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Practical Tips: Working Effectively with Culturally Diverse Families of Children Needing Mental Health Support

This webinar was held 6/24/2014

This webinar is designed for educators, administrators, social workers, children's mental health providers and any other professionals working with families and their children with mental health needs. Culture is embodied in the ordinary things we do- how we speak, greet parents, organize a meeting, or provide a service. When important belief systems are breached, providers run the risk of offending the family. This presentation given by a unique panel of parents who are also advocates and experts in diversity, will suggest strategies they have found to be effective for building collaboration with families.


Renelle Nelson, M.A., Parent Advocate, PACER Center
Hassan Samantar, Parent Advocate, PACER Center
Jesús Villaseñor, Parent Advocate, PACER Center
Dao Xiong, Parent Advocate, PACER Center
Bonnie Jean Smith, Parent Advocate, PACER Center

Running Time

55 minutes


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