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2024 Submissions Now Closed

Share Your Ideas to Help Build CommUNITY

Inviting K-12 students, with support from adults, to share their ideas on how kids and youth can help build a kinder, more accepting, and inclusive community within their school or classroom. All submissions will be eligible for the opportunity to be featured on NBPC websites to be viewed by youth around the country. There is even the chance to receive some amazing prizes! This activity is a creative way for adults to engage youth in conversation while involving them in developing bullying prevention resources that can help educate their peers.

Why CommUNITY?

It’s a term that describes a group of people who prioritize coming together for a common goal. When a community is unified, there are stronger connections among individuals that can help promote environments that are kinder, more accepting, and inclusive.

Steps to Participate

  1. Share the handout “How CommUNITY Can Help Prevent Bullying
  2. Encourage participants to reflect on the question, “What will you do to help build community?”
  3. Talk or think through actions to promote connection within your school community. Students can respond by:
    • Discussing in a small group and then reporting highlights
    • Writing responses on sticky notes and then displaying them on a wall or board
    • Sharing ideas with an educator
  4. Submit responses by March 31, 2024, to be eligible to be featured on the Kids Against Bullying, Teens Against Bullying, and NBPC websites.