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Olmstead Plan

Minnesota’s NEW Olmstead Plan for Housing: Persons with disabilities will choose where they live, with whom, and in what type of housing.

NEW! Person-Centered, Informed Choice and Transition Protocol

Minnesota is driving toward fulfilling the vision of people with disabilities and older Minnesotans living, learning, working, and enjoying life in the most integrated setting. This document is produced by the Minnesota Department of Human Services to communicate expectations regarding person-centered practices with its lead agency partners: counties, tribes and health plans. The Department will work with lead agencies to implement this protocol across the long-term supports and services and mental health services systems.

Tips When Considering
Housing and Services

What is your son or daughter’s vision for independent living? What is important to and for her or him, and how can you support your youth most effectively? Every young adult has different abilities and needs for support, and some parents will need to be more involved in this process than others. This PACER Information Sheet can help.

Finding Housing for Youth
with Disabilities Takes
Determination and Creativity

For many people, moving to a place of their own is an important part of becoming independent. Although your young adult with a disability who strives toward this goal may face extra challenges, he or she can succeed in the search for housing that is affordable, accessible, and available by planning early and networking with others for creative alternatives.

PACER’s National Parent Center on Transition and Employment

Information about helping youth with disabilities become career and college ready

Family-to-Family Health Information Center

Information about the health care system, resources, and advocacy for families of children and youth with special health needs and disabilities.

Housing: Starting the Journey

Will you be ready when it’s time for your son or daughter with a disability to move to a place of their own? The time to start planning is now! This Housing Project video gives you some groundwork from which to begin the journey.

Housing Videos and Trainings

Amy & Jennifer: A Journey to a Home of Their Own

Amy & Jennifer:
A Journey to a Home of Their Own

Brad and Karen W. share their journey to create an Individualized Housing Option for their 29-year-old twin daughters, Amy and Jennifer. Learn from Brad and Karen about the type of challenges parents and young adults face when choosing supports and finding the most appropriate housing and services based on their daughters’ person-centered needs.


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