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I was a victum of bullying

Lita - 16 - Michigan

 My friends have been bullied in front of me and my Brother and Sister were bullied in front of me and I stood up for them and I really care to STOP bullying !!!

Colten - 12 - Virginia

At night while the others slept, we kept walking the tightrope, it was practice and yeah some of us fell. But I want to tell them that all of this is just debris of when we finally decide to smash what we thought we used to be. If you can’t find anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror, look a little closer, STARE a little longer, because there is something inside of you that made you keep trying. 
-Shane Koyczan (To This Day, a message to the bullied and the beautiful)

Keep trying no matter how much they push you down.

A Friend - 12 - NV

Bullying has gotten out of hand, people are getting hurt by suicide, cutting, and losing friends and family.  We need to put an end to this because nobody deserves to get treated badly. I care so much about these kind of things and they need to stop, because its only going to get worse.  So try and help, if you see a kid getting bullied, jump in.  If you see someone unhappy, comfort them.  Do whatever you can to help the person, because that person will appreciate you, a lot.

Sophia - 13 - North Carolina

i was bullied once in my life when i came to a  new school and i had no friends and the boys that was in my class would bully me and i would sit in the corner and cry because i was scared of them but now by me being a victim of bullying i can stand up for myself and fight my own battles

Elle - 13 - west, philadelphia

When I was in elementary school, I use to get bullied a lot. I haven't been bullied since, until recently, it didn't bother me as much, because it was cyber bullying, something that was foreign to me. Until, I found out my 10 year old niece has been a victim of cyber bullying by adults. Parents felt the need to exploit her personal style of dressing and harass her online. It broke my heart.  Bullying has evolved and so should the discussion. No one should experience bullying especially because someone else is insecure. We need to empower our adults and youths to stand up against bullying. To be a voice for someone in need. 

Amber - 28 - NJ

In 5th grade I felt like no one cared about me because I bullied.I was bullied because the way I looked and the that I was always the last one done doing math cause I didn't understand math very well.When I was bullied because of my looks I wanted to change myself.

alysia - 12 - bastrop tx

because i am awesome

andrew - 11 - louisiana

I was bullied from 1st-7th from some of the people closest to me, my "friends." I was always a part of the popular crowd. I was artistic, funny, and a kind-hearted kid. My "friends" wanted to be around me but they used my kindness for weakness. They would make fun of me, taught me, spread rumors about me, and purposefully leave me out of group activities. I remember sitting on the bus, alone, listening to music on my CD player, looking out the window trying to ignore the fact that they were talking about me or choosing to leave me out of games and fun on the school bus. Sometimes I would cry and other times, I would just sing as loudly as I could. No one ever put their hands on me, I was not a coward, but verbal bullying hurt just the same. I want to shine a light on friends who bully and bullying prevention throughout the month of October.

Ta'lor - 28 - Pittsburgh, PA

hi my name is dina an ive decided to start a club against bullying. ive seen alot of people in our school get bullied and it has bothered me ever since last year. for the past week ive been researching more and more about this topic trying to get deeper into this subject. and i will be going to one of my teachers to be the advisor of my club, dear friends i would like from you all to give me an idea i can use to get this started... thank you.. 

dina - 13 - saudi arabia

I have been bullied in the past- and even though it wasn't as bad then what others went through, IT SUCKS! I care about each and everyone one of you. No one deserves to get bullied. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Always remember: you will get through it! Currently my best friends are the ones who bullied me in the past. 

I love each and everyone of you💜💜.

I'm praying that it gets better,

Because IT WILL

Kate - 13 - Illinois

People shouldn't be treated the way they are... we try not to care but we do because it's the thought that someone else thinks of us that way. We try to please others and it doesn't work out. We should be trying our hardest to please ourselves. What people say can have a huge effect on our lives but it can't change they way things will work out... you have to proove all of the bullies wrong and show them you're better. The only reason they bully you is because they're insecure about themselves but you can't let them know you know that. You have to tell yourself you're so much better and you are so much better. No one deserves to be treated that way and that's why we should end it.

Hayley - 13 - Ohio

I've been bullied since I was in kindergarten, people made me feel worthless. I hated school I felt miserable all day. Last year I got very depressed because I was bullied and felt so worthless. everyday now I pretend to be happy, it's so hard. I'm bullied because I listen to different music wear different clothes. I'm bullied for who I am and no person should feel this way. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and no one should be bullied for that. I care because no one deserves to feel worthless.

River - 12 - New Mexico

I was bullied constantly throughout my school years. As a now 6" tall woman, I was a very tall and thin girl, who needed glasses and didn't dress like everyone else. I didn't like what the other girls did and that made me a target. When I was 15 I moved to another town, went to another school, where I was, not popular, but I had a huge circle of friends and the opinions of the "cool" kids didn't bother me. I stayed there for 2 years. But when I came home, my Junior year, the bullying started again. I live in a small town, still live here, actually and even the rumors that were spread about why I had been gone for 2 years were awful. I tried to quit school numerous times, and suicide was never far from my mind. No child should have to go through that. No child should be made to feel so awful about his or herself that she would rather be dead than go to school. It's time to make a stand against cruelty and bullies. 

Sybil - 29 - Pineville, LA

 I strongly feel that no one should be physically, verbally, and/or emotionally hurt. I think that a lot of kids have problems at home and school, and it makes them feel the need to put down others. But none of that makes it ok to treat someone else in a negative way. I think that the more everyone realizes that they matter and they are special, and that they have someone to open up to, it'll help stop bullying. 

Nancy - 28 - Ca

I care because I've been a victim and still am a victim of cyber bullying. I posted some selfies of myself on my Instagram story and the bully saw it. Started making hate accounts for me, told me to self harm, to kill myself even....that I'm a mistake and ugly and fat. I became depressed, suicidal, anxious, self conscious, and scared and paranoid all day. I've started self harming and I don't sleep at night. I'm always on edge that it will happen again. Cyber bullying IS NOT any less harmful than bullying in person. It makes you feel weak and scared and alone and trapped. I care because I would never want this for someone, anyone. This has been going on for around 8 months almost a year now. And it gets worse every single time.

Lena - 14 - Connecticut

I get bullied every day on and offline in and out of school its so sad because i want to hurt others and hurt myself!please don't end up like me its very hard i suffer from many thing cuz of this! please get help right away if you need someone or something!

Mackenzi - 10 - Oregon,America

I was personally incessantly bullied throughout my formative years. We were poor so I oftened had to dress in hand me downs I am also missing my left forearm. It was mainly other girls who bullied me by means of "gossip and social ostracization". I also experienced some very agressive sexual harassment by young men who viewed me as "easy prey". In so many ways I owe a debt of gratitude to my former tormentors because it was their lack of compassion towards me that shaped my present identity, Bullying is not a "victimless crime" and normalizing this type of behavior is the worst way to address the problem. creative solutions must be found but this is not possible without widespread community cooperation.

Candace Casey - 36 - Merced, California

I care about bully becuase if you are getting bullied by someone there grades might be affected by having your grades Ds and Fs

Diondre - 11 - Washington

I care becasue my whole life i have been bullied because of my height and my love for reading and same with my sister except she was bullied because people made fun of her looks and she tried to commute suicide and so i have 3 word 'Make It Stop."

Joshua - 12 - Washington state

I have and I am being bullied now in my school. I have some videos of me when I was young in Yoitube and my friends started making of how I looked , what l was saying and a lot of other things. Students in my school don't care about personalities and character but care about money and fame and if your poor or not popular you are easily qneveryones target l. I have also been bullied for saying a sentence with spelling mistakes and everyone would make a big deal habout how stupid I am. 

Kareem - 13 - Jordan

I have been bullied before by my best friends so much that people still ask me why i'm still friends with them but it's because when they are good friends they are really good friends. So for anybody out there that is getting bullied. Stay strong. It will get better. Don't ever forget that you are worth it and you will always be loved by someone. 

Katie - 14 - Connecticut

All my life I have seen people get bullied and it is not okay. When I first moved I was known as that weird girl no one wanted to be around. They started talking behind my back and saying things that really brought me down. It hurts. People don't understand that their words can really hurt someone. But now, 4 years later, I have an amazing group of friends and people who help me to look out for the victims and help them! Remember to always talk to someone if you need them. Your friends and family are the ones who will be by your side through it all :)

Sandra - 18 - Ky

I care because I was bullyed this year on the bus people would throw erasers at the back of my head trip  me when I was walking to my seat push me down the stairs follow me to the restroom and push me around spread rumors about me I am agianst bullying if you feel like you are being bullyed don't hold it in talk to someone it always helps !

Taylor - 11 - Ohio

When I was in 3rd grade, I used to get bullied and jumped by a bunch of kids a grade or two under me, there was like 20 of them.I was afraid for a while, but then I decided to get some kids to stick up for me, and I started taking self-defense classes.It still has a drastic effect on me today and my personality has totally changed since it happened. I now care extremely what people think of me. I wish no one ever has to go through this. 

Anouynoumous - 12 - ???

Being a bully as well as a victim is a horrible thing nobody should go through as I grew older i realized the wrongs I did and I apologize to everyone I had hurt. I would feel alone but I learned to express my emotions through art and writing things down no one deserves to be bullied and you are never truly alone.

Jesus - 22 - California

I believe in treating others the way you want to be treated and I despise bullying and its time for bullying to end starting with us taking it one step at a time. Also my girlfriend was bullied and want to take her life but before we became a couple it was i who stopped her and told her she was worth it and was worth being on this earth and so much she has to accomplish and dreams that needs to be born.

O'Shea - 18 - GA

I have been bullied every and ik how it feels so just be your slef ppl

Destinee - 13 -

I used to get bullied all the time in grade school, for being to skinny I was always left alone I had no friends no one to turn to when I just wanted to let everything out. I would of told one of my parents,but they wouldn't listen always more worried about what my little sister had to say. I don?t want people people to go through the same thing I did Im telling all of you this, because I wanted to tell you don?t listen to those haters they are just wanting to make others feel worthless because thatś the way that they fell. Tell a trusted teacher or sibling, trust me It will get better I know from experience. I hope you all are smiling you all are amazing in every way, thank you for reading this if you did I am writing this from my heart, Lots of LOVE Jessica. <3 

Jessica - 15 - Alton, TX

I have been bullied my hole life and I have seen how the pain can destroy you and lead you to wanting to end your life. it was hard for me because I was a special ed student and was bullied by other in the same classes and in mainstream. teachers never cared enough and my high school experience was terrible but I can say wasn't as physically abusive as other students in other schools were and have been and still are sadly! I began helping others on facebook when I became stronger because I know it maybe hard but we can all be stronger if we continue to fight and help one another and never give up and together no one can bring us down and destroy us ever again! :)

Antony - 29 - Western Massachusetts

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