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Parent Leadership

The Children’s Mental Health and Emotional or Behavioral Disorders Project and PACER Center offer resources, training, and volunteer opportunities for parents who are interested in expanding their skills and understanding on topics that relate to children and youth with mental health or behavioral health challenges.

Resource Articles

  • From experience to influence: The power of a parent’s story

    Through well told stories, parents can encourage and motivate others to understand the challenges and needs of children and youth with disabilities and their families. This resource article provides information to help parents tell their story, from personal experience to influencing change.

  • Know your school district: Tips for Parents

    Parents play a key role in their child’s education. This resource article gives information to help parents learn more about the school district in areas that can influence a student’s educational success.

  • Key Questions for parent leaders to ask

    If you are a parent of a child receiving special education services and serve as a representative on your school district’s special education advisory committee, knowing what questions to ask is essential to your effectiveness. This resource article provides strategies to help parents consider the importance of asking questions that engage others in setting a positive direction for discussion topics.

  • Parents with high expectations: Keys to success in the family-school partnership

    When your child enters school, you and the school become partners in what you both hope will be the successful development and education of your child. This handout will give parents tips for creating a positive and productive partnership with the school.

  • Guidelines for exploring interagency opportunities

    “The most successful parent advisory committees are those with a clear purpose of who is asking for advice, what advice is being sought, and who is committed to hearing and responding to the advice.” (-B. Schwab, 1992) This worksheet can be used by parent leaders to investigate advisory committee opportunities that may be a good fit.


Parent Leadership Training on Children's Mental Health

Parent Leadership Training on Children’s Mental Health

This January 2018 workshop offers parents information about improvements and progress within our systems of care, and support for children and youth with mental health and behavioral health challenges.


PACER Center offers a variety of volunteering opportunities, and our volunteers offer important value to the work we do for individuals with disabilities and families. If you are a parent leader interested in building new skills, expanding your experiences, or giving back to help others, we encourage you to apply.

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