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Archived Live Stream Events

  • Planning an IEP team meeting when your child has mental health challenges
    IEP team meetings can be challenging when a child has complex mental health needs. This workshop will provide parents and others with information to help prepare for a positive team meeting, use effective communication, how to navigate disagreements when they arise, and meeting, examples of positive supports and interventions to meet the child’s mental health needs in school.
  • Anxiety and school success: Creating a plan that works
    The most common emotional difficulty experienced by youth in school is anxiety. This workshop will help parents and others understand the role of 504 and special education when anxiety contributes to challenging behaviors in school by developing an understanding of behavior as communication, how these behaviors may be the result of a child’s anxiety, alternatives to consequences and punishment and effective interventions for support at school.
  • Getting it right: mental health, special education
    Children or teens with mental health needs often experience challenges at school. This workshop will address behaviors and barriers to educational progress, positive proactive supports and examples of ways to support your youth with an IEP.
  • Supporting children and youth with trauma in school
    When children who experience trauma have challenging behaviors at school, parents and school staff may struggle knowing how to help. This workshop will focus on helping parents and others better understand and respond to a child who has experienced trauma, and school-based strategies and interventions to help them succeed.