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I got Bullied A kid punched me in the face it hurt. I want to stop bulling and help the depressed kids who go threw it.

James - 12 - 98584

i was bulled because of my hair

emily - 13 -

People are jerks and they think that by pulling other people down they can feel better about themselves. I care because words (or even a lack there of) can have a huge impact on others. I care because innocent children attempt suicide every day because they don’t want other people to make them miserable anymore. I care because so often the bullied become the bullies and the cycle continues. I care because school should be a place where people learn, not where they can only focus on how evil their classmates are. I care because no one should have to quit something they love because of the people who want to hurt them. I care because no one deserves to feel like they’re nothing. I care because being bullied feel like crap and it feels like it’s never going to stop and all of a sudden you stop feeling like you’re worth anything. I care because bullying has left its scars on me and every single one of the people I call my friends and it makes me furious when that happens to other people. I care because anyone who has gone through bullying and not become cold and evil is a friend of mine. I care because I believe in a world in which everyone can feel like they matter. I care because everyone is special and they need to know that. 

Kennedy - 16 - North Carolina

Bullies can cause good people to lose themselves and make them feel lowly, thinking that they can't seem to belong or which makes them distant to other people. And if they get distant, they'll feel lonely, making them even more prone to being made fun of, which can lead them to depression or make them have trust issues.

Once they think that they can't take it anymore, it can lead them to committing suicide, which can sadden every single person who cared about that child or that victim.

Akita - 13 - Philippines

I'm working on a project to prevent bullying

Avery - 10 - united states

I care because I get extremely bullied myself. The kids call me ugly and fat. I lost a lot of self-confidence and I still am. I dont wanna be here, but if i can stop another person from going through this i want to try and i hope i touch one life today. Your worthy. 

Leslie - 14 - Detroit Chicago

I have personally have had most of the kids from my grade start rumors about me that arnt true and call me rude names.Its ruined any confidence i had and that is so horrible that kids out there are constantly being brought down by the people around them for no reason.Please speak up when you see or hear about someone being bullied because that could be you and no one deserves that.

- 14 -

Bullying never really goes away. I am 20 years old and have been bullied since I was 6. I still get bullied to this day. This a pain I've had to deal with for 14 years of my life. Time has not healed my wounds. People need to realize that their actions can effect someone's life forever. We need to come together to put an end to bullying once and for all.

Sienna - 20 - New Jersey


Brennen - 15 - Massachusetts

i know how it fells

boy - 10 - gfgf

i care because people should not be bullied i have experienced being bullied bullied because of my size and it is not nice

uriah - 10 - turman colorado springs

I care because students or anyone should not be bullied. I have not been bullied myself but i have witnessed someone being bullied and it was not ok. So if you are bullied report it. 

Alejandro - 11 - colorado

I was bullied all through middle and high school. I had been teased, called MANY awful names over the years. I was equally bullied by both boys and girls. When I had gotten into high school, cyber bullying became a huge problem for me. As if the bullying I had gone through in school wasn’t enough, the cyber bullying felt like all the pain and everything followed you home. Girls who I thought were my friends made up rumors about me. There were so many rumors about me that I couldn’t keep up with what was the most popular, but the one that was the most unpopular was the truth. I was often sexually harassed by many boys as a result of the rumors as well. Teachers and guidance counselors didn’t seem to care much and I was too afraid and ashamed to tell my parents. My grades had plummeted and I had practically no friends. Eventually, I went into home school for my junior and senior year. I never got to graduate with my class, attend prom or anything else. Bullying took away my teenage years. Today, I have gotten therapy and I’m living a much happier life. The memories of all those years of bullying still hurt, but it has made me into a better person. I pray for anyone who is going through anything that I had gone through. Nobody deserves it. 

Lynn - 23 - Pittsburgh

Most people I know that don't go to my middle school think that I'm lucky because they never see any kids sad or anything like that. My school is infected with bullying and several types of abuse. It's sickening to walk that hallway. There is never just 1 main bully. It's like a network of bullies, like Interpol. I'm lucky that I'm not bullied but then I always see others get bullied. I try to stand up for the victims but the bully always threatens to bully me. Always try to help the victim. Never just stand there and watch and post it on Snapchat like I always see. Be the hero.

Zoey - 11 - North Dakota

I know how bullying can affect you. I know how it can make you feel like you're useless. You are not! Do not let anyone bring you down. <3

Mary - 17 - Missouri

I made my name unknown because my story is different. I was the bully. My dad used to beat me till I had to call the police. I took out my anger on the kids at school. I was expelled... But at one point in my life I learned that bullying is wrong. What if I was that kids with glasses or that kid in a wheelchair. Lucky for me I learned the right ways before it was to late now I have a good paying job and a beautiful wife and kids. For all you bullies. It's not to late to change.

Unknown - 25 - Unknown

I had a friend who was bullied and she is now home schooled and i don't want people to go through what she did

Red - 12 -

I never been a bully. But I am being bullied! Every time I go to the office at my school they tell me I’m just being dramatic and to stay out the drama. I write incident reports so the school can stop then and they don’t instead they send me to ssr and these girls still bothers me. Now the vice principal told me that this school is not for me and if I come tell one more time on someone then I’m getting kicked out of school. What do I do? 

Alicia - 13 - Ca

I have been bullied my whole life, and it needs to be stopped. No one deserves to be afraid to go to school, go home, or to even keep living. We all need to band together to help prevent other cases of bullying from popping up to torment other students. 

Allison - 16 - Mississippi

I was a victum of bullying

Lita - 16 - Michigan

 My friends have been bullied in front of me and my Brother and Sister were bullied in front of me and I stood up for them and I really care to STOP bullying !!!

Colten - 12 - Virginia

At night while the others slept, we kept walking the tightrope, it was practice and yeah some of us fell. But I want to tell them that all of this is just debris of when we finally decide to smash what we thought we used to be. If you can’t find anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror, look a little closer, STARE a little longer, because there is something inside of you that made you keep trying. 
-Shane Koyczan (To This Day, a message to the bullied and the beautiful)

Keep trying no matter how much they push you down.

A Friend - 12 - NV

Bullying has gotten out of hand, people are getting hurt by suicide, cutting, and losing friends and family.  We need to put an end to this because nobody deserves to get treated badly. I care so much about these kind of things and they need to stop, because its only going to get worse.  So try and help, if you see a kid getting bullied, jump in.  If you see someone unhappy, comfort them.  Do whatever you can to help the person, because that person will appreciate you, a lot.

Sophia - 13 - North Carolina

i was bullied once in my life when i came to a  new school and i had no friends and the boys that was in my class would bully me and i would sit in the corner and cry because i was scared of them but now by me being a victim of bullying i can stand up for myself and fight my own battles

Elle - 13 - west, philadelphia

When I was in elementary school, I use to get bullied a lot. I haven't been bullied since, until recently, it didn't bother me as much, because it was cyber bullying, something that was foreign to me. Until, I found out my 10 year old niece has been a victim of cyber bullying by adults. Parents felt the need to exploit her personal style of dressing and harass her online. It broke my heart.  Bullying has evolved and so should the discussion. No one should experience bullying especially because someone else is insecure. We need to empower our adults and youths to stand up against bullying. To be a voice for someone in need. 

Amber - 28 - NJ

In 5th grade I felt like no one cared about me because I bullied.I was bullied because the way I looked and the that I was always the last one done doing math cause I didn't understand math very well.When I was bullied because of my looks I wanted to change myself.

alysia - 12 - bastrop tx

because i am awesome

andrew - 11 - louisiana

I was bullied from 1st-7th from some of the people closest to me, my "friends." I was always a part of the popular crowd. I was artistic, funny, and a kind-hearted kid. My "friends" wanted to be around me but they used my kindness for weakness. They would make fun of me, taught me, spread rumors about me, and purposefully leave me out of group activities. I remember sitting on the bus, alone, listening to music on my CD player, looking out the window trying to ignore the fact that they were talking about me or choosing to leave me out of games and fun on the school bus. Sometimes I would cry and other times, I would just sing as loudly as I could. No one ever put their hands on me, I was not a coward, but verbal bullying hurt just the same. I want to shine a light on friends who bully and bullying prevention throughout the month of October.

Ta'lor - 28 - Pittsburgh, PA

hi my name is dina an ive decided to start a club against bullying. ive seen alot of people in our school get bullied and it has bothered me ever since last year. for the past week ive been researching more and more about this topic trying to get deeper into this subject. and i will be going to one of my teachers to be the advisor of my club, dear friends i would like from you all to give me an idea i can use to get this started... thank you.. 

dina - 13 - saudi arabia

I have been bullied in the past- and even though it wasn't as bad then what others went through, IT SUCKS! I care about each and everyone one of you. No one deserves to get bullied. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Always remember: you will get through it! Currently my best friends are the ones who bullied me in the past. 

I love each and everyone of you💜💜.

I'm praying that it gets better,

Because IT WILL

Kate - 13 - Illinois

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