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Apps That Support Reading and Writing for Teens and Young Adults

Workshop participants will discover the most versatile and effective reading and writing apps for teens. Apps for both Apple and Android devices will be demonstrated, discussed, and compared to show the many ways mobile apps can support struggling readers and writers. This workshop is designed for students in middle school and up, their parents, and educators.

Apps for Pre-Academic Skills

Staff from the Simon Technology Center explore the latest apps that support the development of fine motor skills, literacy, math skills, and more for young children. Tell us about your favorite app at [email protected] and we’ll demonstrate it during the event.


Everything You Need to Learn Before Your Child Turns Three

This workshop helps families understand the transition process from Part C Early Intervention Services to Part B Preschool Services. Topics include transition requirements, Least Restrictive Environment (LRE), inclusion, and Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals and objectives. Parents will also learn how to actively participate in the transition process.

Get a Seat at the Table: Learn How to Participate in the Decision-Making Process

A stakeholder is a person who has an interest in something, and is impacted by or cares about how it turns out. This workshop helps prepare parents of young children up to age five to participate on stakeholder groups in their school district, or at the county, regional or state level. Participants will learn about opportunities for involvement, discuss the types of data used to make decisions, and review the skills needed to participate.

Assistive Technology for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) in Early Childhood

This workshop provides background information about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) in early childhood settings, and information about how assistive technology can play a role in designing inclusive learning activities.

Challenging Behaviors and the Transition IEP: Making a Plan for High School and Beyond

This workshop provides information for parents of youth with challenging behaviors on creating a successful plan for graduation and beyond.

Making the Move from Early Childhood Special Education to Kindergarten

For a child with disabilities, kindergarten readiness often requires special preparation. This workshop helps parents plan for this transition and learn how to help their child succeed in elementary school. Parents will learn how to become active participants in the transition process.

Tips and Tools for Talking with School Staff

This workshop provides parents of special education students practical tips and interactive problem-solving experiences to build the skills necessary to communicate effectively with school staff and resolve differences.

Social Media & Bullying: Using Technology to Keep Kids Safe

PACER’s Simon Technology Center (STC) and National Bullying Prevention Center (NBPC) will discuss the technology young people use, and the technology parents can use to keep them safe and raise responsible young digital citizens.

Parent Leadership Training on Children’s Mental Health

This workshop offers parents information about improvements and progress within our systems of care, and support for children and youth with mental health and behavioral health challenges.

Video Modeling in Early Childhood

Video modeling can be an effective tool for teaching novel skills. This workshop will introduce participants to video modeling strategies and discuss methods for implementation in early childhood settings.

Becoming an Active Partner in Your Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)

This workshop features an overview of families’ rights, roles, and responsibilities within the early intervention system process and the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) process.

Becoming an Active Partner in Your Child’s IEP

This workshop for parents of children with disabilities, ages three to five, will provide an overview of the early childhood special education process, including evaluation procedures, writing goals, family rights, and how to take an active lead in the IEP process.

Going to School: Telepresence and Robotics

Students with disabilities or health concerns that keep them out of school now have a way to fully participate in their classrooms. They can be virtually present using telepresence and robotic technology . In this workshop, we will explore telepresence and robotic technologies that can be used in the classroom, discuss challenges and share success stories.

Afternoon Session: Apps to Support Social and Emotional Development of Young Children

In this fast-paced informal sharing event, staff from the Simon Technology Center will explore the latest app offerings that support the social and emotional development of children. See apps that help children learn how to regulate, how to calm, and how to handle big emotions.

Special Education and Challenging Behaviors

This workshop offers information about how parents of children with mental health, emotional or behavioral challenges can effectively communicate and plan with the school for a child with mental health, emotional or behavioral challenges Special Education process.

Including Assistive Technology in the IFSP and IEP

In this workshop, we will provide families, teachers, and other professionals a way to be intentional about the process of considering assistive technology and ensure it is included in the IFSP/IEP document. Participants will learn how to use the TIKES Project’s Child-Centered AT Plan to consider and document assistive technology for children ages birth to five.

Evening Session: Apps That Focus on Spelling Support and Phonetics

In this fast paced informal sharing event staff from the Simon Technology Center will explore the latest app offerings that support spelling and phonetics. See apps that support students with disabilities and English Language Learners (ELL). These apps focus on phonetics and spelling and offer interactive practice of how letters form sounds. Do you have an app that you would like to share? Send the link to [email protected] along with the reason that you like it and we’ll demonstrate it during the event.

Webinar: Working Effectively with Diverse Families of Children and Youth with Behavioral Health Challenges

A panel of parents, who are also advocates and experts in cultural diversity, will share strategies they have found to be effective for building collaboration with diverse families and their children with mental health needs.

10 Topics to Help Your Child Succeed in Special Education

Parents who participate in this interactive workshop will learn about 10 important areas in special education, and acquire skills and knowledge they can use to help their child with disabilities be more successful. Parents will also be provided with several useful tools.

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