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Posted: 5/23/2011

When I first reported bullying, the school handed me a two page form to fill out. I handed it back because I have a learning disability and needed help to fill it out. They wouldn't offer assistance.

I endured months of bullying until my parents found out by accident. I still didn't tell them everything. They instructed me to report it and followed up for several days. When I still didn't my mom asked why and I told her about the report. She went with me the next day and they told her she couldn't help me with the report. She immediately found the principal and informed him that the policy prevented children with disabilities from having access to reporting incidents of bullying. She told him she was helping me with the form and that he needed to change his policy so that students with disabilities could take the form to their guidance counselor for assistance in filling it out. Make sure reporting procedures are accessible to everyone.

In special education classes there should be monthly discussions about bullying, what it is, what it looks like, how to get help and how to report. I need constant reminders and assistance with things like this because of my disability. Let me know that I can have assistance. In all classrooms teachers need to establish clear policies on how classmates are to be treated and these should also be revisited regularly.

Not one of my classrooms has ever had anything posted about bullying and intolerance of it. I think a visual reminder in all classrooms would be beneficial.

By: Anonymous

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