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— 2021 —

1.6 million Visits to NBPC websites ( 1.14M; Kids site: 257,975; Teens site: 234,776)
26,000 Subscribers to e-newsletter
5 million Bookmarks distributed to schools, organizations, and communities
65,000  Followers on PACER’s NBPC social media
8,500 Unity Day posters distributed
1,000 Requests for individual assistance, information, and support responded to by NBPC staff
167,000 Views of the 86 videos in the PACERTalks About Bullying video series (427K cumulative views)
600+ Create a World Without Bullying resource kits distributed
12,000 Pledge signatures added during October (300% increase)
87,412 Miles recorded for PACER’s first virtual Run Walk Roll (surpassed 3.5x original goal of 24,901 miles)
1750+ Registered Run Walk Roll participants with 41 states and five additional countries represented including Thailand, French Guiana, Lithuania, Canada, and Mexico