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Debating for a World Without Bullying

The Amazing Idea: This group of elementary group students worked with Pepperdine University on creating a debate on the question, “Can we imagine a world without bullying?” Through their efforts, these elementary school students created teams with students from the Pepperdine Waves Debate team, who debated the premise together and promoted the event actively.

How will the amazing idea help your school and students? This event helped raise awareness within our school in a fun way. Over 315 students attended and 100% commented that they learned something new about bullying. This debate helped to start a conversation about what a world without bullying could look like, and the steps we can all take to help make that happen.

The Upstander’s Club

The Amazing Idea: This student leadership group focuses on acceptance, inclusion and kindness. Each year, their student members pick a new project to work on to help prevent bullying in their school. These projects have included creating bullying prevention posters & graphics, creating a kindness pledge and animation video, spreading positive messages on the school news station & creating an animation series focused on social issues youth experience and showing empathy towards each other.

How will the amazing idea help your school and students? As the school leader of the Upstander’s Club shared, “These student leaders symbolize hope, kindness and unity in a time of despair. They bring smiles to students, staff and parent/guardians’ faces with activities that foster positive relationships and school climate. School feels like a kinder, safer and more inclusive environment for student learning and engagement. As one student put it, ‘Upstanders are superheroes!’ They are there to be rays of light and stand up for what’s right!”

Peer Advocates for Positive Change

The Amazing Idea: The Peer Advocacy project at Watertown Middle School was designed to connect students with disabilities and their nondisabled peers in meaningful ways to help them navigate bullying situations. Students involved in this peer advocacy project learned how to help or intervene if they saw their peers experiencing bullying. It quickly expanded from 4 students to over 50 peer advocates!

How will the amazing idea help your school and students? Peer advocacy is effective as students often see and know of bullying long before adults are aware of it. Student voice and peer influence is powerful in speaking out on behalf of others and peer advocacy provides an opportunity to increase social inclusion for students with disabilities.


Cartoon Network and PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center have partnered to engage and empower kids to take on bullying wherever it happens - at school, online, or in their communities. Cartoon Network is reaching millions of kids with new Stop Bullying: Speak Up content encouraging kids to take on bullying and be part of the solution, and by partnering on the Kids Take On Bullying Challenge. PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center has created resources and materials for educators and parents to help kids explore the issue of bullying and ways they can take action. Together, we are committed to empowering kids to take on bullying and to stop bullying before it starts.