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The GOOD Life

Posted: 5/24/2011

Have you ever thought that you
might go insane?
That one day you'll snap and
no longer be the same?
You'll be lost to everyone and
everything you know
In a world without rain, sleet, hail or snow.
This place is an escape that is
beyond your control
It will be like handing over to some stranger
your soul.
Yet I can't help wondering what
it would be like
I think it might be refreshing
like a nice long hike.
In fact I find myself wishing it
would happen to me
I get the feeling that I will then
become free.

There will be no more burdens,
no pressure at all
There will be no more pain cause
there is nowhere to fall
I will forget my past;
no more haunting memories
I don't have to worry about filling life with
happy 'tempories'
Money won't be an issue; there is no price
for this sort of life
I won't have to watch my words cause its
impossible to feel strife
There will be no one to tease me;
to be horrible for no reason
I won't have a different mood
for every single season.
I won't have to work;
try to find something that's right
It would be so much simpler if I
just gave up this fight.

Yet I must stay in reality,
I know this as a matter of fact
It's like I've made a promise,
it's my secret pact.
I can't do something so selfish,
I'm afraid I'm too true
So instead I'll just have to
sit here and stew
I can't leave my Mum,
leave her in a horrible state
Because she'd be devastated if that
ended up being my fate
And of course the rest of my family
would be upset too
To do that to them,
well it's just something I really can't do.
I can't abandon my friends when I've promised
to always be there
I can't leave them thinking
I don't really care.

So although sometimes I feel
very near the edge
And a lot of the time I feel like
jumping off the ledge
I know I won't do it,
it just won't happen ever
So instead I'm going to
have to find a lever
Something that will help me
get a foot in the door
Something that will help me
get up off the floor.
It's time I got over the past
and made myself strong
Let it all drift away,
no it won't take long

By: Sarah E

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