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Bullying is not just getting picked on or hurt physicly or emotionaly it is also hurtfull in a different way. for  example I am now in 6th grade and i thought that it was going to be so fun and me and my friend alyssa where going to  talk to each other every chance we get. the first and second day was exactly that. but then this girl came and started talking to her and now she dosn't talk to me at all. so bullying not just getting punched in the face it is also haveing one of your friends or old friends not talking to you. so if  they end up not talking to you then they are not a true friend. and i think that everyone should just stop right then and there.                         Britny, 12, tx

Britny - 12 - tx

im from houston and im 12....... i have got bullied but my friends bullied them.. when i first notice that they were bulling i saw them talking to a girl and calling her nerdy and tooth pick. i RAN to my friend and told them to be quiet. and plus the other girl that was bullied, she was one of my friends. i told my bullying friends to go away. at my school its really diffrent. if you wear alot of make up and bully people your popular. i started to bully then i regreat it. im never going to bully anyone else

vivian - 12 - tx

Right after I got into 7th grade I was bullied along with my friends.They throw stuff at us,call us names and make fun of us for no reason.This needs to stop because it dosen't feel right and it's very hurtful. 

Gabby - 12 - IN

People generally are very rude.Bullying is just like a sport ...they feel good if they make you cry..and don't care if that hurts you..I appreciate that Demi thinked at us.It's very sad what is happening in the world...I go through this.My "B.F.F." called my skinny.She felt good when she called me like that even if she isn't perfect.

Anca - 13 - Ro

Bullying can lead to tough situations.  Once someone gets bullied,  they feel like THEY should bully to show people how they felt.  It won't lead you to a good life or career.  This program is exactly what we need to help bullying leave the world.  I neeeeeed to say thank you to Demi Lovato, because since she is a wonderful role model and inspirastion,  people will join the cause and help stand up for bullying.

Gracie - 9 - GA

I'v been bullied and trust me, i know how it feels to want to fit in, but some people just take it too far. People have lost their lives to relentless bullies. If i share my personal experiences my comment would go on for century, but i just wanted to remind everyone out there who's been bullied that your not alone. You are beautiful in your own way and bullies just want to take that away from you so don't let them.

Imaan - 13 - CA

when i was 5, 6 years old i used to  call other people bad names and make other things really bad! I wasnt niece! Than when I grown up I started thinking about it and I started  to  apologise everyone and at now I convinced some friends to create a project at school to stop the bully! And what I think it was niece was that the 2 girls I used to implicated with  decided to forget the past and to start from the begginig with me! But we are not friends cause we have different views of life but now i will never do something to hurt anyones feelings.Now I respect other people and learned how to live with different cheildren.Thats why Demi Lovato my idol! I want to help her stopping bully! Cause this is someyhing really bad, and because of these thinhgs i used to do now I  understand ! Thanks for your comprension!

changed - 12 - RJ

I get bullied. It's painful to know that other students at school are only focusing on my flaws. Sometimes I even end up hating going to school because I start thinking something terrible is going to happen to me.

jenna - 13 - IL

I used to live in South Dakota when I was 12, Now I moved to Virginia. When I got to my new school I thought I'd be fine and make some great friends, but as a few days passed, life got difficult. I made some friends but these three girls, who were popular but mean told some of my friends not to talk to me, and every lunch, nobody wanted to sit next to me, and when the girls pass me they threw stuff on me and called me names. And they would whisper to girls right in front of me and spread rumors about me constantly and I would be the last girl to be picked for partners or a team activities.
A girl spread a rumor once about me that if anyone touched or talked to me, They would become ugly, and the only person who supported me was my best friend Bella,  When it was home time they would shout after me "Look, its Danielle the Ogre, Run everyone before she gets you!"
and i would run home crying.
I begged my parents If I could get homeschooled but It was hard to find a teacher.
So we moved to Texas and I made good friends in my New School :)

Bullying isn't nice, It hurts people's feelings.
We should stand up

I wanna thank Demi Lovato and Teens Against Bullying for helping me.

Danielle - 16 - TX

I was peviously bullied last year and eventually I had to switch schools. School is hard enough without other kids making it harder to cope. That is why I hate seeing people being bullied and I always stick up for the person in anyway I can because bullies don't bullly anyone if their in group. Demi lovato is an inspiration for me because i'm a musician also and I have one thing left to say I want the bullying in our schools to stop.

Sinead - 14 - ID

I never really was bullied, but I always became friends to those who were bullied. Like last year, a girl named Laura she was new to the country and she made expressions that kids our school took it the wrong way. The would come up to her and say mean things. She was new, but she understood everything. I never called her names I actually gave her advice. And the funny thing was those girls who insulted her were actually my friends. Yea, my group was like the ones everyone scared. I dont want people to be scared of me. I like making friends the NICE way. So be an outcast of your group, even if they dont agree with you. It can make a difference,

Michelle - 14 - NY

I Was bullied for years in school,  from grade 4 till I eventually got my diploma through correspondance. Sometimes I Still get called ugly online. I care because no one should be ripped down for being different, allegedly ugly, or anything. 

Amy - 30 - On

I was bullied. Bullying nearly caused me to take my own life away from home on a class trip to Washington, DC. No one should ever have to feel alone. I didn't have a voice then but I have a voice now and it WILL be heard and it WILL help to prevent bullying.

Kerbie - 15 - TX

No one deserves to feel alone and like they dont matter. cuz they do matter and they are not alone and we care if they are being bullyed and it needs to stop!.

Mackenzie - 14 - WA

Bullying can really hurt. There are a group of girls in my school who get me stressed out everyday. I used to think bullying didn't matter but Demi Lovato made me really think about it. shes my role model. I want to stop it in my school and everywhere that i can. Tomarrow im going to school and telling the principle that she needs to do something about it. Bullying can take lives and i dont want one of my friend's to be next. 

Abby - 13 - PA

No one deserves to be bullied, this is a really big issue in some schools and many people go through it everyday. Sometimes they dont feel strong enough and confident to do anything about it. Thats why i think they need our help. I know that we all get bullied, even when you think your not getting bullied you are. And even when you think your not being a bully you are, you just dont realize it. Everyday, someone gets bullied if its because you dress different, you have an accent,  you may not have the best body shape, maybe you have a diferent style that you like but someone else may not. The truth is we cant stop this kind of bulling, i think that if you wanna help you should start with yourself. Examples: Dont talk about people behind there back, dont laugh at people when they wear something different to school, simple things like that. We should all learn from this and we should use it to make us stronger.

Johanna - 15 - TX

I've never been a victim, but unfortunately I was both observer and I regret not having done anything but now that I'm reporting on the subject I am determined to put a stop to all those around me and so slowly make a change because ''The End of Bullying Begins With Me'' 

Paola - 16 - TX

I am tired of seeing how people change into worse because they were offended in the past. 
I meet a lot of people who used to be bullied. When I read more details in this site, I realize little by little that some of them are still under this bullying. 
Sadly, I am one of them. I am bullied in different ways for a very long time and end up pitied, belittled or told that they have gone something worse by others [whether they are my friends or not]. I do not care if you had gone through worse than another bullied victim but we share the same feeling of pain. 
Some of the negative things that happen in the society roots down to bullying. Even by the form of pitying, leaving or even making someone feel so insignificant when they are not is not only a form of bullying but also an offensive act. We want, to change the world right? So it means that we want to end this thing called bullying! Let's start the change and prove it to others that bullying does end. 

Erin - 15 - p

I  am bullied everyday, and  the sixth grade ( I am in seveth grade now. It was the 2009- 2010 sixth grade year, too.) And even my homeroom teacher bullied me. And some of my friends get bullied too. I am here to make a stand. 

Journey - 12 - PA

Since middle school I've lost all my friends and now i have none. It almost stopped in grade 6 when i met a girl named Kayla, but the mean popular girl at my school stole her away and all the other almost friends i had. I had to stay in the washroom for every single recess, waiting for the bell to ring because i didn't want to be a "loner" at recess. I was way too shy to talk to anyone at my school and the mean girl tormented me and gossiped about me. This year I still have no friends. Im confused and don't have any idea how to make friends. It seems like everyone in my school already has a friend/friends at my school. And I'm not exactly the mot attractive girl at my school either.

Kelly - 12 - CA

I care because bullying is REAL and the pain that comes along with it is REAL.  You would want someone to help/stand up if it were you.  Right?
    Stop bullying and stop the violence/pain!

Chantal - 18 - CA

I was bullied once and hated how it felt, I used to stay up all night crying over how i had to go back to school the next day. But I finally had enough and told my parents and the schools conseller. They say a problem shared is a problem haved and its true so dont bottle it up tell a friend an adult even a sibling just speak up.

Sarah - 12 - wa

I was bullied a few times by one of my so called friend and didn't like it one bit.  So I am joining the movement  and going against bulling!  YOU SHOULD JOIN TO!  YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dana - 11 - Wi

I've always been bullied about my weight. Ever since I was really really young, everybody thought it was funny and they would laugh. It still hurts to think about it today; almost 10 years later. I have really low self-esteem and I hate the way I look. No matter how many people say that I'm pretty, I have a hard time believing them because of all of the negative comments I've gotten in the past. 

Now that I'm no longer going to the same school as the bullies and things are a bit easier now, I know I'm not the only person out there being teased because of their weight. All of this needs to stop not only because it's unnecessary, but because life could be so much easier without all the negativity. 

Gaby - 16 - TX

I have been bullied before and it does not feel good. I always pretended to be sick so I couldn't go to school and have to be bullied again. I know I am not alone but sometimes it feels like I am sometimes. I was only bullied verbaly. Online,txting. I would never bully someone. Sometimes I feel bullies are having problems so they think that if they feel bad, others should feel bad too so the bullies are not alone. I hate hearing news stories about when bullying goes too far the someone commits suicide. I always wonder if the person who did all that harm to them that they could take it all back. This needs to stop. We all need to come together and put this to a end and protect all of the students around the country, even around the would that  are bullied. Please. Before its too late when another life is gone from pain and suffering from bullying.  Sometimes at school, I wish I was dead from some of the things they say. I sometimes don't like the way I look. Please make the bullying stop!!!!!!!

Jenna - 12 - NY

Ever since i can remember i've been let down by my peers. I've got  psychological problems along with trust issues all because of all the lying and dissapointment i have faced not just at school but everywhere i go.  i've gone from hating myself to hating the world, and i know i'm not alone. bullying isnt something that fades over time either, its a lifelong struggle, and it needs to stop.

RaeLynn. - 15 - mn

 I care because every single person should be allowed to just be themselves. I care because every single person should be allowed to grow and prosper in a safe environment - without fear. I care because all of you on this site have taken a step forward, shared your stories and are strong for doing so. I care because you are all willing to take a stand on bullying - a stand that is summed up in three words - Bullying Must Stop!

Craig Paulsen - 50 - San Clemente, California

When I was in 6th grade, I had a problem with licking my got so bad that it spread to my chin and not only was it sore all the time...but i would get picked on for it. I would be called "the bearded lady" all the time. And it hurt me a ton. But, thankfully I had my three best friends to stand by me and help me through it. And we need to put an end to bullying because how many lives have to be lost to see the damages it does to people.

Olivia - 14 - MN

I was emotionally bullied by some girl in sixth grade. She didn't let one of my best friends hang out with me, talk to me, even look at me. The worst part was that she didn't even get punished for it. We need this to shop.

Danielle - 12 - CA

my sister was bullied in school and it has affected her throughout her life. Now I see kids at my son's school bullied and it seems like nothing is done about it.

Sarah - 43 - Minneapolis, MN

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