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Bullying = bad

Marshall - 1 - MN

Bullying won’t make you cool

Safa - 10 - Minnesota

I have gotten bullied in school online in public and I stand up to bullying because I don’t want bullying to exist

Charlie - 10 - Rochester Minnesota sunset Terrace

I got bullied in life and I did not like it so I stand up to bulling

mike - 11 - California

Bullying isn’t kind at all.
No one deserves to be bullied.
Please think before you do something because your actions could hurt someone.
Please think about how you would feel when you were bullied.
Together we can create a world without bullying. 😃

Riddhi - 10 - Minnesota

Nobody deserves to be bullied

Quinn - 10 - Minnesota

bullying is not something to joke About you  dont know what people go through at home and if u bully someone your already giving them a hard time at school and it makes people feel depressed and they would have suicide thoughts and thats not good because people can take their life. 

mahlia - 12 - florida

I care because i don't like bullying it makes me really sad

treyon - 10 -

I care because i don't like bullying it makes me really sad

treyon - 10 -

I don't think that people should be bullied for they are

Anival - 10 - California

if you bully people,it does NOT make you seem cool everyone will not not like you,they only like you when u bully but that is only in movies:)))))))) 

kimberly - 11 - California

no one deserves to be bullied 

carlos - 10 - North America

bullying is not ok

may - 10 - west virginia

Everyone deserves to not be bullied and they should be able to go home happy and be greeted by their family.

Rohan - 10 - California

I was bullied as a kid. Then I turned into the bullies bully thinking I was an avenger of some type. Failing to realize the bully might be hurting and that was why they bullied others. As a parent, my son was bullied and it hurts my heart to the core to read about another baby taking their life because someone was making theirs miserable. So I care for all of the parents that have had to see their child hurting because of a bully. 

Raina - 43 - Oregon

Bullying is done by those who don't have anyone to teach them better or want to enjoy seeing others suffer. I was a victim of bullying from kindergarten through middle school. I spoke to the superintendent of my local school out of concern for others who might be facing the same thing I went through. Bullying.  It took years of therapy to get over the past—the name-calling, etc.  But I hope that we can look to see a brighter future for future generations.

Brandi - 25 - Virginia

..I was bullied many times in my youth, mainly by fools and groups of fools who had nothing better to do with their time than to make life miserable for people they deemed undesirable.  But somehow I managed to soldier on and rise above being a victim of their despicable acts and became a survivor, a badge for which I bear no shame.

Nowadays if I can help it at all, I won't hesitate to intervene if I see anyone getting manhandled in any way.  I have no problem helping someone else to be a survivor, too.

Mike - 55 - Dayton, Ohio

no one deserves to be bullied 

alyssa - 12 - colorado

I have a daughter and want her to live in a world where people who look alike and different from her are recgonized and respected. 

Kiara G - 20 - WI

I've dealt with bullying of all forms throughout my life. And even in those short periods where I wasn't being bullied, the lasting affects of it lingers and keeps me trapped in a constant state of fear. I've already lost a decade of my life to bullying, and I'm still trying to recover from last year's months of being subjected to intense bullying by my own sports teammate. 

Sal - 16 - Ohio

I’ve been bullied since grade school. But as I got older I realized bullies are not just in schools or workplaces, but very well in home and in our families as well. I am 23 years old and I’ve been so angry with what he or she said, when I’ve done nothing but bottle up my emotions every time an adult chose to not take accountability for their actions/words. I’m tired of standing around allowing people to be mean and play victim when the real victim reacts. I’m deciding to react in a more formal way now days. Standing up for a cause that matters. Some adults experience bullying every single day. I want them to know it’s okay to change the narrative. It’s not you. It’s them. 

Anbre - 23 - Georgia

As a person who was Being bullied for something that you struggle/can't control sucks and my parents are inconsiderate about this`ignore "them they say". I was bullied for having naturally curly hair because it was ugly to have curls according to them and I still struggle to accept my hair because of the comments like your hair is so dirty brush it and it would be pretty and straight like mine and they still get to me to this day and for being quiet even if I try to talk to them they find me annoying and not worth their while it's not like anyone cares I still remember being afraid to talk to people because of they way I was treated it's hard it's those bullies fault for the way I am right now I'm stiling learning to accept my differences if your getting bullied for something you can't control screw them don't let people tell that your ugly stupid etc.. and If they do be sure to make it stop tell someone you trust don't let it get to you and NEVER ignore them and finally your always worthy of love your differences are beautiful:)

Thanika - 13 - ........

Those who bully hurt everyone not just the person they are bullying. They hurt the witnesses,themselves,AND the person they are bullying. This isn't right and it should be stopped. Those who are bullied don't just stand there, tell someone. YOU MATTER!

Aerilyn - 12 - washington

I care because nobody deserves to suffer from any bullying or harassment ever. We all should be kind and loving to each other and be accepting to each other. 


Brandon - 18 - Minnesota

I think everyone should be able to go home and be able to have fun with their friends and friends&family 

Anthony - 10 - TN

I think everyone should be able to go home and be able to have fun with their friends and friends&family 

Anthony - 10 - TN

I have been bullied all through out my life, and sadly it isn't just me that has to go through this. My story is pretty similar to others, the only difference is I have become stronger through this journey. Bullying showed me that I am worth so much and I don't need to feel like I am not worth anything or I don't belong on this earth. I just want people to know that you are worth so much more than the bullies tell you, you are. Bullies don't define you, and they don't create your future you just have to try and be positive and be the best you that you can be. 

Kaytlynn - 17 - pa

Hi I’m Charlotte. And we have this girl in my class who is a bully. And she only targets me. Everyone else just sits there and watches. And the teachers just hope it goes away! How unfair is that? She just gets away with everything! I’m done. I’m finally standing up to her. I’m sick of this. If you or someone else is being bullied, tell a teacher or trusted adult amidily. No more living in fear of bullies. Stand up. Be heard. Don’t let them get in your head. Get in their’s. 

Charlotte - 11 - Vermont

I care because nobody should be treated like this. My friend gets treated like this and I've seen her crying from it and it makes me upset. I don't want to see anyone else like this from bullying.

Kirby - 12 - Connecticut

I was bullied a lot at my first elementary school, and it really hurt to have no one like me. but in third grade, I changed schools and made friends. They really cared about me and made me feel good, so don't give up. :]

logan - 13 - Colorado

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