Paul Cuffee Upper School We provide a dress down day for students and staff to wear an orange shirt. All advisories participate in bullying prevention activities.
SC Olweus Bullying Prevention Program * OBPP Trainer Certification Course * Community Youth Organization Bullying Prevention Training * Follow-up and Investigation Training * Celebrating Acceptance and Inclusion with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Spookley the Square Pumpkin webinar * Be the One Bystander Awareness Campaign * Audrie and Daisy Viewing and Panel Discussion Lunch and Learn.
SC Rock Hill Judo Academy We help children who are bullied to stand up for themselves, rebuild self esteem and confidence and learn self control, physical and emotional discipline through Judo. We promote bullying prevention through Awareness, Education, Anger Management training and Martial Arts. We teach how to have self-control and confidence, build self-esteem and also become an ambassador for Anti-Bullying.
SC FASHION 4 A CAUSE S.C. Fashion 4 a cause helps to stomp out bullying through workshops and educational training classes. We help build self-esteem and confidence, we provide emotional and mental support, round table discussions and support groups, as well as acting, dancing, singing, and poetry as a healing source. We believe everyone deserves a chance to shine! We also provide parental support and community events to help bring about awareness about bullying prevention. We will hold our annual back to school anti-bullying rally- all proceeds/donations go toward school supplies- simply because we care.
SC Hunt Meadows Elementary Our school follows the OLWEUS prevention program. We hold weekly classroom meetings to discuss all aspects of bullying and bullying prevention. In addition, bullying is addressed in our PBIS program, where our students learn to SHINE.
TN Houston Levee Community Center We have connected with local agencies to do talks and activities for National Bullying Prevention Month.
TN Maxine Smith STEAM Academy School-Wide Day of Unity
TX Burton Elementary No Place for Hate-ADL
TX MacGregor Elementary School We practice No Place for Hate and we will be using the Sandford Character Lessons daily/weekly.
TX B.L. Gray Junior High We have a Unity Walk.
TX Mount Vernon Elementary Be a Buddy Not a Bully classroom guidance lessons taught during October. Students encouraged to wear orange on Unity Day. In addition, other resources are provided to teachers to help discuss the issues and promote unity. The six pillars of character lessons taught throughout the year with reinforcement packets sent to all teachers. In addition, each pillar is highlighted in a parent newsletter with ideas to build upon lessons at school. Students showing "ROAR" behavior are invited to a special rally each six weeks. This behavior includes Respect others, Obey the rules, Act responsibly, and Resolve problems.
TX Jefferson Avenue Elementary School We are having multiple activities and lessons dealing with anti-bullying. We are also a designated No Place for Hate School in conjunction with the Anti-Defamation League.
TX Leadership Martial Arts Center We include Bullying Prevention in our martial arts program. In addition, we host periodic bullying prevention workshops.
TX Headline Mentors & Performing Arts We are hosting a "Don't Bully ME"-The Crusade Prince & Princess Ball and releasing our anti bullying short film "Sisters."
TX Evans Next Generation We are starting an anti-bullying organization to prevent bullying. We will also reach out to those who bully to assist with why they feel the need to cause someone else to feel less about themselves because of their bullying.
TX Author Steven Schade "Frank Bullied Francis," "Bully The Kid." Author of 2 books about bullying and a new FB page "Abash the Bully" who is trying to make a difference in the community!
UT Fairfield Junior High Fairfield Junior High participates in UNITY day. We encourage the students to wear orange, we pass out orange wristbands for all students to wear that day, and have activities during lunch. We have had guest speakers come in throughout the year to do assemblies on positive behavior, treating others with kindness, and cyber safety. In Health, all 8th graders learn about signs of suicide, how to help others and themselves if they notice those signs. Fairfield Junior High also has a HOPE Squad and Peer Support program.
VA Belview Elementary School Bullying Prevention Week; Lessons for all grades about Bullying; Choosing Kindness for classrooms.
VA American 102 Youth Foundation We are holding a bullying prevention rally in October.
VA Jefferson Forest High School Our school promotes bullying prevention in several ways. In all Health classes students complete a unit that includes definitions and examples of bullying, how to prevent bullying, how to step in, and how to communicate with adults about bullying. Our Unity Club helps promote events like Blue Shirt Day, Orange Shirt Day, and Bullying Prevention Month. We have had writing contests about why it is important to not bully and had winners presented at our athletic events. Our yearbook did a color spread about our bullying prevention efforts and our administration is fully supportive. Along with our Unity Club, we are creating a new club that promotes positive mental health and resources for topics like suicide prevention.
VA Matoaca Middle School My five friends and I created a student based anti-bullying campaign and presentation. We researched and developed a presentation for the 6th grade class on ways to stop bullying, help someone being bullied, and provided education on the different types of bullying. We presented the program to our principal. With approval from our principal, our group of 6 has been presenting our program to the 6th graders at our school. I also have had the opportunity to intervene in two serious situations involving my peers after they came to me for help following one of our presentations. I was able to provide those students with helpful resources. Both of the students had positive outcomes!
VI Lockhart School Creative Visual and Performing Artists in Action Against Violence Everywhere Students are invited to voluntarily join our three "Positive Behavior/Anti Violence" clubs during their early morning recess time and after school free time. They learn acceptable ways to take a stand and preventing incidents of bullying and student abuse throughout the entire school year.
VT Vermont Valley TaeKwonDo We are including bullying prevention in our self-defense portion of the TaeKwonDo curriculum.
VT Harwood Union Middle and High School Encouraging students and staff to make it orange and make it end, Orange sticky #passiton event, UNITY poster signing during lunches, and Unity ribbons available for students.
WA Centennial Middle School Mix It Up Lunch.
WA Lake Hills Elementary Classroom activities.
WA Charles Lafitte Foundation Fall Reading/Essay Contest about Bullying
WA Stevenson Elementary School The counselor and librarian will read a book and then make Unity Hands where students will write one thing they will commit to in order to create and keep a safe and welcoming community without bullying. These hands will be put up around the school - hand in hand.
WA John Muir Elementary in Kirkland Washington Second Step and Steps to Respect.
WA The Blind Judo Foundation / Cahill's Judo Academy Coach Willy Cahill of Cahill's Judo Academy,Co-Founder of the Blind Judo Foundation along with Co-Founder Ron C. Peck have zero tolerance for bullying. All instructors are alert to any and all forms of bullying with a zero tolerance approach. Civility and respect is practiced on and off the Judo mat.
WA Inclusive TV ICTV Inclusive TV recognizes and appreciates all disabilities and has a zero tolerance when it comes to bullying especially the disabled. Our goal is to shine a light on the disabled for being disAbled and recognized for the creative and unselfish skills and talents.
WI Ascension Martial Arts - AMA We host Personal Safety seminars at schools regarding how to react to bullying, and constantly talk in our martial arts classes about bullying. We have a zero tolerance policy at our school.
WI Juda School District Unity tree with handprints. Wall decor.

2017 Bullying Champions from Around the World - Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

- Costa Rica Centro de Prevención Contra el Bullying Costa Rica We are sharing information about bullying prevention

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Calling ALL Students!

Take the first step in getting your school involved! Ask your principal, superintendent, teacher or school counselor to sign on as a CHAMPION AGAINST BULLYING!

Champions are schools and organizations that support the cause and are taking part in some way. It’s a great way to show you care!

Download the PDF , bring it to your school, and ask them to send to PACER.