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Teens Respond to “I Care Because” Statement: Cyberbullying | PACERTalks About Bullying: Season 2, Episode 18

The “I Care Because” section features statements from individuals around the world, sharing why they care about bullying prevention. In this episode teens read and respond to a statements about cyberbullying, sharing their insight and advice.

for all of yall who haven't been bullied before... ITS NOT that easy to stand up for yourself

Anonymous - 13 -

"Childhood bullying can cause lifelong psychological damage"

Not only do scientists and studies reveal this fact.

I know from my own experience because I was bullied at school for many years. 

Even now it still hurts when I think about my childhood.



Derek - 39 - CA

I was bullied from first grade until twelfth grade, and I tried to kill myself when I was 13 due to the extreme bullying I experienced. I was teased because I was shy, smart, and withdrawn. I didn't have a lot of friends. On a school trip during junior year, a boy called my hotel room to tell me all that was wrong with me. It's profoundly affected by life, and I've struggled with depression since elementary school. I also got teased because I'm Jewish and have attention deficit disorder (ADD). I have posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and social anxiety because of my experiences.

Katherine - 36 - Arkansas

I was bullied in grade school and high school because I stutter and have disabilities.   Bullying hurt a lot.   

Rachel - 43 - Saginaw, MI

I care because, I know how it can affect a child mentally. It causes pain and thinking negative of yourself I wish on no one the pain bullying can cause, and sometimes they can’t really ask for help. In my old school I was bullied a lot every single day for the way I looked or how I speak a language and I tried to ask for help multiple times but they never did anything and once I snapped and defended myself was when they reacted but never did noting for me the bullying made me insecure and scared to open up sometimes I just hoped It can all stop. I don’t experience this anymore however I am still scared that someone would Judge me for my looks or normal everyday activity I feel like I don’t fit in in groups of people and maybe I am better alone.

Zamirah - 13 - FL

I was once bullied and know the severity of not having someone to intervene. It places you in isolation which can lead to physical harm. Also, I want others to know there is help and you don't have to do it alone. 

Motivational Mary - 39 - Virginia

I care for so many people I am always being called a furry so I support everyone no matter who you are YOUR NOT ALONE!!!!!

Jasmine - 15 - Ohio

bullying is wrong 

Aaron - 13 -

my cousin lost his life to being bullied, and i don't want anyone to go through that. 

Amber - 12 - NC

I was bullied at one point of my life when i was little and it made me very sad and i would not want anybody else to go through that. 

Becky - 12 - NC

I care because one of my little sisters was bullied when she was in second grade and i know her felling. 

Emily - 12 -

Bullying affects you throughout your life. You should be able to make friends and close bonds without worrying that you will be made fun of or rejected. Bullying harms everyone so we should support whoever we can as a community. 

Sam - 16 - CA

I care because I was bullied when I was younger, and its not fun. People who get bullied can barley stick up for themselves without promoting violence. So its up to us the people who do not bully to help stick up for the people who are getting bullied. Plus I am gonna tell you something when I got bullied I had people help me NOT Physically but mentally using are words. So all I'm trying to say is its not fun being bullied and we have to have more people stick up for the people who are getting bullied. There is one quote that really hit me it was the people who are bullying you, they're insecure about who they are, and that's why they're bullying you. 

Ramon - 13 - Michigan

I was bullied as a kid, severely, and back then there were no programs, no support.  I can't say I will ever understand why or how kids can be so cruel, but they are.  I pray times have changed and real intervention and support meet kids/teens where they are at when they need it most - before lasting damage is done.  Nowadays I fight for the underdog and look out for others.

Sue - 55 - West Virginia

I am an easy target for adult bullies, at least that's how it seems. I have never been a bully so I don't understand why they do it, I personally think it's because they are losers...either way, some people are very kind to me and I'm grateful and send them kindness, they say well, you never know what the bully has been through, well, once again, bullies are losers, I'm sick of being emotionally abused by what seems like a lot of bullies...since I've been a victim of bullies I would love to help other victims of bullies, nobody ever deserves to be bullied, bullies are losers

Lara - 32 - Colorado

I still get bullied and i feel bad for others to

Briealla - 11 - Texas

I still get bullied and i feel bad for others to

Briealla - 12 - Texas

I care because I believe that together, we can create a world where cyberbullying is no longer a threat. I've joined forces with my friends and classmates to form an anti-cyberbullying campaign in our school, raising awareness about the issue and encouraging others to stand up for kindness and tolerance. We've seen the positive impact our efforts have had on our school community, and we're determined to keep fighting until everyone can feel safe and supported online.

SunnyDays - 25 - Australia

I am sick and tired of not being able to do something to help someone being bullied because of my social anxiety.Though that is not an excuse for not telling an adult, it really is holding me back. I want to have a better understanding of bullying and how to call it out so i can help other people who are on the verge of ending it all because of situations like this. I WANT TO KNOW HOW TO HELP.

Ava - 13 - Arkansas

about a year ago a friend of mine was getting bullied and i stood up to him. After all of the arguing i was left with two black eyes

caden - 15 - ohio

I was constantly, and still am being bullied every day at school and it is purely because of my size and the choices that I make I wish that my school would just do something about it.  

Austin - 12 - WI

When someone around me gets aggressive or upset, I feel scared because I don't know what will happen, or if I will get hurt. Also- it is just wrong to bully someone for your one personal gain. Bullying and fight give you dopamine, a chemical in your brain that make you feel good. Do it in better ways, like making someone happy. 

Eliza - 13 - New York

No one deserves to be bullied. It affects not just a target but others around target as well. Feelings of isolation and sadness disturb normal child's development and hinder happy childhood. I am adult but I still remembers moments and words that were said to me when I was bullied.

I am sending smile and hugs to all people that are involved in bullying situations. :)

Monika - 28 - Europe

Being bullied  sucks because nobody likes the feeling of being bullied

Andre - 11 - MN

Bullying isn’t something that’s funny, it makes people feel horrible and makes them feel like they don’t belong, we should stop putting people down to make us feel good about ourselves others have feelings, we should all come together and help stop bullying! <3

Kelly - 10 - Minnesota

I was bullied and it was no fun because it makes you feel sad and angry. And when you go home you feel like you want to cry. :(

Nico - 11 - MN

Because when people get bullied it’s not fun and you feel lonely and nobody should have to go through that.

Max - 10 - Minnesota

bullying is not fun I no because I been bullied before 

ismail - 11 -

I care because bullying isn’t cool you just do that because you want to make yourself feel good but make the other person feel like they don’t belong 

Giovanni - 10 - Minnesota

I care because every one is special .

Leland - 10 - Rochester

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