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Individual Health Care Plans and Emergency Information Forms

An Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP or IHP) can be developed for your child’s home or school. The IHCP:

  • Gives the school necessary medical information about your child
  • Identifies your child’s health needs, such as giving medication during the school day
  • Creates solutions to potential health problems that can occur in a school environment
  • Develops plans for emergency medical situations
  • Provides a safe environment that helps your child learn
  • Makes goals for your child’s health care, such as having your child work towards remembering to take medication

To create an IHP for your child, work with your child’s physician. Most physicians have IHP forms for specific health conditions, and most forms require the physician’s signature prior to submitting it to your child’s school. Below are both general, blank sample health plans, as well as plans that are specific to a child’s condition, that were compiled from a variety of sources.

pdf document General Sample Individual Health Plan The general sample IHP is a great tool to develop a specific health plan for your child in conjunction with your child’s physicians and school.

An Emergency Information Form is a form you, as a parent, can use to hand to doctors when you go to the emergency room with your child. Medical emergencies can be complicated for children with special health care needs. By having an Emergency Information Form, you can make it easier for doctors to treat your child during an emergency. The form includes:

  • a place to record contact information for your child
  • a list of your child's physicians and their contact information
  • diagnoses
  • base-line findings
  • allergies
  • procedures to be avoided
  • medications
  • common presenting problems with specific suggested managements for your child

Below are general, blank sample emergency information forms, available as a PDF or interactive Word document.

An Emergency Care Plan (ECP) is a plan that gives specific steps for school professionals to take when your child has a medical emergency. An ECP is written for a child who is more likely to have a specific medical emergency and can be part of the IHP or written separately.

To learn more about health or emergency care plans, contact PACER’s Health Information Center at (952) 838-9000 or (800) 53-PACER, toll free in Minnesota.

Asthma, Epilepsy, and Medicine Safety


For more information on Individual Health Care Plans for children with asthma, check out the Minnesota Department of Health’s Asthma Program . This interactive website has information for parents and families on Asthma Action Plans (AAP), including why your child would need an AAP, what is an AAP, and how to use an AAP.


Gillette Hospital has great publications and resources on epilepsy, including answering pdf document common questions about epilepsy and how it affects your child in school.

Administering Medication & Safety at Home and School

​Any kind of medicine or vitamin can cause harm to you or your child if it is taken in the wrong way, even over-the-counter medicine. Review your family's home and medication safety measures often, and learn more about safe medication storage, dosing, and what to do in case of an emergency.
Visit for comprehensive information and resources on medication safety.

​​If your child needs medications during school hours, it is important to keep in mind these Tips for Parents .