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Inspiring Opportunities Project

Families of children with mental health, emotional, and behavioral disorders often navigate multiple systems of care to access necessary supports and services. They may also face additional challenges due to stigma about emotional health needs. PACER’s Inspiring Opportunities Project brings together parents, youth, and professionals to help families identify the resources and supports that promote success. This project also promotes increased understanding of children’s mental health needs in the broader community.


PACER provides individual assistance to families to help them:

  • Develop strategies to support their children’s mental health and behavioral needs at home, in school, and in the community
  • Provide effective advocacy for their children with mental health, emotional, or behavioral needs in the education and mental health systems
  • Communicate and partner with professionals


PACER will conduct trainings and offer information for parents and professionals on:

  • Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
  • Understanding challenging behaviors in children
  • Acknowledging and supporting children’s mental health needs
  • Offering a variety of written resources and trainings about challenging behaviors and interventions  
  • Partnering with multicultural advocates in presentations and webinars
  • Access to innovative live streaming, workshops and webinars
  • Providing outreach to military families who have children with mental health, emotional, behavioral


PACER promotes change in the community by:

  • Supporting a Youth Advisory Board to serve as mental health ambassadors
  • Working in partnership with PACER’s multicultural advocates
  • Disseminating information on children’s mental health, emotional and behavioral needs through social media, videos, attending community based resource fairs
  • Continuing to develop an innovative website with resources for multiple audiences
  • Creating information for culturally diverse families through media

PACER Center is a National Parent Center and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that relies on a variety of sources of funding, including donations. It meets all standards of the Minnesota Charities Review Council and is a fiscally sound nonprofit.

How PACER uses your tax-deductible donation:

  • Eighty-four percent (84%) will go directly to programs and services
  • Sixteen percent (16%) will be used for management and fundraising, well below the 30% guideline allowed by United Way
By making a donation, you are helping PACER provide opportunities for children and youth with disabilities and PACER’s Inspiring Opportunities Project. Your contribution will help keep services free of charge to families.