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Become a Champion Against Bullying

Throughout the community, there are nonprofits, schools, and community groups that directly collaborate with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center using resources – such as classroom toolkits, free bookmarks, awareness raising ideas, petition signing - to directly inspire, educate and involve students.

These organizations are eligible to submit the names of their nonprofits, schools, or community group, which will be posted to PACER’s bullying prevention website, along with links to their sites and an overview of their bullying prevention efforts. They also have access to PACER’s bullying prevention resources, including exciting new activities, information, and contests that will engage youth, educators, and parents in creating a safer world for children with and without disabilities.

Champions are invited to distribute information about bullying prevention through their print and electronic newsletters. Become a champion with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center and join this expanded effort to reach schools and organizations nationwide.  We appreciate their community leadership and dedication to helping all children.

Become a champion! To include your organization, please fill out this form.

2016 Champions—Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

AL Simon Williamson Clinic Creating awareness among young patients about the harms associated with bullying, as well as directing bullied children to professional counseling.
AL BEAT 8 neighborhood watch We are talking a stand against bullying one child at a time.
AL Platypi Using social media to educate people about bullying.
AR Dermott Arkansas school district Helping kids to learn that bullying is not part of their education. Our goal is to work on prevention with our Dermott students.
CA Speak Out Against Bullying Inc Year round we raise awareness to the community at large by providing workshops for students, educators and parents. October National Bullying Prevention Month we have the largest kick off in Los Angeles with 1,000 students. We also host Run, Walk & Roll events. Prevention is Key.
CA Blind Judo Foundation/Cahill's Judo Academy Coach Willy Cahill of Cahill's Judo Academy and Co-Founder of the Blind Judo Foundation has no tolerance for bullying. All instructors are alert to any and all forms of bullying with a zero tolerance approach to civility.
CA James L. Day Middle School, SWAK (Students With Amazing Kindness) SWAK is a leadership group that strives to promote kindness and works hard to make our school a better place. They also conduct bullying prevention forums for incoming 6th graders. In addition, they provide a friendly place in the lunch area called the "Welcome" table for new students or kids who would like to make new friends. This is a great safe haven for kids considered to be "loners". They create and implement activities for Because Nice Matters week. SWAK also designs and creates inspirational and encouraging kindness posters that are hung up throughout the school. They conduct new student tours and welcome those students to our school. Finally, SWAK tutors students twice a week before and after school and also works with special needs students each week.
CA Circle of Friends- The Path to Inclusion Circle of Friends (CoF) is a social and language skills program of inclusion that provides valuable support to students with special needs. CoF establishes friendships between students with disabilities and their trained, non-disabled peers as both interact meaningfully in a natural environment. CoF provides a systematic approach to teaching and supporting the social and life skills that enable students with disabilities to lead productive and engaged lives. CoF helps everyone discover that people are people and embrace individuality.
CA ImpACT on Stage ImpACT on Stage is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which uses live, interactive performance to implement anti-bullying programming in middle and high schools throughout Southern California.
CA The Bullying Stops Here in California We are just starting our group through social media and word of mouth, but we need more support.
CA Mackroad partnership We are attending a local summer night life event for kids and speaking out to the community. We are educating children on bullying and handing out information linking them to the safe place to go.
CT Ballerinas Against Bullies (GLAM JAM EVENTS) We run bullying prevention events for girls ages 4-17 in the fashion & dance industries. We have been quite successful getting our anti-bullying message across, including Anti-Bullying Walks as well at the Ballerinas Against Bullies Fashion/Runway Show TOGETHER WE ARE TU-TU STRONG! We are on our 7th Major Event taking place at the Sheraton Stamford Hotel in Stamford CT on July 24th 2016. We also have an event on July 23rd in NYC.
DE Miss Delaware Scholarship Organization I have been going to schools and events to hand out my own literature to share my story of being bullied and how I overcame it. I hope to inspire and add some clarity to many children and adults’ lives about how important it is that we join hands and work together. Always, no matter what, love yourself for who you are.
FL ENGLEWOOD ELEMENTARY The students will be wearing the blue shirts on Mondays all of October to celebrate Bullying awareness. Students will be encourage to reach out and meet new students and build better relationships with each other and report any bullying.
FL The Parker Foundation for Autism and Child Development We are providing Bullying Prevention resources on our website and FB page, as well as speaking on this important subject and taking part in any local bullying prevention events advocating for this cause.
FL STARS CLAP Lake County Anti-Bullying We provide education awareness and advocacy for children and parents across the nation and specialize in Lake County Florida Area.
GA Baker Place Elementary We are currently teaching Guidance Lessons focused on stopping bullying at a school wide level.
IL Stars Clap We provide bullying prevention and intervention classes and various community social awareness projects to promote Courage Love Awareness and Positivity in our youth.
IN Rae Synergistics Consulting is a grassroots organization focused on child safety education, prevention, and awareness.
IN Blair Pointe Elementary We hold a month long, school-wide awareness program. Community awareness and educational activities will be provided to students. Local company will be designing t-shirts and will be offered at school cost to students and community members. We really get excited about this month and bring awareness for bullying prevention and positive behavior!!
KS Be Kind You Can't Rewind I am an award winning children's singer/songwriter from Kansas. I have a program called "Be Kind You Can't Rewind" that includes music about treating others with kindness, bully prevention tips and tips on dealing with bullies. The main focus of the program is to focus on the positiveness of treating others with kindness and the Be Kind Week Challenge. The Be Kind Week Challenge uses a theme song for each day, a list of suggested ways to practice kindness, and to keep a daily journal of how you treated others during the week. At the end of the week children write a summary of the week. What a great way to see if you are writing a story you can be proud of.
LA Magnolia Family Counseling We would again in 2016 like to raise awareness on this very important issue by sharing informative content via our web and social media presence, as well as printed media in our counseling private practice.
LA Alice Birney Elementary School We will have a week of activities for students so that we can raise awareness and prevent bullying.
LA Prodigy Youth Foundation Participating in Unity Day and will have a bullying prevention rally.
MA The Folklore Theatre Company The Folklore Theatre Company has been a fearless leader against bullying in Cape Ann, MA since 2011. We work with all ages to raise awareness by creating plays on the subject, and providing outstanding mentorship and programming.
MD We Lead By Example, Inc./Tae Kwon Do Ramblers Self-Defense Systems We Lead By Example, Inc./Tae Kwon Do Ramblers Self-Defense Systems is a leader in dealing with bullying behavior that affects people of all ages. Grandmaster/Dr. Clifford Thomas teaches bullying prevention and self-defense in his martial arts classes throughout the year. Our organization hosts community workshops and seminars that directly address bullying and crosscutting issues. In April 2016, Dr. Thomas was interviewed on television about the bullying and child sexual abuse prevention programs he provides for local elementary schools. He lobbies elected officials to support these efforts and make much-needed reforms. He continues to provide free seminars at senior living facilities and will again convene a free community workshop geared to older people who are also victims of bullying behavior. In October, our organization will join PACER and host its second annual community walk and rally against bullying.
MI Empowered Flower Girl Empowered Flower Girl hosts awareness campaigns and will host a bullying prevention book signing and workshop in October 2016 in the Detroit area.
MI L'Anse Creuse - Atwood elementary We hope to host an assembly to prevent bullying.
MN Northstar Dance Company We are holding in-studio events, celebrating unity day, and national bullying prevention month.
MO Joshua Center for Neurological Disorders We will be focusing on bullying prevention in our social skills classes during October.
NC Be Brave Organization We are a new organization sharing information about bullying prevention!
NC Fuquay Varina Pediatrics Making a large banner to be hung on the walls of our office; throughout the month of October as patients come in they can take a pledge and sign the banner.
NJ Stop Bullying Trying to organize a Stop Bullying Walk
NJ Girl Talk Publishing We have a great bullying prevention program which includes the book “She Thinks She's Sooo Cute.” We also conduct bullying prevention presentations for schools throughout the country.
NV Hannah Hoobyar I, in conjunction with Teen Talk with Hannah, will host bullying prevention activities during the month of October, and throughout the year.
NV MiSkyn Clothing The MiSkyn brand is about spreading self love. We are all different in many aspects and our message is to encourage you to embrace the Skyn you're in. We want everyone to feel comfortable with who they are, and for people not to feel afraid, or ashamed of who they are. We want you to be YOU, to be an original, to be unique. We want everyone to love the Skyn they're in. MISKYN CLOTHING was created for the sole purpose for everyone to learn to love themselves. Society makes us look in the mirror and feel like we aren't good enough, and we look for others approval, to be happy with who we are. MiSkyn was created so we won't need others approval, we'd only need our own. In line with that, we wanted to partner up with PACER to prevent children from being bullied, or pressured into being or acting a certain way.
NY EarQ EarQ's mission is to educate people about hearing loss and disprove the sigma that surrounds it.
NY You Equal Love We donate crayons, coloring books and stickers with empowering messages to students around the word. Read our books for free!
OH Hurt Ends And Development Starts We have recently developed a program entitled Project PREDICT which stands for Prevent Reduce Eliminate Destructive Incidents & Cultures Therapeutically. Our aim is to strengthen the cultures of the schools that we go into by speaking with students and teachers to get an idea of the culture of the school. Our program is not that of a crime and punishment nature. We are mandated reporters, however our goal is to build on the positives. We have all been trained to work with at risk youth, and pride ourselves on our previous experiences working with children and their families.
OH The Project M.A.D.E. VII Foundation We working every day to make a difference and to prevent bullying in the Summit County and surrounding areas. We host bullying prevention events once a month.
OR Mayor Law LLC Due to the explosion of the digital world, cyberbullying has become a major issue in our society. To help raise awareness and put a stop to such cruelty, Mayor Law published a Cyberbullying Prevention Guide for parents as well as students.
PA Kayla Renee's Beyounique movement I am 11 years old and my name is Makayla Hudson. Currently I am 2016 Philadelphia's Junior Miss Heart of the USA 2015 first runner up winner in the Diamonds and Pearls Miss Princess Pageant. I am a poet, dancer, and model. My organization, Kayla Renee's Beyounique movement is to help everyone express themselves in their own skin, have their own style and their own way. Everyone is unique in their own way so I want everyone to embrace their own uniqueness and have no worries about what anyone else says or thinks.
PA Bystander: A Portrait in Apathy Bystander: A Portrait in Apathy is a bullying prevention assembly program aimed at educating and empowering the bystander population of the school. A moving performance presented by students within the school exposes the thoughts and feelings of both bullying targets and bystanders while encouraging bystanders to stop watching and start speaking up.
PA I Am That Girl -Downingtown West Local Chapter Bullying Prevention Day, Unity Day, Your not Alone campaign, We will generation campaign.
SC Olweus Bullying Prevention Program Safe and Humane Schools within the Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life at Clemson University is the home of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP) in the North, South, and Central America. We provide training and consultation to over 7000 schools implementing the program. We also provide bullying prevention training and technical assistance to organizations throughout the U.S. As part of National Bullying Prevention Month, the OBPP is hosting a national bullying prevention kickoff event (virtual assembly) on October 27th at 2:00 ET. This virtual event is open to all schools and community sites. More information can be found at
SC Myrtle Beach Middle School For Unity Day all students & staff are wearing the same colored t-shirt and at 2 PM on all students will text their friends to NOT bully & to celebrate UNITY of all.
SC Abolish Bullying Campaign We are organizing to speak out to educate, identify and empower the bullying cycle. We not only want to help those being bullied, but also the person doing the bullying and the parents and adults surrounding the situation.
TX Career Center East- Lewisville ISD Our entire campus is joining PACER and Unity Day by wearing orange. In addition we are planning a Flyer/Unity Awareness Event throughout the entire school.
TX Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center We want to partner with someone to provide free workshops to our summer camp and after school programs.
TX Warriors We create karate demos and give a speech about bullying and prevention. We also we organize coloring contest and participate on community activities
VI Community Chest of St. Croix VI, Inc Planning a kick-off on October 19, 2016 for bullying prevention with the schools.
WA Exceptional Families Network / Special Families of Puget Sound We are a Washington nonprofit organization working with families who have children with special needs. A majority of those exceptional children have some form of autism, but we welcome any diagnosis, disability or difference. We support, educate, and empower exceptional families and our community to create an inclusive environment for children with special needs. We hold monthly Support meetings in Pierce; Thurston and King Counties, with more projected in 2016/2017. In addition, we have several monthly events and workshops for our families as well quarterly and annual events. We have an upcoming #Dare2BExceptional walk against bullying on May 7, 2016 and #Dare2BExceptional Bully Awareness Month kick off by taking over Barnes & Noble in Lakewood Towne Center.

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