Unity Day T-Shirt

Order the orange Unity Day t-shirt ($13) to show your support for KINDNESS, ACCEPTANCE, INCLUSION. Wear it on Unity Day, during National Bullying Prevention Month, or EVERY DAY! Proceeds benefit PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center. Order online through our vendor St. Croix Printing. Shipped only to U.S. addresses.

Order through Oct. 31



A special thank you to our partner St. Croix Printing, Stillwater, Minnesota!

Unity Day T-Shirt History

Every year, since 2012, there is a new, exclusive, custom-designed T-shirt to wear during October and beyond.

Why the color orange?

As Unity Day is held during October, orange is a color commonly identified with the month and the autumn season. It is also a color that is associated with safety and visibility. It is a color described as warm and inviting, and its vibrancy makes an impactful statement.