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Just Like Any Other Small Town School

Posted: 1/10/2012

Well, my school is pretty much like any other small town school. Little drama here, major drama there. But bullies don't usually come around anymore. Me and my friends know how to handle them. even though we aren't the ones being bullied ever. We know that other people are being bullied and we know that other people need our help. We know what repruccussions happen from bullying. Like we haven't seen movies and all these suicide stories about being bullied. Well, my school has one bully who messes with everybody. He is always picking on someone and I just think people should teach him a major lesson. He made a girl cry this morning because he called her a "fat slob". She is one of the skinniest kids in the whole school. Some people get to the point of injuring themselves. The cut themselves and that's not something people schold result to because people don't know how to act. They should stop bullying. We should make it illegal. That is going to be my project this year. "Mae stands up against Bullying!"

By: Madison

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Each And Every One of Us Is Beautiful

Posted: 1/10/2012

Every day i look around the world and i see people being bullied and people getting into fights I have some of my friends tell me "this person is saying mean things about me online" and I just get tired of it. People make u fell horrible about yourself and tell u things that are not true just so they can bring u down and it's not okay. Sometimes I feel as if when people tease other people and make them feel less of themselves that it's outta jealousy and hate. What bullies post online about one another is senseless. what bullies don't realize when they post nasty comments about somebody's weight or apperience is that It lowers down a persons self image. i hate dealing with all this drama that somedays I just wanna give up and not show up to school. I hate having that Feeling everyday that it's almost like I'm afraid To do certain things because  i'm scared of what people may Think. i am a regular human being and no matter what I always tell myself and my friends that "each and every one of us are beautiful no matter what anyone says and to never let the fear of what people will think keep u from playing the game because you are you and no one can ever change that"

By: Alex

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Someone Is Willing To Listen

Posted: 1/10/2012

When you hear the word bullying you oftenthink of those stories when there's a group of kids picking on one lonely victim. Kids being mean. But in my story, it looks a whole lot different.

In my story I'm a nine year old girl in school. I have many friends that I love and having a great time with. Cause, you see, the person who is mean to me is not a child. She is a grown up. She's my grown up teacher.

The abuse started the second trimesterof third grade (when I first got her as my teacher) and continued on to sixth grade, it didn't really help telling a teacher. They didn't believe me, a little kid, why would they? I remember thinking that maybe I was exaggerating and that it was all in my head.
She could not have been bullying me because she wanted to be in control. Cause, let's face it, as an adult and as my teacher she sort of already was.

By the time I was ten and started fourth grade I was a mess inside. I was now eally depressed and struggled with that alone in secerecy. And also, I recall having suicidal thoughts. As the two following years of Primary School went on I was still struggling depression. I had started self harming as coping mechanism, but I'm not sure at exactly what age though. Now, looking back at seventh grade, I see that my relationship with food was gradually worsening. And without myself noticing at first, I had developed an eating disorder during seventh grade as another way of coping with my issues.

Now I am seventeen years old and studying music. I am in recovery of my EDNOS and self harm. I am at the time being diagnosed as bipolar and also getting help for that.

When Demi Lovato came out with her story last year she saved me, literally saved me. She showed me that you can recover and rise above whatever troubles lies upon you. And more importantly, that it is worth fighting for. Now that I have been saved, I want to save those who are suffering right now. Demi saved me with her story and now I can maybe save someone with mine.

Bullying can cause so many problems. It is NEVER okay. So for anyone that is being bullied right now or has been bullied. It is not your fault! If you are hurting it's not all in your head and you're not exaggerating. You have the right to be happy just as anybody else. And if you are dealing with any of the problems I was, please speak up and get help. Don't be afraid, there is always someone that is willing to listen!

By: Isabella

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I Still Fight, Every Day

Posted: 1/10/2012

My name is Marion, I'm from Norway and i'm 15 soon 16 years old.

I've been bullying since i was 8 years old, on my first school everyone was cool, no one was bullying each other, we all were friends and had a lot of fun. When i was 10 years old we moved to an other place in Norway and then it all started.

I didn't go in the same clothes as they did, and they called me things that really hurt, like "ugly" and about being sexually active, i didn’t know what some of the names meant. okey, maybe i was ugly... I also thought i had a best friend... we were dancing Hip-Hop together and had sleepover with each other and we always met when we had time. But the verbal harassment din't stop.

I finally told my parents about what they told me, and we moved from that place to Oslo when i was 11 years old, and it didn’t stop there either.
but i didn't want to move, my granddad told me that you can't move from all your problems, you got to face some of them.
they called me some really bad words and they hurted me so much.

The day before my first day on middle school i got a text massage from the cutest and coolest boy and he asked me if i wanted to be his girlfriend...
I got so happy and said yes to him... a big mistake... i thought that now everything is gonna be okey.
The first day on middle school did some girls come to me and asked me if I was "his" girlfriend... and i said yes, they looked at me and said, "well... no, you're not."
"i said what do you mean? i don't understand..." and they said that i lied.

I got sad and walked out for getting some air.. and he comes out after me with a lot of people and said, "why are you lying?" and i found my cell phone and showed him and all the other the message he had sent me and the same girl said to me "you can change the date and time on messages" and i gave her the phone and said "show me!" and she just said "I don’t understand your phone" and i ran away from them.

on Halloween a friend of me borrowed a dress from me that my grandma had made to me, and i told her to be careful with it...
I got cold and wanted to go home, so she could just give me the dress when she camed back.

when i got it back it was destroyed... i cryed and my mom camed home and she saw my tears and the dress in my hands.

i was 14 when that was happen, and then i was thinking on suicide.. and started cutting me, i knew that i needed help but i didn't dare...
my friends started asking me what was wrong . . .they saw it in my eyes that something was wrong, they had never seen my eyes "without" a soul.
and on the summer they saw my cuts and they told a school nurse about it, she asked if she could talk to me and i told her everything, my tears was falling down on the table,

and she said that i should go to psychologist for getting the help i needed and started to go to her one time in the week everyday until it din't help anymore and she sent me to a treatment..

my mom was so worried and she was so afraid everytime she was coming down in the morning for waking me up . . . because she didn’t know what she could expect when she walked into the door.

I got help.

for a few weeks ago we had school prom and they treated me so badly that i started to cry . . .and i tried to walk home in high heels on the ice.
My bestfriend called my mom and told her what had happend and what i did. my dad picked me up with his car and drove home.. my mom was sitting with me almost the whole night,
My mom was thinking of letting me be home from school the day after my prom... but i was going on school... but i camed home again very quick because they was really mean on facebook to me . . .
they called me and i couldn't see their numbers but i took it and they was calling me really bad words . . .
I want an end on this.

sometimes i don't wanna go on school, i just wanna sleep, i feel comfort with my animals and i still fight everyday . . .my worst enemy now is . . .myself.

I don’t know how much i can deal with anymore . . .

By: Marion

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I Am Soooo Much Stronger

Posted: 12/30/2011

I was bullied and still am.

All started in 4th grade, I was getting bullied because i was skinny and boney. i didnt have alot of friends but only one.. she was a good friend. Her name is Tatiana. We was friends untill junior high. I moved around alot so i had a hard time making and keeping friends. In 7th grade i went to a Middle School.

That was the worst year of my life. I had rumors going around. My parents and other adults told me if it isnt true i have nothing to worry about.. worried me because i have to go to school 5 days a week and people were literally yelling innapropriate things at me. So how could I have ignored that??

I started cutting and thinking about suicide. My mom fund out and sent me to the hospital. I had to be at several hospitals. All Because of suicide attempts. I hurt my family alot and then I didn't think about how I would affect them.

But know i know and I am sooo much stronger and I "HEART" MYSELF!!!

By: Yasmein

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A Happy Memory

Posted: 12/30/2011

Gunnar is my 10 year old son. He is in 5th grade; is very small for his age; wears glasses and is in all the high classes in his grade. So with all that said he gets bullied for being a "stand out" in the class.

Gunnar was getting bullied a recess and we had to step in to help. He at one point was wanting to go to school less days then the other kids just to avoid those days at recess. Many talks with the counselor at school finally stopped it.

We took a stand together as a family and met with the counselor at school, who in turn met with the students and families of the bullies.

Best gift ever this year from Gunnar is page in his Memory Book from school he brought home from school this year.

"A happy memory for me was when my mom helped handle bullies last year because I was having a hard time and to this day I don't get bullied anymore. My mom helps me through lots of my problems and that's why I love her."

I must say I have been re-reading that page over and over.

It is a gift that keeps on giving.

By: Brenda, Gunnar's Mom

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The Call for Help

Posted: 12/30/2011

This poem come from my heart because i have been bullied since i was in pre-k and i'm a freshman now.

With in my life i see a light of joy and everyday it keeps fading into darkness. So i wish the light would come back. Also i fear what will happen once i'm in the darkness, i really hope my life can be bright once again. My friends i hope you'll help me out of darkness and into light, so will they be there for me or will i stay in darkness? At the start of my life i was only a little into darkness and mostly in light. Then when i started going to public schools i started to trail off into the darkness everyday. Some times i her the light calling me back, but the darkness always comes back. I just feel like an outsider, but always living in darkness. I just wish someone out there would come and help me back to the light. Then i can start over in the light and stay away from darkness. So if someone is out there please help me out of darkness. I beg you if anyone is out there once and help me and the others whom have walked this path of darkness. Til then we are still going deeper and deeper into darkness.

By: Heather

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Bring It Up To The World!

Posted: 12/30/2011

Hi, my name is Aleisha. I am now 14 and have been bullied since I was a little girl at age 7 or 8.

The bullying still continues.

Boys and girls my age and older pick on me about my weight, how I dress, who I hang out with, etc.. They just tease me about the smallest things. I hide from it. I still go to school but I try to avoid seeing or going near the girls and boys that bully me. When they bully me they call me fat, stinky, emo, cutter, useless, lesbian, bisexual, lard a**, piggy, twin towers, and a lot more... they make noises at me, push me, laugh at me, and then involve more people and get a whole group out on me. They take away my friends. I always ask what do I do to them?

My sister used to go to counseling about her mom. I would go with her with my mom and watch. I never liked going or the thought of going. I've told my mom a couple times about my bullying problem. She advices me to go to counseling. I deny the offer. After watching what my sister went through I didn't want to go. I still don't want to go. I see the pain in my mom's eyes as she watches me get hurt but I can't do anything to stop or at least I thought. We tried ever since I was younger to go and tell the school principle and the teachers. It don't help or make it stop.

I get threatened if I tell someone. I believe everything they say is true and I hate myself for it. One day I got really fed up with it and cut myself. After that I never done it again. Sometimes I think about it but I search on the internet and look at Demi. She is my role model and my biggest fan. Everytime I look at her or watch her videos or listen to her songs I forget about it and I forget about the world. Someday when im bullied ill hold it in for so long then I just break down and cry. Sometimes I feel like running out of the classroom to get away from it but I'm to afraid that I'll get in trouble by my teachers. To this day I cry almost everynight because of bullying. Its hard because you basically loose everything. I have recently found to conclusion that my cousin is a bully towards me. I always thought she was joking around but now she does it so much it hurts and I'm afraid that if I bring it up to her she will hate me.

I only have 2 real friends and they help me. They stick up for me but afterwards I tell them not to bother because then they will get bullied too. They always disagree and say that they don't care and still defend me and I love them for that. The 2 of them are the only ones that know most of my secrets except a few. They help me but I still cry and feel like what the bullies call me.

The saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me" I don't believe in that saying because words do hurt. They tear you to shreds. My mom tells me to ignore them, that's the key. But it's hard to ignore them. How do you ignore someone whos constantly bullying you. Every minute every second every hour every day?

Bullying is hard and sometimes is and isn't to prevent. The best thing to do is go tell some. Make it public. Bring it up to the world. I know I will because soon I will be going to try out for the tv show Americas Got talent. And I need the most confidence I can get. Bullying may seem wrong to some people. I will tell you something right now. It IS wrong. Stop it. Stand up and tell them it's not okay to bully. Stand up for the person being bullied. Don't go a join the bullies. The bullies may be your friends. Don't be afraid to be against them then they will realize they lost an amazing friends. That they lost you. If you are being bullied and it won't stop. Go and tell. Take it to court. In some states bullying and cyber bullying is illegal. If its not illegal in your state suggest it and see if they will prevent that. And more than likely they will. I have been bullied my whole life and haven't really done anything to stop it but that don't mean you should follow what I or many others do. In all do not forget to BE YOURSELF NOT WHAT OTHERS WANT YOU TO BE!

By: Aleisha

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I Don't Think I Can Ever Go Back

Posted: 12/30/2011

I know people say that words shouldn't hurt you and that words can't hurt. But in reality. They do. Bullying has always been an interesting topic to me... It's one of those topics that you think, "OH, NO. THAT'LL NEVER HAPPEN TO ME.", but in reality, it is happening to you. Even if you and your friends are just joking around, it's not nice to call someone out of their name or call them ugly. This story, my story, is about being the bully and the victim.

When I was younger. I use to get bullied a lot. I didn't realize it was bullying. I used to be so sensitive. Whenever someone would say something about me, I'd cry... and it'd stay on my mind all day. I used to get called ugly, too skinny, a cry baby, and so many other things... But I was younger, so of course it hurt me.

As I got older, I learned the definition of bullying. What bullying is. 4th & 5th grade were the years where the bullying kind of intense. I was called ugly a lot. I was still being called a "cry baby" even though I didn't cry or tell. I kept my feelings bottled up. I remember one day after school when I was in 5th grade there was this girl named Trinity. She was rude. She expected everybody to like her and she acted like just she was the boss. Top notch. She said something to me that just fully set me off. I said some really mean things to her and my classmates were laughing. She was saying some mean things too but I guess they were tired of hearing the same old things from her. We both got suspended from after school because it got to the point where we were threatening each other. I was so sick of everybody's bs, that I actually let what she said get to me. In 6th grade, her and I fought a lot. I knew I was better off not being her friend but the fact that she just kept assuming we were friends affected me. She transferred. She doesn't go to my school anymore.

In 6th grade, my insecurities started to manifest me. It got to the point where I would push people away. I liked a guy. He was real cool and all even though he was a player. He was one of my closest friends. He still is actually. But I said some pretty mean things to him that I regret. When he started to like me, I pushed him away. Then he went on to dating both of my best friends causing our relationships to fall apart. But now we're all good friends. We're closer than we were before. But I don't think he'll ever understand that what I said to him, I didn't mean. Now we're cool with each other, nice to each other, and honest with each other. No we're not in a relationship. We're just friends. He's the only thing keeping me simmered down right now. 

I use to consider cutting. Then when I got to 7th grade, I did exactly that. The pressure of everyone pushed me off the first cliff. I decided to look up self-harm. I already knew what it was. But I discovered that self-harm comes in more than one form. It can be hair pulling, scab picking, cutting, and so many other things. Those three forms of self harm, are the ones that I do.

I look up to Demi Lovato. She's been through a lot. Every time I watch an interview or a video that someone took at one of her concerts, I realize how amazing she is. She is my role model. She is a great role model. She even said herself that she doesn't want girls growing up looking up to a model type figure because that's what she looked up to and that's how she wanted to look. She tells everybody that they're perfect the way they are, no matter what.

I believe I'm bipolar. I know that I'm bipolar... and I'm only this way because of the things that were said and done to me. But, all of it made me the person than I am today. So the lesson here, even though it doesn't seem like it, is think before you speak. Words hurt. Words affect. Words kill. Words are what killed the girl I use to be . . . and I don't think I can ever go back to that little girl who was always happy.

By: Anieya

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Posted: 12/20/2011

Teachers used to always say if you're picked on and someone calls you names just tell them, "Stick and stones may break my back but words will never hurt me." But, it's actually false. Teaching children that type of a saying will only teach the children to learn violence and how does the teacher even know for sure that the student isn't really mentally damaged because of those cruel rumors spread about them? What if those rumors were the cause of the shyness, the loneliness and the feelings of actually believing the lies? Teachers are trying to teach the child, get them ready for the future, get them to know the feeling of reality, but when the student finally connects two and two, the student is told that tattling isn't good.

Not only is bullying an epidemic but it also seems to be spreading all over, even on the internet. Cyber bullying occurs when students get social network systems by which others can add them and go through their things. First they pretend to be your friends and once they're close enough to you, they know your secrets and they tell the world, or if not that then, they spread rumors about you. Rumors can hurt.

By: Yang

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