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I belive that everyone has a right to enjoy life, and not be bothered about being bullied. Some time you think your not bullyng people, but in reality you are and it hurts people, but some people just cannot come to realize it. Bullyng people leads the targets to doing crazy things, and if they do the bully will or should regret it awfully. Nobody should have to deal with bulying, EVER!

Sarah - 13 - WA

bullying  hurts

dave - 9 - ca

 I'm usually one to get kicked out of crouds, because people think I'm crazy for having fun. It doesn't feel good and even someone close to me always says that he has more friends than me and that I have 3. It hurts. I want to help. I think a petition against bullying, and if the bullies don't stop you know that you have thousands of people supporting you including almost your entire school.

Anina - 11 - ON

"Sticks and stones will break my bones and words will never hurt me. is a saying that is not true. Most people do care what others say  about them, even if they aren't friends it still hurts if someone says something about you. When ever I'm about to get mad at some i just ask myself, Why should their opinion matter, they dont know me and haven't tried.

Lydia - 12 - VT

I was really troubled by the story of Phoebe Prince, she was a normal girl, who only wanted to fit in. But bullies hunted her down everyday. As we all know, she comitted suicide. Her life didn't need to end that way, and neither does anyone else's. I think it's really important that we all raise awarness of bullying. We can't let another victim of bullying go through what Phoebe had too. I really wish I could've been there for her, but now, I'm here for everyone else, and so should you. 

Michelle - 15 - MA

I'm bullied too. Every teenager has bullied someone, or is bullied. I missed almost a whole month of school because I didn't want to go and be bullied. I told my mom, but all she did was get mad. I regret bullying the others in my school, mostly because I know how it feels. But I stand my ground, and I don't let them get to my head. It was hard at first, but you have to believe in yourself.

Katie - 13 - LA

I care because I don't any one else being bullied because they have differences and  I know what it is like being bullied I am 25 years old and after 10 years of bullying I am in therapy. so lets take a stand to end bullying for good it beings with you!

Alayna - 25 - Chicgao

We are all human. Noone diserves to be bullyed because they are different, and bullying isnt always about the geek being shoved into lockers. It takes place because of jelousy, race etc. We are all different . So if we are all different in some sort of way then we need to learn to except that and except others, for we are the future. We are tomorrows producers, film artists, journalists, doctors, singers, etc. If we support in now what example are we setting for the next generation.

Janel - 15 - Ca

I've been homeschooled most of my life, up until this year. And I was amazed at how condescending and hurtful kids can be.  No wonder hardly any teenagers have confidence! I'm going to do everything in my power to  encourage kids and treat everyone with respect. One thing to tell yourself if you're being bullied is: "If I don't stand up for myself or find some way to prevent it, I'm only encouaging it." By standing up you're doing them a favor too.

Lyla - 16 - Ca

i was and still am being bullied. i spent time off school thinking about crawling into a hole because of how much it hurts. then i was on youtube and i found a demi lovato video telling me to go to and it made me feel better to know there are others who feel just like i do. i decided to put all the pain and hurt into songs and sing through it. my confidence was up until someone commented on a facebook picture telling me to go die because i read. i shouldnt have to put up with being treated like this and neither should you. take a stand because you are not alone. together we can stop bullying. 

hannah - 12 - uk

no one deserves to be bullied! It's wrong and hard to deal with gossips and threats on a daily base,to be alone for no reason,to be hated for who you are,to be punched or forced to hurt you because you think it's the only way to stop it.TELL SOMEONE IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW HAS BEEN OR IS BULLIED.Lets put a stop to it.Together.Because you're not alone.Stay strong. xoxo

Ivana - 17 - RH

I was diagnosed with partial deafness aged 5 and the kids in my school then used to pick on me because of it. I had to be taken from the local school and sent to a school further away to prevent this. At the time, it made me feel like I was worthless and that because of my disability I couldn't be as good as the other children. Since moving away from the local school, I've learned that this is not the case.

Charlotte - 16 - UK

From 1th To 5th Grade I Was Bullied By Class Mates & People I Once Considerd my "Friends".
I Switched Schools And Made New Friends..
But Even With A New Life, Bullying Still Affects Me Today. I Have Depression  From It And Sever Anxeity..

Think BEFORE You Say Something..
Words Hurt More Than Actions.

Sara - 14 - ND

When I was in the 1st grade an older girl threatened to kill me on an almost daily basis. No little kid should have to be told they're going to die tomorrow.

Kennedy - 14 - Australia

children dont deserve to be picked on , for someone to single out an individual because there different. it can make people do horrible things , make them feel alone , like there nothing special , like no-one cares . ive been bullied before and i know how horrible it makes someone feel. they kept calling me fat and chubby and they just mulipulated me . i had friends who really cared but at that point i didnt even fell that they cared because i thought i was alone . it went on for about 6 mounths untill i realized how much my friends cared . i told my teacher and it all got sorted out they never dd it again. But some children cant  make it stop which is why they need help . SO HELP STOP BULLYING AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE ! 

Rebekah - 12 - England

My friends and I used to bully a girl that we didn't like in 5th grade. Things changed the next year. In 6th grade, I was the victim of bullying. I felt terrible and I wanted to take back everything I said to that poor girl in 5th grade. If I could go back in time, i'd change the way I treated the girl. 

Yazmin - 15 - AZ

I moved countrys and I was the most popular girl in my new school.After a while the girls I called frieends started telling everyone im a whore, slut and many things.After thta I started cutting and my mom found out.I had never seen my mom cry so it amde me stop.I amde new friends,but after a while one of them publishes a nude video she tapped of my while I was takign a bath.She then told the whole school that I posted on of her on youtube with was a lie.Everyone hated me and now im changing school.Bullying hurts, a lot and if you havent gone through it, you will at some point.Because the slightest remark can cause a lifetime impact.Be careful and treat people well because who knows maybe someday youll be on thir place, and dont you wish you ahd someone who helped you?

Fernand - 12 - ca

My freshman year of high school, one of my best friends was being bullied, and I tried my best to help him. After a while though, it got to the point where he stopped trusting people, including me, which caused him to not talk to me anymore. He switched to an online school for a couple weeks, but he still was being bullied. In the end, he committed suicide. Because of bullying, I lost my best friend, who was such a creative person. Nobody should have to deal with that... EVER. 

Marisa - 18 - NJ

I am all for joining the movement because I too was bullied growing up and it still affects me today where I had basically shut everybody out.

Janelle - 22 - ks

Not one person deserves to be bullied EVER.  I get bullied ALL the time.   I don't know why but i have this one friend thats less popular and you know we get along fine.  And she's bullied all the time because she has a little more meat on her bones then i do.  I get bullied because i'm ugly and i tend to say um all the time.  one of my best friends is accutully one of the most popular girls in school.  Everytime i go around her when her friends are around they tell me to get lost or something.  so now we hardly talk in school and the only time we talk is on email or we text eachother.  so thats what bullying can do to you! oh and one time i told one of my favorite teachers about these kids that were making fun of me .So i asked her to move my seat and she goes "no they sit like 5 seats away from u there not bullying u".    WHY CANT THIS END!!  IF YOU ARE A BULLY I SUGGEST U STOP BEFORE THE NEW ANTI BULLYING LAW COMES OUT IN 2012 OR YOU'LL GET SUSPENDED OR IF ITS THAT SERIOUS GO TO JAIL!  STOP IT RITE NOW!  KIDS HAVE TAKEN THERE LIVES BECAUSE OF IT.  SO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Holly - 14 - Fl

im in  6th grad but im being bullyed and my friends are to i seen demi saying that to go here and i did. some times i think about being a cool kid but i bullyed some one and it did not feel good at all i remberd that i was to so i said sorry to her and i said i dont want to be like you if it mens that i hafe to bully people

makayla - 12 - tx

"everyday a girl or boy is getting bullied in my school .I  am always seeing other get hurt physically and  those who did it never got caught .Bullying turned my best friends away from and now they are in it.They always try to bring others down but I'm here to  say stop bullying  stop this crazy disease you will be a better person if you help stop it TRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

steven - 15 - ma

I go to a small school. They only have 15 9th graders. So of course every class or school needs a queen bee right? They didn't call me names, but they isolate me...slowly. And it get's worse each day. They made me feel like a total loser. One of the guys even dare to write "DIE" on my desk. My parents knew and they're doing their best to help me. Sometimes it makes me think that i deserve it. And there was one point that i was too afraid to even say anything to anyone, because i was afraid that I would say something wrong. They didn't only isolate me, but they also did cyber bullying. I had suicidal thoughts. I cried every sunday night because i didnt want to go to school the next morning. School used to be a second home to me, but now i don't feel safe there. I have a hard time trusting people because of that. A girl who i thought was my bff, back stabbed me, though she used to come to my house and eat dinner there. But i never showed how i feel at school. My parents knew about this and their trying their best to help. I am going to move school in January. So please, END BULLYING!!! We are all special in our own ways... :)

Angelina - 14 - ID

I can't be silent any longer.  I was a former bullied teen.  More than that, I was a bullied teen who tried to commit suicide 12 years ago because I couldn't take it anymore, and I didn't know of a way out.  After reading the latest suicides from two months ago, the old memories began to relive in my mind and I remember that those stories were almost mine.  And it must be stopped right now.  If you are being bullied, and you feel like there is no out, find support immediately.  Suicide is not the answer.  there are people who care, look, reach out, don't stop until you do.  And for those who used to be bullied and are reliving the pain, don't become the victim, there are people out there who will also help you, therapist, support groups, that will help you accept yourself as you are.  For all of us, as victims and former victims, we can stop this madness.  We can make a stand today.

Samantha - 30 - CA

I have been cyberbullyed. It was AWFUL! For the first time in my life I was scared to go by a computer. I thought that was thw worst time of my life. If I thought that was bad, I wonder what it's like being physically hurt. That's why I care.

Madeline - 9 - ny

some of my friends bullied a girl in my class,who was my friend too ,so I went to them and said that it is not okay but after that they started to rail about me.At first it was horrible to know that they are railing about me and my friend but now I just dont care becuase I got  confident because of that.And to tell the truth :at first I was one of them too.I bullied others too but after all that things that happened,I realized that it is so wrong .The people who bully others are the idiots !

Juliana - 14 - D

I have been bullied before and it doesn't feel good to feel like your going to get beat up everyday you go to school. I get bullied everyday by people that hate me I have no idea why they hate me i don't know what I did wrong, sometimes they lie about me and make me have to go to the pricable for something that I didn't even do but I eventually get over it, it doen't feel good to get bullied and I want it to stop.

Bella - 11 - UT

I heard my friends talking that they will go to the mall together this Saturday to buy dresses for our class Christmas party, and I asked I could go with them, they said "ok". Right after that, my  bestfriend said that they are gonna switch to plan B. I asked them what plan B was and no one  answered me. When the rest of the my friends left, I asked one of my friends to tell what their plan B was, she said that their plan B was to ditch me at the mall. I felt disappointed cause I thought that they were one of my good friends. I deactivated mt Facebook account but reactivated it to see their pictures at the mall and it really hurt me knowing that they didn't feel bad about ditching me.

Kathryn Mier - 12 - Ph

i am being bullied right now and itdidnt feel very good but i got alot of support by my friends and family so if you know someone or you are being bullid right now tell someone becuase thats wat i did and i am still being bullied but its not affecting me becuase of the support i got   HELP STOP BULLIYING NOW I AM A KID AGAINST BULLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                           

yeni - 11 - sd

Bullying is lethal. You may not look at it that way but that is essenially what it is. I wasn't ever bullied but I have seen kids get bullied and the outcome is never good. Even though I wasn't bullied I still do something a lot of bullied kids do. I cut myself. Not for attention like most people think cutters do. To be honest, cutting is a way to control your pain and I don't think anyone should have to resort to this method. And then if people notice you cut thats just another thing they bully about. If people could just understand what bullying causes - emotionally and physically - maybe it could stop. If people could just understand the reason bullied kids do the things they do to cope maybe it could stop. Please stop bullying and if you are being bullied know that its okay and to look for help. There is always someone who can help. Everyone should be aware and active in the fight against bullying.

Brooke - 19 - UT

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