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Key Messages and Talking Points

Everyone can share their voice to prevent bullying. Whether you’re a student, educator, parent, or community member, here are important points to know and emphasize when you conduct an interview, speak in front of a group, lead a class discussion, or talk with peers about bullying prevention.

National Bullying Prevention Month is an opportunity to:

  • Encourage the nation to take action at the local level to create safe and supportive schools
  • Offer information and education about how everyone can prevent bullying
  • Provide a platform to hold school and community events
  • Share information about the issue through news media, social media, videos, and print publications
  • Speak with education and public policy leaders about their roles in bullying prevention
  • Promote dialogue between educators, parents, and students on their roles in addressing and preventing bullying
  • Invite organizations to share information about their bullying prevention resources
  • Inspire everyone to promote kindness, acceptance, and inclusion to help prevent bullying
  • Help create a world without bullying

Key Messages

National Bullying Prevention Month is a time for everyone to:

Talking Points