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I Used To Be A Bully

Posted: 7/1/2011

I used to be a bully. I was horrible to so many kids and I used the excuse of having bad things happening in my life, not realizing that the kids that I bullied could have some bad things happening in their lives as well.

I learned about a kid’s life that I bullied. And it was horrible. It sucks now that I look back and know that I just added more pain. Once I figured it out, I wrote him a letter telling him how sorry I was.

Fortunately to this day he and I are friends. I feel so lucky that he forgave me. Now I am a completely different person and if you ask my peers at school they would say I am the sweetest kid they know.

I want to help the bullied and the bullies. I stand up for kids who are picked on and I will leave my lunch table and go sit with someone that is sitting by themselves even though it not what everyone else is doing. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE BULLIED.

And for the bullies I ask that you try to put yourself in that kid's shoes and wonder what they have to deal with at school AND HOME. Hopefully when we all get older we can just tell our kids about how people USED TO BE bullied because they were different or an easy target and say that we are glad that it no longer exists.

Hopefully one day this will all be ancient history. For the bullied kids I want you to know that you are loved and cared for and that it will stop. Try your hardest to stay strong. Peace luv rock-n-roll.

By: Marie

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