Unity Day T-Shirt

Unity Day, celebrated on the third Wednesday of October, is an event to send a visible message of building commUNITY through kindness, acceptance, and inclusion to prevent bullying. Show your support by purchasing the signature orange t-shirt.

The 2023 shirt featured the simple message on the front reminding everyone that unity helps build stronger communities. The reverse side encouraged taking positive actions on Unity Day and throughout the year.

2023 front

2023 back

Unity Day T-Shirt History

Every year, since 2012, there is a new, exclusive, custom-designed T-shirt to wear during October and beyond.

Why the color orange?

As Unity Day is held during October, orange is a color commonly identified with the month and the autumn season. It is also a color that is associated with safety and visibility. It is a color described as warm and inviting, and its vibrancy makes an impactful statement.