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I will not let my children go through the pain of bullying that happened to me. 

Audrey - 19 - Tx

My son has been bullied for years at his school.  It hurts me so much to see my son go through this.  We are currently seeking a attorney to help us stop it !!

Brenda - 39 - CT

Bullying is simply wrong, hurtful, and mentally debilitating. It lowers self-esteem and self respect.

Paris - 35 - KS

I was bullied in school and no one did anything to stop it. 

Nicole - 38 - MI

I would like to help empower students to take a stand against bullying.

Stephanie - 28 - MN

Bullying has life long effects. No one should have to go to school each day and fear being bullied.

Maggie - 42 - CO

Bullying hurts and it should be stopped.

Joe - 12 - WV

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