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I know what it feels like to be bullied. It is not a good feeling. When you go home after school, you should feel happy and proud that you had a good day, not go home and cry into your pillow because you were bullied. If you feel pressured, sad, alone, or bullied you should always go and tell an adult right away. or just walk away from the bully and ignore them. It is hard to stand up to a bully or to stand up to someone who is being bullied. But once you learn how to stand up for yourself you won't be able to let anyone stand in the way of you. I say that we put an end to bullying. Who's with me? I want everyone to feel good about themselves because I care.

Ani Meader - 11 - San Diego, CA.

i was bullied my whole school life and it until 6 mnths ago affected my life. i got into abusive relationships , eating disorders, drugs ,alcohol  but now i have been healthy for 6 mnths and i dnt worry what ppl say bout me as i am me and im awesum :) 

jodie - 21 - nsw

i was bullied my whole school life and it until 6 mnths ago affected my life. i got into abusive relationships , eating disorders, drugs ,alcohol  but now i have been healthy for 6 mnths and i dnt worry what ppl say bout me as i am me and im awesum :) 

jodie - 21 - nsw

i have never been bullied but i guess i know how horrible it may feel, i've seen a lot of people being bullied and i just feel bad because i can't stop it. i don't know how, but i just want bullying to stop, it makes kids and teens feel horrible about theirselves and we all have to be proud of ourselves, no matter what they say, so please make it STOP

Belen - 13 - Pittsburgh

I know how it actually feels. when i was in my elementary, my classmates had stepped my personality and never having any support from anybody was the painful part.

ZYRA - 17 - Philippines

I care because i've been bullied and really never knew the reason why ! I mean they would say the most terrible things, without a reason.... They would call me fat when i'm really not, they would call me four eyes, they would also call me inappropite words. They also turned half of my class aganist me. This is like 7 girls at the same time bullying me for no reason...This all began in the 6th grade.

Emely - 12 - New York

I care because I know how it feels to be bullied in every way and I don't want people to get hurt like I did. Even if you're a jock, nerd, fashion diva,  even bullies don't deserve to be bullied. Please stop bullying. It can hurt people mentally and physically. It's not right to bully.

Minami - 13 - Singapore

Im 14 im from Brunei, i have been bullyied by other girls because they a very jelaused about me...Every Monday to Thursday i always go to school and the next day the bullied me they call me a "Grandma" because they so jelaused about my examination..About the month i always get A+ in my examination..... This website "TEENS AGAINTS BULLYING" is very help ful to me...Thank you!!! i hope is worked.... Bullied is hurt  i feel that.... 

I want to be a normal Person,hopefully yes!! No More Bully,Bully is Destroy our Future....I hope so! 

In that day i have bullied but i dont tell my parent because i so scared. And the next day i have to hurry to tell my parents and my parents go to school and ask principal thats my friend dont want to bullied me again... THE END

Billah - 14 - Brunei Darussalam


Marbeel (: - 12 - Gilbert, AZ

i have been bullied all throughout my 6th grade ,
the reason i was being bullied was because i have red hair
i know it dosnt sound like much but i was being called a ranger
continuisly, and i didnt want to tell anyone because i was embaraced 
of the name but it really hurt,
reading all these storys made me realise how searious this is and i wish with all my hart that we could all work together to stop this !!

ashly - 11 - newzealand

I know how bullying hurts, and many kids, teenagers that are beeing bullied everyday, I am not afraid of bullies because now I can defend myself, for those people who keeps on bullying on others you have got to STOP right now... Bullies don't know how they can be hurtful when they say things about you.... I don't like seeing other people getting bullied..... What if they are getting bullied would they even like it?? SO NOW I STAND UP FOR THOSE WHO ARE ALWAYS GETTING BULLIED EVERYDAY!! :))

Victoria - 13 - Philippines

I wish people would stop hating or discriminating others. Don't you see? we're all human. The same. Please, stop all this hatred.

Siti - 14 - Singapore

truly i have never been bullied because i am popular but everytime i see someone bulling i got to stop them because well have have to be treated the same way!
and the one who is being bullied should stop it till FOREVER!
and they have to have confidence of what they r able to do so stand and fight 4 it cause EVERYONE should be treated the same no one sopposed to be popular or bullied and the one who is bulling have some problemes... 
but u have to stand 4 it and make everyone respect u in ur special way and the most important thing that u got to have confidence in ur self and don't be afraid and try to stand 4 it but not to FIGHT u got to stand 4 it in a respecteble way and don't be AFRAID belive me that is how alot of teens stopped IT ! 


salma - 13 - los angeles

I know how it feels to be lieft out and ignored, Girls at school even write things about me on washroom stalls. I tell adults but no one reacts. So I care beacause I think kids and teenagers need to be heard and helped so that they can feel better about themselves,not less. And so they can be happy, not upset. I think people need to be HEARD.

Madeline - 11 - Toronto, Onatrio

I get bullied all the time.Not action but with names they say names can't hurt but they do.I get called ugly all the time and its hard to try to  ignore them.I get calles ugly because my teeth they have bumps at the end of them .I can't help it because of them its genetic.Its all ways to do a sport like karate to gey the anger out.Before  i would cry my self to sleep with my face cut out of my pics.I am getting sick and tired of the bulling my mom is getting them fixed i am crying of the excitment.So I do not have to deal with them.So thats why i care.

Shayla - 12 - Fairfield,oh

I've been made fun of by my last name all through out my 7th grade year. It hurt me a lot. I hope people never be bullied because I was really hurt by this.

Isabella - 14 - Canada

I was bullied threw my high school years I was not very popular I had very few friends and I was shy. I cut and still cut as a result of it and I'm 20..:/ I think this is a great site  just want the bullying to stop in schools. 

Kathryn - 20 - MA

My 15 Year old son has a form of Aspergers but gets bullied and made fun of all the time. I do not know what to do for him. I am lost and can't stand to see him so hurt.

Heather - 36 - Florida

So many kids/teens are being bullied all around the world and it should really stop NOW!!! I know how it feels to be frozen out but I dont know how it is with other types and I dont want to know! I really hate that so many people har being hurt on the inside and on the outside! It needs to stop now!!! Thank you for reading PS. Swedish schools have lots of things against bulliying how is it in American schools??? xxx

Indee - 12 - Sweden Gothenburg

I've been bullied ever since being in school,and now a JR in high school it's gotten worse because I'm different, although black I act white and tend to do alot of things white people do. So I get picked on..I have self-esteem and self-confidence issues so it doesn't help. I self-harm becuause of..I want it to stop to 

Asia - 16 - Saint Louis, MO

hey i hope that it stops soon! i love that u care 

sabrina - 13 - tucson

im bullied .. for being " un-popular" and kinda over weight , and being picked on for my acne. i self harm cause of it .. i just want the bullying to be stopped/: 

jordan - 13 - zaneville , ohio

i have been bullied before but i took a stand and so it doesnt happen to me very much any more but it used to be bad! I still  hate the fact that other people are being bullied still. I  want to make a difference against bulling! Its not fair beacause we all should be treated right!!! 

Taylor - 11 - Georgia

Bullying should just stop RIGHT NOW. The people who had never been bullied before always say: "words don't hurt". Actually, they do. Alot. Since i was 4(i started kindergarten) it all began. Kids were calling me names and things like that. I was 11 when my class all set up an email to some person telling that i had just 4 more months to live because i had cancer. When i was 12 i went to highschool (that's how it goes here). I left all those "friends" from that school and went alone to a new school. I had SUCH an amazing year! I made alot of new friends who are still my friends right now as im 15. Though i met alot of fake friends in between. I was all happy till October. My niece couldn't handle her life anymore... i found her after i called the police that there was something very wrong. She was like a twin sister to me. She looked like me. We both had the same problems. We were always cheerin' up eachother. But it was to much for her what happend in her life. Because of that i went straight in a depression. I got help now from people that have their job to help people. Because im so shy, i can't say anything back to the people who bully. They always laugh at me and calling me names because of my weight. Im sick of it. But DEMI is helping me through everything with her music and her support to her fans. Someday i will stand up for myself. Someday. BULLYING SHOULD STOP NOW!!!!!

Tessa - 15 - Netherlands

i've always'd been bullied, even since 1st grade i've been called, fat,ugly,stupid,and a ton of other things. I have cut before, and tried killing myself. the school principal found out, and she didnt do anything. I get teased a lot, and I'm a vegetarian, and there is a rumor that this kid saw me at McDonalds, and I hate Mcdonalds! :'( and it just kept happening and happening. . .I just want all of this to stop. And I've been rejected before, too many times. I wish all bullying can stop, and the bully-ers realise what there doing is bad.!

shelbi - 12 - california

I hate it when people bully. I admit I used to do that; not anymore. I want to help. I want this to end. I'm creating a webstie where kids like me can go and chat about it and try to stop it. Kids can help kids, teens can help teens. But really, both are the same. We are all the future generation of America. We have to help. Stop bullying. Only we can.

Winter - 11 - Tennessee

I belive that people bully because it makes them feel better about themselves and to try to fit in with the other kids that think its cool. i think its wrong. i have been through bulling and its not fun. i think that who ever is bulling that they should look in the mirror and think to themselves "Y do i make someone elses life hard?"

Pollianna - 15 - Sidney, Michigan

"My brother is always being bullied.  It's sad because he has ALWAYS been an easy target, beause he is such a nice kid that he wont do anything about it.  He WONT say something back or stand up for himself when he needs too.  I think that many times these are the types of kids that are getting bullied.  And the only reason the bully is doing it is to make himself/ herself feel better.  I always feel bad for them personally.  It makes you think, what is going on wrong in their life to make them act like that?   I am awlays telling him, there is a reason they act like the way they do.  I also strongly beleive that schools need to step up their game when it comes to bullying. I know for a fact ( because I have seen it with my own eyes) that teachers see bullying and look the other way.  Bullying doesn't have to be physical either!!!  Remeber the saying "Sticks and stones my break my bones but words will never hurt me?"  Come on...... words hurt worse than a bruise.....  Stop bullying. "

Abbey - 15 - United States

I care because I've been bullied all of my life. It hurts. I've never been physically bullied, but I've been emotionally bullied. People call me fat, ugly, worthless, ect. I don't want people to have to go through what I've been through. People need to know it's NOT okay to bully. Treat others the way you want to be treated. I've though of commiting suicide NUMEROUS times because of the amount of bullying that I've gone through, but Demi Lovato has helped me. Because of her I didn't. Because of HER I have someone to look up to. Because of HER I'm still alive. She is so inspirational and caring, I wish there were people like her at my school. Thank you, Demi, for saving me. Stop the bullying, spread the love.

Autumn - 13 - Colorado

there was a forward going around the school about me. one of my frinds was the one who made it up,too. sick of it. kids are killing themselves, they are getting tortured, and no one is doing anything about it! ive actually thought about and tried to commit suicide. im sorry-but people dont need to do this to each other, i wish they wouldnt---and hopefully  it stops. soon. :'(

livv - 13 - denver,colorado

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