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Teens Respond to “I Care Because” Statement: Cyberbullying | PACERTalks About Bullying: Season 2, Episode 18

The “I Care Because” section features statements from individuals around the world, sharing why they care about bullying prevention. In this episode teens read and respond to a statements about cyberbullying, sharing their insight and advice.

I want my children to feel safe in school.

Tina - 35 - WI

Someone has to.

Morgan - 16 - OH

My sister has been bullied since 6th grade, and she doesn't deserve it.

Lindsay - 17 - NC

I heard about a kid who committed suicide because he was bullied so bad. Made me feel awful.

Renne - 13 - NY

My so-called friend posted fake pictures of me and some nasty guy on her Facebook page, and my boyfriend saw it and dumped me. That's messed up.

Kerry - 15 - NJ

Bullying hurts. I want it to stop. 

Jack - 13 - WA

Bullying is wrong. Period.

Nick - 14 - TX

I had a chance to stop some bullying last year, but I didn't cuz I was scared. Still feel bad about that.

Stephen - 16 - CA

I think I can make a difference. If more people cared, maybe it would change.

Ashley - 14 - PA

It happened to me. What if it happened to you?

Mark - 12 - MI

It's time to do something.

Erlante - 11 - MN

everyone should care. Stopping the bullying in our schools will make everyone safer.

Roxanne - 45 - CA

My son will start kindergarten next year, and I do not want him or any child to be subjected to the same kind of misery I went through as a target of bullying.  Changing the bully-or-be-bullied mentality will make our schools safer, our children happier, and us parents less worried.  

Greg - 41 - IL

My son suffers from anxiety and he IS the bully.  It is part of his defense.  If he bullies others, he gives them the reason not to like him and in his mind, he maintains control of the rejections.   I care because I want to help him stop. He really wants to stop too because he really just wants friends, he is just so scared of rejection.

Michelle - 36 - MN

my son has been bullied for the last two years. I feel like I have him as a parent. It needs to stop. 

Erika - 31 - NV

I will not let my children go through the pain of bullying that happened to me. 

Audrey - 19 - Tx

I will not let my children go through the pain of bullying that happened to me. 

Audrey - 19 - Tx

My son has been bullied for years at his school.  It hurts me so much to see my son go through this.  We are currently seeking a attorney to help us stop it !!

Brenda - 39 - CT

Bullying is simply wrong, hurtful, and mentally debilitating. It lowers self-esteem and self respect.

Paris - 35 - KS

I was bullied in school and no one did anything to stop it. 

Nicole - 38 - MI

I would like to help empower students to take a stand against bullying.

Stephanie - 28 - MN

Bullying has life long effects. No one should have to go to school each day and fear being bullied.

Maggie - 42 - CO

Bullying hurts and it should be stopped.

Joe - 12 - WV

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