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Show Your Support - National Bullying Prevention Month

Every day, thousands of young people experience bullying from their peers at school, after school in their neighborhoods, and even when they are at home, through social media and texts. There are many ways to support bullying prevention as an individual or with friends, family, your school, or your entire community.

Watch the video overview of PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Month, created in 2021 by Medha, a student from Virginia.

Official Unity Day T-Shirt

Order the official orange t-shirt to wear on Unity Day, during National Bullying Prevention Month, or all year-long! All proceeds benefit PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center.

Build Community Kit

The Kit ($30)is designed to encourage coming together for a common goal: to make stronger connections among each other to help prevent bullying and create a healthier environment for all. The kits contain a guide, poster, decals, action card, sticky notes, and handouts for at least 30 participants, with 2 design options to choose from. The content is appropriate for kids, teens, and adults.

Take the pledge

One out of every five students report being bullied. This might be happening to someone you know and care about. Unite with others, show that you care, and make a commitment for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.

Share Your Opinion

How do youth and adults view bullying? Respond to the poll and then view the results.

Color our virtual world

Color our virtual world with a collection of downloadable photos, social shares, banners, badges, and other images to promote National Bullying Prevention Month.

Plan for Unity Day

Held the 3rd Wednesday of October, a day to wear and share orange to unite for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

Order bookmarks

Give each K-12 student a bullying prevention bookmark; features versions for elementary and middle/high school students.

31 Questions

Respond, in writing or through conversation, to the daily prompts to reflect on the role everyone has in creating a kinder, more accepting and inclusive world.

Classroom five-poster series

Order or download the bullying prevention five-poster series, available in English and Spanish, to display at school, business, or in the community.

Sign-up for e-newsletter

Want to know the most recent information on PACER’s efforts to prevent bullying? Register your name and email to get on the e-news mail list.

Elementary school lesson plans

Access the free educational options designed for younger students to creatively build their understanding and develop the skills on how to address and prevent bullying.

Middle/high school lesson plans

Access the free educational options designed for teens to creatively build their understanding and skills on how to address and prevent bullying.