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Teens Respond to “I Care Because” Statement: Cyberbullying | PACERTalks About Bullying: Season 2, Episode 18

The “I Care Because” section features statements from individuals around the world, sharing why they care about bullying prevention. In this episode teens read and respond to a statements about cyberbullying, sharing their insight and advice.

I was bullied all 4 years of high school and it made it difficult for me to want to go to school. I showed everyone that just because they bullied me I was still going to get a good career and not let it affect me. There were days I wanted to just end everything, but with the help of my family I survived! I graduated high school and now I am in college going for my nursing degree! I just want kids to know that everything will ok in time! Surround yourself with people who love and believe in you and I promise everything will be ok! Just keep fighting!

Breanna - 19 - New York

I've been bullied and because of it I had social and mental problems. I started to have trust issues and low self-esteem. Bullying is ruining our society and needs to end soon! I care because lives are being lost! Children, sisters, brothers, daughters who had futures are all gone because they felt that there was no more to life besides cruel bullying, it's inhumane and needs to stop.

Nyah - 14 - IL

I was bullied at age 4 all the way to high school. But it did not stop there i also was bullied at my job last year and did nothing about it. But now that i have grandkids and one of them is being bullied i am not scared any more i want to do something i have a voice and i want to get the whole community in volved cuz in our town is out of control. I want to speak up nred advice where to start

Tania - 43 - New Mexico

I'm an adult and am being bullied by a group of women who have never met me. I've never spoken to them or written about them. I laugh it off, but now they are posting lies about my middle school kid just to get to me. 

Just because people get older doesn't mean they grow up. 

I'm fortunate enough to have a support system of friends and family so I'm confident enough to stand up to these women. For those of you who aren't to that point yet, hang in there. The behavior is a reflection of the bully, not you. Please talk to someone you trust if you feel the need to self harm.(I've been there.)

Michelle - 42 - Texas

I was Bullied from Kindergarden to 12th Grade, Getting Punched, Tripped, Called Names, Stabbed, You name it.. It happened. It Completely lowered my Self Esteem and Turned me Into a Completely Different Person. I was shy, Didnt have experience into talking with others, So.. Because I was Different they targetted me and did anything to hurt me to get me to talk. And whenever it didnt work they they hurt me more and more and more. I started hiding in the bathrooms and my grades were dropping, and now my confidnece is something I have to gain back because its gone. Nobody should Ever feel like that just because you are different.. for anything, That is what makes someone special. You are you. Whether you are louder than others, Quieter, LGBT or anything. Doesnt matter. we are all human, and Humans deserve equal treatment.??

Marissa - 21 - Virginia

I was bullied when I was in school because of my vision disability. I sill ave problems today with people rude comments and things like that but as a adult I have learn to work though it and move out. However I have a son that is being bullied by another kid at school and we are taking steps to stop it. I have 3 daughters as well and 2 have the same disability that I have. It is rough a lot of the times but we do our best. My son and I are trying to figure out ways to work against it and get more involved as much as we can. We live in Tennessee and our school system just turns it head and looks the other way most of the time until it time to do the No bulling week at school they do the activities but most of them time they are focus on say no to drugs rather then it being say no to drugs and bulling. I want it to stop and I wont stop walking forward with my son to make it stop until it is stopped. 

Vickie - 35 - Tn

I've been bullied and i know how others feel. I wish bullying doesn't exist. I would like to stand up for them. And i need someone's advice. Bullying has to stop this instance! No one deserves it! I'm kinda still bullied.

Katherine - 17 - MA

My daughter was bullied in the housing complex we live in and in school, because of different things that her classmates felt the need to bully her for. It had got to the point where she wanted to kill herself. I felt bad for her and it really got to me and our family when she came crying to me and said she is tired of being bullied. It got to the point that one child fought her for no reason at all and when I saw the video I was very upset. Bullying is not a joke and children take it as a joke and say oh I was just playing but bullying can really mess both the person being bullied and the one doing the bullying up for life. 

Unknown - 36 - Maryland

I have been bullied and I want to help people as much as possible. 

Hannah - 13 - Australia

As a child I was bullied pretty harshly in Elementary school.  As I approached High School I became the bully.  It was a terrible cycle that played out.  Now I am older and as I look back I see that cycle.  I cannot help or change what I experienced or did in the past.  I cannot heal the hurt I have caused.  This I understand.  

Randy - 55 - Oregon

bulling is unwanted,aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves areal or reptad,or has the potental to be reapted, over time.

casimiro - 11 - massachutets

Why are kids with mental disorders like ADD and ADHD and Autism are mostly bullied? I have ADD and Depression and I'm bullied... Why are kids who are different bullied? Is it because they are not the same? 

Bijou - 13 - Hawaii

I care because I have grandchildren and they will one day have to go to school and I would like to teach them how to be kind instead of cruel I will be teaching my grandchildren how to be kind and loving and helpful to others because this is the same way I raise my children how to be kind and helpful to others so that's why I care I care that my grandchildren will hopefully if there ever see anyone is having any problems that they'll step in and help the person that's why I care and if there's anything I can do for any particular agency as a mother a grandmother a citizen please let me know thanks so much for the platform

Gloria - 50 - Texas

I get bullied alot

WAN - 15 - Idaho


Jack - 11 - NY

My Son was bullied and it completely changed him he becàme withdrawn and never left the house for almost 2 yrs except to go to school. The boys bullying him lived near us and werw always threatening him. When 1 of them was semt to the same school as my son he started asking for money all the time he wouldn't say anything but it was obvious he was taking momey to this boy.  They must of found someone else to bully or just grown up finally as it eventually stopped. My daughter was also bullied at school by boys who wiild hit her leaving hand marks on her that i could see at lunchtime through the fence as we live across from her old school. I took her out if there to home school her when they didn't do anything to help her. Now she is in a new school and is happy. Bullying has to stop ut ruins lives

Sharron - 48 - Leicester U.K

I've been bullyed eversence I started school I never went to pre-k I have altismum I know I can't spell when I was buliyed I had stuff thrown at me for no resin I did have friends who helped me but thay turned on me and started bullying me so I cut myself off from every one to prevent that 

Aiden - 16 - Ohio

I was bullied by nearly everyone in my middle school and it had lasting effects on me. Because I am a diagnosed autistic, it has been easy for adults to blame it on me for not knowing how to "fit in." Even though I did struggle, that was not an excuse for others to treat me badly, and that claim I was the one with "bad social skills". Furthermore, I was bullied simply for being different, and it is never reasonable to tell a child to change their personality so that "normal" kids will leave them alone.

I continue to hold hope that new generations of kids like me will not have to grow up thinking that there is something "wrong" with them, and have to give up their uniqueness to protect themselves from judgment. It is not a way to live one's life, especially not in childhood where imagination should be celebrated instead of punished.

Chelsea - 26 - CA

nobody deserves to feel or to be harassed,threatened, belittled, wrongly touched, invalidated for their truth, or harmed intentionally. Nobody deserves to feel unsafe - especially in an environment like school or with peers, which is supposed to not only support who you are individually, but encourage you to learn and want to learn. You are loved so deeply. You deserve to know this. I care because love is powerful, and hate cannot take away the love being poured into your soul. One harsh voice may be loud, but one loving song is even louder. I care because you are worthy. I care because you are talented. I care because you will get through this. This moment of difficulty is not the rest of your life, it is only one moment in time out of millions of great ones you will experience in this life time. I care because you are special, and I want you to know this. Bullies appear powerful. Bullies hurt others because there is something so damaged within their souls, they become greatly jealous of the good and talent in another person. That person so desperately wants to heal, they think the only way is this is attainable is by taking what is not theirs. Don't let someone take what is not theirs. Keep you head high and remember you are so incredibly loved. You are moving mountains! 

Ella - 24 - Pennsylvania

Bullying is not something that should be ignored or some might say "pushed under the rug". Everyone in this world was born not perfect and the expectations of being perfect are far stretched these days. Bullies need help too, so why not offer a solution to their suffering so instead of them picking on someone else they could help someone. The victims of bullying need to speak up about it. Believe me I used to be bullied and never said anything about it. If no one knows then no one can help. We need more counselors in our school systems for the children to freely speak to about problems at home or at school or even just fears of the future. Be kind and repeat. Kindness can spread even more than hate. One last thing, before you make fun of someone or make assumptions about their life, imagine you are standing in their shoes. Their life may be difficult. We cannot go on our own assumptions. If you want to know something about someone just ask them. 

Natasha - 28 - Florida

i was bullied as well and trust me I thought about suicide every single day of my life but now I'm helping other people

rita - 18 - omaha ne

we don't need harm in school.

jacob - 12 - Michigan

I was told to treat people the way u wanted to be treated so if u read this and u bullying somebody right now u have to pay for what u done to people because being bulled can lead them to suaside or worst so why bully when u can be a nice helper and not risk somebody life and let them miss there future and the life the think little of them selfs and if u bully somebody it because u want something of there your jelly of them so be nice and give complements and tell somebody that u care and your not cool if u bully so don't even try so Speak up if your bulled we can put a end to this with god name!??

Alice - 12 - Alabama


Celeste - 12 - Nevada

I've always wondered, how would bullying work?
I've been ignored.
I've been excluded.
I've been forced.
I've been abused.
And yet, I still wonder, what are the effects, and how can I stop it?
I can't fix being ignored.
I can't fix being excluded.
I can't fix being forced.
I can't fix being abused.
But I can fix myself.
Someone else has to fix everything else, but it's not easy.
I've stopped bullying.
I've stopped abuse.
I've stopped loneliness.
I've stopped almost everything.
Except for my own problems.

Joshua - 13 - North Carolina

hi my name is brynne i get bullied almost everyday because of my weitght and how i look i am sick and tired of being bullied it hurts my feelings that people are so hurtful i just want to stop the bulling everywhere

brynne - 13 - illinois peoria

Just imagine, waking up in the morning. You think you’re going to have a happy day. Soon, this idea pops into your head. “Was this just a dream, or did this really happen.” You suddenly feel anxiety and stress. You’re worried if it was real or not. You open up your devices, and you go to your social media. “This really happened?” You’ve become more depressed, and yet you still may think you might have a good day. Throughout the day, your social media are popping up and you soon begin to cry as you read them.

Evie - 13 - Illinois

I have been dealing with bullying my whole life since kindergarten I am soon turning 16 and for the last two years, it has been getting really bad where I have other students telling me to go die and I get pushed into walls, lockers, and occasionally down stairs. I have been cornered in the bathroom and had several girls bash my head into the cement wall until I was unconscious. I have told school authorities, emailed, and called about it. For anyone going through some similar situation You are not alone and being bullied has nothing to do with you... please stay strong you are needed 

Bre - 15 - North Dakota

At my school, there is not much bullying happening. People care about each other, and if they don't like someone, they just don't talk to them. For instance, there this kid named Havi. He has autism, but when he walks around, people say his name, give him high fives, and listen to what he has to say. Other kids in my school that are different may bring in action figure or stuffed animals. Instead of people saying that that is weird and they should stop bringing them, they say something like, "Spider man, my favorite. cool action figure." I care because I want more schools to be like this one

Gus - 15 - Wisconsin

I remember that when I was in pre-k, there was a girl who was always really mean to me.she would pull my hair, call me a brat, throw mulch at me, and one other thing. One day when we were brushing our teeth after lunch, she was standing behind me in line. then randomly, she grabbed the back of my dress and pushed me into the back door of the classroom. while all of this happened, my teachers just stared at us. the school never told my parents or the other girl's parents. A few months passed and I finally told my mom the entire story. Let's just say that I did not attend that school for elementary. 

Desiree - 11 - Central West Florida

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