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This has happened to me before, I remember when I saw this girl and she saw me and I was her target. I was often called fat by her. I was a bit overweight and it was my weak spot. That's why I  was scared to go to races and anything that could show that I was a bad runner and that I was overweight.  I used to go to school with my stomach  sucked in and I used to run to the bathroom and take deep breathes befor eI held in my stomach. I used to do it soo much that now I  am used to it.  But it never felt good. BULLIES HAVE NO RIGHT, THEY NEVER DO AND THEY NEVER WILL.  Slowly we can help 1 bully at a time to make schools and mre a better place. 

Sophia - 10 - Ab

I've moved around a lot so I am not able to keep many friends. That means I have to make new ones. But so far, everywhere I go, someone has a problem with me! I have no idea why! I am a very sensitive person who never stands up for themself! I know that's bad, but it's true. I am always afraid of what the end result might be. The sensitive side of me reacts to when people hate me! I give people no reason to dislike me, yet they do. It hurts a lot! Sometimes I will go home and cry for hours wondering what I can do to make it all better! I really don't think there is a solution! People are just this way because it's who they are! But I don't want to be hurt anymore! The rumors spread and people shun me out. I just want to live a happy life without any worries about watching my back!

Jessica - 16 - NY

at my school if you live in a trailer or if you are over a 1oo pounds then you are bullied. And i am both . i am lucky because i have friends and i get good grades but it would be nice to not have to stand on the side of the hall so i wont get knocked down and it would be nice if people wouldnt call me fat or ugly.. I want bullying to stop because the people who get bullied, are the ones who are always scared and are the ones who get brake downs  i wish they realized how cruel and or idiotic they seem to us.

danielle - 12 - tx

When I was in middle school, I was an immature kid who did stupid stuff and enjoyed it.  But then as I entered high school I came down with a horrendous disease that took much of my enjoyment of life away.  My family sent me to a treatment center and I made a full recovery.  The people at the center told me that I would be able to fit back into life just like everyone else when I got better, but I never have been able to.  I think everyone my age isn't worth being friends with and I haven't exactly enjoyed my life since I got out of the center.  My sadness this summer has quickly led me to believe that my purpose in life may not be to enjoy, but to help others so they don't struggle through life.  I hope to form an anti-bullying organization this coming school year.

Jake - 16 - Pa

my friend used to be bullied and she didnt tell me that it was MY best mate doing it. i didnt know what was happening until i discovered it myself, and i was horrified. My 'best mate' is now nothing to me, and the girl she was bullying is now my closest friend. i think its awful to know that some people out there are suffering what my friend had to, and i want it to stop NOW.

marie-claire - 13 - NY

There's a girl in my class who I don't like and she doesn't like me but the only "friends" I have in my class are friends with her, so I end up around her a lot of the time. The other day, she was trying to get me to move off the table (but I had no-where else to sit) and was trying to get the other girls to say they didn't like me. It didn't work though, because the others were ignoring her - and so was I!!! She gave up after 10 minutes and hasn't bothered me much since!!! Come on, guys, together, we can fight against bullying!!!

Chloe - 13 - UK

I've been bullied just because I'm abit fat,they called me names that shouldnt be mentioned,and it wasn't only verbal bullying they used to hit me real bad too,and the worst part was that even my bestfreinds we're joining in but in an indirect way,and my parent weren't a support at all they'ed be to busy to listen or they will just tell me that it's going to be fine,you have to solve it yourself,but then I got a true best freind and she supported me and she helped me speak up to them and now I'm all better so advise to all stick to your best freinds and never be afraid to speak up your mind cause it wont stop unless you did something about it

Avril - 13 - CA

I am a girl!!!!! I had this friend who was really nice and we were in a group of friends of  6 to 10 people. Then my friend started acting like jerk to the group and me. we stopped being friends. we eve told the principle and teacher. She stopped because she knew we had the power to destroy bullying and we got her suspened. I knoe it was right thing to do because people were getting hurt and I wanted to put a stop to it!! Thanks Demi for trying to stop bullying. If we stick up to bullies we may stop bullying. 

Preeti - 10 - oh

I'm a girl, 17 years old. My friends well almost everyone around me keeps on calling me adopted. Altough it isnt tre it still hurts hearing that kind of things especially when its about your personal life. People think Im adopted just because I dont look like my father. Well how would they even know if they didnt even seen my dad when he was younger. Just becase he's swedish should  also have to look white and too liberated too fit in? I dont think so. I sometimes loose face and be discouraged for all the negative comments i get from other people.

Eliana - 17 - ph

The boys from my school are bullying me everyday. They say I'm stupid, and laugh about me, without a reason. I can't understand them this hurts so bad. They are stupid, because they just do it. My mum don't listen to me when I say that. Or she says 'It's okay, that's just boys'. They are not boys... They're Monsters. I can't understand them. I just want to share it with you.
I hate it, when someone is bullied so we have to stand up against it! They're not able to say what we have to to! We're not robots and we have our own life! 

Christin - 15 - AZ

I think bulling is wrong in any school, no matter who  you  are  or what you look like. Because teens from all over are getting tired of being picked on, called names, being made fun of, their just tired of it. And there's gotta be a way to prevent it from going further.

marisa martin - 22 - Oh

i was bullyed. i was called dumbo just cause i had bigger ears than most people. and cause i was different. i had acne and stuuff whih didnt make it any better i came home crying everyday. it hurt me so much. 

Victoria - 13 - CA

I dont know where to share about bullying so i come here.
When i was kindergarden,i always get bullied.I was group with  6 peoples.In the group,there was the 2 bullies.I try to be friend with them like i drew something for them but they tear it but i try to think positive.
I keep this matter silent to myself.The point is i try to be brave every step of the way.Every step of your life surely there problem like bullying or whatever.If i have a problem i will always think that every step of my life,there's surely a problem and there's alway a way out.

Diyanah - 13 - SG

When I was in my 6th grade , I was bullied.The persons who bullied me ws the one whom I thought was my bestfriends. They bullied me verbally and it hurts. Words hurt more. But I didn't become hopeless because my family is always been there and my friends, who were in other levels , supported me. I did speak up about my problems. I joined this org because I want other teens whose being bullied to know that they're not alone and they should speak about it.  Right now,  I'm happy because I have lots of friends and no one bullies me anymore. And... the one who bullied me? we're fine now. Yes. We all forgive each other. So, my advice is that everyone whose getting bullied should not be afraid to SPEAK UP. :)

Mariel - 14 - PH

Hi, I  first want to begin with a short story. I was living in Sydney, Australia. My dad got a better job in Istanbul, Turkey, it was very sad for me leaving all my friends behind. I was bullied also in Australia but it was more worse in Turkey. I had no friends and nobody who was there for me. The worst part is it wasn't just the boys, the girls and unfortunately one teacher. I didn't do anything to anybody, I don't understand why people do these horrible things to each other. Everyone was jealous beacuse I had more money than they did, in English I was the lucky one but no one helped me with my Turkish in return. But in my new school everybody in my class loves me including the teachers. I just want to let everybody know that bullying happens all around the world as well.

Jim - 16 - Tu

people that bully don`t help the world,they make it worse. 

Mackenzie - 9 - MA

i care because i was never the queen of my class nor i wanna be,but when you're not a part or the elit,you are thought to be useless,a loser,a nobody....and when you're not one of these girls who are thought to be beautyfull and cool,then you have to put up with them,live your school life being told how much you're not like them and that you're ugly,or not smart enough for them,or even not cool enough to breath their air...well,actually this hasn't happened to me,but to my best friend.thats why i care,because these girls destroy the confidence of brilliant kids and because they're jealous,they just make them believe what they say so that they wont be a threat to their glow!!!well,these kids that are being verbally bullied are bright and beautyful and way better that these  prom queens,someone has just to point that out to them so that they wont be tollerable anymore!!

lydia - 14 - ny

I care cause I have been bulied from the tine I was  5 and these girls still wouln't STOP.I told them to and I even spoke to the Principal and they still would NOT stop. It was an on and  off  friendship and whatever those two girls did they rubbed it in my face. I wasn't jelous but I was still being bulied by them, and they said  I'm a jerk for not inviting them to my birthday party (that was just with my family) I just want to stop BULLYING. We even had a police man talk to us about the issue and I just hope they STOP everywhere.Cause it's causing death to other people :(

Nicole - 14 - CA

 I care because that is a big thing that kids are doing now and days but it leads to crime,devistation and a whole lot of things! we should all stop bullying people and be kind because if something happens to them like a suiside....that bully will be responsible for EVERYTHING!  so we should just stop it before something happens and i dont want to see anything bad happen! we are kids/teens and we should come together and make a change in this horrible crime thats happening!   MAKE A CHANGE IN AMERICA!!! STOP BULLYING PEOPLE OR ELSE!!!!!!!  

jessica - 13 - fl

The same thing happened to me the last year... Some very mean and dumb boys started picking on me and told me every single day that I'm gay and threw away my bag, etc. But one day, I stood up for myself and told them my true opinion about them: how insecure and worthless they are for trying to bring me down. Then all my classmates took my side, and those jerks never said a single word to me ever again. I've made many new friends and now I'm actually very popular ;) don't give up dude!

tom - 16 - Ca

Hi,i am being bullied/verbal bullied.The boys in my class told everyone that i am gay.But i am so not a gay,i dont know why and  i didnt event ddone anything wrong to them.But i think they are just jealous that i got way better results for my exam than them.But being called a gay when i am not one hurts my feelings

Jacky - 13 - UK

I do get bullied and it's wrong to bully people just because they're different and they're expressing themselves and being themselves. People need to tolerate others better.

Abbey - 14 - CT

I was being bullying for about 6 years. Alot of people know about it but they never did something. I care alot about other people being bullyed because I dont want then to go through the same things I had to deal with every day. So when my sister came home from school and told me that people where being mean to her, my heart droped. For 2 weeks ago I got the opportunity of a lifetime. I got to write a musical for our church choir. I know immidently what I was going to write about. Bullying! This so that people will open their eyes and start to see what a few things can do to help a person that's being bullying. I was bullying for the face that I was different. Now I have some off the most amazing fiends just because I'm different. I would never traid my life for someone else but I will do everything that is in my power to provide a safe place for the kids that lives in the world of bullying today. We all can stop this if we work together. 

Maria - 19 - sw

i get bullied a lot like everyday i dont want to go to school but my mom said i have to. i tell my parents about me being bullied i say that they make fun of my weight, clothes, and ect. my parents said it was true and made me feel even worse i feel lonely all the time because no one likes me at school and at home no one wants to be around me, im alone in this world and it makes me regret being born. I have a really great life i mean i shouldn't complain but i have no friends and alone all the time the internet and video games doesn't help anymore. i turn to music to help me thats when demi lovato is my role model i feel lonely a lot but not as much because of her :)

Cynthia - 14 - IL

I care because i have seen bulling and i know the pain. Demi Lovato is my role model because she is amazing and stands up for what is right. If we stand up to bullying millions of young people across the world will live happier child/teenage lives. I care because i want to help make people's lives that little bit easier, school is hard enough without it. we can stand together to stop bullying, starting now. <3 

Emily - 15 - UK

everyone is diffent .. everyone should be loved/liked for who they are .. no one is the same .. so why dig on people for being differnt to you ? or they have less or more than you ? its not fair it gose to far and gets out of controle . every person has there own life , what is wrong with people trying to live it differnt .
a girl i know went though real bad bulling at school for something she dident even do or would ever think of doing . this went on for a number of years befor i knew her . when i got to know her she told me all about the bulling that had been going on , and i helped her all i could and she got though it and the bulling stop . 
^^ that shows that if everyone was to pull together and help we can all put a end to bulling :) 

Jemma - 17 - UK

Hello, my name is Thain'm from Brazil, here in my school we are doing work on bullying, and the teacher gave me this site.
Not only the USA that children and adolescents sofem with bullying, it is common in Brazil as well, so we're doing the work against bullying.

Thaina Miranda - 13 - SP

I used to get bullied just about everyday up until high school.  It hurts to be picked on and taunted for so long and not know how to deal with it.  I finally started sticking up for myself in the 11th grade.  I went alot of years depressed and upset but I wrote all my problems out and that somehow helped me release pain.  So please stop bullying because its just not cool plus you wouldn't want someone to bully you.

Chelsea - 18 - nc

i used to bully but now i feel sorry for everyone i picked on and hope they forgive me.

april - 12 - LA

I am being bullied/cyberbullied. I don't exactly no why I am being bullied, because I have never even said a word to the people who are bullying me. I know for a fact though that the answer to bullying is not to 'ignore it'. The answer to bullying is to do something about it and that is what Im trying to do. I just wish that they would stop. :*(

Sara - 14 - CT

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