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i used to get bady bullied because i dont look as pretty as the rest of the girls, ever since i moved to my new school it has stopped

Madeline - 13 - MO

Bullying also exists in college.  I was often teased in college for not being one of the " Popular " "Jocks" and "Gossip."  I was made fun of for just being myself, and it really hurt me badly.  I graduated from college and I have not participated in alumni activities ever since leaving after graduating.  No one in any school level should have to go through the garbage that I went through.  

Anonymous - 29 - USA

It's an issue world-wide. Most people say bullying is part of everyone's life, it happens to everyone. Well it shouldn't be the case. Bullying is wrong and unfair. It pushes people to the limit, makes them uncertain about everything. They don't deserve it. We are all equal, we all live on the same planet, breathe the same air. What makes them so different? 
Life would be nicer if people just got along. Bully is so cruel and unessicary. We can stand up against bullying if we work together. No-one can do it alone.

Amylouise - 13 - Regina, Saskatchewan

I was bullied from 4th to 8th grade, and it had disastrous effects on my self esteem and abilities to communicate with others. Nobody should ever be treated that way. I want everybody to feel as happy as I do now that I'm not being bullied anymore.

Adriana - 15 - MD

I care because I spent my whole life in the shadows. Being physically and verbally abused... I just want to know that I can be me 

Samantha - 18 - Clifton Park NY

I onced was bullied sometimes i still am i stick up for people who are bullied. i was bullied cause of how slow i learn im not the fastest learner but i try, i get made fun of cause i fail almost every test and quiz. But now i try to get better and i still am. No one should be bullied if there getting bullied then the person bullying them is jealous of him or her. I wanna change the world i wanna stop bullying 

Reagan - 13 - VA

Alot of people who have been bullied or are being bullied now in my school. I hate when I see someone crying because they have been bullied.

Brooke - 13 - Pennsylvania

i hate bullying becaues it is very rude and becaues i have heart for thoese in need.

Antonio - 15 - fort smith AR

I was bullied for most of my life. I was called fat, stupid, ugly, and a bunch of other names. I was anerxic and bolimic becuase of bullying. I attemped suicide and i cut. Now that I'm in a better place, I want to help end bullying. BULLYING HAS TO STOP NOW. Not later but NOW! Words hurt!

Esther - 13 - CA

I was bulled in elementary school and no one seemed to be doing anyhing about it. My parents ended up moving me to a private school where the bullying didn't stop but it didn't occur as much. I was lucky enough to have a Dad who taught me how to stick up for myself and it wasn't long before bullies stopped. Now I'm no longer bullied, but I know that it's not easy standing up to so many kids when you're standing alone. I didn't suffer as much as kids these days do even though the words were hurtful I was a very tough girl. But not all of us are tough and that's why we need others to be aware of this issue and what it can do to a child mentally, emotionally and academically. Bullying is a big issue and it needs to be solved. People need to stop looking past it becuase children are suffereing because of it. 

Elaine - 17 - US

I'm supporting anti-bullying because i was bullied when i was 14 so this has to end

Cedrick - 16 - Peoria, Illinois

i have been a victom of bullying all my life until my Junior year in high school when i started dating a football  player and he started standing up for me and now i am doing it on my own and i am standing up now for all the people out there that dont have their voice yet i may not know you but i am your voice and they only bully you because they dont know how amazing you really are

Jasmine - 18 - TX

I've never been a victim of bullying because I have such a strong personality. So i feel it's for the people like me to help put an end to bullying. If you see it, stop it. Have courage in yourself and go tell someone who can help you. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, everyone is smart and can do whatever they set their mind to if they work for it. Help put an end to bullying because one day it could be you, or your kids, or your friend...STOP BULLYING YOUR KILLING LIVES!

Ashelyn - 18 - Tennessee, Chattanooga

When I was 9 years of age, I was bullied verbally by my peers. Everyday I would enter class with hopes of a fun day but leave school with that lump in my throat. Being called names everyday is not fun and I definitely don't want anyone to go through it. Bullying is a prevalent issue and it should be tackled ASAP! 

Tika - 17 - Singapore

I was bullied since I was 7 years old. Now I'm 17 and I still have problems with bullying. Nobody understands me and I feel so lonely and desperate. 
In school I stay alone, they laugh at me all the time about everything.
At nights when my family are sleeping I dont sleep, I cry and I cut myself.
This is the reason that I hate bullying because words can hurt you.

Auron - 17 - Kosovo

Im always lonely when i get bullied no one is ever there for me

olivia - 12 - South Dakota

I care because in my gmy class theres a boy and he is a little different but he is real nice to talk to, at first I was afrid to talk to him to be juged when I finally walked up to him it all started to go down hill from there. people would call us names and say mean things about him. one day in class we were having a realay race boys against girls he was last one to cross the finish line when he finally came in some of the other guys called him slow poke and a slug in sand can move faster then you thats when I stepped and stood up for him. people to day are still being bullying him, even though i wasnt bullied still stand up for the people around you that are and remember jusst because your friends are doesnt mean you have to too they will try to make you do it and the choice is yours because bullying can all stop and you could be the person to do that.

kenna - 11 - NC

people around the world should never have to endure this type of pain. I have been bullied before and it doesnt feel good. Then i was the bystander. Now I'm going to do my part and help stop it! STOP BULLYING NOW!!!

Min.Laurenz - 12 - Muncie, IN

i didnt have a lot of friends because i have hair on my arms and face..i was pretty hairy and people would come up with names...names that probably dont mean much but it hurt me and i wouldnt tell my mom and i would cry at night..i still dont tell but all i know is that it hurts and i wish it would stop :(

Delylah - 14 - south carolina

Bullying is a real sad thing and i thnk no one should ever go through it! I have been through bullying and it made me feel bad about myself and if you are getting bullied just KEEP CALM AMD BE YOURSELF because you are one of a kind and can never be replaced!

Hallie - 13 - Cali

There is never an excuse to bully a disabled student.  They have their own gifts to offer the world and have similar talents as would anyone else.  I had a disability and was often called the "r" word and I'd like to see schools stop using that word and have parents explain to their children that the word is hurtful-period.

anonymous - 30 - California

I never knew bullying existed. I saw sarcastic jokes here and there but that was until severe bullying happened to me. I have been through everything from guys at my school from getting punched in the stomach to being told to hang myself. What I have to remind myself every time is I have friends and a family that loves me. Instead of making it a negative, I turn it into a positive by helping others. So to all of those bullied out there stay strong and know people are there to help.

Reilly - 16 - Minnesota

I think bullying is a terrible thing to do. It makes kids feel down and they lose the self confidence about them selves

Kassidy - 12 - Kilcoy

Every Day On This Earth Should Be Special Not Hateful . 

Victoria Marie - 16 - Erie PA

No one deserves to be bullied. It is just not right and fair. I had a friend who was bullied and i came to help and stopped it. When you see someone being bullied please tell an adult or try to stop it yourself.     

Bob - 19 - North Carolina

I've been bullied way to much at my school and I'm tired of it. My piers are scared they will get bullied to! It is to annoying to wake up in the morning and feel like not wanting to go to school or hoping the bully isn't there that day!! I'm done with the bullying.

Alex - 13 - FL

Im now 23 years old and I still remember being bullied like it was yesterday. It started in elementary and all the way up to high school. Some years were better than others. Finally my senior year it wasn't so bad. It even went on in college. Don't be afraid to talk to someone about the way you're feeling. If you hold it in it'll only build up. You don't want that to happen and eventually build a hate for those who bully you. Talk to the bullies and ask them why. Let them know that it bothers you. Whether you believe it or not they may be dealing with problems which is why they pick on you. Its not right but it happens. Stand up for yourself by telling someone and sitting down to talk about it. It doesn't make you scary and or snitch... it makes you STRONG!

MANDI - 23 -

Help the cause and telll everyone abou the PACER

hannah - 13 - ky

I care because I have been bullied in school my whole life, and I didn't have enough nerve to tell someone or do something about it. It is not a good feeling to be bullied, and I know that no kids deserve being bullied, so I want to now take a stand against bullies for all the kids who don't think they have a voice, like I didn't.

- 12 - California

I care because I have been bullied in school my whole life, and I didn't have enough nerve to tell someone or do something about it. It is not a good feeling to be bullied, and I know that no kids deserve being bullied, so I want to now take a stand against bullies for all the kids who don't think they have a voice, like I didn't.

- 12 - California

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