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Become a Champion Against Bullying

2018 Champions—Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

CA Act Like You Matter We run anti-bullying workshops for San Diego County schools that are custom-designed, age-appropriate, and student-led. All content is solution-driven: packed with tools and strategies students can use immediately to overcome and combat bullying. All workshops are run by students ages 11-18 from Theatre of Peace: Bullying Awareness Acting Troupe, a division of Act Like You Matter - run by students for students.
CT The Joy Company The Joy Company creates content for young children, teachers and parents that teaches them about bullying, why it happens and how we can all work together to end it.
KS Bring Back Nice We are a newly created non-profit for bullying prevention. Currently, our founder, 10-year old Izzi, is sharing her story about experiencing bullying and suicidal thoughts, educating youth on differences in peers and is on a mission to "Bring Back Nice" to the world. Currently, youth are pledging to be NICEkids and NICEkid Ambassadors. NICE kids will do service projects in their community. Coming soon: A living journal, "66 Days to Nice," which will help children (and adults) learn to act and live "nice."
MS Brandon middle school We are working on filing a proclamation in the state of Mississippi for a bullying awareness week. We are getting our students to speak out and help stop bullying.
NJ Kars4KidsGrants Kars4Kids is a Small Grants Program, making grants available for furthering children’s and young adults’ welfare and education. We would love to spread the word about applying for these grants. We want to encourage continued education and welfare, enriching the education of future citizens and leaders of the community. We can provide grants for libraries, after school programs, pets, mentoring, tutoring, exercise programs, supplies, weekend programming, incentives for continued reading and math work, reading to the children, combating bullying and more. We are dedicated to supporting educational initiatives and youth development programs in North America.
PA T.E.K. Foundation CC, Inc dba, Give a Child a Voice December 2, 2017 we are doing a ribbon cutting for our first Give a Child a Voice Fitness Center along with acknowledging the 2nd Give a Child a Voice Weight Room. We focus on transforming a child's life when faced with unfortunate circumstances.
PA Think First America I hosted a "Dancers Against Bullying Showcase" where I raised money for PACER and raised awareness of bullying. I am also conducting an anti-bullying poster contest.
TX Tinsley Elementary Our students have all signed a pledge to be bully free, to be upstanders and not bystanders. We participate on Unity Day by wearing orange in solidarity against bullying. Our students are educated as to what bullying is and is not.
TX Parental Engagement at Silva Magnet High School We are working an bullying prevention night this coming school year but this is still in the works.
VA Fostering Kindness Providing support and resources to families, schools, and communities to help spread kindness and reduce bullying on an ongoing basis.

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Calling ALL Students!

Take the first step in getting your school involved! Ask your principal, superintendent, teacher or school counselor to sign on as a CHAMPION AGAINST BULLYING!

Champions are schools and organizations that support the cause and are taking part in some way. It’s a great way to show you care!

Download the PDF , bring it to your school, and ask them to send to PACER.