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A Mile

Posted: 10/18/2011

Walk a mile in my shoes;
I bet you'll trip and fall.
You may know my name,
but do you know me at all?
Be me for a day;
See what I see,
do what I do,
and when it's too overwhelming
will you be able to pull through?
You may think you know my every flaw,
you think you have it right,
but soon you'll realize:
You can't even fight MY fight.
You may stereotype me;
Call me what you want,
but who are you to criticize;
To run around and flaunt?
I'm a person like you
with my own ways of dealing
and in the process of finding ourselves,
we find ways of healing.
So walk a mile in my shoes,
and I bet you'll trip and fall.
You may think you know me,
But you don't know me at all.

By: Kate

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