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Become a Champion Against Bullying

Throughout the community, there are nonprofits, schools, and community groups that directly collaborate with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center using resources – such as classroom toolkits, free bookmarks, awareness raising ideas, petition signing - to directly inspire, educate and involve students.

These organizations are eligible to submit the names of their nonprofits, schools, or community group, which will be posted to PACER’s bullying prevention website, along with links to their sites and an overview of their bullying prevention efforts. They also have access to PACER’s bullying prevention resources, including exciting new activities, information, and contests that will engage youth, educators, and parents in creating a safer world for children with and without disabilities.

Champions are invited to distribute information about bullying prevention through their print and electronic newsletters. Become a champion with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center and join this expanded effort to reach schools and organizations nationwide.  We appreciate their community leadership and dedication to helping all children.

Become a champion! To include your organization, please fill out this form.

2015 Champions—Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

AL Drake Law Firm We are committed to a more just and fair community, which means putting an end to bullying.
AL Wettermark & Keith LLC Wettermark & Keith LLC is dedicated to standing up for those who can't stand up for themselves.
AL IAmGreatness Youth INC This year marks the beginning of our bullying awareness week. It will be held Oct. 19th-24th.
AL Hoover High School We plan to raise awareness by having morning announcements, doing activities in advisory, and having news reports through our school news team.
AR Robinson Middle School Our mentor program will lead activities with the students on how to prevent bullying in our community.
AZ Bill Black Personal Injury Law Many of our employees have children in school at an age where bullying starts to become a problem. Because of our status within the community, we are able to raise awareness through print and other media.
AZ Howard Snader Representation We help spread awareness about bullying in the community and how to prevent it.
AZ Surrano Insurance Advocates Our business is all about standing up for the little guy, which is why we, as parents, aim to educate, raise awareness, and promote tolerance.
AZ Hand In Hand Christian Preschool/Kindergarten My kindergarten class will be talking about what is a bully and what do you do when you see someone being bullied.
AZ Paideia Academy We will have a monthly focus group.
AZ Bright Photography Bright Photography does an anti-bullying campaign during the spring for the local High School district, called Prom Paparazzi. Junior and Senior students are asked to write an essay on how they have or plan to prevent bullying in their school and community. One student's essay is chosen and the winner receives recognition and prizes for Prom that year from local businesses.
AZ Coach Christian Vitale Topics of Interest include: Living with a Learning Disability, How to Redirect Your Emotions to Your Benefit, How to Survive Bullying, How to Deal with Adversity in All Forms, School and Grades (how they effect your future), Self Confidence (Your internal voice), Dealing with Mistakes, Life Choices and Their Effects, Positive Influence of Music and Sports, Avoiding Negative Influences (Control your own emotions), The Power of Heart and Fire, What Makes You Different, Change Starts with Attitude, Goal Setting…The GAMES of Life (Goals, Assessment, Mapping, Evaluation, Strategies)
AZ Sunrise Mountain High School Anti-bullying classroom guidance lessons are provided for all grade levels. Students participate in bullying prevention assemblies. Students sign anti-bullying pledge. Students at the high school level compete in an anti-bullying art contest every year.
AZ Canyon Elementary We are planningsomething and are excited about what is to come!
CA Luther Burbank School Luther Burbank will be holding a variety of bullying prevention activities throughout the month of October. We will celebrate Unity Day as a school and community by encouraging students, staff and parents to wear orange.
CA Anthony Spangler Elementary For bullying prevention we will be wearing orange, we will have orange bracelets, and we will use a bullying prevention book.
CA Jocks and Gentlemen, a short film Filming a short film called JOCKS AND GENTLEMEN in June 2015. The goal of this film is to raise awareness of bullying and to encourage people to stand up for victims of this widespread problem. It is our promise to donate this film to middle and high schools to engage people in thoughtful discussions of solutions to this social issue. Stand Up and Share Your Story Campaign: We are encouraging people to write a short story of their experiences with bullying - when they stood up for someone or when someone stood up for them.
CA Rosamond Against Bullying: You're Not Alone We just started but will be doing a fundraiser through boost custom in for t shirts try to raise enough money for the kids in our community to raise awareness against bullying and try and get our schools to take a stand and parents to reach out to their children
CA Passions & Dreams Funding Launching "BE A HERO" Challenge in May 2015 together with the "Sky's the Limit" interactive online-onsite training programs where we connect students to positive role models, career opportunities and entrepreneurial options. These events will increase self-esteem, build up confidence and learn ways to overcome bullying.
CA New Hope Academy of Change New Hope Academy of Change is a non profit community based educational organization that provides Educational Services to students grades K-12 . Approved by the CA Dept of Educ to provide Supplemental Educational Services to School districts throughout California per the NCLB. We also provide anti bullying workshops and training for teachers, staff, parents & students. Our group comes together once a month and share event, stories or revelation on how we can better handle situation pertaining to bullying.
CA Amazing School Assemblies I promote Bully Prevention through my assembly "The Bully Game". The busiest assembly performer in all of Southern California, I use universal anti-bullying concepts in a super fun format to leave a positive impact on Elementary school age children.
CA FUNtastic Dental and Orthodontics On Unity Day we will proudly wear ORANGE!
CA The Effect Foundation None yet
CA QamQomics My name is Qamdhym (pronounced "Camden") I am a Freshman at Antelope High School. I am an artist, an athlete, a musician and an Autism Spectrum Advocate. I was diagnosed as being part of the autism spectrum in the 2nd grade. I used drawing as a way of "stimming" during my elementary years, as it calmed me and allowed me to focus on the teacher while instructing. When I went to middle school I used comic strips to express my feelings on how I interacted with the world. From these years of drawing was born comic strip characters Asp and Norm. I have recently self published an educational booklet, entitled, Asp and Norm Educate on Autism Spectrum Acceptance. The booklet includes comic strip characters Asp, who represents individuals on the autism spectrum and Norm,who represents those not on the spectrum. The interaction between Asp and Norm represent how simple and fun a relationship with someone on the spectrum can be with understanding and Acceptance.
CA My Fight Gym We're a fitness and martial arts website that teaches self defense and promotes healthy habits through training. Our philosophy is that martial arts builds character, to increases one's confidence to stand up to bullies, and helps bullies themselves redirect their aggression in a healthy way. 10% of our monthly membership sales (starting July 2015) will be donated monthly to Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center.
CA Johnson Attorneys Group Johnson Attorneys Group recently asked college-bound students ages 17 and older to submit a 500-plus word essay on the topic of bullying to spread awareness and put an end to widespread bullying in our local communities. The winner was awarded a $1000 scholarship.
CA Ramona Elementary School We will have lessons on Tattling vs. Telling, What is Bullying? and Character Development. We will unite each Monday in October wearing blue to remind our students about being Safe, Respectful and Responsible.
CA Raney Intermediate School We have a school wide program where students wear orange, and a Mix It Up day during lunch.
CA Grey Law Our expert employment law attorney’s stand up for those that are have been harassed and bullied in the workplace.
CA Nova Legal Funding Nova Legal Funding provides Pro-Bono litigation financing for victims of bullying who are in an ongoing legal dispute with schools. If the child's parents don't have the money to invest in litigation, we step in and fill that gap—free of charge.
CA CHIME Charter School CHIME is committed to educating our students and school community about bullying prevention and development of character. We hold schoolwide events throughout the school year which promote acceptance and anti-bullying, including Mix It Up Day, Random Acts of Kindness, Day of Pink, and other activities to promote and foster an environment of inclusion.
CO Giberson Elementary Bullying Prevention Seminars, Kelso's Choice, Kindness Revolution, No-Name Calling Week
CO Envision Martial Arts Envision Martial Arts is committed to providing the children and families in our communities with Bullying Prevention education. We offer FREE, open to the public, Bullying Prevention seminars and teach Bullying Prevention in our martial arts classes daily.
CT Glastonbury Community Action Partnership We plan to advertise and to wear ORANGE in support of National Bullying Prevention Day in October.
DC Rick Daniels I wrote a book called Little Remy: The little boy who doesn't want to go to school. It's about a boy who didn't want to go to school because he was being bullied.
FL U Niquely U, Inc. Working on details of plans for National Bullying Prevention Month. Please see company webpage for updates.
FL Lake Panasoffkee Elementary School Anti-bullying classroom guidance lessons are provided for all grade levels. Students participate in bullying prevention assemblies. Students sign anti-bullying pledge.
Fl Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School oster/essay contest, be wearing kindness bracelets, signing kindness pledges and receiving tickets if caught being kind! We will also be celebrating Unity Day. Each student will write a message about unity on an orange strip of paper and connect them together to create a paper chain to hang around the school.
FL S. O. S. Foundation of Tampa Bay, Inc S. O. S. Foundation of Tampa Bay, Inc. provides the youth and their families with bullying information. We hold community bullying workshops and seminars. We are a firm believer in education the public on current youth issues.
FL Gotha Middle School All
FL Suncoast Super Target We support the Pasco County School District in their proactive efforts to ensure safe and inclusive schools in our community through Together We Stand Youth and Family Summit and 5K run.
FL S.T.O.P. Our community group is new. I recently formed this group to bring awareness to our community on bullying. We need to become educated so that we can educate the community and need all the help we can get.
Fl Caloosa Middle School Our activities include anti-bullying flyers throughout school, school news broadcasts of bullying prevention videos, and classroom involvement.
FL Edgewood Jr./Sr. High School We are having a candy sale fundraiser where the profits made will be donated to PACER.
GA POP Ambassadors - Sandy Springs Charter Middle School We have an afterschool club dedicated to discussing issues and spearheading schoolwide activities to promote a positive school culture and climate. We also have weekly newsletters, morning newscasts and other fun activities to keep students and parents engaged
GA The Rally Group We are currently working with several school systems it implement programs that are in curriculum form as to be taught in a classroom environment. In addition to these things we are working with law makers to pass legislation to change the laws that define bullying and the reporting process that schools are required to do.
GA Pretty Girl Zone I plan on teaming up with other local independent artists to create an EP album about bullying or the effects of bullying, release it and use the proceeds from sales each year to support a positive teen with a scholarship who goes above and beyond the call of duty to stand up to bullying in their high school. We will also complete one music video for the main theme song.
GA The C. B. A Foundation We received a proclamation from the GA capital stating that October will be bullying prevention month in the state of Georgia. We also did the same this last year. Each day we held different events. We plan to do the same thing this year. Currently we are planning a run, walk, roll.
GA Champion Boxing Gym We mentor and teach at-risk youth life skills through the art of boxing. We also throw large amateur boxing matches in order to draw attention to problems we have in our community.
GA "Think Twice" (Anti-Bullying Program) Our events include: 1st Annual Black & Red Ball, 1st Annual Community Day, 1st Annual Bowl Against Bullying, 1st Annual Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying, 2nd Annual Ride Against Bullying.
GA Life Transition Experts Life Transition Experts (LTE) will be promoting National Bullying Prevention Month on the LTE website, FaceBook and the personal LinkedIn of Robyn Bartlett. Pro Bono presentations will be offered on the underlying neurological, psychological, and sociological variables involved in the 'Bullying Dance', be it school, home, or the workplace.
GA Savvy Cyber Kids Educational sessions at schools for parents, teachers, and students.
GA Indian Creek Elementary School Because I am an educator/filmmaker, I will be making a movie/documentary that will be used to educate the public and schools about the enormity of bullying in our society and the different types of bullying. As I will start filming the movie entitled Ostracized which will deal with bullying in June 2015, I will be visiting some of the summer to discuss the importance of not bullying. By contrast, when school is back in session in the Fall of 2015, I will take some of the cast members with me to talk to different schools (K - 12) about bullying and why it is wrong. As an educator, who happens to be a filmmaker, I have seen my fair share of bullying within the school systems. It is very disheartening when students are afraid to learn or not able to learn due to someone bullying them through physical, nonverbal or cyber means.
GA Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church We are having awareness service, education and representation of bullying awareness the week of October 21st.
HI Resolution Way Foundation We conduct Anti Bullying campaigns through our ARMageddon Arm Wrestling tournament. Here we aim to bring an End to Bullying and making our community more aware one school at a time. We also offer free conditioning training during the summer to stay fit and live healthy.
IL Protect The Youth Protect the Youth is a non-for profit organization that is aimed at raising awareness about bullying in every form that youth in our community face. Awareness is made through social media and through other community organizations that promote anti-bullying.
IL FAB- Families Against Bullying We are a new organization that just formed in Herrin, IL. We are planning a bullying prevention rally/concert in conjunction with bullying prevention week. Our projected date is Saturday, November 14th, 2015. We will have inspirational speakers and musicians.
IL CICS- Wrightwood We are holding a school wide anti-bully poster contest during October. We also have an anti-bully club who is planning events during that month and throughout the year to promote kindness and decrease bullying within our school.
IL Belleville East High School BEAST is a support group for student who have been bullied. No Lancer Left Behind Bullying Prevention Program.
IL Gordon D. Bush Elementary Gordon Bush will hold a Bullying Prevention Poster Contest for the primary grades and an Essay contest for the Intermediate Grades.
IN Girls Against Bullying We are holding workshops, creating a website, hosting events, speaking in the community and putting up posters.
IN Worthington and Lyons Elementary Schools We are spreading awareness through a character education guidance program that promotes respect and kindness. We have a board where teachers share "Terrific Tales of Character Education" where our students are recognized for their amazing efforts to build a strong and accepting school climate.
IN Central Indiana Law Enforcement Training Network The Central Indiana Law Enforcement Training Network will bring awareness to bullying prevention throughout all of Central Indiana.
KS Maize High School Maize High School Peer Helpers organize a bullying prevention campaign with the hope of creating an inclusive space for all students.
KY Commons4Kids We are a charity that donates trading cards to kids; we have received a few stories about how the cards we donate to kids have helped with bullying issues- they help bring kids together with a common hobby. We've donated over 4 million trading cards to kids in 10 different states.
KY Back Up Bully! Program Anti-bullying workshops for children in grades 1-5 and workshops for parents
LA Wright Academy of Taekwondo I talk to my students every class about not bullying, telling an adult if they are being bullied and telling an adult if they see someone else being bullied.
LA Magnolia Family Counseling, LLC We would like to raise awareness on this very important issue by sharing info via our website, social media, and print media in our office.
LA Journey Rehab We provide Mental Health Counseling and are looking to organize a rally in the local area for bullying prevention.
LA Fellowship of Christian Students, Louisiana School for Agricultural Sciences We will celebrate Unity Day, Oct. 21.
MA St. Anna Catholic School We will hold Bullying Prevention Day on October 5th. Students wear blue, have classroom discussions and team building activities.
MA South School Civics Club established the Bulldogs Don't Bully logo that has been adopted by our district as our motto against bullying. We sponsor many activities throughout the year to spread awareness of anti bullying strategies and alternatives.
MA South School Our civics club established the Bulldogs Don't Bully logo that has been adopted by our district as our motto against bullying. We sponsor many activities throughout the year to spread awareness of bullying prevention strategies and alternatives.
MD Tease Free Kids We are starting a National Anti-bullying Hall of Fame and will have our first induction ceremony in October.
MD Seat Pleasant Elementary School We will have lessons focusing on how to stop bullying in school and how to be a good friend. We will also hold informational and interactive groups.
MD Brookes Publishing Company Brookes Publishing is an educational publisher of research-based resources that boost the learning and success of all people, with and without disabilities. Included in our scope of resources are titles that help school professionals address bullying prevention and intervention and foster social acceptance in the classroom.
MD Freedom Elementary School During October all classroom counseling lessons will be focused on bullying prevention. Students will also participate in a school wide assembly discussing bullying. In addition, students will come together on Unity Day and show how they can take a stand against bullying.
MD The Highlands School For Unity Day the Girls Club will perform a Unity Dance, there will be a banner and a petition for students to sign, we have Unity Ribbons, and the students will dress in orange.
MD We Lead By Example, Inc./Tae Kwon Do Ramblers Self-Defense Systems We Lead By Example, Inc./Tae Kwon Do Ramblers Self-Defense Systems is a leader in dealing with bullying behavior that affects people of all ages. Grandmaster/Dr. Clifford Thomas teaches bullying prevention and self-defense in his martial arts classes throughout the year and our organization hosts community workshops and seminars that directly address bullying or crosscutting issues. In April, we held a workshop that addressed child sexual abuse. In June, our workshop was geared to senior citizens who are also victims of bullying behavior. On October 3, we will join PACER and host a community walk and rally against bullying.
MI Hillman Elementary School We will encourage all staff and students to wear orange on October 21st and hope to implement some other ideas listed on your website.
MI Wayne Memorial High School We are giving out ribbons and bracelets in support of the bullying prevention movement.
MN First Lutheran Church Discussion in church newsletter: Informational brochures displayed in the church: Discussion at youth activities.
MN Brimhall Friendship Connection I will be working with my 5th and 6th graders to become peer counselors/ambassadors for bullying prevention. We also are participating in Unity Day by wearing orange and getting our message out!
MN FCCLA We are wearing orange to celebrate Unity Day.
MN Lifeworks Services, Inc. We have a Self-Advocacy class at Lifeworks in Apple Valley, MN. We talk about sticking up for our rights and the rights of others. We want to spread the word about anti-bullying and about accepting others as they are!
MN Rockford Elementary Arts Magnet School All staff and students will be wearing orange on National Unity Day this year. Each student and staff member will get a small ribbon with the colors green/white (our school colors) and orange (the bully prevention color) to attach to their backpacks and bags. Additionally, every student will be doing an art project based on kindness and bullying prevention. We are so excited!!
MO Be a #BellaOriginal Foundation Inc. The Be a #BellaOriginal Foundation Inc. is committed to promote bullying prevention, self-esteem and self-worth in our youth!
MS Osyka Elementary Osyka Elementary developed rules with our students regarding bullying prevention.
NC North Johnston High School, IMPACT Club The IMPACT Club will sponsor a week long awareness program to include daily announcements, a student pledge and petition signing celebration on Unity Day, October 21. This is the second year that our high school club has sponsored an Anti-bullying campaign with the help of the PACER resources.
NC Friendships Forever, Inc. We will be doing the following activities: Mentor programs at schools and for communities, anti-bullying celebration and walk, nationwide school/city tour events, reaching out to youths uniting communities.
ND Lizzie Jensen: Miss Geographic Center. Miss North Dakota Scholarship Organization I am an individual telling my story about my bullying experience and reminding children and adults their self-worth in this world. I am starting to speak out to schools in the ND area to help prevent bullying and to promote helping others.
NJ Lewis F. Cole Middle School SADD Club. Students will participate by wearing an orange shirt on National Bullying Prevention Day to come together as a sign of unity and put a stop to bullying. This will correlate with our bullying prevention pledge and other activities throughout the month.
NJ Pleasantville Junior Jokers We are just getting started in bullying prevention and we would like to start implementing this into our program through our practices and fundraising events.
NJ W.H.Y - We Help You Mix it up Day, Bully Free and all day WHY training and suicide prevention.
NJ Long Branch Free Public Library We display anti-bullying materials around the library, with a display that includesstrands of orange beads for patrons to wear for Unity Day. The library staff also wears orange.
NJ Audubon School Sr./Jr. High We will be having an activity
NJ Mothers Against Bullying We are holding a Walk Out Bullying Walk-a-thon
NM Dona Ana County We are encouraging all county employees to wear orange on Unity Day 2015.
NM Lincoln Middle School Creation of a culture of Kindness: Monthly Kindness Activities including end the word, Red Ribbon Week, and Kindness Week.
NV Family ATA III Martial Arts Our instructors provide anti-bullying seminars at local schools and pre-schools.
NV Elko Institute for Academic Achievement We are starting next school year, I am open for any suggestions!
NV Mueller, Hinds & Associates We work with local schools to raise awareness about bullying and how to spot it.
NV Teen Talk with Hannah Teen Talk with Hannah will be continually exploring the problem of bullying in our schools and with our children through panels with students, parents, educators and other adults.
NV Stop Bullying in Schools We are having a conference in Miami, donating books to schools and developing an anti-bullying poster.
NY Dr. Kenneth B. Clark Academy We will be purchasing orange bracelets for all students and staff to wear. Staff and students will also be encouraged to wear orange articles of clothing. Teachers and clinicians will be running activities and groups related to the topics of bullying and bullying prevention.
NY Pierre Van Cortlandt Middle School We will be conducting lessons with our students in two separate meetings that explore the importance of being an Upstander. On October 21st, the students will participate and contribute to the Unity Day celebration. They will take the pledge to be Upstanders and learn more about what they can do to prevent and stop bullying and support victims of bullying.
NY Bullyproof Project Community Awareness and getting the schools to be more involved.
NY Moment of Silence We have the students write letters about what the moment of silence means to them and then run an assembly where all the letter writers receive a certificate and a prize.
NY Schuyler County Public Health Department Our County Legislature declares Oct. as Bullying Prevention Month. We do a lot of educational activities within the county and ask all schools, agencies, businesses and individuals wear orange on Unity Day. We also request they take selfies, group pictures etc. and post on social media on Unity showing staff wearing orange. Some hold signs declaring self-proclamations etc.
OH Project You Are Loved We do random acts of kindness to help give kids a boost of happiness and self-worth by using kind words. We have put sticky notes on the lockers of several schools in and outside our school districts with phrases that show the other students we care so they know that even if they feel alone they are not.
OH One Million Acts of Kindness One Million Acts of Kindness began in 2007 because of the Virginia Tech tragedy. We traveled the country doing school programs talking to students, parents and educators about having kindness as a goal in one's life. I also ride a bicycle raising awareness about putting an end to bullying. Every person needs to realize their importance in the world. It is so important to help one another especially when someone is in need of a helping hand. Be a hero to everyone in your life!
OH Peer Haven We are working to help have/set up Anti-bullying assemblies, rallies, and a county wide Wear Orange campaign!
OH Case School N.O.W program We have a district wide Not on Our Watch program that makes each student in the district aware of bullying and help the students to stand up and speak out.
OH West Clermont Community Community involvement
OK Knock Out Bullying, Inc. Every second Tuesday, we have a meeting. See page for details.
OK Lincoln Elementary We teach the second step curriculum as well as guidance lessons throughout that year that support respectful and kind behavior.
OR The Business Dept. The Business Dept & Will Fries are Facebook Strategy Experts who provide training & guidance to social media gurus, and encourage everyone in our online communities to upstand against bullying.
OR Best Taekwondo Academy Our bullying prevention programs, called "Leverage Defense for Woman Course" and "Leverage Defense for Kids Course" focus on physical skills and psychological aspects in tandem.
PA Hero's For Hope We will be doing several programs at some local schools, as well as some birthday parties.
PA Reading Harbor We are publishing resources to help those who have been bullied.
PA Dawn of New York Beauty Against Bullying (BAB): Africa Bound is a community-based anti-bullying fashion show and charity event with a global initiative to positively reach and impact the lives of those who have or may be experiencing bullying and to teach individuals to love their bodies and themselves regardless of their age, size, culture, gender or socio-economic background. This unique, multi-cultural and sensory charity event will benefit the Pocono community and form a collaborative relationship across continents to unite with Good Shepherd Sustainable Learning Foundation (GSSLF) which benefits Good Shepherd Academy in Cameroon, West Africa where opportunities for creative expression will be created, supported and expanded through BAB’s on-going work... In addition, local Pocono school-based initiatives against bullying will also be funded.
PA ACHIEVA Spookley The Square Pumpkin activities on Saturday, October 2, 2015 at Triple B Farms. Big awareness event that we are sponsoring along with autism speaks.
PA Pathfinder School I teach bullying prevention year round with my students.
PA Lafayette School As part of our Bullying Prevention Committee, we meet monthly and have classroom discussions on our Bullying Prevention "word of the month."
PA impACT on Stage Release of amazing Cyberbullying video in October!
PA Ryer Martial Arts Academy Ryer Academy's martial arts programs build a strong foundation in social and emotional learning using the best in martial arts instruction. You will see improvements in your child's attitude; their ability to engage and show empathy towards others; as well as an improvement in making responsible decisions. But what makes Ryer Academy's Kids' Martial Arts program unique is that we go beyond the physical skills as we incorporate Verbal Martial Arts into our curriculum. We teach kids on a daily basis how to deflect bullying by communicating clearly, thinking critically and creatively, and solving problems effectively.
PA NHS School Apollo Students sign an anti-bullying pledge. Each classroom will conduct various bullying prevention lessons and an assembly will be held for the students regarding bullying prevention strategies.
PA Brownsville Area School District Brownsville Area School District participates in assemblies, classroom lessons, friendship walks, make a friend day, and other activities that promote positive and healthy friendships. We are hoping to become more involved and hope to learn about other activities that will shed light on this delicate matter and teach through participation.
RI Resmini For Justice We always help those who seek justice. We are active in the community helping prevent bullying.
SC York School District 1 Our district has implemented the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program district-wide. We won a PACER Unity Award for the "Bigger than Bullying" 5K we sponsored last year; plans are being made for the 5K again this fall. We will celebrate National Bullying Prevention Month in October with assemblies, pep rallies and other events.
SC Ocean Bay Middle School All staff and students wear our school T shirt on "Unity Day." We have a guest speaker on Oct. 22 on strategies to prevent bullying. We also post up multi-colored & laminated sheets throughout the building detailing themes like: Respect, No Bullying, Positive Citizenship, etc. all week long.
SC Samurai Karate Studio Sensei Feldt provides FREE school talks and hosts bully workshops at his school throughout the year. He is also available to work privately one on one.
SC Mt. Pleasant Academy Kaleidoscope We have begun a peer mediation group. This will equip children with positive character traits. Also how to help handle peer trouble within our program.
SC Hunter Street Elementary School We have a Box Out Bullying program that includes a Wear Orange day and Super Hero day.
TN DuPont Tyler Middle Prep School Ally For All Program (associated with the Oasis Center in Nashville, TN).
TN Phillip Miller As parents and teachers, we know how bullying can affect childrens' lives, which is why we strive to end it.
TN UCAN of Memphis July 25 we will host our 2nd annual Dare 2 Dream Conference at Neighborhood Christian Center centering around anti-bullying strategies for both parents and students. October we will host a anti-bullying play open to the public.
TX I'm Bully Free I’m Bully Free‘s mission is to be a Center of Excellence and provide support and raise awareness to schools that have declared a commitment to creating and maintaining a Bully-Free, Safe and Secure environment. I’m Bully Free has schools, universities, corporations, and supporters around the world! Our stakeholders includes schools, students, teachers and community members that work together to ensure that everyone feels respected, safe, and valued. We are currently also working with Pampa Texas ISD and raising funds for anti-bullying programs and speakers to be integrated throughout the whole 2015-16 school year and hopefully every year after.
TX Tatum Primary We integrate bullying prevention with character education and the implementation of random acts of kindness.
TX Jefferson Avenue Elementary School Our activities include: The Great Kindness Challenge, No Place For Hate Activities, and No-Name Calling Week.
TX Searchrpm Searchrpm looks at the latest concerns and solutions for keeping kids safe online. Our online resource center is all about bringing parents up to speed on how they can protect their kids, ways to teach kids about Internet safety and helping them build good online habits.
TX Masters TaeKwonDo Academy We host bullying defense seminars and public school presentations.
TX Gordon, Elias & Seely We work with the community to make sure bullying becomes a thing of the past.
TX Kindness Matters, Inc. Kindness Matters is designed to change the way young people talk to each other. The "pro kindness" campaign involves a Weekly Kindness Challenge, school and community presentations, and an active social media presence.
TX Cypress-Fairbanks ISD CFISD provides monthly lessons throughout the school year regarding bullying through our Project Safety lessons.
TX Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc Fort Worth Alumnae Chapter We are holding a Walk/Run
TX Helping Tales Publishers Published a new children's anti-bullying book
TX Geiger Portraits & Photography We will be devoting a full month to gathering donations through photography services to give to For every $1 we make, we will donate 50 cents towards fighting against bullying!
VA Charterhouse School - Edinburg We will be participating in Unity Day- staff and students wear orange to collaboratively make an effort to stop bullying, encouraging staff and students to attend Run, Walk, and Roll Against Bullying in Washington DC on October 17, 2015, and participating in the Be Good to Each other campaign.
VA MichieHamlett We blog about issues affecting families with children in school and are active within the Charlottesville community to help raise awareness about bullying.
VA S.T.A.R.S. Organization We will be having a "No Bully Walk" in October 2016 in Washington D.C.
VI St Croix Central High School We hold a poetry, poster, and rap contest. We also have daily announcements and put up flyers.
WA Autism Empowerment Autism Empowerment has been proud to partner with as Champion Partner since 2012. Each year we host different kinds of Bullying Prevention activities in Washington including panels and podcasts. We will be also posting YouTube videos throughout the month of October. Please visit our website for more details.
WA Blind Judo Foundation Co-Founders Ron C. Peck and Coach Willy Cahill of the Blind Judo Foundation and Coach Cahill Principal of Cahill's Judo Academy is acutely aware of this national epidemic and is teaching athletes both sighted and visually impaired to be aware of and proactive in stamping out bullying to all Judo students. Judo is about building confidence, enhancing independence and empowerment of individuals. Bullying has no place in our society or around the world.
WA University High School Our school speaks to each grade level about harassment, intimidation and bullying. In addition, our student leadership helps educate the students.
WA Ms. Camay International I am the Executive Director of Ms. Camay's Black Tie Fashion Gala together with and the National Workplace Bullying Coalition that will raise awareness about Workplace Bullying.
WI Turtle Lake Public Library We want to put up some displays for anti-bullying months and give out free bracelets to the public.

2015 Bullying Champions from Around the World - Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

- Canada EqualiTV International Foundation EqualiTV (EQTV) is the world’s first broadcasting production company by, for and about people with disabilities. Our core mission is to use social media to increase the awareness of issues faced by people living with disabilities. Disabilities are a major issue not only in one’s community but domestically and internationally. In fact, disabilities are the largest minority around the world. Unfortunately bullying is a component of bullying for people with disabilities at a higher rate than those without disabilities. As a Canadian nonprofit organization, our common denominator is to make bullying awareness prevention a common theme to all we do for those with disabilities. We work to turn disabilities into abilities which does not include bullying.
- England YMCA Coventry & Warwickshire
- South Africa Bokamoso Anti-Bullying, Youth Support And Home Based Care Organization We are the non-profit making organization located in South Africa in province of Free State, city of Bloemfontein. Our secondary program is working with communities and schools specifically in terms of bullying prevention, creating awareness and providing support and bringing about skill programs to our youth.
- Trinidad Trinidad Primary Schools Workshops ... powerpoint presentations
- Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Anti Bullying Society We are raising awareness and holding workshops.

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Calling ALL Students!

Take the first step in getting your school involved! Ask your principal, superintendent, teacher or guidance counselor to sign on as a CHAMPION AGAINST BULLYING!

Champions are schools and organizations that support the cause and are taking part in some way. It’s a great way to show you care!

Download the PDF , bring it to your school, and ask them to send to PACER.